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a remake of the parent trap using the cullens as the cast give me some ideas. i w watching the parent trap (the one with lindsy lohan) and got the idea of makeing a fan-fic with edward and bella ith their twin son and daughter. 

Identical twins Rensemee Cullen and Jaspmmet Mason make each other's acquaintance at a Retreat only for Vampire children way up in the moutains of Translyvaina not realizing at first that they are siblings. After both admitted they have come from broken homes, they soon learn that their parents Edward Cullen and Bella Swan divorced shortly after the twins' birth, with each parent having custody of one child.The siblings, each dying to meet the parent they never knew, switch places in order to visit the parent they have never seen. While Rensemme is in Phenoix masquerading as Jaspmmet, Jaspmmet is in Forks masquerading as Rensemme.(both twins are dating warewovles and have learned the art of shapeshifting). how will this turn out when edward is getting married, in less then four weeks after the siblings go there sperate ways.

So now that you have started reading this fan-fic i need some banners please help me outt

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lovee ittt!!!!! it awesome!
omg love iht
omg plz update me
Alice: still in a mind block

D_P: yea

Alice well don't worry this chapter will have them begging for more.

D_P: well if you help me with the next chapter, i'll let you intro duce this one.

Alice: no problem. and here it is everyone the next addition to the Vampire trap.

while everyone else was hunting Maggie stayed behind with the twins. they slept while she sat by the lake.
"those little twerps they think that they can just play pranks on me and get away with it......well i got something for them."- Maggie said to herself she picked up a match and lit a cigarette, then mix water with the dirt on the ground.
"i wouldn't do that"-
"Riley........what a surprise?"-Maggie
"i know right, im just full of surprises"-Riley
"i thought you were dead"- Maggie
"its gonna take more the mare sunlight to kill me mags"-Riley
"i guess i have to try harder next time. so whats you relationship with Cullens?"-Maggie
"im a good family friend thats been around for a while, those twins are my god-children. so give a reason why i should't break your arm for being near there tent"- Riley
"because you love me , and i will either make you suffer if you stop me from doing what i want to do"-Maggie
"with the kids or with Edward?"-Riley
"doesn't matter any who stands in my way will die"-Maggie
"sounds a bit drastic Maggie, but tell me what were you planning on doing?"-Riley
Unknowing to them both, Renesemme and Jaspmmet were listing to the conversation from behind there tent.
"i knew it, that red-head Irish vampire son of a..."-Renesemme
"Nessie calm down"- Jaspmmet
"i just want the pleasure of ripping her head off."- Renesemme
"let me do it for you Nessie"- Jacob said coming up from behind her, Leah followed and keeled nest to Jaspmmet
"why should i Jake? i could let Leah go out and kill her"-Renesemme
"yeah that would be fun"-Leah
"or you could let your aunt kill her"- Edward
"DAD!"- the twins said
"How long have you been up there?"- Leah
"Long enough...."- Edward then look at his daughter and smile as he jump down from the tree"....Nessie i miss your mom, and you guys were right i am making a big mistake"
The twins smiled and kept listing to the conversation.
" are you gonna tell me, or just stand there"- Riley
"Patience Riley Patience. Maggie then thew the cigarette in the lake and continued telling him her plan. Unknowing to her Edward, the twins , Jacob, Leah, and now The Cullen siblings sat in either the bushes or the trees and listened.
"the was to send those twins to Russia, and when Edward finally croaked, all the money he earned being an music producer and artist will come to me, the lonely widow. good plan right"-Maggie
At that moment Everyone walked out from behind the bushes and/or jumped down from the trees. The thoughts going through Riley's head as his closest friends stared at her.
"yeah, i like it......but you forgot the part where you was killed by my sister and Leah"-Edward said, Maggie jumped at the sound of his voice.
"oh.. How long have you guys been standing there?"-Maggie
"we heard everything red"-Rosalie
"oh come on you think i would really do that stuff? you guys really believe what that half breed vampire says?"-Maggie
"In this order yes and umm yes"-Alice said, everyone looked at her in shock with a smile on there face, all except Edward who just started at Maggie
"Come Edward honey who are you gonna believe, your children or me?"-Maggie
"Maggie.....i do love you but the way you want me to. Im sorry Maggie i can't marry you"-Edward
"what? you mean after all those smart mouth kids did to me, like played pranks"-Maggie
"yes"-Edward said, Maggie just looked at him in astonishment and threw the ring at him.
The twins looked at each other and then look at there father. Edward looked at them as they ran into his arms giving them the hug he needed. Unknowing to Maggie, she walked across the pier to the lake...."Maggie wait!"-Renesemme yelled but it was too late, the pier broke sending Maggie into the water. Maggie got out of the water cursing at them sending Rosalie and Leah in to a rage. Edward gave them the sign of approval to chase her down. Leah and Rosalie practically race to see who could reach Maggie first.
"now you know you two are grounded"-Edward
"yeah we know"-Renesemme
"thanks dad" -jaspmmet.
"Emmet,Jasper load up the trucks, Alice can you pack up the tents?"-Edward asked, Alice nodded went to do so.
the camping trip was very interesting.

