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 Summary: My Life was in complete chaos. So I went to the one place no one would look for me. Aunt Sari's house in Rome,Italy. I can escape from my past

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Back Ground info. Hals is Leahs Bestfriend from high school and she knows everything.


Chapter 1:I miss us


"What are you doing here?,Sam" I asked looking at my hands.

"i want to say im sorry for that kiss, I should have never done that to you But I couldnt help Lee-Lee Seeing you

with him just made me so mad that idk its just Since Emilys gone im free again cant you see Leah we can be to

togather It was Fate bringing us togather." He pleaded.

-I have a chance to back the man that tour my world in million pieces-

I looked up from my hands to Sams face. I stood on my feet and went over to Sam. I placed

my hands onboth sides of his face.

"Sam iloveyou and always will, But Im INLOVE with Jake he taught me to live,love,laugh,

and be happy. He

toke me from my darkest spot and made it my brightest, Sam I think you should get over

your self and go find

your girl." I said pointing to window. He left and returned a little piece of myself that was

missing. I smiled feeling

happy. Thing the pain washed over me again.

-I need Hal's-

I grabbed my old phone and called the number.

-Please Haley anwser-

"Hello." Said a familar voice.

"Hi, ummmm is Haley there?" I asked.

"Leah...Leah Clearwater?" Haley asked. A smile grew apon My face.

"its soo good to hear your voice."I said

"Do you wanna come over" She asked.

"I see you still have your superpowers." I said

"oh come on your the one that gave me them." She replied

"You still live in the millers house?" i asked

"You know it, See you in a few!." She said with exitment. I grabbed alot of my clothes and

threw them in a duffel

bag and started to drive.

~Few Hours Later~

I rang the bell and waited. Haley opened the door and I did the one thing we've been doing

since 2nd Grade.


Suddenly Haley made a intersting face. I looked at her weird.



What?" I asked clueless.

"Its just its hard to look at you when your that pretty." I slapped her arm.

"Oh shut up! Your the one with the glow------WAIT A MINUTE! Your PREAGANT!!" I


"Yes, Its good to see you,Leah." she said.

"You too." i said.

"Ohh Leah,What is with you it took you only one look last time to know i was pregant." she

said smiling.

"Last time was a guess,Plus you and Nick are ment to be,So i knew It was a\gonna happen

sooner or later." I said.

Hals walked over to the fridge and pulled out Mint Cholate Chip ice cream and Vanilla.

"Iloveyou." I said grabbing the mint. from her hand and got up and ploped on to the couch.

She sat next to me. She looked at my with a serious tone in her eyes.

"Lee,WHy are you really here?" she asked.

"I let another guy in and he imprinted on another......" I said sobbing.She held on to me tight.


Chapter 2:The Truth


I came back from the gas station and Leah still hasnt showed up yet.I went in to the Cullens.

-Where is she? Hey maybe pixie will know- I went into the living room.Renesmee came

toward me,I flinched.

"You know,What Jake get your ass outside,Right Now" She screamed at me. SHe grabbed my arm with a strength I wasnt expecting.

Once we were outside.I shaked off its disgusting hand off me.

"What does 'it' want?" I said Annoyed.

"Dont call me "it",Jacob Black" she said.

I nodded not really paying attention

"I like you,I want you, And I always get what I want,Jakey." She said with a grin.

"Lets get a few things straight, Your a Ugly,Retarded,&Snobby and I wouldnt go after you

even if I was paid. Dont EVER call my Jakey only my Leah calls me that. She is the most

beautiful thing in this world,Smart,Witty,Stubborn,Anger-Issue, and right now she is

breaking cause for some un-godly reason she thinks I imprinted on you." i said letting the

hurt of my words hit her.

"Oh baby, I can make you forget about that *edited by mod*." She said with a grin. I couldnt help

anymore I back-handed her so good I heard craking.I laughed.

Renesmee Pov

"Oh baby, I can make you forget about that *edited by mod*." I said with a grin.I looked into his

beautiful brown eyes.

