The Twilight Saga

Okay, so this is a fan-fic i wrote, it may suck but here are a few pointers

*the cullens are human

*charlies a vampire, Bella is human and has NO IDEA about the supernatural world.

*renee knows, but no-one else does

*charlies vegitarian...."%20target="_blank";"/>Create your own banner at!
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What about bella?? Where does she stand in this story??
Human, and no idea about the supernatural world.

I woke up in a room I didn't recognize, then it hit me. I was in Forks,Washington where I am to spend a couple years with Charlie. Charlies my dad, though I don't often regard to him as that. He's 49 years old, but looks like he's 23!! I don't understand how he is my dad either. He looks nothing like me! he has golden eyes, though they change color regarding to his mood. Today it was a Chocolate brown, so I reckoned he was in an okay mood.

I quietly got up , just in case charlie was still asleep.(I doubted it, he was always up much earlier than I) I quickly dressed, and headed for my first day of doom.

I walked into biology, without making eye contact untill I noticed my partner saying, "Excuse me, are you Bella?"
That voice woke me up from my nightmare, I looked up , blushed, and looked away, all while saying," Yes, I am. And you are?"

"My name is Cullen. Edward Cullen."

Holy crap. a name from the 18th century?? This guy must be a romance fanatic.

His eyes were a brilliant green, his hair messed up, touseled in every direction, was a delicious bronze with bits of blonde here and there. As soon as he said his name he blushed and said,

"Sorry I went all James Bond, I just always have wated to say that."

"It's alright, I understand."

And then out of the blue, he said,

"Will you go out with me?"
i like it continue plz!!! add me and keep me updated!!
yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can just imagine edward saying that!!!!!!!!!

"My name is Cullen. Edward Cullen.""Sorry I went all James Bond, I just always have wated to say that."

is Bella a vampire ????????????

plz plz plz continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no bella is human and has NO IDEA about the supernatural world
Chapter 2

"I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!" I screeched as I threw clothes this way and that. Just then the doorbell rang, typical Alice. Just When I needed her, she shows up. I couldn't have asked for more. I tore through the hallway and slammed open the door."What?!?! Is it Blue? You know thats his favorite! Is it long ? i dont want to trip ovr it, It had better not be strapless, because you know I get cold easily, unless he takes off his shirt and gives it to me, which I would of course love, but---"

She cut me off with an annoyed look.

"No Bella. I did NOT bring you CLOTHES (she shudders in disgust at the word)"

"Then what the hell did you bring?!?!"

"I brought you LIFE"

"Oh cut the drama Alice, " I said irritably " seriously, WHAT IS IT!?!?"

It was beatiful. It was strapless, but i could wear my faux-fur mini coat over it. Knee length and beatiful, I stared at her in amazement. I ran and tried it on.

"You weren't kidding when you said you brought me life."

She grinned in response. I heard the door creak open, and there stood Charlie his handsomeness and all, as he stared at what I was wearing.


"Wow. Bella, whats the occasion?"

"Nothing dad, just, uh, going out to dinner with a classmate and then hanging out"

"Mhmmmm... Your not 'doing' anything special tonight are you?" (Putting an emphasis on doing)

"Ewwww dad nooooo.."

"I think we should sit down and have a lil talk about the bir--"

"HOLY CHEESE DAD! SLOW DOWN!!!! Im not even 18 yet, I have no intention of 'doing' anything for at least two years"

Or so I thought....


"Well, this.... is.. nice" I finished lamely.

We were at the Seaview, the greatest and most delicious resturant in town, and the words that I spoke were the first words i said during the whole date. Well, Both of us. Edwards wasnt eating, he was staring into my eyes and twirling his fork in his spagghetti.

"Your beautiful." was all he said.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, and a half smile appear on my face. "Lets go." "Where?" "Anywhere. I have to tell you something."
"Okey Dokey"


I woke up dizzy. Where the hell am I?? Oh....

*Flash Back*

We ran towards the car, both of us eager for whatever was waiting in our paths, I slid into the car.

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheeks.His toungue traced my lower lip and I allowed it to enter. He broke us apart both of us panting, but as soon as he cought back his breathe we started again. I broke us apart this time saying,"Didn't you want to show ma something?"

"Oh. Yes."

He started the car, and we sped down the road and ended in La Push, in front of a cabin. This is my family's summerhome. Would you like to join me inside?"

He led me up the stairs and we settled ourselves down on a couch. He looked deep into my eyes and said, "I love you Isabbella Marie Swan, and I always will."

Then we fell asleep, our clothes piles on the floor.

*End of Flash back*

I groped toward open air, realizing Edward was nowhere to be seen.
"Edward!" I yelled. "EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed

I looked through the window.

The car was gone.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happend? don't tell me.... um NO!!! POst more!
will do.
OMG! intense
haha yeah. i was thinking about doing sumthing else, more intense but scary and could get me banned so i went with this. :P


I grabbed my phone and called Edward at least 10 times. I never left a message. I opened facebook and saw that his status said," Having fun with the hottest chick in the world." The status was from a half hour AFTER I woke up. I commented, saying alot of things I shouldn't have.

Running outside naked, I saw a long haired boy with an Indian look to his face. He must be from the reservation, I thought.

"Woahh. I'm Jacob, call me Jake. Who are you? and what are ya doing in the Cullen's house?"

"I'm uhh.. Bella, and uhh... Hey! Can you give me a ride?" I noticed he was leaning on a bloodred motorcycle.

"Yeah sure, but -"

"Yeah," I nodded when he looked me up and down. "Be back in less than a minute."

I ran inside putting on my clothes grabbing my fone and wiriting a quick note to Edward if he came back that said-

Edward Johnathan Cullen.
You lil b****. You player. You said you will love me and only me forever, and what do I get?
I wake up and find nothing, and a facebook status that says your having FUN with ANOTHER person.
If I see you making out with a GUY this time, I wouldnt be surprised.


I went outside, and to my great relief, Jake was still there. I hopped onto the bike, my hands tight against his waist. I could tell he liked that.

"Where to?" He asked, and I could feel a smile spreading across his face. "Do you know where the Cullens house is?" I asked, in an extremely flirtatious manner.
"Sure do. Hold tight Bells"

A splurge of speed almost made me let go, but I kept on. I suddenly had an idea that almost ALL girls get when they catch their boyfriend cheating. "WAIT!! Can we go get a smoothie or something first?" I put on my innocent face. I'm awfully hungry and haven't eaten any breakfast."

"Yeah, sure." And a grin exploded on his face. "Have you ever thought about cutting your hair? Im sure your girlfriend would like it much better with your rippling muscles."

My hair was going haywire in the wind, and so was his, but his was landing in my mouth, making hard to breathe, and even harder to talk, but I managed.

"Uhh, well. I don't really have a girlfriend. But I haven't ever been interested in anyone until now." Good, he was going along. "Maybe it's because of all this hair." I said, and laughed. He enjoyed that, the sound of my laugh, it made him smile too.

We were slowing down now, and entering a place called "Smooching Smoothies." I loved it. In the window you could see people making out, and one couple caught my eye.

I took Jacob's hand and went in the door. I ordered 1 extra large Bumbleberry, and paid for it. Not that i had any intention of drinking any.

We sat next to a busy couple, the guy's toungue literally in the girl's throat. The second the broke apart I took Jake's face in my hand and began kissing with as much force as I have. He responded, with even more force. Our tongues battling and his eyes closed, I opened mine a tiny bit to take a peek at the bronze haired boy with briliantly green eyes staring at awe in what we were doing.


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