The Twilight Saga

Ok, this is where we can spend time waiting for people to post more on their wonderful stories!
This is not a fanfiction!
Team Rob all the way! This is the home of the Rob-ateers!
You may advertise your FanFictions here! It keeps a lot of people's addictions fuelled :)

^^^ Please go read, sign the guestbook, promote it. He really deserves a life.

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y in the world would you go and post a fan fiction and its
not even a fan fiction they made a fan fiction for a reason if your not going to rite a story then don't do anything a at all got it
:D don;t mean to be rude i just have to speak the truth.k hope we can be friends ;D
Yup that was RUDE.

And as one of the orginal commenters on this discussion I think it's best that you don't comment again if your just going to be nasty.

Anyway...where is everybody??
People still post here?!



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