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a remake of the parent trap using the cullens as the cast give me some ideas. i w watching the parent trap (the one with lindsy lohan) and got the idea of makeing a fan-fic with edward and bella ith their twin son and daughter. 

Identical twins Rensemee Cullen and Jaspmmet Mason make each other's acquaintance at a Retreat only for Vampire children way up in the moutains of Translyvaina not realizing at first that they are siblings. After both admitted they have come from broken homes, they soon learn that their parents Edward Cullen and Bella Swan divorced shortly after the twins' birth, with each parent having custody of one child.The siblings, each dying to meet the parent they never knew, switch places in order to visit the parent they have never seen. While Rensemme is in Phenoix masquerading as Jaspmmet, Jaspmmet is in Forks masquerading as Rensemme.(both twins are dating warewovles and have learned the art of shapeshifting). how will this turn out when edward is getting married, in less then four weeks after the siblings go there sperate ways.

So now that you have started reading this fan-fic i need some banners please help me outt

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i love this! :))
write more asap
Above the house Bella's plane fly over head............................without her and Renesemme Into a clear blue sky, we rejoin the semi-united family in Forks at the Cullen home.
"where exactly are your parents Edward?"- Bella asked
"they are on there 3rd honeymoon"-Edward
" i though i told you that mom"- Jaspmmet
"you were suppose to"- Alice
"and you were suppose to tell them that we were coming as well"- Rosalie
"Alice, Rosalie, Boys"-Bella
"what are you guys doing here?"-Edward
"come on Edward Don't be like that"-Jasper
"yeah Eddie let's have some fun"- Emmet
"don't call me that Emmet"-Edward
"ok well that all good and well, but what am i suppose to sit here dust"-Maggie
"yeah make your self useful"-Rosalie
"DON'T start with me Rosalie!"-Maggie
"what you start i'll finish"-Rosalie
"Can i just slap that Blonde weave out of her head?"-Maggie
"coming from someone that has a hornets nest for hair"-Rosalie
"guys please stop it!, aunt rose we did did not call you hear for this"- Renesemme said
"fine, but i'm telling you Nessie, one wrong move and she's goes in the lake"-Rosalie
"not worry,i'm not going so you can save your strength"- Maggie
"yes you are"-Bella
"i am?"- Maggie
"she is?"-everyone else said
"wait trust me im nature girl"-Maggie
"trust her"-Rosalie
"butt out Rose"-Maggie
"honestly you guys will have much more fun without me, and Maggie from the moment you say the word 'i do' the twins are half yours"- Bella said
"that is not the plan"-Renesemme
" go on you two, have fun. Guys im Trusting you to make Maggie feel like one on the family"-Bella said winking at her brothers and sisters.
"No Problem Bella"-Emmet
Maggie's Face drops in disappointment when she hear the words 'half yours'. , in a matter of seconds she comes back out side with camping gear on and gets in the volvo with Edward and the twins.
"Have fun everyone"-Bella
As the car pulls off, Victoria turns to Bella with Jacob and Leah behind her.
"I would pay to see that Vampire climb a mountain."-Victoria
"same here"-Leah
"me too"-Jacob
"i thought you guys were going with them"-Bella
"we'll catch up later"-Jacob
"we just wanna see how long it will be before the twins have enough of Rosalie and Maggie bickering"-Leah
"c'mon guys please make sure Edward doesn't kill them,"-Bella
"fine, c'mon Leah"- Jacob said, both him and Leah took of changing into there wolf forms.
"where's James, Victoria?"-Bella asked, at that same moment her phone was James.
"go on"-Bella said, Victoria ran in the house with a smile on her face.
Dark_princess: okay, fine i'll put you guys in the next chapter

Esme:please do sweetie

Carlise:yea, you have everyone else in there except Laurant and us

Dark_princess: oh he's in there and you will be too, i promise

Bella: Now will you guys calm down

Carlise and Esme: ok

Paul: Hey guys, Hey D_P you ready ?


Bella: where you guys going

Dark_princess:La push

Bella: for what?

