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Short Summary

Everyone knows the story of  Dorothy going "Somewhere over the rainbow", and ending up in Oz.

Well, what about the wicked witch of the west? Well, here her name is Elphaba. And we all remember her sister Glinda the good witch (perhaps not...) And you will meet her other sisters too, Fauna and Mabel. They are all after the ruby red slippers, but for a different reason than we think.



(Not quite a prologue, but know this will happen later in the story.)

Elphaba's POV

I was covered in guilt. I had a munchkin tied up in a corner. Gah, why did Glinda have to make this harder than it needed to be? She had always been so immature.

Dorothy, a purely harmless girl. It's not her fault that the slippers won't come off her. I just didn't know how else to get them off. I sighed in dismay, I had to kill a helpless girl from the foreign planet of Kansas, when all I wanted was her shoes.

Boo-Hoo for Dorothy, I thought reluctantly.


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"What in heck's name are you doing here." I asked annoyed, picking myself up, and brushing my legs, as if there were dirt on them.

"I was just enjoying the woods." Peter responded.

"You? Enjoying nature at this hour? No offence, I'd believe that my mother rose from the dead before I'd believe that." I puffed.

"Okay, fine I followed you." Peter confessed.

"If daddy sent you, go right back to him and say that we are dead or something," I began, but Peter cut me off.

"No one sent me Elphaba." Peter said.

"Peter, if your looking for Glinda, she's sleeping, and will never want to awaken to you." I grumbled.

"Glinda wasn't the one I wanted to see." Peter said. I looked at him dryly.

"Listen, I'm too busy for your little crushes, alright?" I meant to ask, but it came out more like an order.

"Suit yourself. But you owe me." Peter said.

"For what?" I demanded.

"My black eye and lip, and also broken nose." Peter answered.

"Oh. So you came all this way for payback?" I rolled my eyes.

"No. I came because you owe me." He said.

"Are you five?" I asked.

"I don't ever ask much of you." Peter said. This was true, even when he was young I punched him before he could demand anything.

"Okay, what?" I asked impatiently.

"A kiss." He said.

"Eww, blech, eww, never!" I rejected.

"Elphaba, I didn't mean now. Just when you fall in love with me." He winked. I winced.

"Look, I won't kiss you. I will never, kiss you. I'm not stupid Peter." I spat.

"By the way, you never answered my question, about who the guy was." Peter put on that devilish smile he always did.

"MYOB is who he is to you." I said, to weirded out to tell him about Merlin.

"What? Are you dating him?" Peter said mockingly.

"No!" I blurted out, I actually wasn't completely lying.

"Oh." He said, half smiling, half surprised.

"Mind if I ask you a question?" I asked, he nodded in reply.

"Why did you kiss Glinda?" I asked.

He sighed. "Truth is, I needed to prove something to you. That you do truly care for her. I could always tell you felt that way deep down, but you never seemed to believe it." He said solemly.

"Oh." I said. "That was nice of you." I remarked.

 We looked at eachother for awhile. I had always thought Peter was out to get me, I would have never thought that he loved me. Or, that he at least had some feelings for me. I wished I could just forget this, and see him as the snob I always thought he was. But then it hit me.

 I only remembered Peter for replacing, me. I remembered him for 'stealing my father', rather than for his true personality. Truth was, I never paid attention to it. When I was younger, I remember that when I looked into Peter's eyes, I always saw my father, neglecting my mother.

"Umm, I have to go." I said, looking up at the moon.

"Alright." Peter replied.

"See you?" I asked.

"Soon." He finished my statement.

 We stared for a minute more, but then we both walked away, dissapearing into the darkness.

 Peter may have been growing on me, but I had to remind myself what was more important. I was with Merlin, for now. I had to protect him, at least until we find Mabel. But, if I thought about it, Peter is my half brother, wheather I like it or not. Or, was he? He had to be, even though he looked mostly like his mother. But what if...

 I wiped the idea out of my head. He was probably my father's son. Right? Anyway, I do hate his mother, but she's not the type to cheat on a guy. Or is she? I had to quit asking questions. I'd just attempt asking Peter when I saw him again.

I got back to camp. I sat down on the rock near the lake. I ran my fingers through my hair, and pulled some out, it was getting very tangled. I took out the magic ball. I said Mabel's name to it, so I could see where she was.

