The Twilight Saga

A five year old Bella is adopted by the Cullens after her parents are killed in a car accident. Mostly fluff between Bella and the Cullens as she grows up. Bella and Edward as a couple will come later in the story.
I don't own Twilight or the Cullens, obviously...

Chapter 1-
Carlisle’s POV-
At 11:45 on a Wednesday morning, I was called to the scene of an awful car accident. A driver of an SUV had run a red light, and collided with a Ford Taurus that had been carrying a couple and their young daughter. The driver of the SUV walked away with minor scratches and a minor fine. The young couple, Charlie and Renee Swan, were pronounced dead on the scene. Their 5 year old daughter Bella had been unconscious when we took her to the hospital. She had 2 broken ribs, a fractured wrist, and a hairline fracture in her skull. For what she had gone through, her injuries were minor, and she was expected to make a full recovery. I was checking her charts when she came to for the first time since she had been here.
“W-where am I?” she asked, confused and groggy from the trauma and being out so long.
“Bella, you’re in the hospital. You were in a car crash. Do you remember any of this?” I asked. She shook her head. Amnesia was common with injuries and circumstances like hers. The only variable was whether or not it was permanent. In most cases it lasted a few days or a week tops. Sometimes, it could last for a few months, even. Only in a few cases that I had seen had it been permanent.
“Where are my parents?” she asked. I was dreading this moment. As many times as I’ve had to tell people that their loved ones were deceased, I had never gotten used to it, and these circumstances were ten times worse.
“Bella, sweetie, your parents were in the car with you when you got into the accident. They were hit head on by another car. They died instantly. I’m so sorry,” I said, quietly. She just stared at me, looking confused and forlorn. A few tears escaped and rolled down her cheek, and her lip trembled. It surprised me honestly. Most five year olds would burst into tears over something much more trivial than this. She must be one brave little girl.
Suddenly Alice burst through the door to the hospital room, closely followed by Edward and Emmett. She stopped short, and stared wide-eyed at the little girl. I was really confused now.
“Alice, what are you guys doing here?” I asked.
“I have to talk to you!” she said, excitedly.
“Well, couldn’t you have waited in my office?” I asked pointedly.
“We tried to make her but she--”
“It’s too important for that!” she said indignantly, cutting off Edward.
“Okay, out with it. Tell me what was so important that you had to come all the way down here and interrupt me in the middle of taking care of a patient and--hey wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to be at school?” I asked. She nodded, apparently not caring that she had skipped school. This better be good.

Alice’s POV- (30 minutes earlier)-
I was sitting in English class bored to death, if you’ll pardon the expression, when the vision hit. I saw a little girl with mahogany brown hair and pale skin laying in a hospital bed. She appeared to be sleeping. The name tag on the foot of the bed read “Swan, Isabella.”
Suddenly the vision changed. I saw the same little girl at her birthday party, and strangely enough she was surrounded by my adopted family. I saw her a few years older, calling plays at one of our baseball games. A few years older, she was playing chess with Emmett and Jasper. The last one made a big impression. She was an adult, or at least a teenager now. She was standing under a frothy canopy wearing a white dress, and facing Edward, who was wearing a tuxedo. As the minister spoke, they placed rings on each other’s fingers, then gently he lifted her veil and kissed her tenderly and lovingly.
I was so shocked that I gasped out loud, earning confused looks from a few of my classmates. Oh well, I didn’t really care what they thought.
Now I was confused. Who was this little girl, Isabella Swan, and what did she have to do with my family? I replayed through the vision. In the first part, she was lying in a hospital bed. Maybe that meant that Carlisle was taking care of her. But why was she with our family? In the vision, she appeared as one of us, only she was still human, obviously.
Then it hit me. We have to adopt her! That must be the case! It made everything fit. And over time, her and Edward would fall in love! Oh, how exciting!
This meant that I had to get to the hospital and talk to Carlisle. I didn’t know if he already had this patient, or if it were in the future. I would just go ask.