Back the Cullen Home Bella sits on the roof reading a book, when she is startled by the sound of cars pulling up.
As Grace full as she could, she jumped down and meet them at the garage.
"hi you guys are back so soon did you have fun?"- Bella
"mom i wouldn't jump right to fun"-Jaspmmet
"Why not?"-Bella
"we've been grounded till the end of our half immortal lives"-Renesemme
"starting now....Go on"-Edward said motioning them to the house.
"ook then. Wheres Maggie?"-Bella
"we played a couple of harmless pranks on her"-Jaspmmet
"with the help of your lovable siblings and two werewolves, and she just freaked out. plus Rose and Leah chased her off in to Canada."-Emmet said walking in the garage followed by Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Jacob, and Leah. Bella just Smiled.
"You know I should ground you guys too?"-Edward
"Well you can't because Carlisle.."-Emmet
".and billy"-Jacob added
"are not here, we'll catch you later Bella"-Emmet
"ok Guys thanks for watching them"-Bella said giving her Brothers and sister hug. Quickly before Edward could get to the door they drove off.
"oh yeah Maggie freaked alright....she threw this at my chest"- Edward held up the ring".. at least is lighter than a boulder"
"oh Edward im sorry if hadn't suggested she go"-Bella
"you mean tricked, like mother like children"-Edward
"we are really sorry dad"-Renesemme
"up to your rooms......Now. Jake Leah follow them...apart"-Edward said the twins walked with the wolves following.
"oh god*hehe*"-Bella
"i gotta remember to thank them"- Edward said Bella looked at him with a little question mark in her head.
"you okay with this?"- Bella
"99.9% percent happy"-Edward
"ahh ok"-Bella
"So where is Victoria?"-Edward
"She and James went hunting around 4 two days ago"-Bella
"Really, well what do you know, your butler and my nanny"-Edward
" so are you hungry, i can fix you up something?"-Edward
"your still cooking with the help of food network?"- Bella
"no i learn on my own time and come up with new recipes"-Edward
"ok then sure why not"-Bella
"well then through the doors Bells"-Edward said , Bella walked through the doors and sat as Edward cooked in front of her and talked.

Hopefully this leads somewhere now that Maggies out of the picture.
Alice: ok so they will love bet me

D_P: im not gonna bet you, your always right, thats why you keep standing at the window when girls try to steal jasper away.(you remember that quote right lol)

Alice: well he mine.

D_P: well in the next chapter im going bring all the parents together so i may need your help

Alice:no problem.
LOVE IT!!!!!
more plz!!!
love it update soon plzz
I just read your story and think it is great!!! I like how Rosalie was helping Leah as well as Leah and Jacob imprinting on Jass and Nessie. Nice touch. Hope you post more soon!!!
Rosalie: its about time

D_P: check this hear blondie i had some problems of my own to care of.