 It was worse than I thought. Mabel was stepping all over the houses of munchkins. And, she seemed to be having fun. All I knew was, we had to get to Munchkinland tomorrow, or else the munchkins will die in the hands of Mabel.

I turned off the ball, and drifted off. I was very tired, and hadn't slept well in two days. Well, I couldn't, I was the protector after all.

I was hoping for a nice dreamless sleep. But I had a dream afterall.

"Elphaba! How dare you?" Glinda asked in this dream.

"How dare I what?" I asked, confused.

"Like you don't know! Your just like dad!" She shouted.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"You were out with Peter!" I heard Merlin's accent behind me.

"We did nothing!" I shouted.

"Oh sure!" Glinda shouted.

"You're nothing Elphaba." I heard an unfamiliar whisper. My name was echoing in the background repeatedly.

I woke up screaming. Fauna and Merlin's faces were over me.

"Elphaba, are you alright?" Merlin asked, he must have felt me shaking.

"I-I'm fine. I'm fine." I said, and began to get up.

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 I felt weird, being all spacey in front of Flora and Merlin. I was way afriaid to tell anyone of my encounter with Peter, especially with the dream and all. Speaking of which, I wondered who's whisper that was at the end. It sounded deadly familiar, yet it wasn't.

 I soon figured my name said repeatedly was really Merlin and Flora in real life. But what did Glinda mean, your just like dad? Father is a goon, I give her that, but he never cheated on my mother. Or did he? Was Peter's mother dating him, and thats when he went bonkers?

 I knew that dream was attempting to show me something, but I don't know what. For some reason, I hoped I would have it again, so I could fish out the facts I needed. Maybe I should leave out all the Peter stuff, and just focus on the stuff about my father. Then again, that was barely two lines of the dream. But then again, two lines can be even more important than twenty. Besides, before I had fallen asleep, I had been thinking hard about Peter, and where he came from and stuff.

 My heart practically jumped out of my chest. "Where's Glinda?" I asked.

"Chill, she had to go to the bathroom." Flora said. Phew, I thought in relief.

 After Glinda returned, we started off. We walked for four hours straight, no stops. Finally, we all got tired, and decided to break for lunch. Merlin and Flora went into the creek. I was about to, but Glinda distracted me.

"I know where you were last night." She smiled lightly at me.

"Where?" I asked nervously.

"With Peter." She whispered. I nodded, biting my lip.

"It's okay, I won't tell. Just, don't hurt him." She gestured her eyes toward Merlin when she said 'him'. "I like him." She said.

"Okay." I answered. I looked down.

"Go, swim. I'll come too." She laughed, and we used a spell to change into bathing suits the same way Flora and Merlin did.

 We ran in. I put on a smile, yet I wasn't smiling inside. I felt so, guilty. Had I been that obvious? Also, how did Glinda of all people know about my encounter with Peter? I shook my head. She was the most agressive about it in the dream.

 The nightmare was coming true, and I put the pieces together. I was experiencing the beginning. I had to try to forget Peter. He will only draw Merlin and I apart, which will make everyone else in my life rip me to shreds.

 I wondered why Glinda was being so grown up about this. She never was, about anything. She just seemed so mature today. So much that her maturity made me suspicious. Glinda always seemed to be around, and this morning she wasn't. Then it hit me. What if she was talking to Peter? My lips quivered.

 "I'm gonna go take a walk." I said getting out of the water, putting on my shirt over my bikini top.

 "Want me to go with you?" Flora asked.

 "No!" I shouted. "I-I mean, I just need some alone time." I said. Glinda smirked, I hated that she was doing that.

 "Alright." Was all that Flora said in reply.

 I walked into the woods, and stood behind a tree, eavesdropping.

"Is it me, or does Elphaba seem ill today?" Flora asked.

"Its not you. She seems like she's seen a ghost whenever she talks." Merlin answered, and for the first time I didn't smile at his cute accent.

"Agreed. Maybe she's feeling guilty about something." I heard Glinda say, and I could tell she was smiling. C'mon Glinda, please don't be a you-know-what today! I thought.

"Yeah. But what would she be guilty of?" Flora asked, and I decided to actually take a walk.