But I had to go soon. Like, right now. Without further ado, I stood up and walked over to the teacher’s desk.
“Mr. Berty? I’m not feeling well, may I go to the office?” I asked in my sweetest voice. I flashed him a dazzling smile, trying not to show my teeth.
“Of course Miss Cullen. Feel better soon,” he said in a vaguely dazed voice. Nice to know I still have it.
I walked quickly out of the classroom and down the hallway, but instead of turning right to go to the office, I turned left and went out a side door that led to the student parking lot. I located my brother’s silver Volvo, and started to climb into the driver’s seat. I hesitated for a moment. I hoped my brothers wouldn’t mind if they had to “walk” home. Jasper and Rosalie had graduated last year, so it was just me, Edward, and Emmett.
Edward, I thought. If you’re listening, I’m taking the car, so you might have to run home. Hope you don’t mind.
“No, I don’t mind, because I’m going with you,” said a voice from behind me. I gasped, and turned.
“Did I actually frighten you?” asked Edward, laughing. Emmett chuckled behind him.
“You mind telling us what this is about?” asked Emmett, somewhat annoyed. Edward must not have filled him in.
“I have to go see Carlisle. Are you coming or not?” I asked.
“Fine. I call shotgun!” said Emmett. I smirked.
“Guess you’ll have to sit in the back, Eddie. Sorry,” I said, teasing him. I knew he hated that name. He growled at me, and I smirked again.
“Yeah, right. It’s my car, I’m driving,” he said.
“A little possessive, aren’t we?” I asked, still sitting in the driver’s seat.
“Get out, Alice!” he said, exasperatedly.
“Fine,” I muttered, as I climbed out of the driver’s seat, and opened the back door.
I closed the door, and he sped out of the parking lot and onto main street. Luckily, there wasn’t much traffic mid morning in Forks, and we arrived at the hospital in record time.
I hopped out of the car, and strode determinedly toward the automatic doors of the Emergency Room. I greeted the receptionist at the front desk, and traced the familiar route to Carlisle’s office. To my extreme displeasure, he wasn’t there. I turned to leave, just as Edward and Emmett were coming through the door.
“Don’t you think we should wait for him here?” asked Edward pointedly.
“It’s too important. Feel free to wait here, but I’ve got something to take care of,” I said, as I brushed past him.
I walked over to the 2nd floor nurse’s station.
“Excuse me, does Dr. Cullen have a patient by the name of Isabella Swan?” I asked a plump nurse with graying hair and faint laugh lines.
“Um, yes he does. Actually, I believe he’s in with her now. Room 2294, right down that hall,” she said, pointing me in the correct direction.
“Thank you,” I said, giving her a brief smile, as I headed down the hall she had pointed out. I found the room easily, and was aware of Edward and Emmett behind me as I pushed open the door.
The little girl was sitting up in the hospital bed that dwarfed her by comparison, and Carlisle was standing near the end of the bed. I stopped short, and stared at her. She was adorable, and her blood smelled delicious, yet also very good in a non-food way.
“Alice, what are you guys doing here?” asked Carlisle, obviously very confused.
“I have to talk to you!” I answered, in a shrill, hyper voice.
“Well, couldn’t you have waited in my office?” he asked, sounding a little annoyed.
“We tried to make her but she--”
“It’s too important for that!” I snapped, completely cutting Edward off. He glared at me, but I didn’t care.
“Okay, out with it. Tell me what was so important that you had to come all the way down here and interrupt me in the middle of taking care of a patient and--hey wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to be at school?” he said, interrupting himself. I simply nodded. It’s not like it mattered that we had skipped. We had all been through high school enough times, and we knew more than most of the teachers, including Mrs. Barnes, the certified genius. I ignored him.
“Is this Isabella?” I asked, more to her than to Carlisle.
“Bella,” she corrected in an adorable baby voice.