Rosalie: like that baby bump i see
D_P:what baby bump... come on rose

Rosalie:.......................... Ewww

D_P: intro the chapter rose

Rosalie here you are my ppl another chapter to the vampire trap........WITH PAUL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

A FEW MINUTES LATER Edward comes down the step in a nice clean shirt and slacks. The twins happen to be walking through the den with Jacob and Leah when they seen their father all dressed up.
“Wow! You look so nice; who are you trying to look cute dad?”-Renesemme
“Yeah…it’s not every day we see you like this pop?”-Jaspmmet
“What’s the occasion Edward?”-Jacob
“None of your business. Kids Bed…Wolves Out!”-Edward said walking in the kitchen.

While Edward setted the table Bella came down the staires looking radiant. Before she reached the bottom step the food was on the table. It was a reminder of when he saved her from the guys in Port Angeles, they restaurant after and Bella had the mushroom ravioli.
“ Smells good in here.”-Bella
“Really? ”-Edward
“so what kind of drink would you like?”- Edward
“you have wine?”-Bella
“I collect wine….we can look at the collection if you want?”-Edward

“Follow me...”-Edward Said, Bella reluctantly followed her prince down to the cellar. A cavernous space lit by beautiful lanterns. The walls are lined with bottles of wine... ladders lean against the walls, library style.
“This is amazing”-Bella
“Yeah, I'm a man of limited interests.”-Edward
“I know”-Bella laughs. Edward her into a small cozy room, pulls a bottle from a rack.
“Here's a 1921 Burgundy... They say the rain that year made this the best Burgundy ever harvested... Oh wait, you'll appreciate this one...”Edward said, he then shows her another bottle. Bella started to read the label.
“Qi Day, 1996... Incredible.”-Bella
“Yeah, I love that... (Shows her another bottle) The same wine that was served at Carlisle and Esmes’ wedding... 152 Bordeaux.”-Edward
“What's this-one? (Reads label) When Love Never Dies... 2008”-Bella
“That one actually took me months to track down.”-Edward
“Why, where's it from?”-Bella
“It's the wine we had at our wedding………….I know have every bottle ever made.”-Edward said, Bella look at him in amazement.
“Do you?”-Bella
“I do”-Edward.
“Can we open one?”-Bella
“You're the only one I'd open it with.”-Edward pulls a bottle from the shelf, dusts it off. He looks at Bella and sees her eyes are teary. A worried, his smooth voice pulls her face up. “You okay?”
“…yeah…ummm...Just got a little dust in my eye...”-Bella
“Can offer you a clean sleeve?”-Edward
“No, no, I'm fine, now. Really…see”-Bella
“You’re always so Stubborn, you know.”-Edward
“I’m not stubborn…Edward”-Bella says. Her words falling on deft ears as Edward moves closer to her trapping her against a pillar just then, they hear the cellar door opening above them and footsteps.
“Anybody home?”-Victoria yelled from the top step, with James beside her. Edward hesitates, looks to Bella, who shrugs and walks past him.
“Yeah... We're on our way up...”-Edward says he’s a little disappointed, slips the bottle of-wine into a cabinet and closes the door but follows Bella up the stairs.
The next day Bella and Renesemme have their bags sitting at the front door of Edwards Home. As Bella comes down the front steps and joins Renesemme, James, and Jacob who are dressed and ready to go.
“Okay, then, I guess that's that. We're really gone this time.”-Bella
“yeah. Take care of yourself Bells”-Edward
“Always do”-Bella
“mom… I hate this.”-Jaspmmet
“I know sweetie. But we’ll see each other”-Bella

Sadly watching as a Cab Driver loads the baggage into the trunk, The Twins hug and promise to see each other over Thanksgiving. Victoria and James hug and promise to see each other over Christmas...Leah and Jacob promise each other not to kill with out each other, Then Edward and Bella hug in a distant way and let go very quickly. As much as Bella didn’t want to let go she had too, and it took every ounce of Edwards power to let Bella go…Once more. The trunk is closed and Bella hugged Jaspmmet hard... Edward kisses Renesemme on the forehead. Bella, Renesemme, James, and Jacob wave, then duck into the cab. As the taxi pulls off, Victoria, Jaspmmet and Leah all look to Edward who then looks back at them and turns away...
*new reader*
I love it !!!!!! post more soon
omg post more soon i love it
u have to post more, this is soooo good


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