Paul:well bye *shapeshift*

Dark_princess: se-ya
write more asap!
hahahha wow plz more soon i just read what u have so far heheheeheh i like it nevermind scratch that loved it plz more soon
D_P: okay im back, im back

Bella:where were you?

D_P: sorry got held up at la push

Bella:with Paul?

Paul: Well......bella you see

Bella: i dont wanna hear it

D_P:where's the folks?

Bella: Getting Renesemme from school. well until they get back who wants to intro the next chap

Emmet: Can i do it

D_P: sure

Paul: *growls*

Emmet: *snarls*

D_P: Emmet intro the next chapter then you guys can duke it out

Emmet: here you are everyone another chapter of the vampire trap.......come on pup let finish this.

Paul: ladies first.

D_P: one mishap on the reservation and there ready to kill each other.
coming down a tree that has fallen we see Jazz and Nessie wearing back-pack and baseball caps. They're followed by Alice and Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie, with Maggie staggering behind them. while Edward jumps from tree to tree. Maggie is the type of vampire who hates nature, so all the hiking and camping or anything with out human to feast on was really killing her as she tries to keep her balance. Edward brings up the rear by dropping down from the tree. Maggie plops down on a rock from all the walking.
"whats wrong Mags?"-Edward
"i'm tired, me a vampire......tired"-Maggie said, Edward smiled looking up at his siblings and children who kept the same looks on there faces they had before the left the house. Annoyance, anger, and down right evil.
"I'm gonna kill Liam... He says I'm in such great shape... I can't believe Humans actually do this for fun."-Maggie
"so why are you here?"-Rosalie
"i know,i know.'shut up rose'" Rosalie said, the twins just looked at her and laughed quietly.
"Jazz give Maggie a bottle of animal blood"- Edward
"eww...animal blood Eddie"-Maggie whined
"well...if your gonna be a part of this family you're gonna have to be on the diet with the rest of us"-Edward
"are you calling me fat?"-Maggie
"shut up im not calling you fat, it just we lost that taste for human blood years ago"- Edward said, Maggie took the bottle out of disappointment.
" Dad, at this rate, it'll take us a week just to get up the Campsite"-Jazz
"Give her a chance guys, she's not use to this like we are"- Edward said the he walked the rest of the to make a clear path.
"yeah kiddies, give me a chance, i might be more fun then you can imagine"-Maggie said, grabbing there shoulders, Rosalie moved the twins out the way to Maggie her version of a friendly warning.
"listen Maggie, your not a part of this family yet but if you ever touch my nice or nephew again i'll make sure you'll never be a part of this family"-Rosalie said
"is that a threat dear rose"- Maggie
"what do you think?"- Rosalie said taking a step closer to her.
"alright rose come on"-Emmet
"one good swing Emmet thats all i need"-Rosalie said
"come on babe, Jazz, Nessie keep an eye on your aunt while you guys catch up with your dad."-Emmet
"okay"- Jazz said, him and his sister followed her down the mountain side Emmet just looked at Maggie and walked down the path.
Alice and Jasper just looked at Maggie, and smiled
" you know i usually don't agree with my brother or sister on anything, but in this case i can make an exception"-Jasper
"whats that suppose to mean?"-Maggie
Jasper just walked away leaving Alice and Maggie alone.
"He means that my family is right. you not right for my brother,there's only one person who was right for him"-Alice
"you mean Bella, she's a gifted fashion designer i'll giver that but she's even clumsy as a vampire than she was as a human."-Maggie
"that may be so but he loved her the way she was"-Alice
"well that may be but he loves me now"-Maggie
"does he really?"-Alice
"yeah so get over it fortune teller"-Maggie said, Alice just looked at her with a a smug expression on her face,. not a second later Maggie fell on the ground.
"Watch your step."-Alice
"what happened?"-Edward
"Maggie fell"- Alice said looking Maggie on the ground.
"why didn't you warn her?"-Edward
"i didn't see it coming Edward"-Alice said, Edward's nose picked up a horrible stench.
"you smell that?"-Edward
"what's the hold up guys?"-Emmet
"wait, i know that stench"-Renesemme said