“Hello, Bella. I’m Alice, and this is Edward and Emmett,” I said, introducing ourselves. “We’re Carlisle’s…children.”
“Hello,” she said.
“Alice, would you mind explaining to us what exactly is going on here please,” Carlisle said in the “Annoyed Dad” tone. I moved closer to them, and my brothers followed suit, so that we formed a small, haphazard circle toward the end of the hospital bed.
“So, I saw a vision of Bella here. The first part was when she was sleeping in this hospital room. Then there were a whole bunch of different scenes, and she was with our family in each one of them. Then in the very last one, her and Edward got married! And she was still human!” I said, speaking so quietly that Bella had no chance of hearing us.
“So, what are you saying, that we have to, what? Adopt her? That wouldn’t be very safe for her would it?” asked Edward cynically and hypothetically.
“Edward, it’s meant to be!” I exclaimed.
“Your visions are subjective. They can change,” he said in a dull voice.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked, peering at him. There definitely was something wrong with him.
“Her blood, it’s driving me crazy. I’ve never smelled anything better, I’ve never wanted a human’s blood more. But there’s something else. It’s like, I couldn’t hurt her even if I wanted to. I’m drawn to her or something. And I feel extremely protective of her. It’s extremely strange, I don’t understand it!” he said, annoyed and confused.
“La tua cantante,” said Carlisle softly. “She’s your singer.”
We all looked at him, then at Edward.
“Well, she has no where to go now, except an orphanage. There’s no reason why we couldn’t adopt her,” said Carlisle.
“Here’s a big reason: We’re vampires. She’s a human. The end,” said Edward bitterly.
“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” said Emmett sarcastically, which I thought was pretty amusing.
“Well, we defy all other conventions of vampirism. Why not this too?” asked Carlisle.
“It’s not just something we can try our hand at, like golfing or poker. This is literally someone’s life or death,” snapped Edward. I rolled my eyes.
“No one likes a drama queen, Eddie,” I said, relieving the tension and making the other two laugh.
“I think we should have a family discussion before we decide anything,” said Carlisle calmly. I sighed. This was not the verdict I was looking for. I knew we would have to discuss it but I had hoped the conversation had gone something along the lines of “Hey everybody, we decided to adopt a five year old human girl. Just thought you ought to know. Here she is now.” Oh well, can’t have everything my way. That’s Rosalie’s job. Speaking of which, I knew she would be on my side, along with Esme. Jasper would most likely go along with me, if he knew what was good for him. Ha ha, just kidding. Very well, if that’s the way it would be, well, at least he hadn’t said absolutely not.

Chapter 2-
Edward POV-
We traipsed out of the hospital, and got back into the car. By now, school would be almost out, not that any of us wanted to back anyway, so I drove back home, always too fast, except for when we were in town, of course.
I was a little confused. In the course of the last hour or so, I had experienced the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen in all my 108 years. Her blood smelled so amazingly good I could have killed her right there. In fact, if I hadn’t been denying and suppressing my thirst for human blood for so long, I probably would have.
But yet, at the same time, I doubted that. It was like I was drawn to her. I wanted to protect her and keep her safe. I didn’t exactly think living in a house full of vampires was the epitome of safety, but at the same time, I didn’t want her out of my sight. It was ridiculously difficult to turn around and follow my siblings out the door. It was like I had been on autopilot since I had left too. All I wanted to do was turn around, and go back to her room, then never leave her side.
So as much as I wanted to keep her safe, I knew I would never be able to live with myself if I let her be miserable in an orphanage and be adopted by people with most likely questionable backgrounds.
Then there was the fact that I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. I hadn’t told my family that; I didn’t know why, I just thought I should wait.
So, I had no idea what she thought of us, or anything else for that matter.
