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Okay, so i know i probably shouldn't be starting a new story considering I can hardly ever update, but, I had this amazing idea and I just couldn't let it go.

Preface: I stared into pools of purple and red and couldn't help but wonder, which would she choose? Good, or evil?

Chapter One:
I'm Thalia Cree, I have a twin sister named Trinity. The only difference, is our shocking eyes. You could say that we're different, but I'd like to call ourselves the Unknown. The reason will come soon, but for now I'd like to tell you a story.....

"Hurry up, Trinity!" I heard loud footsteps and then my sister appeared looking dangerous in short shorts and a red flowing shirt. She had on black high heel boots, and that made me dread what was coming today. Today is my sister and I's first day of junior year at Sea Ridge High School.

"Calm down, Thalia, haven't you ever heard of being fashionably late?" She had an eyebrow raised and a dangerous glint in her deep green eyes. Her long black hair was curled, which made her look like an evil goddess.

"Yes, Trin, I have. But you're fashionably late and mine are totally different things. Go get in the car." She rolled her eyes and stomped out the door. I looked around the small kitchen making sure it was clean, the marble counters were spotless and the deep red cabinets were shining in the light. I shrugged and grabbed my black purse then followed my sister out the door.

"You look rather adorable." Trinity told me mockingly as I got into my red convertible. I rolled my eyes and started the car. I was wearing a pink shirt with a black over coat along with jeans and ballet flats, not very adorable. I looked over a Trinity and saw her eyes turning red, dangit she can;t keep calm for more than two seconds.

"Trin, stop, control yourself. We can't make the same mistake as last time." I warned her repeatedly over the summer that this couldn't happen, she's so irresponsible.

"I'm sorry, I just have these thoughts...." She trailed off and her eyes turned blood red.

"Trin! Stop, humans are friends not enemies so change it."

My sister and I, we aren't normal. We appear as these shockingly beautiful twins, me with bright green eyes and her with dark green eyes, but we're totally and completely different from humans. We are at a constant battle choosing between the thoughts of beasts, wanting to take revenge on humans, or choosing the good side like our ancestors did. Once my sister gives over to the ravage thoughts, her eyes turn totally and completely red.
But I'm a totally different story. The gene is only passed onto twins, but my sister and I have it easy. Well, I do at least. its easier for me to choose good. Our eyes reveal our thoughts basically, and if I begin to think wrongly my eye turns red, but the other is a deep purple. And then a thought occurs to me each and every time, 'Our ancestors did and you can too.' That one insignificant thought is what makes me who I am, an Unknown.

No one knows why our people feel the way we do, legend says that there was a giant war between the Unknown people and the humans. They thought we were too different. And its true, we are. But, they thought we weren't normal enough to live together in peace. Our ancestors made a speech that went like this;

We were all put on this planet for a reason! Not to battle or to hate each other, but to coexist as one community. We were all given special talents, whether it be basketball or brains, we are all different. So, how can one group of people be too different, so what if we can fly or shoot fire from our arms. Or even cause a tsunami at will, we would never use thy talents against thee innocent. If we must continue this battle, we will die with dignity, we will not and I repeat we will not, use our powers on thee weak!
Ever since that great battle, it is a prominent gene that we want revenge on all humans. We can't control it, but we try. Only few people have lived a full and happy life as an Unknown, I'm hoping I'll be one of them.

"Come on, other half, we have a show to put on!" Trinity clapped her hands and brought me out of my thoughts.

'Shut up, Trin, no more speaking like we're different, if I sense something we're enrolling in a different, got it?' I said to her in my thoughts, knowing she'd hear. She nodded and slammed the car door. I rolled my eyes.

"Ow, you idiot, I'm going to kill you!" Someone said. A large man in a football jacket was stocking up to a man with blond hair and blue eyes, he was kind of built but no way could he stand up against a football play. I took a deep breath and walked over to them.

"Now, now boys, we wouldn't want to fight when a lady's present." I said as I walked up to the jock. I put my arm on him. "Now why don't you head to class."My hypnosis worked and he nodded and walked away quickly.

"Thanks, he thinks I tripped him. I of course didn't" He smiled and my cold heart skipped a beat.

"Uh, no problem. I'm Thalia, nice to meet you!" he smiled and shook my hand.

"James, its amazing to be in your presence." I had a feeling this was going to be a difficult school year.

