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a remake of the parent trap using the cullens as the cast give me some ideas. i w watching the parent trap (the one with lindsy lohan) and got the idea of makeing a fan-fic with edward and bella ith their twin son and daughter. 

Identical twins Rensemee Cullen and Jaspmmet Mason make each other's acquaintance at a Retreat only for Vampire children way up in the moutains of Translyvaina not realizing at first that they are siblings. After both admitted they have come from broken homes, they soon learn that their parents Edward Cullen and Bella Swan divorced shortly after the twins' birth, with each parent having custody of one child.The siblings, each dying to meet the parent they never knew, switch places in order to visit the parent they have never seen. While Rensemme is in Phenoix masquerading as Jaspmmet, Jaspmmet is in Forks masquerading as Rensemme.(both twins are dating warewovles and have learned the art of shapeshifting). how will this turn out when edward is getting married, in less then four weeks after the siblings go there sperate ways.

So now that you have started reading this fan-fic i need some banners please help me outt

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write it
plz keep me updated if you write it
Mmm, sorry haven't watched the parent trap but i like the story idea. Let me know if you write more!
You should write it!!!!
I loved the movie and this sounds really interesting!!
Please update me if u do write it.
OMG im watching the parent trap rite now keep me updated
awsome wait till you guys see who edward tries to marry
We start our story in the mountians of Translyvaina where each child is ariving to the gates of Vér mountians (blood mountians in hungarian) meeting new people and smelling new things things. As everyone arives a limo pulls up and out steps a young man by the name of Jaspmmet Mason, son of Edward Mason (Cullen), and a real ladies man. At the same time another pulles up to the gates and young lady steps out, her name is Rensemee Cullen, Daughter of Bella Cullen (Swan), and a heartbreaker at that.
"okay everyone please listen for your name and cabin"- Aro
"Mason your in Lions den with Alec and Cauis"-Marcus said, Jaspmmet walked over to see his Cabin mates.
"so your Jaspmmet Mason, i'm Alec this is my friend Cauis"- Alec
"Please to meet you"- Jaspmmet
"like wise, Who is that?"-Cauis said looking over at the girls side. Japmmet looked over and seen Rensemee walking away from her limo driver.
"she looks spoiled, dosen't she?"-Alec
"yeah she does"- Jaspmmet
"so you got a small variation of your name we can call you by"- Cauis
"Jazz"- Jazz
"really?"- Alec
"yea"- jazz
"ok then then"-Cauis
"so have you guys won any races before"- Jazz asked they walked off toward there cabin.

On the other side of the resort was the girls side where Rensemee is getting check in.
"Atention ladies listen for your name and cabin"--Tia
"Cullen you are with Jane and Kate in Black Sheep"-Zafrina
"So your the Cullen, i've heard so much about?"- Kate
"yea, i'm Rensemee. what have you heard about me?"- Rensemee
"The fact that your half human entering a teenage vampire retreat, i'm Jane."- Jane said walking out the cabin.
"Nice to meet Jane....this is our cabin?"- Rensemee
"yes, Black Sheep."- Kate
"you got a shorter name we can call you by?"- Jane
"Nessie"- Nessie
"ok"- Kate
"i can deal with that"- Jane.
The girls got a-custom to calling her Nessie real quickly, they became close friends and showed each other thier own unique powers.

In the main hall of the retreat both sides met up for the first time, each one glaring at each other, but Nessie and Jazz only admire the mountians as both counsulers talk. Off they both sides paired up and headed either into the woods or the local town for there meal.
Jane was paired up with her brother Alec and they both headed into town, Tanya with Cauis into town, and Rensemme with Jaspmmet in the woods.
"so....your a vegaterian vampire?"- Jazz aksed
"yeah, how'd you know that?'- Nessie
"i can smell it"- Jazz
"i'm Renesmee Cullen"- Nessie
"Jaspmmet Mason"- Jazz said, both shook hands and felt a spark in their minds.
"you look familer, have we meet before?"- Nessie
"i doubt it. look theres a couple"- jazz said, then he pointed to a pair of male deer.
With one swift move they drank the blood of their pray, then Nessie phone rang anlong with jazzs', both phones from both counlers saying that they have 3 min to get back to the resort grounds.
"well we have to get back"-Nessie
"Race you back"-Jazz
"ok"- Nessie
"Ready Set Go!!!"- Jazz said, they both took off, quicker then you could blink.
In ten seconds flat they both reached the resort and had each side cherring for them.
"looks like i won"- Jazz
"no way Jazzy, i won."- Nessie
"what makes you think a girl could beat me?"- Jazz
"what's that suppose t mean? becuase i look like you , i can't beat you"- Nessie
"you look like me, turn to the side....and the other side. Well your forehead is a little bigger than mine, your eyes are a liitle close together, your nose...we can fix that and that chin. Don't worry Rensemee all these thing can be fixed"- Jazz
"Want me to cause him pain Nessie?"- Jane
"hold on, i'm not really finished yet. you want to know the diffrence between us"- Jazz
"i have style and you don't or i can hold a date for more than ten mins and you can't. Take your pick"- Nessie
"Oh really"-Jazz
"yeah"- Nessie, the two move closer like they were ready to fight.
"whoa you two"- Aro
"no fighting you 2 back to your cabins"- Tia, Rensemee looked at Jane as a sign of approval.with one look in Jaspmmets' eyes and said "soil"
everyone looked as this wet spot grew on Jazzs' pants all three girls slaped hands and walked over to there cabin.
"fine if thats the way she wants it then et the games begin"- jazz told his Cabin mates.