I wondered what my family would think about the situation. I was nearly certain that Rosalie and Esme would be all for it. Carlisle seemed to want to, as long as the rest of the family was for it. I already knew what Alice felt, as she was the one who had dragged us down there in the first place. Emmett probably wouldn’t mind. The only reason that I could think of for him to be adverse to the idea was that he wouldn’t be the “baby” of the house anymore. Then again, Bella seemed more mature than he did, so…
Jasper was the one I wasn’t sure about. He still had issues controlling his thirst. He hadn’t had an “accident” in years, however it was still very painful for him to be around humans at close range. He was doing better when he was at school, but he probably would have to start the desensitization all over again. Then again, if he was around a human constantly, he would probably get over it. It would probably help us all to become desensitized.
I pulled into the long, winding driveway, and took each curve at around 85mph. Soon I was pulling into the gargantuan garage, and put the Volvo in park.
Alice had already gotten out of the car by the time I had done so, when I heard her call my name telepathically. I glanced at her and nodded briefly to acknowledge her.
Are we going to explain this to everyone now, or wait to say anything until everyone is here?
“I suppose we can explain the situation now, but keep our personal opinions for the family discussion,” I said thoughtfully. I couldn’t see the harm in that. She nodded, and bounded up the porch steps and in the door.

Carlisle’s POV-
I decided to stop into the office of the social worker before I left the hospital, just to see what steps we would have to take to adopt Bella.
Every pediatric case is reviewed by the social worker, so she already knew everything about Bella’s situation.
“Mrs. Fairfield, could I talk to you a moment?” I asked, knocking on the door and pulling that apparently irresistible smile.
“Of course, Dr. Cullen. Come in,” she said, smiling. “What do you need?”
“Well, I was wondering about my patient, Isabella Swan. What have you found out about her?” I asked.
“Hm, well, let me grab the file,” she said, as she turned and grabbed a blue manila file folder off her desk. “Ah, yes. Well, all her close relatives are deceased. The closest relative living that we could find is her 2nd cousin, twice removed on her father’s side. He lives in Oklahoma in a trailer park with his wife and 6 kids. Not ideal living conditions,” she said, smirking as I grimaced. “Her residence, up until a few days ago that is, was 324 W. Sherman Ave. over on the other side of town. She was scheduled to start kindergarten next September. From what I’ve learned, she is a sweet little girl that any one would be lucky to have,” she said smiling.
“So where is she going to go after she gets out of the hospital?” I asked.
“Most likely an orphanage or a foster home if there is one available. At the moment, there are no foster parents willing to take in another child, so an orphanage,” she said, all business again.
“And, would it be possible for someone to adopt her officially without her going through the orphanage system?” I asked. She grinned.
“Are you thinking about adopting another child, Dr. Cullen?” she asked, still grinning. She caught on quickly.
“Well, I, and as of today, some members of my family, have become somewhat attached to her, so we were thinking about it, but we have to discuss it with the entire family tonight,” I said, smiling. She was nodding.
“Well, all you would have to do is sign the papers. I could draw them up for you whenever you want them. They’ll have to be submitted to the state, but during that time she could go home with you, as sort of a trial run,” she said. I nodded.
“Well, I’ll discuss it with my family, and talk to you shortly. Thank you,” I said, as I stood up to exit the small office.
“No problem, Dr. Cullen. Have a nice night,” she said professionally.
“You too, Judith,” I said, smiling.
I walked through the hallways of the hospital, thinking the whole way. I completely believed that it was meant to be; Alice had never failed us. And it was nice to think that my oldest “son” would finally be matched up. Well, in a few decades of course.
Plus, Bella was completely adorable, and as far as I could tell, one of the sweetest children I had ever met in all my 362 years.
Soon enough, I was at home. I parked my Mercedes in the garage, next to the Volvo, and walked in the front door. I was greeted by a scene straight out of a mafia movie. My entire family, save for an empty space at the head of the table, which I assumed was my spot. They were all staring at me expectantly. Apparently, Alice had already explained the whole situation to everybody.
“We’ve been waiting for you,” said Alice, halfway in between a mock serious voice, and being really annoyed. I sighed, and took my seat at the table.
