The Twilight Saga


This is how a heart breaks
This chapter was wrote while I was listening to 'I'm going home' by Daughtry. Edward POV.

Chapter 1: Numb
"What?" I felt my mind shut down, and my memory could only replay one sentence.
"I... I don't love you anymore. You... Were my life, but now your not." She smiled weakly, and even my Vampire strength could not take this kind of abuse. "I only saved you, because I felt like I had too," she continued. "But, quite frankly, I don't want anything to do with you." She shrugged, and one name came to my mind.
Jacob Black. The wearwolf..
"Your in love. With Jacob." The thought hit me like a sledgehammer would any regular human.
"I.... I think I am." She whispered, and she touched my arm, as I stood up to leave."Are you going to be okay?"
I thought about it. "No. I will never trust myself again. It's not your fault. The Cullen's and the other Vampires will leave you and Jacob alone." I headed toward the window. "I will always love you, still." I choaked out, and I whirled around, and crushed her to me. I felt her tears slipping down and soaking my shirt.
"Let her go." Someone growled, and I saw that Jacob was standing in Bella's bedroom doorway. Bella turned around, and smiled.
"It's okay, Jake. He was just leaving." She turned back around, and kissed me softly. "Good-bye Edward." She muttered, and walked towards Jacob. I started walking backwards, and saw that he wrapped his arms around her waist, and I felt the window behind me, then he dipped his head for a passionate kiss, and I couldn't stand it. I ran away from Isabella Swan. My once was, Bella. Now she was His. Jacob Black and Bella Swan would never have to consern themselfs about Vampires anymore. We would leave.
I couldn't see anything on my way home. I heard my cell-phone rinning, and felt it vibraiting. I heard Alice, and the rest of my 'siblings' call for me, with their mind. I just couldn't see. My eyes were blinded. Isabella, the girl... No, woman, of my dreams. I was ready to offer her me. My name. My body. My family. I had already offered my love. She rejected it. If vampires could cry, I would be. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled over the side of the freeweay, and put my head between my hands, and sobbed. Until I felt the impossible moisture on my cheeks. I sat there for hours, until my dashboard clock stated it was 12. Then, I put the car in gear, and drove home.

Alice POV.

I saw Bella's future disapear, and I tried to call Edward. When he didn't pick up ( I called him twice) I started shouting in my mind.
'Where the hell are you Edward? It's important!!!' I hissed repeatedly in my mind, and I got no response.
After a few minutes of pacing, Jasper came downstairs.
"Your emotions are going to explode," He frowned, trying to send me waves of relaxation, and calmness. I sat down on Esme's white leather couch, and sighed. Jazz leaned lightly on the back of it, and massaged my shoulders. I turned around, and pecked him lightly on the lips, and shouted in my mind 'EDWARD!!!' at the same time. Suddenly, the front door creaked open, and Edward appeared. He sighed, and slipped to the floor, closing his eyes, and his limbs twitched.
"Carlisle!" I shouted, and Emmett, Roaslie, Esme, and Carlisle flew into the room. Seeing Edward laying there, twitching, made Esme gasp in horror, and she turned into her husbands chest, shaking.
"What happened?" Carlisle muttered, and stroaked Esme's caramel hair.
"I don't know! He walked in, sighed, and then fell!" I shouted, frantically, and I walked around to fall next to Edward.
"Edward? Wake up..." I whispered, and my shoulders started to shake, as my throat closed up. What could have drove my brother into this? I felt strong arms pick me up, and I felt Jasper clutch me to his chest. It was too much. I thought Edward was dying, I fled the house, and flew into the woods.

