The Twilight Saga

Hey everyone this is my story and I just want to say that if you steal it I will find you and kick your tush! just saying!

Enjoy my story

I guess it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. That’s what I tell myself to make it though the day, to keep the pain at bay. But somehow the pain is never really gone. I can’t think about anything anymore. I am a wreck, a worthless, lovestruck boy. Until she comes back....I won’t be whole.

Chapter 1: page 1

Chapter 2:  page 3

Chapter 3:  page 4

Chapter 4:  page 5

Chapter 5:  page 6

Chapter 6: page 9

Chapter 7: page 10

Chapter 8: page 12

Chapter 9: page 13

Chapter 10: page 15

Chapter 11: page 11

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Love it :)
Oh come on did you have to finish it there
i love it! cant wait to read more!
post more soon! :D I love it
luv iht
Hey everyone YES! I did have to do the cliffy!!! and sorry i havent updated for a while, been super busy with school and soccer so ya! lol but thanks for reading!!
love it!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
CONTINUE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that was sooooo ausome post sooon
I am updating this weekend


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