“Well, it’s apparent that everyone knows what’s going on, so who has thoughts?” I asked, immediately aware that that was the stupidest thing I could have said. All at once, everyone started talking, and loudly. Even for a vampire, it was too much to take in. Luckily, I wasn’t the one who had to break it up.
“HEY! EVERYBODY SHUT UP, NOW!!!” screamed Emmett. Everyone immediately got dead silent.
“You don’t have to yell. In case you haven’t noticed, our hearing is quite good,” snapped Jasper.
“Okay, let’s try again,” I said. “Why don’t we just vote now, and talk later, being that everyone already knows the whole situation,” I suggested, hoping that would keep order.
“Well, I think there are some things we need to talk about before we decide,” said Edward.
“Okay, go ahead,” I said, nodding in his direction.
“Well, say we do adopt her. When are we going to tell her the truth? Or are we? And furthermore, how are we going to work it if we don’t tell her? I mean, she’s not stupid, and she’ll get older,” he said.
“I think we should tell her. There’s no way we could pull it off if we didn’t,” said Emmett.
“I agree. It would be way to hard,” concurred Jasper.
All in all, it was a unanimous decision to tell her our secret, assuming we could reach a consensus on actually adopting her.
“Okay, well, I think that we should discuss the actual act of adoption now,” I said, bringing us back to the task at hand.
“Well, being that we are all ready to tell this girl our biggest secret, I think we’re probably ready to adopt her,” said Edward grinning.
“That is true,” said Esme.
“Well, are we ready to vote?” I asked. There was nodding all around, so I motioned to my wife. “Why don’t you begin, dear?”
“I vote yes,” she said, smiling wistfully.
“Yes, of course,” said Rosalie, beaming.
“Heck yes!” shouted Emmett, as we all rolled our eyes.
“Yes,” said Jasper, after a moment’s hesitation.
“Obviously,” said Alice.
“Against my better judgment…yes,” said Edward, sighing. It was back to me.
“Yes,” I said simply. Everyone smiled slightly. “Well, that settles it then. I guess we’re getting a new family member.”

Chapter 3-
Edward’s POV-
I. Am. So. Happy! I’m getting a new sister! Oh my gosh, I have never been this excited in my life! Well, maybe… Were Alice’s thoughts. Esme’s and Rosalie’s were somewhere along the same lines. Jasper was a little worried, but I hoped, like he did, that everything would be okay.
Carlisle was thinking, Look how happy they are. I hope we made the right decision. I hope everything will end up alright. In fact, everyone’s thoughts seemed to have that common theme. Emmett, well Emmett was Emmett. He was thinking about a video game he was trying to beat. Oh sure, he was happy about the decision, but he was preoccupied at the moment.
I was…unsure. That seemed to be the safest word to used. I was glad that we would be getting a new family member, and I was glad that Esme and Rosalie would be happy. This was all they had wanted since they had been turned. I was also glad that I would be able to be around this little girl that had such an effect on me. If what Alice had said was true, well that might be nice in a dew years. I was worried that we would be putting her in too much danger, worried how she would react to our secret reality, worried about what effect it would have on her to be raised by vampires. I was too much to take in at the moment, so I decided to distract myself.
“How long until Bella will be well enough to come here?” I asked Carlisle.
“Well, her injuries aren’t enough to keep her in the hospital much longer, but she will still be very fragile and most likely in a lot of pain. We still want to watch over her a little longer, and run a few more tests to make sure that skull fracture didn’t have any effects that we didn’t catch the first time. At the moment, it didn’t seem to have any effect at all, other than the fracture itself. There was no bleeding or brain damage, so I’m sure it’ll be fine but we just want to be sure. To answer your original question, I would have to say, maybe four days until she is discharged,” he said.
“What do we have to do about adopting her?” I asked. Despite the public story, we actually had very little idea of how the adoption system worked.