Edward POV.
I woke up, with a throbing headache, and I sat up. My mind was blank, and then the memories of Bella, Jacob, and yesteday all flodded back to me, and I cried out in misery, hoping nobody noticed.
Esme of course was waiting outside the room. She called for the others, and they all stormed into the room. Seeing me awake, Esme ran to me, and in a flash was hugging me. I glanced at the family looking anxious, and I saw that someone was missing. Alice.
"Where is Alice?" I whispered, and I listened closely. Beyond the 6 people breathing in this room, I could hear another perso, downstairs, and in a shower.
"She... Was afraid. That you would die." Jasper muttered, and I groaned.
"I need to explain. It... Might be a while for me to get it all out though." I whispered again, Jasper nodded, and flew out of the room. A second later, the shower water shut off, and I heard the sound of fabric against skin. Three seconds later, Alice was up, with Jasper holding her hand, and their comitment burned my eyes.
"Bella.... Fell in love while we were gone. She told me last night, that she wanted me to stop. Loving her. She wants us to go. She thinks thats what is best. She said Alice needs to come get the things she gave her. She and Jacob Black,,, Are together now." I whispered, remembering what Bella told me, after we went up to her room, and before she had to repeat it. I felt 4 pairs of sympothetic eyes on me. I walked to the large glass window that was outback and I staired saddly out into the river that passed through the yard. I also heard 3 angry people's thoughts. Alice, Esme, and Rosalie were furious.
'I was Bella's best friend. Her sister almost. She crushed my brother. I can never forgive her. I'm sooo getting my stuff back...' Alice was conjuring a plan on how to get her stuff that she had bought Bella back, without having to talk to Bella.
'Bella was like a daughter to Carlslie and me. We loved her. How could she do this? She knows our secret, and it's dangerous if it gets out!' Esme was worried, and angry. I didn't know what happened yesterday. I just remembered stumbling out of my car, and falling flat. But, it haunted Esme. I now saw my body, a heap on the floor, twitching like mad, and I saw Alice flee, Carlisle stroaking Esme's hair, to calm her, and I winced in pain, myself.
I can't believe Bella. She claimed she loved my brother, and even when he killed himself by lying about not-loving her, she forgets all about him. I would be screaming, and fighting.... Hunting him down... But the thing that gets me most was, that 1, she saved him, getting his hopes up, and 2, she had already put Edward through hell, with her scent, her kissing him. His throat was probably on fire!!! And now she made a clean break, right?' It suprised me to hear Rosalie was the most angriest. I thought she would have accepted Bella's choice of remaining human for the rest of her life.
A little later, we started packing to leave. We would not stay, because it was too risky. We probably would come back, once day, when Bella was long gone, and my heart had patched itself up, somewhat. Our wounds don't heal quickly.
I glanced up, and saw Alice, in my doorway."Yeah?" I mummbled, and she sat on one of the boxes from my closet.
"I know you might refuse, but would you please go with me to get my stuff? If I go with anyone other then you, I would go off." Alice asked, and I nodded.
"Give me a momment, and we can leave." After half a second, we were halfway to the Swan residence.
In two minutes we were there. I walked with Alice to the front porch, and she wrang the doorbell. Charlie looked happy, and suprised when he saw Alice, but he looked sympothetic about me.
"Come in." Charlie grumbled, and we walked inside the warm house.
Alice wandered upstairs, and Charlie motioned for me to take a seat.
"Bella told me that you left her, because you wanted her to be able to date other guys. Spend more time with her friends. She was obsessed over you. But, you still loved her? I respect that. I told her that she should forgive you." I heard Bella and Alice arguing upstairs, and I wondered who was winning.
"But, she said, she didn't need you anymore?" Charlie shook his head, and continued. "Last night, she told me what she had told you, and then she announced that she and Jake were going steady. Jacob also asked me for her hand. I said I had to think on it. Honestly, Edward... Do you still love my Bella? I can object to their engagement, if you want to try to patch things up with her." Charlie shrugged, and I choaked inside. Charlie had always dispised me, so it suprised me.
"I do still love Bella, cheif Swan, but she loves another, and I hurt her. I couldn't stop it. It was bound to happen. Where she finds I'm unhealthy for her, and she'd move on. My parents decided to help me out, we were going to move back to where we were the past months, so that I can recover. I'm afraid this is good-bye... But, if you could, notify me when Bella ties the knot. I would send a gift..." I responded, and Charlie nodded. Then I saw Alice clump down the steps, with an arguing Isabella Swan behind her.
"I don't care what you think!" Alice hissed, and Bella glared at her, Bella froze when she saw me, and I saw Jacob Black slip down the steps, to wrap his arm around Bella's waist.
"Good-bye, Charlie." Alice said cheerfully, and she pecked him on the cheek.
"Good-bye, Charlie." I shook his hand, and he muttered for me to take care.

