The Twilight Saga

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Hey All,
This is a fan fic co written by Amanda and AJ. We have decided to write 6 books to the saga.
The Saga is about Alice and all of the things she goes through...her journey. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Click Here To Read Visions
Click Here To Read Countless Stars: Book Two in The Visions Saga

List of Books in the Visions Saga
Visions: Book 1 in The Visions Saga. (Finished PDF Profile Posted Above)
Countless Stars: Book 2 in The Visions Saga (Link to Story Posted Above)
Meeting Halfway: Book 3 in The Visions Saga (In Process)
Lune: Book 4 (Not Written Yet)
Finding the Way: Book 5 ( Not written yet)
True Beauty (Not Written)

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we were gonna do that- when we get countless stars done we'll put the PDF here and go on with meeting halfway, lune, finding the way, and true beauty and post them here- thanx for all of the wonderful comments! :)
no, no, constructive critism helps....alot! im going to go through the chapters and change them up a bit- i see what you mean, nice to mean then nice to mean again. :) thanx
lynn!!!! awesome!
im posting my chapter here, i cant seem to find amanda's..ill post it on the other one once i have the link!

Meeting Halfway: Book Three in The Visions Saga

Chapter 2: Leaving

Written By: AJ

Heidi was the first one who really loved me, and I left her, standing alone. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to be with someone who tortured humans for delight and pleasure. It was sick.

I couldn’t believe what Heidi turned out to be- she was always kind, caring, like Esme in a way. But now she was different she wasn’t mom or Heidi anymore. She was one of them. I turned to Jasper as my sobbing grew harder. “Jasper, what am I going to do?” I questioned through sobs.

He looked at me in thinking, with a deep, expressive look on his face. “Alice- there is nothing you could possibly do in this situation. The best thing to do is to get back home, put all of your troubles behind you and see what it amounts to.” He suggested- why did he have to be so convincing?

“I cant- I cant leave her here.” I told Jasper as we continued down the long cobble stone hallway. “Alice, you can, there’s nothing stopping you. If Heidi really cared about you she would come after you, not let you walk away. Alice, she’s no good, she will manipulate you.” I giggled at his last sentence, he looked at me- confused.

“You would know about manipulating people.” I said, he smiled, he seemed to understand what I was saying. My sobbing came to a halt as we reached the front doors of the Volturi ‘castle’. The guards pulled them wide open, letting the warm Volterra air hit us like a large cinder block.

Jasper grabbed my hand as we exited the castle. We walked to the front of the castle to find our car. Jasper opened my door for me- such a gentleman. “Thank you,” I said, when he closed the door behind me, he walked around to the other side to get in.

He slid in carefully, his bum nearly touching the seat. “Ready?” He questioned, putting the key in the ignition and letting the small Maserati roar abruptly to life. He pushed a bit on the gas, letting the car rumble. I smiled and nodded, he replied with a small smile, grabbed my hand and backed out of the space and out of the large gates at the entrance of the estate.

We went slowly- as the roads were covered with millions of tourists out in the sunny, warm, day in Volterra. Jasper weaved in and out of crowds until he found and alternate road, “Perfect,” He said smugly. This road was a million times better than the road we were traveling on before.

The car sped down the road, Jasper swerved every time there was another car going less than seventy-five miles an hour. I looked to his speedometer to see he was going over ninety- surprisingly, I wasn’t scared of his rapid speed, I was oddly used to it.

“Jasper- where are we headed?” I questioned, my best guess was the airport, but I couldn’t be sure. “Would you like to wander some of the shops on the outskirts of Volterra? I hear it’s not as crowded and things aren’t as pricey.” He explained. I was up for shopping- I’d learned that I loved shopping shortly after moving in with the Cullen’s.

“That sounds wonderful,” I smiled, squeezing Jasper has hand gently- as a gesture of thank you. He grinned and pressed on the gas harder than before, the speedometer twitching at the one hundred mile mark.

We continued on the same road until Jasper turned onto a large and alive street. The street was lined with apartments, restaurants and many shops. “This looks fun!” I proclaimed as Jasper took a parking space in front of a small boutique.

He exited the car and came to open my door for me, “Thank you,” I smiled when he closed the door behind me. He took my hand in his as we strolled along the sidewalks, “Can we go in that one?” I pled, pointing to a jewelry store. “As you wish,” He said, leading me into the store.
i love it plz post more soon but what up the color red for the story you have i eyes going crazy lol
love love love it park!!!!
it is awesome tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Visions Saga
Chapter 3: An unexpected vision!
Written By Amanda

As I sat in the car I caressed my locket that Jasper had bought me. The gold and red jewels spelled out, 'I love you.'

The car ride was bumpy. leaving me to bounce in my seat almost every second. But I didn't mind. As long as I was with Jasper, I was okay.

I smiled while reading the locket over and over, taking in those three magical words.

Suddenly, I felt my head start to hurt. I rubbed it, hoping the pain would go away but it didn't. My eyes glazed over and a feeling came over me. It was very strong. My head spun out of control! I screamed, feeling it, but not hearing it. I thought I felt another voice trying to help me but it couldn't. I yelled again, hoping to break the silence but I still didn't hear anything. I screamed, letting someone know I couldn't hear and needed help.

Then an image of terror popped into my mind.

A beautiful bridge, with a waterfall on each side of it, was there. Jasper was talking with me and we were happy. Then a loud 'thud' sounded on the bridge. We both looked out the windows, seeing no one. Then, out of nowhere, four people came up to our car. I recognized them to be Heidi, Jane, Athendora and Sulpicia. It was strange, seeing them out of their castle. They looked at me with such love. I walked out of the car, despite Jasper's yells, and came toward them. They smiled and then, still smiling, they took me by the arms and led me away.

I gasped, suddenly coming out of the vision.

"Alice, are you okay?" Jasper asked. His eyes were filled with concern.

I nodded. He looked worried but didn't say anything more.

When we approached the bridge I winced. What what I going to do? Then I had an idea.

"Hey, Jasper, turn right there," I said, motioning to a little gravel road. It had a sign that said, 'Mountain Lake Road'.

"Why?" He asked, surprised.

"I'll tell you on the way," I said, still motioning to the road.

He shrugged and then turned the steering wheel so that we turned onto the road.

"Now, tell me why we went this way," he said.

I told him about my vision and why I had screamed. For some reason, this vision has caused me more pain than anything else. It must have been important.

The road led us through a forest and then, about two hours up the road, we saw a fork in it. We looked at the sign. If we went left we would go to 'Mountain Lake' but, if we went right, we would go towards Alaska.

I told him to go right, so that we could go home to Alaska. I missed my new family. In some ways, even Edward, mostly solemn, could cheer me up when I needed it. He just needed a little love in his life, that's all.

I smiled to myself as I thought of my wonderful family.
that was really good!!!!
OMG! I never knew we won this!
Was looking through this again! Wow! It's been a while huh?
Yeah! I come over here every now and then to take a look at it, i can see how much you and I have really grown as writers!


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