something tells me this isn't gonna end well.
First Reply!!!!!!!!!!!
I am liking this story! It's interesting just like the movie!
Keep writing!
lol, I'm loven this story!!! xD keep me updated!!!
At sunset two weeks after they came to the retreat Jaspmmet, Cauis, and Alec set up a little trick in the girls shower, then they waited for the perfect time when the girls would take a shower. When Jane, Kate, and Rensemee went to take a shower they seen Frogs and Rats jummping and crawling in the shower.
"Oh My God!!!!!"-Nessie
"Those boys did this"- Jane
"I got the perfect plan, we'll wait till tomarrow afternoon when it all rainy, dark and gloomy."-Nessie

~~~~Boys Cabin~~~~~
"Awsome i could hear the girls scream from here"- Alec
"Yes and now It's time for a victory sleep"- Cauis
"Sounds Great"- Jaspmmet
"Couldn't have said it better myself"- Alec
Drowning in Victory, all three boys went to sleep, not knowing that the girls were plnning something even better then what the boys did.
~~~~Next Afternoon~~~~
The rain fell and just as planned:Jane, Kate, and Rensemme waited outside the boys cabin. They entered quitetly so they wouldn't wake what Jane called 'bimps on a log'.
Jane put spiders on the Cauis's sheets and oil on the floor along with shaving cream on his head, Kate put honey all over Alecs' bed and string all around the room, Renesemee put mud at the foot Jaspmmets' bed and water balloons above his bed.
To tie it all together, the girls put feathers on top of the fan and glue in a bucket above the door, then they ran back to there own cabin and drank the sweet cup of revenge.
All the clouds and cold air and slight chance of gloom (lol), the girls went back to the cabin and stood out side there window.
The first to wake up was Jaspmmet and around him, he seen the his cabin mates
thank you
once he step out the bed he felt the worms in the mud
"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!"-Jazz screamed, his increase volume woke Cauis an Alec.
Cauis freaked out when he seen the spiders on his bed and shaving cream in his perfect blonde hair.
Alec was all sticky and slimy from all the honey left on the sheets.
"GET THESE THING OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!"-Cauis
Jaspmmet moved over a pice of string with his ankle and water balloons started falling each one missing him.
"Ah-Ha, she didn't get me"- Jazz said, but alas he was wrong. A large balloon filled with water fell on top of his head sending water everywhere.
"thank you so much you too kind"- Nessie said quietly
"Morning ladies"- Aro said walking past them with Tia.
"Morning Aro, Morning Tia........ARO AND TIA"- Jane, Kate, Rensemee
"Inspection time, Clean Cabins. Lions Den"-Tia said walking over to their cabin
Rensemee ran in front of the door bocking the path of the counsulers.
"No,No Aro don't go in there. one of the boys has a a lack of blood and it is a real mess in there"- Nessie
"Well if someone has a lack of blood i must check it out"- Aro
"Honestly we're all okayin here unless Rensemee knows something we dont know. i suggest you and Tia step inside Aro and see for yourself"- Jazz said, Aro pulled the door witched triggered the bucket filled with glue to pour on top of Aro and Tia, they walked in and slid across the floor from the oil. Aro reeached up for something to grab on but.....
"No Aro no"-Nesie
Aro grabed the fan switch and made all the feathers fall on top of them.
"i told you it was mess in here"- Nessie
"She would know, she did it"- Jazz
"i expected good thing out of you two, as siblings i thought you would behave better than this"-Tia
"SIBLINGS?!!!"- Jaspmmet
"i never seen him in my entire life"-Rensemme
"they ar, aren't they"-Tia
"Sound like they say otherwise"Aro
"Amazing, they could amost pass for twins"-Tia
"you two....the isolation Cabin up the hill, you guys will be sharing it for the rest of the retreat"-Aro
"Zafria and marcus will wait for you guys at mid-night tonight."- Tia
Jaspmmet and Rensemme gave each other glaring looks an preparied for the longest last three-weeks-of-the-retreat ever.

oh Goddie
That is totally awsome, but I hate that Belle and Edaward arn't together. Other then that the story is amazing and I can't wait to read more. :)


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