 I heard leaves crinkling. I kept walking, assuming it was a chipmunk or something. But then it got louder, closer. I closed my eyes, and grabbed a stick. I whacked the ground where I heard the noise.

"Ow!" I heard a loud yell. I opened my eyes

"Who is that?" I asked.

"Me!" I heard Peter's voice.

"Peter?" I asked.

"What?" He asked.

"Could you please not sneak up on me like that?" I asked.

"Sure, as soon as you stop whacking people with sticks I will!" Peter answered.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that." I said.

"No problem." He said, getting up off the ground.

"Elphaba," Peter began.

"What?" I asked.

"Kiss me." He said. I smacked him in the face, I guess as an automatic reflex.

"No. Not, now. I like you, sorta, but, I've only allowed you to speak to me for more than five seconds just yesterday. I'm not one of those dumb blondes that you usually date." I said, and rolled my eyes.

"I know, but seriously, can you survive one day just leaving my face in one piece?" He asked.

I chuckled. "Probably not."

 He laughed too. I looked at him.

"I'm sorry. Its just, I can't have a relationship with you right now. There is just-- too much going on for that." I said.

"Elphaba, I understand. Your sisters are obviously your biggest priority right now. Romance can wait." Peter said. I smiled lightly in return.

 "I had better go back, we're never getting to Munchkinland at this rate." I laughed, and turned to leave.

 "Just know," He began. I turned back to look at him. "I'm always watching." Peter said. I nodded, and then decided to head back.

 When I got to the lake, everyone had the weirdest expressions on their faces. Glinda--she looked shocked, confused, and yet confident. Flora-- she looked ready to bite her nails off. Merlin-- well, he was giving the look of raising a brow.

 I walked in the scene awkwardly. "Hey guys..." I said slowly.

"Hey Elphie." Glinda winked.

"Feeling better?" Flora asked.

"Decently, yeah." I said.

"Good. So, what took twenty minutes?" Merlin asked casually.

"I vented out to a tree." I lied.

"Ah. And we all know how long that takes." Glinda said with a hint of sarcasm, and glared at me when Flora and Merlin weren't facing her.

"Lets go. If we go now we can get to Munchkinland by midnight." I smiled. Glinda laughed a shrug, and the others just went along with it.

 We made it to Munchkinland, Merlin and I were breathing heavilly on eachother, Flora had already puked twice, and Glinda was just her devious little self. I dark shadowy figure approached us,  me specifically.

"You made it sister." Mabel said darkly.


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 "Mabel?" I asked, slightly weirded out.

"Who did you think it was?" She winced.

"Hey, who's the guy?" Mabel asked, motioning her eyes toward Merlin.

"A friend. A bestie to Elphaba." Glinda smirked.

"Ah. I understand." Mabel chuckled, and she created a fire with a spell. "Now we have light." Mabel smiled and clapped.

"Is this your phsyco sister?" Merlin whispered to me.

"Oh yeah. She totally is." I whispered back.

"So, when do we get to the fighting?" Mabel asked, and moved her brows up and down. "I like the fighting." Mabel said, and three munchkins that looked posessed came out.

"Seems like, right about now." I challenged.

"Well, it's never too late. Zinnia, get Fauna, the medium sized one. Rein, the little one. Wanda, we'll get the boy and Elphaba." I heard Mabel whisper to her munchkins lowly.

 My sisters, Merlin, and me had a huddle of our own.

"Guys, whatever you do, let them have the first hit." I ordered.

"But who would be--" Glinda began, but I covered her mouth.

"We don't have time for that. Glinda; you go left. Fauna; right.  Merlin and I will stay in the center. Questions?" I asked. No one had any. "Go, now!" I shouted.

 You see, the reason why I told them to let the munchkins have the first hit is because I didn't know how the munchkins were posessed. So if someone from our side hit first, the muchkin could hit back twice as hard. So, if the munchkins hit first, they had no idea how strong you were.

 My fear was, that Glinda wouldn't understand this. She would probably ruin that for herself. I couldn't look at my sisters right now. Well, I could look at Mabel. I felt someone punch the back of my head. I fell to the ground. It was Mabel.

 She was never that strong. It must be the shoes, they were giving her power. Merlin was able to take her though. Meanwhile, Fauna was ailing over the body of the munchkin she'd killed. Then, we all stopped.