  Suddenly my face felt as if someone had broke it and caught on fire.I hit the ground hard. I

held my cheek.I looked up to jacob and i saw what i was missing,He Hated Me. The tears

came down my cheek I tried to forget the fact that the first time in my life someone told me

no. I stormed up to my room and locked every single lock on my door.

-I need to be alone for a little away,Edward.-


-I felt really guilty,If Leah was here would have beaten me up for hitting a girl,But I

couldnt help it shes a monster in all sense of the word.I cant belive that someone like

her came outta Eddie and Bells.-

I shaked my head as i went back in to the house.

Edward stood.

"Jacob,May I have a word,please?" He asked.

"Whatever,leech." I said quickly.He went outside.

"Jake,Leah left." he said.

"Ohh okay,Then im gonna go then,She'll want me at our house," I said walking towards the

forest.Edward grabbed my arm,making me look in his eyes.

"Shes gone,Jake and shes not coming back." he said softly.

"WHAT!?!?!" I yelled

-She wouldnt,We love each other.SHe pro---

"SHe thought you imprinted on Renesmee." he said

"Ummm..EWWWWWW thats digusting." I said

"Watch it,Dog thats my daughter." he spoke sternly.

Chapter 2: Truth part 2

"I dont care edward,Im sorry but that girl is just ewwwwww." i said with digust.

"Jake,Back on the matter on hand.You need to go find Leah and make things right." He said

"Just tell me where she is." I said.

"I cant shes in a lot of pain and what i can tell its worse then the last time." he said with

cocerned look.

"Edward,You are telling me the truth?" I asked with a weak voice.

"Jacob,I am im so sorry you need to find her,Might want to start with Sam." He said

walking back into the house.

Shes Gone.....My mind went black,My body shaked with a great force, and my I let my

emotons loose inside of me.

Awhhhe Thnk you im almost finished with third chapter!

Chapter 3: The Decsions

Leahs PoV

"I let another guy in and he imprinted on another......" I said.She held on to me tight.The

words came out.The pain hit everywhere head,neck,torse,legs, and feet. The pain wouldnt

stop. I sucked in a breath,and let the sobs come with each thought of me and Jake.


The tears were coming off my face so fast.A sudden chill raced down my back.

-I dont understand why i have to love hes over and on to the next girl so why is my love


I rocked back and fourth,hopeing that the pain will stop.Please God stop the pain just

for a little while please.

"Why me? WHY?" I screamed in to the air.I craddled myself for hours I put my hands on

top of my head.And cryed. I heard a crunch in the distance. I looked around and saw

nonthing.So I sat my forhead back in my hands.

"Hey,umm Girl are you okay?" I heard a familiar voice.I looked behind me. Jake. I put

my wall up.

"Get the heck outta here Jake,I dont need you s^^^ right now." I said.

"Leah,Dont do that!" He hollared. I looked at him.

"Do What?" I asked.

"Dont put the wall up,Leah Your too good for it,So just dont." He said walking towards

me. I just let myself fall into his arms. His warmth radient onto my skin. I snuggled

myself in his chest. He laid his giant hands on my waist and head. He kissed my forhead.

"Thank you,Jake." I said softly.In that moment i felt myself being brought back to the

old me. That just made the tears worse. I looked up from the ground to Jakes

gentle,warm, and loveing eyes. i felt myself change the only keeping me sane was Jake.

Everything was Jake. I had imprinted. He took my face into his hands and tenderly

kissed me.

"Will You Marry Me,Lee~Lee?" he asked.

-The End<--(Dream)

I sat up quickly,And took on my surroundings.

-Im still at haleys.- And then I remembered why. i felt another tear.i looked around for Hals.

"So,Jacob Black?" she asked.sitting on other end of the couch.

"Yeah." I said quietly

"Wait,How do you know?" I asked curious.

"One, You talk in your sleep.Two your phone." She said handing me my phone.

I saw the pics.




The tears started all over again......

Awwwww poor Leah hope that Jake goes back to her



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