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Chapter Four
Thalia's POV

Once we arrived at the decent sized shack, which also had an amazing view of the beach nearby, I took in my surroundings. There were four twin beds around the room. Two had black bead spreads and red pillows, the other two had red bed spreads and black pillows. Each had a red night stand with flower vases that were overflowing with red roses. The kitchen had marble counters and black cabinets. The bathroom had white toilet, shower, and sink, very simple, also with a small but fat vase of more red roses.

"You look tired." A voice interrupted my examining. I spun around quickly to face Clarisse.

"I am."

"Then go rest."

"I don't want to."

"Oh?" She said raising an eyebrow. She was right, I do want to sleep, I just won't. Not until I get some explanations for what happened.

"I do, but I won't. Not until I get some explanations. For starters who are you?" I asked rudely and stared into her purple eyes, which had that dangerous glint again.

"Don't demand me of anything, child." She snarled. And then laughed evil-y, which shocked me more than you know. "I am much, much more powerful than you. I am a queen for God's sake."

"A-a queen?" I managed to stutter. Then my thoughts drifted to my mother....


I had been fourteen when my mother died, it was painful, but it was the last time I had seen my mother.

"Honey, in your life you're going to meet someone, a queen. It won't be pleasant, trust me." She said. She had blond hair with red streaks. Her eyes were a shocking blue that were filled with remorse, at least every time I saw her.

"A queen? What is her name?" I had always heard of queen whenever I met other unknowns, I was very curious.

"Queen Adela, she's very powerful. She's evil, too, don't trust her but don't admit you don't trust her. She'll use anything she can to bring an end t-" That was when the men came. Ten men blasted down the door, with fire. They had large black wings.

"The reapers." I had recalled this from the lesson with my mom the week before. I heard my mom sob and she planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Run." Those were the last words I had heard my mother speak.


"Queen Adela." I whispered sadly and fell to the floor. My mom knew about the prophecy, and she didn't tell me!

"H-how do you know my name?" Her eyes softened a little bit and she sat cross legged next to my.

"My mother, she was uh, murdered by the reapers. I ran, luckily my sister was out partying, as usual." I said and took a deep breath, my mom had said not to trust her.

"Was your mother Christina?" She mused a finger on the tip of her chin. Like she was recalling a memory that was long forgotten.

"How do you know her?" I demanded, hopping onto my feet. If she gave the call to murder her, I'd kill Adela myself.

"I was Princess Adela, at the time, so you can calm yourself young one. My mother was killed by a reaper also. For giving away," She paused to look at me and then continued, "Confidential information."

"I want answers! I want them now, your highness." I hissed.

"Fine, but not until you sleep. I refuse to repeat myself." She flicked her hair back and walked away. I despised this woman already.

I followed her back into the bed area and picked one of the beds with the red sheets.

"Hi, Thalia, nice to see you again." Ah, James, I had forgotten about him. "I know you want to talk, so we'll talk. But, not until you've slept. Scout's honor!" He swore and walked into a different part of the shack. I shrugged and buried myself into the sheets of the comfortable bed. Then I slowly drifted into a dream, a dream that was filled with pain and love. What have I gotten myself into?

The dream:
There was a woman, she had long black hair that flowed out behind her. Her skin was very pale, although still had some skin tone to it. She also had a long white dress that was billowing in the wind. But, the thing that rally caught my eye was the diamond crown that sat atop her head.

I examined my attire. I was wearing a long silver gown, but I was barefoot. I had dark blue tattoos lining my arms. I felt my hair, it was curled like my sister's would be. Something surprised me though, I had a crown on my head, too.

"You've left me waiting, Princess Arcadia." She spoke hesitantly, choosing her words carefully.

"As I could say for you, Queen Amalea." I heard myself say.

"Ah, you always were a feisty one, Arcadia. That is what blocks your path to the throne. The reapers want to claim you, they say you've no use in the world. Can I really argue with that?" The woman turned and her face shocked me, it was heart shaped and lovely. Although her eyes were blue I could see the want in her eyes, she wouldn't mind if I died.

"So, they shall get their wish if you don't send me on my quest soon, Queen. What am I to do, sit around and wait? I'm not going to wither away because you don't trust in me?" I said icily.

"Fine, if you want your quest, so be it. I will reveal your quest on one condition."

"You name it, my queen. I'll do as you please I just would like a chance."

"You must, no matter what it be, agree. Do you accept the condition?" I nodded wearily and she continued. "The one who talks, as though she's queen, must defeat the one she pretends to be. She will have a battle to the end and never give in. They will fight to death, and may the better win. Do you accept your quest?"