 The ground was shaking. I saw tears in Mabels eyes. Then we saw it. The big house, pelting it's way toward Fauna.

 "Fauna!" Mabel shouted, and pushed Fauna out of the way. Mabel was about to sneak her way out too, but the house slammed on her with a big bang. Next thing we knew, Fauna, Merlin, Glinda, and me were blasted in different directions.

 I may have landed wrong, because I couldn't feel my foot. I lay on the grass. I whispered a spell, but I guessed it wasn't loud enough.

"Sana vulnera mea o potentior" I repeated louder. This meant heal my wounds oh powerful. I agree, stupid, but I'm not the four million moon year old witch who made up the spells.

 I was able to get up, so I assumed the spell worked. I decided not to risk the health of my foot, so I "poofed" myself back to Munchkinland.

 Glinda had already returned. She was talking to a girl. Short, pale, ageless the girl seemed to be. She was blonde with dark eyes that I couldn't make out. I looked around the scene. I found that Mabel was only wearing her striped socks. I looked right at Glinda and the girl.

 "Glinda, where are the shoes?" I asked.

 "Elphaba..." Glinda spoke, I cut her off, fuming at the sight of the girl's feet.

 "So, you give them to a complete stranger, and not to me? To think... I thought you were genuine..." I began, and got cut off.

"Elphaba, I had my reasoning." Glinda said calmly, but I ignored it.

"What is your name?" I asked the girl.

"D-Dorothy. Dorothy Gale." Dorothy said.

"Dorothy? Where did you come from?" I asked.

"Kansas. You see--" Dorothy began, normally I'd listen, but I had no patience right now.

"Just, don't speak! I'll get you. And your friend too." Dorothy looked shocked, but the comment was directed at Glinda.

"Elphaba, Elphie I'm--" Glinda began.

"This isn't something you can just apoligize about Glinda!" I screamed at her. "The shoes won't come off until she's dead!" I yelled. I felt a tear escaped my eye, but I ran away before anyone could see me.

 I decided to fall asleep on the grass, my face was flushed red, and the tears were soaking my whole body. All I could think about, all I could see is Dorothy's feet in my slippers. Her innocent face, Glinda's guilty one.

 Worst of all, now I was alone. I didn't have a single shoulder to lean on. All my allies were gone. I assumed they wouldn't come back to look for me. I was holding in a huge lump in my throat. I just couldn't believe what had happened. I also couldn't believe that Mabel died for Fauna.

 I had never felt, so close to my sisters. Yet, we were still so far away from eachother. Glinda was now alligned with this Dorothy chick. I felt so weird not knowing where Fauna and Merlin were. Where could they be? Were they together? I hoped that they were together, or somewhat near eachother. I hoped that they weren't alone, like I am.

 Although, was I really alone? Maybe Peter decided to stalk me here! Peter could never be the best person in the world, but hey, he is a person! Besides, being with him is better than being isolated alone in the woods.

 I felt suddenly destined to find him. This made me feel weird, because I never have ever wanted to find Peter. Not to mention the fact that I didn't want to punch him. I guess I just needed company. Even if it is someone I hate. I could no longer control it. I opened my mouth.

"Peter!" I shouted, just knowing he'd answer.


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 "Elphaba?" I heard his voice.

 I ran towards him. I couldn't believe he'd followed me, or maybe found me. I was happy to see someone,-- something I knew well. I felt the urge to hug him when I saw him, but I was alarmed by his appearance. Peter was covered in wounds. His forehead was bruised, his arms bloody, and his leg was bleeding rapidly.

"Peter, what happened to you?" I asked, kneeling on the ground next to his body as he was laying down.

"The explosion. Well, the house falling down. I-some parts of my body..." He began, he was stuttering. "The house, some parts of the- what used to be the foundation, shattered. It scratched my body, that's where the blood is from. When the house officially fell, I flew backwards, that's when I got the bruise on my head." He managed to say.

I just sat there shocked. Peter had it worse than I did. I thought a spell, the same one that healed me. But it only worked on the bruise.

"Peter, we should get you to more level ground. I should be able to find some water and I can boil it down so that you can drink it." I said, slightly panicked.

"Do you think you could walk if you leaned on me?" I asked, he nodded.

