The Twilight Saga

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Hey All,
This is a fan fic co written by Amanda and AJ. We have decided to write 6 books to the saga.
The Saga is about Alice and all of the things she goes through...her journey. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Click Here To Read Visions
Click Here To Read Countless Stars: Book Two in The Visions Saga

List of Books in the Visions Saga
Visions: Book 1 in The Visions Saga. (Finished PDF Profile Posted Above)
Countless Stars: Book 2 in The Visions Saga (Link to Story Posted Above)
Meeting Halfway: Book 3 in The Visions Saga (In Process)
Lune: Book 4 (Not Written Yet)
Finding the Way: Book 5 ( Not written yet)
True Beauty (Not Written)

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Yeah! Some of the chapters I wrote, I'm laughing over. I keep asking myself, "When did I ever write like that?"
Lol, i know, i do that too sometimes...i go back and reread old things i wrote and i amaze myself at how much better i've, i used to be pretty suckish. :-)
same here. :)
oh my gosh! hi :)

Hi! :)



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