"Yes, my queen. But, what does it mean?" I thought about it, Queen Amalea had said I was feisty. She was queen.... I gasped. "I-I can't do it I w-"

"That was the condition are you ready, I came prepared. Did you?" She tested me with her eyebrow raised.

"I-I'm ready, I challenge thee to a battle to the death!" I announced and took a battle stance. I felt my hands start to become warm, warmer than before. They kept becoming warmer until I saw flames licking at my hands.

"Of course, I knew you'd choose fire. I choose water." She said throwing me a wicked smile. "Ready!" She called.

"Ready!" Then we threw ourselves into battle. She threw a ball of water towards my hands but I sliced through it with my foot then counter attacked with fire, aiming for her feet. She jumped u as I hurled another one downward. She dodged by putting it out with water. She smiled again, as if she knew some inside joke I didn't. So, I threw a ball of fire at her upper body. It all happened so slowly, she ducked swiftly and as she did I saw six sharp icicles come at me, like sharpened knives poised for the kill. One entered my stomach, another my thigh, the last one through my arm.

"Arcadia!" I heard someone shout and then a beautiful man was kneeling before me. His brown hair was matted to his forehead. His green eyes were filled with anguish and fear.

"Toby? What are you doing here?" I asked painfully.

"I heard about your meeting with Amalea, I had to make sure you were okay. I knew something was wrong."

"Tell the reapers, I did goof on my quest. I fought harder than I have in years, Toby. And Toby I, I love you." I stuttered before I went into the light."
End of dream.

I awoke sweating, clutching at my stomach in pain. So, I screamed. I screamed a loud ear-piercing scream.

"What's wrong A- I mean Thalia." I heard someone say
What? You wrote about the dream so nicely and I almost thought that it was a true thing. Really great and amazing chapter. I am glad that there was some love lines. They were just as beautiful as the rest of the chapter.
Aww thanks :P I really wanted to capture the dream perfectly, it is going to have a big role in the story. I just have to plan some stuff to drag it out and then I have my whole story line in my head. Thanks for your comments Ashley!
That was great! So detailed I cant wait for the next chapter! Please post more soon! I love this story!
Thanks :P I'll probably post more tomorrow
Chapter Five
Thalia's POV

I calmed down when I heard the velvety voice from across the room. I looked up and met a pair of bright red eyes, they looked depressed for who knows why. I sat up and examined the boy, it was the dragon. He had dark black hair that was styled in a casual disarray. He had on a black collared shirt with dark blue jeans and black vans.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" I whispered quickly, James, Queen Adela, and Trinity were asleep.

"I'm Dylan, I know you because every Unknown has been talking about you for years. They all believe you and your sister are the ones from the prophecy." He mentioned that pesky prophecy, which I still need to know about.

"About this prophecy, what is it?" I questioned looking at his eyes. He smiled a sad smile.

"I don't recall the words but I know what it means."

"So tell me, everyone is dragging it out. To be honest its driving me insane!" I muttered darkly. He laughed, to be completely honest it was more beautiful than James's laugh was.

"Well, they say that the one with different eyes will change the world of the Unknown people. Also, a king of sorts will change to the dark side, sorry for the Star Wars reference. The last Unknown will rise up above something, all the smart Unknowns say that he'll exceed everyone's expectation. And you will stand between, uh, Adela and your sister." He said the last art quietly.

"Oh my, that's horrible. Why do they assume it's me?" I asked gazing into his sad eyes.

"You're the only one, you are aware of the curse, correct?"

"Nope, Queen Adela mentioned it but that's it." I replied remembering her words from earlier.

"Ah, well I'll tell you that one, too.

A queen shall perish under a goddess's hand.
But the goddess will not survive
everyone speaks Words of Wisdom
but only one will survive.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I had no clue, what are the words of wisdom?

"Well, rumor has it that the goddess; she's you." I stared at him, with my mouth wide open. "They think you'll die, then there will be a war and people will speak an ancient language called Words of Wisdom. everyone believes the dragons will stir and only James will survive." He spoke darkly when he got to the last part.

"Why James?"

"Because he wasn't mentioned." I nodded slowly and then Adela rose.

"Ah, good morning Toby and Thalia. I see you've been acquainted?" Toby? I dreamed about... I gasped.

"TOBY! You lied?" I asked astonished.

"Uh oh, Toby leave. Thalia, we have a history to discuss." I nodded and got up, following her somewhere else, underground. This was going to be about my dream, I could feel it.
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more soooon plz!!! :) lol. xD
Very intriguing! I like it!
thanks :P


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