 I placed his right arm over my shoulder. I helped him get up. We walked very slowly to where I had been before. I helped Peter down to sit on a rock. I walked barefoot on the grass, trying to find a stream of some kind.

 I heard a ripping noise. My dress had torn. I felt like yelling,but I was too tired to yell. I grabbed the fabrics of it and clutched them to my chest.

"Vestimenta, vestimenta, switch lemma, Isis, venustatis deam, da mihi aliquid crus novus." I said the spell to get a new dress, specifically one with a shorter skirt.

 I ended up in a tank top, leather jacket, and a jean skort.

"Well, if this is considered beautiful." I mumbled, and shrugged.

 I walked behind a bush, and stopped short when I heard singing. Who sings? Seriously! I rolled my eyes and just watched. The singing went to yelling. I covered my ears. I then saw that the girl was Dorothy, with.... a scarecrow and an apple tree? Talk about stooping low.

I wanted to talk to them, apoligize for not being myself to Dorothy. But I had to stay on task. The person who could be my only ally is dying. Well, he's really hurt.

 Then, that gave me an idea that could solve all of my problems. The Pure Witches. There weren't many left. The Pure Witches are the most powerful witches of all. They are the only witches who can reverse the true way of life. They can bring people back from the dead, heal major wounds, and even make someone fall in love with you.

 All of these things come with a price. A sacrifice. The bigger the life change, the bigger the sacrifice. So, if you bring someone back to life, you may have to kill someone. That's why I could never ever bring back Mabel. But, I could bring Peter to full health.

 The Pure Witches are Christia, and her daughters Maiya and Johanna. Maiya was always blonde, and she once raised her true love, Liam from the dead. She sacrificed her best friend, Santana. Johanna, I always liked her. She uses her pure powers to her advantage to do complete good, like bring water to a drought. She sacrifices small things. Like pets, belongings, and old things.

 Christia, she is the cruelest, or the purest. She will kill an entire city of people and children to bring someone back to life. The true scariest thing is that, she's done that twenty times. People usually faint when they just think of her name. Lucky for me, she was close friends with my mother before she died, so I can ask her for help.


 I got to the Pure Witch coven in no time at all. I knocked on the door. There was no answer. I knocked again. I wasn't answered, but something bolted out the door. It was a baby pig, pale pink, starting to get bloody around the ears.

"Get back here you!" Someone screamed. I realized it was Christia.

"Elphaba! Come in here dear child!" Christia smiled when she saw my face. "It's been simply ages! How is dearest Madeleine?" She was refering to my mother.

"Dead." I sighed.

"Dead? I'm so sorry for your loss dearest." Christia ran her wrinkly old fingers through my hair. "Did you want us to bring her back to life?" Christia asked. I actually never thought of it. Stay on the plan Elphaba, I told myself.

"No, I've come for another reason." I answered her breifly.

"Oh?" She asked. "Can I feel your reason?" Christia asked thoughtfully.

 I knew what she meant. Another thing a pure witch can do is feel your forehead and know all of your thoughts at the time that they touch you.

"May I do it to her mother?" Maiya came out of no where.

"Yes darling." Christia said. "My hands are becoming too old anyway." Christia sighed.

"How dare you say that Mama? You are simply ageless!" Maiya smiled, which wasn't like her.

"Do it Maiya." I said, suddenly sorry that I was so fresh with her, but the conversation could have lasted for hours if I wasn't.

 Maiya pressed her fingertips to my forehead. She pursed her lips as I thought of Peter injured. I just kept thinking about it.

"What is it?" Christia asked, as Maiya's face turned blue.

"She loves the son of Astrid and the idiot's son." Maiya spat. She walked out of the room disgusted. She was refering to Peter.

"What does she want us to do?" Christia shouted.

"Heal his bloody bag of bones from all wounds." Maiya screamed, and smashed something.

 "I apoligize for her behavior." Johanna appeared suddenly next to me. Christia was gone.

 "No need to apoligize." I answered solemly.

 "Elphaba, can I ask you an important question?" Johanna asked.

 "Sure, anything." I said.

 "Do you love him?" Johanna asked.

 "Yeah." I half laughed.

 "With all of your heart?" She asked sternly.

I had no reply.


