The Twilight Saga

The Werewolf, the Hydrid, and the Human

By Renesmee Marie Cullen


Chapter 1: Morning


I slowly open my eyes and see light. It's warm and comfortable. I lay in my bed, staring at my ceiling, like I have many times before. Everything is the same, everything remains the same. I get out of bed, get dress, and head downstairs to eat. As I pour cereal into my bowl I hear my mother yawn. I smile to myself and pour the milk. I chew slowly and carefully. My mother, the person I live with is going to be traveling the world today. She has been working her butt off to give me my education.  She feels like she abondoning me but we both know she's been waiting for this day. She's dropping me off at the airport to go our seprate ways. I will be living my remaining teenage years with my hermit father in a country, city area, with trees and wide fields of grass...with a little city taste. We say nothing, because if we do, one of us will regret going away from each other. I finished my breakfast and washed it while she poured herself a cup of coffe. Ugh, I hate that drink, well i dont call it that but she sure does. I turn to leave but stop myself when she says that she wants to talk. Like we havent before. I love my mom but sometimes she gets a little over board and I get annoyed. I sat down for I know whats to come. She pulled up a chair and sat.

"Rach, I know you arent looking forward to see your father but you shuld see the bright sight..." She said.

"And what exactly is the bright sight, mom? huh?" I snapped.

 I've never snapped at my mom, so why didnt it bother me?


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sorry for the short story... i was in a i can up with... :)

if anyone wants to read more comment plz!

I would like to read more :D 

thanks i'll update soon. ")

I've never snapped at my mom, so why didnt it bother me? 

"Sweetheart, I know you dont want to go live with your father but...its the only way I'll know your safe. I've always care about your safety, you know that." she replied half heartfelt. 

"Oh, mom please! You left him or should I say WE left him years ago?" I felt the hatred in my tone.

"Rach... you know why I left THAT town, okay?" Mom said angrily.

"Yes I do Mother...but  why now?" I questioned her.

"Rach, your father is very alone...we both know that, that thing he calls a " job " he isnt going to satisfy him...he needs someone to be their for him...and I want that someone to be you...please go for me??" she was begging. 

My Mother never begs. Only when its important to her. Wow I guess me going to my Dads IS important to her. She really wants ME to spend " quality " time with my Father. 

"Fine I'll go to my Dads if it means anything to you." I half-smiled.

"Thank you!" My`Mom nearly shouted. 

She nearly sprang from her seat to come and hug me. I hugged her back when I felt her happiness inside her. I sighed and said I'll getting a shower before we leave. She shouted not to take so long we only had a couple of hours. I laughed for we both knew that I dont take long showers. Though I did take a long one, which was weird for me because I dont take long showers only when Im excited. Humf! I guess I am ready to meet my Father. Its been YEARS since I had any sort of contact from him. the last I heard of him was when I was what, six? Yeah thats right. Wow its been TEN YEARS since I saw my father...I wonder what he looks like? But most importantly will I be able to recognize him? I wonder this to myself when I hear a knock on the door.

"Hurry up! I gotta take one too!" my Mom shouted.

I laughed to myself and hurried up.

I wrapped my hair into a ponytail and meet my mother in front of the house. I sighed for I was gonna miss this house I helped my Mother decorated. I remember the first time when I came upon this weathered old house. I was four and a half when my Mother wanted to live in a sociable, steady home. She parked across the street and was looking at the other house while I was in the backseat staring at the other houses, when my eyes came upon a medium sized house was vacant and empty. I kept my eyes on the house til my Mother was chatting with the Realtor. I got out of the car and nudged her with my elbow. She stuffed my face with the letters and information papers. I kept nudging til I got her attention.


"What, Rachael?!?!!? Mommy is busy!" 


Okay Rachie. What house do you want me to look at?"

She turned around and stopped and stared. Her mouth wide open and eyes bewilder. I thought the house was perfect but just needed some repair. The Realtor was stunned by my Mother's reaction when she asked him how much the house was. He was willing to make out a deal with her and give her the house for a poor price. My Mother accept it and payed right then and their. The Realtor was shocked by the type of cash she had on her. She never felt her eyes from the now welcoming. heart struck house. She grabbed my hand and we walked the street. She stopped at the door step as if scared to open the door. She raised her and to reached turn the knob and opened the door. The house was very vacant looking and empty so just imagine what was going on in mer mind in that moment. Yeah thought so.  

As we approach the doors in which I wouldnt see my heart breaking Mother, I couldnt help but reach out and give her a hug. She hugged me back but with a scene that she would be missing me. For the moment I forgot that I was going a thousand miles away from the one person who has known me from the day she found out she was pregnant with a child on the way. I didnt know I was crying til she reached her hand and tried the tears from my cheeks. We said our good-byes and I stepped inside from what would be the worst nightmare I was going to be living in for the next two years. 

As the plane slowed to a stop I could see people along the windows searching for their loved ones. In which I saw my Father. He looks just like I've pictured him. Short spiky black hair with a deep brown color. And semicircle under them and soft wrinkles. Yup, this man is my Father I have pictured for years. I half smiled when I saw him. He hugged me in an weird two arm hug. He smiled as I glanced his way when we reached his cruiser.

"Still a Liberian huh Dad?" I questioned.

"Oh THAT yeah. I have been for...what? Six, seven years? yeah around there, why?" he answered.

"No just pondering" I answered back.

"Oh well there's always a spot for one more person." he commented.

I smiled to myself as I pictured myself working for my Father. It seemed like a good opp. Besides I could use a good part time job so I can buy my own car. I agreed with a smile and a seldom look on my face. He smile back and congraduated me on my first job here in Forks. After that it was hard for me to start up a conversation with my Father. It seemed like he finally let the Awkwardness settle in. The drive home was a defiant bore. He grabbed my bags and helped me put them in my "room".  Just as I was opening my luggage my stomach lurched. I was hungry.  After that I started to unpack when their was a knock on my door. I jumped over the bed and land quietly in front of the door and opened it. My Dad. I sighed as I realized it was him.

I asked "Whats up, Dad?" 

He just stared at me embarrassed and opened his mouth as if to say something but closed it again. He opened it again and this time actual words came out.

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to my buddy Joshua Sterling? For dinner, his wife makes a mean lasagna." He smile shyly.

"Um yeah sure. I was just about to tell you if we could go out." I answered shyly.

"Okay I'll wait for you downstairs while you get ready." He turned and left. 

I heard him head for the stairs and open the door to turn the car on. I whirled myself around and went to one of my bags and comb my hair. I checked myself in the mirror and grabbed my jacket. I shut the door and climbed inside the cruiser. It took a while to get to my Dad's friends house. It was on the east side of the town and south into the woods. I was stunned when we got a huge mansion with a warm welcoming. Hmm mm, I smell good lasagna. I lead the way up to the house and rung the door bell. Before the second ring a young man answered it. He was strikingly beautiful. His eyes were a clean color of haze, his nose was perfectly shaped, his lips a full curves, his hair was a chocolaty color, and his skin color was amazing russet color. I stared at him dumbfounded with my mouth hung open and my eyes wide with such despair. I am in love.  

Like I said I'll post more if anyone wants to read more :)


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