"stench, Nessie im shocked, you should know my smell by now"-Jacob said coming from behind the tree.
"what are you guys doing here?"-Edward
"what we can't come camping with you guys?"-Jacob said, he glanced over at Maggie who was staring hard at the two.
"Edward.....who are they?"-Maggie asked
"im Jacob this is Leah"-Jacob
"there my children's mates"-Edward
"Mates? didn't realize you kept pets"-Maggie said under her breath.
"come on Leah"- Jazz
"no what did she say?"-Leah
"i said i didn't realize that Edward's kids kept pets."- Maggie
"Maggie"Edward whispered
"watch your self red, i'm a lot worse than what Rosalie can do?"-Leah, Jaspmmet took Leah by her waist and pulled her along the path. Jacob soon followed with Renesemme hanging on him.
"Edward i don't see why you have your children around these fleabags"- Maggie
"what did she say?"-Jacob
"it's nothing Jacob"-Edward
"no what did she say?"-Jacob
"Jake babe, don't worry about it"-Renesemme
"no i wanna hear what she said.....share with the class Maggie"-Jacob
"i called you fleabags, get over the fact that you are what i say"-Maggie
The heat that Jacob was building up starting to grow bigger and bigger, but the cooling warmth of Renesemme clam him down with just one touch. Her hand on Jacobs face kept him calm, calm enough to push him down the path. Renesemme stopped and turned around to face her dad and Maggie.
"Dad i'm sorry but this has to be said, i am sick of you Maggie and you're smart mouth, i am sick of you attitude toward my family, and your laziness around my father. but i am really sick of you bitterness towards my friends. listen and listen good red if you ever talk to my Boyfriend or my aunt like the way you did again, you will regret it. im so tired of this and dad she has this hold on you that you can't break."-Renesemme said she took her fathers head in her hands and fed what she heard Maggie say over the phone.
~~~~~~~~~~"please Liam if you ask me im covered for life with way Edward gets paid i'll be able to get what i want when i want, that includes sending his not nosed kid to live with his mother"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Renesemme took her hands from Edwards head an look up at her with tears in her eyes.
"dad you know the truth now...........Do something about it!"-Renesemme said, she looked at Maggie with disgust in her eyes then walked down the path into Jacob who was waiting behind the tree for her.
Edward looked at Maggie then had so many thoughts run through his head.

Later that night around the fire, the group told stories, sang songs, and even went swimming in the lake next to the campsite. While Emmet went swimming with Jasper, Rosalie,Jaspmmet, and Renesemme. on land Alice sat around the fire with Jacob, Leah, Edward, and Maggie.
"so Maggie i heard that you had a talk with my niece...How was it?"-Alice asked, Maggie just looked at Alice with disgust on her face. Edward Got up and went walking around the lake. at the same time the swimming Vamps came out of the water dripping went.
"hey guys......Wheres dad going?"-Renesemme
"i Don't know he just got up and walked off"- Jacob, Rosalie looked at her brother walking along side of the lake with concern.
"guys i'll go talk to him"-Rosalie then followed him and stood next to him while looking at the lake.
"nice night"-Rosalie
"a good moment to be spending with your kids"- Rosalie
"i know"- Edward
"Edward talk to your sister, Whats up?"-Rosalie
"it just what Renesemme said and what showed me"-Edward
"you believe her"-Rosalie
"i have no choice but to believe her Rose"Edward
"Well then you have a choice to make Edward. Do you want to marry someone wants you for the wrong reasons or do you want someone that loves you unconditionally.?"-Rosalie asked. Not only did he hear what hi daughter have to say but to hear from his sister who didn't even like Bella, was scary but it made sense.

D_P:so what do you guys think?

Bella: very cool

Renesemme: i like it too


Alice:yes that was really good.

Rosalie: very bone chilling.

Esme: i Agree

D_P: thanks ladies, i wonder how everyone else is gonna like it.

Alice:They are Gonna love it. Trust me
WOW !! i LOVE this !!!,,one of my fave films,,and its soo fun with the twilight crew in it !,,keep me posted :)


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