The Twilight Saga


Bella is three years old, she is driving with her mom to a concert when a truck hits their car, her mom is killed instantly, Bella crawls around for hours before any help arives.....but it's not the help you would expect...



And so the story begins...






Where is she?


Why am I alone?


Why do I hurt?


Can anyone help me?




The Youngest Pains Hurt The Most

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Sounds awesome write it and keep me updated!!!
Post soon and keep me updated!
Chapter One:

Mommy is taking me to a concert tonight; Daddy has to work so he can’t come, but Mommy said that she would take me anyway.

“Are excited?” Mommy asked me looking through the mirror.

I nodded and smiled, she was taking me to one of her favorite bands’ concerts, I didn’t know who they were but I was still excited.

“Do you want to stay in a hotel?” She looked back again, it was dark out and we were going really fast down the road.

I nodded again, she turned around and we found ourselves facing a big truck with huge lights that were lighting up the whole car.

I screamed and Mommy said, “I love you Isabella!” and then everything was dark.


Emmett and I decided to go hunting. He had a bear in grip, about to feast when we heard tires screech, a little girl scream, and a woman scream; “I love you Isabella!”

“Dude! What was that?” Emmett said.

“I don’t know,” There weren’t any thoughts coming from anyone, “Let’s go!”

We ran as fast as we could to the highway, I could smell blood, a lot of blood. Emmett got there before me, but I practically ran into him when I got there, he had frozen at the side of the road, “Ed…ward….dude….” Emmett stuttered.

There was a semi-truck lying on its side with the front on fire and a small car crushed under the front engine.

“Do you hear anything?” Em asked.

“No.” I started but was cut off by a little cry.

I rushed to the truck first, but all I saw was the crumpled and burnt body of the truck driver. I ran to the car but couldn’t get into the driver’s seat for it was crushed, I heard the little cry again, this time it was closer, the back seat!

I opened the back door, and there she was, a little girl only about three or four, brown curls, and in a small sweatshirt and jeans, she had a few scratches on her face and arms and her faces was red and scrunched up from crying.

I unbuckled her from her seat and she grabbed onto my shirt with her small hands, her scent washed over me in a big puff, her scent was sweet and smelled delicious, but I cannot take away her life, something in me is telling me not too.

I looked down into the little girl’s eyes, she looked back up and said through quivering lips, “Are you an Angel?”
awwwwww...... Are you an angel?? soo cute
love it, poor Bella, just out of curiousity what band??
it was Bon Jovi lol you will learn more about it later in the story

p.s. yes you were but all of the Cullen boys grow attatched.....espsecially Emmett and Jasper......
That was great cant wait for more!
*new reader*
markin my spot with a comment
poor bella
love it
more please
Oh that was so cute! I love this story!
Thanks for all the comments!!!
Are you an angel? thats cute and sweet she is so adorable


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