The Twilight Saga

Preface: Time meant nothing when you were happy. Well, in my case time does mean something because, I'm not happy. Who would be happy when nothing ever happens the way you want it to? But, in the way of the wind, happiness can be blown straight to your front doorstep.

Chapter 1: A new house in Forks.

"Sweetheart, finish unpacking! We are going to be late for dinner with the Hanson's!" My mom yelled up the stairs to me.

"I'll be there in a minute mom! I'm almost done!" I yelled back.

My name is Addison Paige Blake. But everyone calls me Addy. When my dad got transferred to Forks, Washington for his job I had to leave my special home. I lived in Maine, and I would miss the cold air.

The Hanson's also had to move out to Forks, because Mr. Hanson and my dad are co-workers. So, they've always lived wherever we lived. Natalie Hanson was my best friend. She and I always started a new school together, which was nice because , normally, the principal let us have all the same classes together. Natalie and I had been BFF's since before we were even one. And, well, we never really made new friends. It seems weird, that we never make new friends but the reason why is because we're attached to the hip. We won't be separated at all.

I carefully set out the books on my bookshelf and walked over to my closet. I had to choose an outfit to wear to dinner. I didn't have much of a selection because the movers weren't here yet so I just chose some black leggings, a blue denim skirt and a white tank top. I didn't like my outfit, because I was more of a tom boy but this would have to do for now. As for shoes, I would just wear my sneakers, the only shoes that were here right now and the only shoes I would ever think of wearing. But, I wouldn't normally say this, the outfit with the sneakers was a VERY good outfit.

I ran down the stairs to see my mom and dad standing in the front hall waiting.

"Sorry I took so long," I said.

"'s okay..we forgive you," my mom said, jokingly.

I went out to our corvette and sat in the backseat, as I always had to do when both parents were in the car. We were going to have dinner in Port Angeles. Port Angeles was supposed to be really cool and I could drive my convertible there with Natalie over the summer, since summer was only three weeks away. Awesome time to move, huh?

Dad backed out of the driveway and slowly purred through the tiny street that my new home was on. I looked at the houses and saw a police cruiser in one. Cool! The chief must live there.

"Hey dad, who lives there?" I asked, pointing to the house.

"Oh, Charlie Swan and Bella Swan. Bella's his daughter. She just moved here from Arizona about 2 years ago. Charlie's the chief of police here in Forks," he said.

"Cool, so, like, does she go to Forks High?" I asked.

"Um..yeah, well, I think so," he said.

"Wait, how do you know all this?" I asked, curiously.

"Sweetheart, remember? I came down here earlier to check out the houses in the area and really liked ours. Since I bought it, I was able to chat with Charlie Swan for a while," he said.

"Oh," was my only reply because we were going off of our street and zoomed down the highway.

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Chapter 2: First sight

The next day I decided to leave for school early so I could stop by the Forks Forest. It was supposed to be awesome and it would give me a chance to relax before picking Natalie up at 8: 45.

I drove on and on until I reached a sign that said, 'Forks Forest, 1 mile'.

I pushed the gas pedal down harder so that I could get there faster. About 1 minute later I got my wish. I was there!

I parked next to the side of the road and hopped out of the car.

I breathed in the smell of pine tree's and pine cones. It was a nice day.

I walked through the trees until I spotted a nice grassy patch of grass under a willow tree.

I stopped and sat under it. The wind whipped my face and I smiled.

I rested my head on an unusually soft part of the tree.

I must have fallen asleep because when I looked at my clock it was 10 AM! I screamed!

I was really, really late! I hoped that Natalie had found a ride, or taken her own car.

I ran through the woods until I realized that I was lost! I screamed again, letting the realization sink in.

Suddenly I hear a snap of a branch and I turned around, looking for the person or animal that made the noise. What I saw was a wolf! I screamed again, falling to the ground, weeping! What was happening?

Suddenly I heard him move around and saw that he had just, well, transformed into a human! I stood there, unable to make any noise.

"Um..hi," he said.

"What....ha...happened to you?" I asked.

"Um..I guess you kind of saw that, didn't you?"


"Yeah, I did," I said out loud.

"Well...I'm a werewolf," he said.

I looked at him like he was crazy! "What?"

"A werewolf," he repeated.

" need some proof," I said.

"I can get that," he said, smiling. Why was he looking at me like that?
i lyk it plz write more!
good story you should continue
Thanks Deanna!
it's really good :) continue


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