“I spoke to the social worker at the hospital today. She said she could draw up the papers at any time. All we would have to do is sign them. They will have to be submitted to the state offices to be approved, but in the meantime she could come here,” he replied. It kind of surprised me, and for the first time I caught on that he was more excited about this than I had originally thought. “I’ll sign them tomorrow as soon as I get there. Well, after I ask Bella of course. I’m sure she’ll say yes though, according to her,” he added, motioning towards Alice. I smiled, then decided to go hunting, if only to clear my thoughts.

The Next Day:
Carlisle’s POV-
I arrived at the hospital a little earlier than usual. I guess I was a little excited about this new twist in the story.
I checked in on Bella first, but she was still sleeping soundly. I smiled, and quietly closed the door.
Alice was planning on coming in later to talk to Bella, and find out how she wanted her room to look. I swear the girl was as excited about getting to decorate something as she was about Bella herself.
My rounds passed even quicker than usual, and in no time I was heading back to Bella’s room. This time she was awake, sitting up in bed and flipping through the channels on the television apathetically. She was bored of lying in bed, I could tell. She was a child after all.
“Hello Bella,” I said, walking over to check her charts again.
“Hello Dr. Cullen,” she said sleepily.
“How are you feeling today?” I asked.
“Fine. When can I go home?” she huffed angrily. I had assumed she knew she wouldn’t actually be going home, but maybe I was wrong.
“Well Bella, we want to run a few more tests to make sure your head is okay, so maybe a few more days,” she groaned, and I smiled. “Bella, after you get out of the hospital, you would probably have to go to an orphanage,” I said as her eyes got huge.
“No not an orphanage! Those places are horrible! I don’t wanna go there!” she said, nearly working herself up into a panic attack.
“Bella, it’s okay, just breathe,” I said, waiting for her to calm down a little before I continued. “I was wondering if maybe you would want to come live with my family, instead of going to an orphanage. We could adopt you,” I finished, smiling as her eyes got even wider.
“Really? I would love to, thank you so much Dr. Cullen!” she squealed. She was grinning now, and I smiled even wider.
“Okay, it’s settled then. I’ll go and sign the papers right now. I think my daughter Alice is coming in to visit you later. There were some things she wanted to ask you,” I said, turning to leave. She nodded just as I closed the door again.

Bella’s POV-
I wasn’t sure what had just happened. I just couldn’t believe that I actually got to go live with Dr. Cullen. He was so nice, and I really liked his family. Well, the one’s that I had met anyway. I was in shock.
Sure, I was sad about my mommy and daddy, and I missed them a lot, but lately it was never any fun around them. They were always fighting, and my mommy would sometimes go and stay in a hotel, or with a friend and leave me and Daddy at home. And when she was home, Daddy would go to work and stay there as late as possible. Sometimes I was forgot about for a while. I would sit in my room and play with my teddy bear, Sarah. Sarah went everywhere with me, and I was glad I had had her with me when we got into the car accident, so I had her with me in the hospital.
I wondered what Dr. Cullen’s house looked like. I wondered if it was big and pretty. My old house was small, and old and creaky. I didn’t like it very much. Every time there was a storm, the power would go out, and we had to light candles. There was only in bathroom, and my bedroom was small. There wasn’t much room for playing.
All in all, I was very happy that I got to go live with the Dr. Cullen, and I hoped that the rest of his family was as nice as him and the three that I had already met.

A few hours later…
Alice’s POV-
I was practically vibrating with excitement as I walked quickly down the mint green halls of the hospital. Esme and Rosalie had insisted on coming with me, as well they should. They needed to be a part of this too.
My main goal today was to find out more about Bella’s personality, and especially what type of things she would want in her room. We hoped to have it finished by the time she came home from the hospital. There was an unused room just down the hall from Edward’s that we were going to use as Bella’s, for which I was sure he was very grateful for.
I easily found the room that Bella was in; it was the same as last time. The door was open, and she was sitting up in bed watching television. I knocked lightly on the door.
