The Twilight Saga


Bella is three years old, she is driving with her mom to a concert when a truck hits their car, her mom is killed instantly, Bella crawls around for hours before any help arives.....but it's not the help you would expect...



And so the story begins...






Where is she?


Why am I alone?


Why do I hurt?


Can anyone help me?




The Youngest Pains Hurt The Most

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I absolutely love it,please post more soon
totally awesome!!
LOVED IT!!!!!!!
Wow that was really good. Cant wait for more!
bella bella bella
what are they going to do with you
love it
OMG why can't Bella ever listen?

I can't wait to read more!!!!!
Thank you for the comments I absolutely love all the feedback!!!
loved it can't wait for more post soon.
i think i know whats going on here hehe loved it again and always will
haha emmett likes pink i loved it please write more soon!!!!:}
aw Emmett don't be offended, poor pooor Emmy
and Bella, post more soon


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