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Elphaba's POV

 I explained to Johanna that Peter was dying, and I didn't have time. She dropped the whole love thing after a while. She sighed. It was one of those I can't believe I'm saving the life of a jerk sighs. She held my hands.

"Patefacio patefacio, vitam sibi. Show lumen. Sana vulnera.
Afferte eum lux! Da ei forte doceat vitam.
Show amore puer et puella quid pro illo fecerit. Show honestatis ei.
Vita a morte facere a morte, ita non patitur. Lorem ipsum
vitae ratione." She said the spell, that can be translated to:

Open open, bring life to him. Show him light. Heal his wounds. Bring him light! Give him chance, teach him life. Show the boy love, and what this girl has done for him. Show him honesty. Life from death, bring him from the dying,so he no longer suffers. Show him life, and reason.

 Johanna's eyes glowed brightly. Their light could show from probably miles away. I stared at Johanna in awe.

"No!" She screamed. I suddenly wondered who or what the sacrifice was.


Merlin's POV

40 minutes before Johanna's Spell was cast

 I had been with Fauna for a day or two here in the woods, I had no idea where Elphaba and Glinda were. I did know that Elphaba should have found us by now, not because I'm impatient, but because I know her. She'd never rest until she found us, that was the way she was. The oldest sister she was, and she assumed the duty of replacing Fauna and Glinda's mother.

"Merlin, I'm not feeling well." I heard Fauna from behind a bush. I rushed towards her voice, slightly worried by its croak.

"Fauna, you should take a rest." I reccomended, but she shook her head.

"I feel something, something, not right?" She said, her eyes squinty.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"I feel, I feel someone else's pain." She said.

"Fauna, you should at least go under a tree or something." I said in a panic.

"Merlin, please. I don't need... okay maybe I do. Just, help me up will you?" She asked, and I pulled her body up off the ground. She limped slightly, using my shoulders as crutches.

 It had been thirty minutes. Fauna was mumbling a lot, she talked about Elphaba, and she spoke a bit about Peter. I sat by her, and got her some water. She looked pale as a ghost, and her eyes, they went from their normal crimison color to a light gray. Another five minutes went by, still, she wasn't at all well.

 She screamed, as if someone had stabbed her.

"Fauna..." My voice quavered. Her eyes turned dark red, a shade darker than blood. Blood poured from her wrists, and all I could hear was her pain and my own tears. "Please Fauna! Don't!" I shouted.

"Merlin, she will come. It's my time, I can feel it." She murmured.

"Who will come? What's doing this?" I asked her.

"Goodbye Merlin." She said, in her own soft voice.

"No!" I shouted, my accent grew especially strong as I cried. The blood kept pouring from her ailing body and I tried closing my eyes. I opened them and nothing was left except one thing. A locket. I looked at the text engraved in it.

Look at this when you are sad, look when your mad, and your heart will lead you anywhere.

 I read the words, puzzled almost by the text because it was so small. I opened the locket slowly, my hands shaking as I did so. In it was two pictures. One was of a young girl. Her front tooth on the left side was out, the other in her mouth. She smiled slightly, I knew the smile from somewhere. Freckles splattered across the girl's little face, and her eyes were emerald green. Her hair was tied in little braids.

 I suddenly knew exactly who this child was. It is a young Elphaba. I knew it, the eyes and smile, they looked identical to Elphaba's. This only made me more emotional. I looked at the photograph on the other side. It showed a man who looked barely into his thirties, Elphaba as a seven year old's head on his shoulder, and he held a three year old on his lap.

 The three year old had little blond curls, and brown eyes. Glinda. I thought automatically. So the man, he had to be the fool Elphaba spoke of. The famous Wizzard of Oz. I couldn't believe my eyes, this couldn't be true. But it was the only explanation.

 I closed the locket, and held it in my hand.  I looked down the dirt road and saw two shadows besides my own.

"Please go slower!" Said a voice I recognized slightly.

"I have no idea who the sacrifice is! Why would you expect me to slow down?" Said a voice I knew better.

"Because.." The first voice began. I heard the sigh of the second, more recognizable voice.

"Because you are the son of the wonderful wizzard?" Asked the second voice sarcastically. After that, I knew the second voice by heart, and exactly who it was.

"Well guess what? I'm his daughter whether you like it or not." Elphaba's voice snapped.


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