“Hi Bella,” I said softly.
“Hi Alice!” she squealed, probably happy for a break in the tedium.
“Bella, this is my sister Rosalie and my mother Esme,” I said pointing at each of them in turn.
“Hi,” she said shyly.
“Hello Bella. We’re so glad you will be joining our family,” said Esme excitedly. Rosalie nodded exuberantly. Bella smiled and blushed slightly, looking down.
“So, Bella, how are you feeling?” I asked, pulling up a chair next to her bed. Rose and Esme followed suit.
“I’m okay, but my wrist hurts a little. They gave me some medicine for my ribs, so I really can’t feel anything there. Same with my head,” she said. She sounded like no 5 year old I had ever spoken to before. She was so adult like, and it made her even more adorable. I noticed that she was clutching a somewhat shabby looking teddy bear with curly light brown fur.
“Is that your teddy bear?” I asked. What a dumb question, but she was only 5, no matter how old she seemed. She nodded. “What’s it’s name?” I asked gently.
“Sarah,” she replied, all business.
“Oh what a pretty name,” I cooed, trying to remember all the random facts I had gleaned about children from all my years around Rose and Esme. She beamed.
“So, Bella, what do you want your room to look like?” asked Rosalie.
“I don’t know,” she replied shyly.
“Well…what is your favorite color,” I asked.
“Mmm…blue,” she said after a moment’s hesitation. “Light blue,” she clarified.
“Okay, well then that can be the color for the walls,” said Esme.
“Ooh, what about light blue walls with white furniture, you know the bed, desk, trim, etc.?” I asked the others excitedly. Rose nodded vehemently, as did Bella, both their eyes sparkling beautifully. “We could put up a pretty white canopy over the bed, too. How does that sound Bella?” I asked, a plan forming in my mind.
“That sounds amazing,” she agreed breathlessly.
“Well, it’s settled then,” I said smiling.
We talked with Bella for a couple more hours, learning many things about her personality, her parents, her likes and dislikes, etc. After a while, Carlisle came in to administer more morphine for the pain, which put Bella to sleep fairly quickly. We went home to start decorating, making a stop to the hardware store downtown for two gallons of light blue paint. I was planning on ordering the furniture online, so I had that job to do too. It was certainly a good thing that I didn’t have to sleep!

Chapter 4-
Carlisle’s POV-
After a few days, I deemed Bella healthy enough to come home with us. She was all smiles as she climbed into the back of my Mercedes. I had to remember to drive the normal speed limit, so as not to scare her. I could tell she was nervous about meeting everyone, and getting used to a new home. She kept biting her lip and fidgeting, two traits that I had learned she had when she was nervous.
I knew all the members of my--well, our family would be waiting just as nervously in the living room, excited to see how Bella would take it all. Edward was especially…excited, I suppose was the right word. He was exceptionally intrigued by her mental muteness, and was dumbfounded by the insatiable urge to protect her from anything and everything. I admit, I was just as curious about the phenomenon, and a little worried about her being his singer, and how that would affect everything, but I didn’t let him know that. I didn’t want to make him feel bad.
Finally we rounded the last curve in our driveway, going slower than the speed of snail at 25 MPH. I pulled up in front of the house, and turned off the car. I turned to look at Bella in the backseat.
“Are you ready?” I asked, smiling. She nodded, still nervous. I got out of the car, and opened her door for her, helping her out. She was clumsy from her multiple casts.
I held her hand as we walked up the steps to the front porch on the house. She squeezed my hand just a little harder when I turned the handle on the door and led her into the living room.
Just as I had expected, Esme, Alice, and Rosalie were sitting on the couch looking excited. Emmett and Jasper were playing a game on the Xbox, albeit absentmindedly, and Edward was staring out the window at the rain. He looked around when he heard the door open, and presumably, smelled Bella’s intoxicating blood. The latter stared around shyly at everyone. Alice was the first to break the short lived silence.
