The Twilight Saga

Okay, so this is a fan-fic i wrote, it may suck but here are a few pointers

*the cullens are human

*charlies a vampire, Bella is human and has NO IDEA about the supernatural world.

*renee knows, but no-one else does

*charlies vegitarian...."%20target="_blank";"/>Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!' />

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LOVE the new banner alsome wish i could have made it but i dont know how to LOVE the story
aw thxx. Even you just wanting to help is da bessttt. Ur da bombb.

U noe what? Ur gunna be in the next chapter of The Unexpected......

OOOOHH I noe EXACTLY what to do. Do you want to be a bad girl, a goody goody, or........(u can pick)
love it plz write more!!


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