The Twilight Saga

It was a snowy night in the year 2012 and everything was going great with the humans everyday lives. There was less violence in our world and a whole lot more of newborn kids.But so much peace makes people kind of wary more than they were in previous years. So much peace has to come with a price and a price it came with.      My name is Brian I am a stundent at Fair Field high school and i love animals and science. My favourite in particular are mice. I own two of these fine specimen and i love them sometimes i wish i could become a mouse but alas i cannot. It is impossible i know what you are about to say anything is possible if you set your mind to it. But turning a human being into a mouse is not possible and when i tell people about my dreams they just laugh in my faceand say that i can try all my life but it will never happen. This is what happened to me.

         The world has ended in a way nobody ever excepted. My name is Pinky and i am personally responible for mice taking over the world it all started when Brain was 8 and he drew purple polka dots on me and to this day they still have not come off. So me and Genral Micey decided to come up with a plan and we did. So now that Brian is 16 out plan can be put into action so we headed for China were all the worlds leaders were for there for the UN Sumit they were all drunk for whatever reason was easy. That was Sunday, it is now Tuesday i have everything i ever wanted so why do i feel remorse ?     Pinky is no longer happy the excitement has worn off I always knew Pinky was weak maybe this is my time, Pinky wont last forever.         I cant believe Pinky did this Genral Micey, sure the mouse is an evil genius. Here i am stuck in a prison cell with two people i am terrifered of Alice and Niamh, lets just say Niamh is completely and uterly evil Alice is evil but not as evil as Niamh, Alice is a tall brown eyed blonde and Niamh is a short hazel eyed redhead and they are planning to escape, stupid idea if you asked me since we have no idea where we are and we cant walk 6 feet without our legs giving way on us. "Stop thinging and come and help us" Niamh called i got up and walked 3 feet it hurt like hell. They were digging a tunal, Alice saw my confused face and explained "were planning to dig our way out it should take us about an hour and the drug thats affecting our legs should have worn off by the time we get out." It is now two hours later and we are still digging but at least they were right about something the drug is wearing off and because of that i had an idiot smile on my lips.    I sat in the throne room while Genral explained that Brian and two others had escaped, i felt happy but i also felt rage and the rage and happiness fought for control in the end the rage won, we set out within the hour with our army.      We finally made it out of the tunal our legs completely healed only to be met by mice soilders, Niamh quickly took care of them. But we were met quickly by an army of mice and in the center were Pinky and Micey. We started towards them me with pleading eye, Niamh with vicious eyes and Alice with planning and careful eyes. Micey smiled a wicked smile looked at out legs and said "i see the drugs have worn off" we nodded he turned to Pinky and sneered "We can finally be free of him Pinky, finally" Pinky looked at me with sad eyes all the angery in them had gone he sighed "Call off the attack, i cant do it" a single tear ran down his cheek "NO DONT LISTIN TO HIM !" Micet screamedbut it was already to late. In one quick movement Niamh killed Micey. Alice grabbed me and put a kneif to my throat while Niamh put a gun to my head " the world or hes dead" she smiled crulely while looking between me and Alice ? Pinky smiled "Ok" and threw a single key Niamh after she got the key shot Alice in the head. I was shocked but i ran to Pinky, I was the happiest person or mouse in the world. But then i remember who would be ruling the world.

Whats worst the mice ruling the world or Niamh ?

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thanks it is for an english project :)

Isabelle,WOW. This was amazing!! I can't believe Niahm shot Alice.If you don't get an A on this project,then your teacher doesn't know a good paper when she sees it.Anyway,I hope all your dreams come true! :)


~Twilight Chick :)


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