“Bella!” she squealed, hopping up and running over. I flashed her a warning look, but she knew better than to run at normal, vampire speed. She carefully hugged Bella tightly, then picked her up. “I’m so glad you’re finally here!” she squealed again. Bella giggled and blushed.
“How are you feeling today, sweetheart?” asked Esme, who had just joined Alice by the door, followed by Rosalie.
“Fine,” said Bella quietly, smiling shyly.
“Bella, this are my other son Jasper, and of course you remember Alice, Edward, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie,” I said. She nodded.
“Ooh!” squealed Alice loudly, startling everyone. “Bella! How would you like to see your new room?” she asked excitedly. Bella nodded vehemently.
Alice, Esme, and Rosalie had spent ages on this room, working around the clock. They had even roped us into helping them a couple of times.
We all traipsed upstairs, and Alice pulled open the door. I heard Bella gasp, and I have to admit, I was a little awestruck too.
It looked like a fairytale princess’s room. The walls were a light blue, and there was white furniture. In the middle of the ceiling, there was a beautiful chandelier, and the bed was huge and had a massive white canopy over it. The bedspread was blue with white flowers all over it. There were massive toy boxes, and a gargantuan walk in closet. She even had her own bathroom.
“It’s so pretty!” squealed Bella, much to Alice’s, and everyone else’s delight.
“I’m so glad you like it!” exclaimed my beautiful wife. Alice put Bella down, and she ran over and jumped on the bed, looking in awe at all the pillows and stuffed toys that occupied it. I smiled, along with the rest of my family.
“I think we should have a family meeting quickly, sans Bella,” I whispered. Everyone except Edward looked confused.
“Bella? We’re just going to let you get settled in, okay?” I called. She nodded absentmindedly, and I shut the door partway, leading my family downstairs and into the dining room. Once everyone was seated, I began.
“When are we going to tell Bella?” I asked, not needing to elaborate. They all knew what I was referring to.
“I think we should do it as soon as possible. Tonight,” said Jasper. There was nodding all around.
“Okay. Well, that was the shortest family meeting ever,” I said, a little amused.
We decided to wait an hour or so, to give Bella time to adjust like we had said earlier. After a while she came downstairs while we were watching CNN.
“Bella, can you keep a secret?” I asked, as I picked her up and looked her straight in the eyes. She nodded solemnly.
“Bella, there is something you need to know about our family. It might be kind of scary, but you needn’t be frightened, we promise we will never hurt you. In fact--” but I was cut off by Emmett.
“Bella, we’re vampires,” he blurted out, as we all stared, and in some cases, glared at him. Rosalie reached out and smacked him on the back of the head. “What?!” he exclaimed. We continued to look at him. “You were making me nervous with all your ominous prelude stuff. I just had to say it,” he said defensively. I shook my head, and look worriedly at Bella. She seemed fine, though. Curious, even.
“Are you really vampires?” she asked, fascinated.
“Yes, but we don’t ki--hunt humans. We only hunt animals. We call ourselves vegetarians,” I explained.
“Then what’s the big deal?” she asked, genuinely confused.
“Doesn’t that scare you Bella?” asked Edward. She frowned.
“No. Why, should it? I mean, you don’t hurt people, so you’re not bad. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” she said, logically. I couldn’t help myself; I started laughing, followed by the rest of my family. Only Edward still looked reproachful.
We gave Bella the rest of the details of being a vampire. She seemed fascinated, and not in the slightest frightened. I was surprised, but glad that my newest daughter didn’t seem to fear us.
After a while, Bella yawned, and tried to stifle it so she wouldn’t have to go to bed. We caught on, however, and we all went back upstairs to tuck her in. Alice read her some insipid fairytale, and she drifted off rather quickly.
Everyone drifted in and out of the room to check on her, but only Edward stayed all night. He sat right next to her bed, in a little white armchair, and watched her sleep. Apparently she talked in her sleep, but she never said anything very comprehensible. Still, it was a sweet sight.

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