Heyy, Readers. This Chapter is taking place a few years later. The beginning takes place four years after the Cullen's move. This chapter was also inspired by Matchbox 20's 'I'm not Crazy'. It's a beautiful song, and I think you should hear it. NOW. Edward POV. Chapter 2: New Faces
It has been 4 years since Isabella left me, and I left Forks. Not a day goes by, when I don't think about her. Today, me, Alice, Esme, and Emmett were going off hunting. We have been living in Germany since then, and I heard that Bella and Jacob were married a year and a few months after we left. I also heard she became pregnant six months ago. I felt my heart throb every morning, as Alice and I played our daily chess-game, early in the morning. It was always this time, that Bella would wake up in my arms.'Focus on driving, Edward. I know what your thinking,' Alice thought, and I flexed my hands on the steering wheel. I never had any problems driving, but Alice just decided to use it as a excuse for wandering in my mind through her visions. In a few years, we decided, we would go back to Forks, Washington.

*** Years Later ***
Today has been my offical sixth month of living in Forks again. None of the teachers were the same, and the students were sometimes reletives, or even children of those who I went to school with, once about 11 years ago. They probably were pregnant in high-school... I couldn't remember any of those days, now. I had learned to shut out that part of my life.
'Edward?' I heard one of the girls in my math class think, and I glanced at her, She was stairing at her text-book, and didn't realize I had looked up.'Oh, I know.... I can't believe he doesn't date, he'd be a perfect kisser...' She smiled to herself, and I blanced. She was glad she didn't appeal to me. I never wanted another girl to do that to me, again.
I endured the rest of class listening to that girls perverted thoughts.
My next class was biology. I had the whole lab table to myself, and I offten threw my books on the seat next to me, and just read the whole class period, as I had taken this class 61 times, so far. I got A's on everything.
"M-Mister Masco?" I heard a new voice, shy, yet determinded girl stammer, and I grinned without realizing. "I'm Estella." She muttered, and rammed her hip into the side of his desk, blanching in pain. I glanced up, and was shocked. Her scent hit me hard. Harder then ever before. Even with.... I shuddered, and glanced back down at my book. The study of the new-found language, Tevrib, the now, north-eastern way of speaking. The thing that shocked me, was once again, I couldn't read this persons mind... What if she was one of her kids? I grimced, and listened closely, as the teacher asked for her to introduce herself, with her given name. She rolled her eyes, as she turned to her new-classmates, and stated to flush.
"Hi. I'm St....." Mr. Masco, the teacher glarred at her. She gulped and quickly changed her answer. "I'm Estella Burke." She announced, and her cheeks were filled with blood, as she was blushing.
"Go ahead and sit next to Mr. Cullen," Mr. Masco snapped, and she looked around frantically, before the teacher sighed. "The only open seat," he announced in a winey voice. She bit down on her lip, and stumbled into the seat next to me. I heard her mutter 'ouch!' as she dropped her books on her foot. I schooled myself to ignore her. I was decluded at first when I met with her, but I would introduce myself to this new girl, that way, she won't start making crazy acusations like Bella... I winced, as I thought her name.
As Mr. Masco assigned us work that we had to do together, I tried to listen in on my siblings.
X=68790496868586.475747584675 but to the human mind they simply just put it...' Alice was obviously in math, and I skipped to Jasper.
'I wonder what Alice is doing.... Ah, yes she is in math... Maybe tonight we could go hunting....' Jasper was ignoring his teacher as he was droaning on in physics.
'Damn, Rose looks hot in her uniform pretending to run slow. I want a peice of that...' Emmett was being innapropriate in gym, and I shuddered at the thought of my sister in a uniform.'Why is Emmett ignoring me!!!' Rosalie whined in her head, and I rolled my eyes. They were all too busy to worry about me, though.
I finally turned to Estella Burke, who was quietly doing our group work. She was already on number 34 of our 50 questions assigment on a lecture Mr. Masco had just talked about while I was in on my siblings. Good thing I had already heard this lecture.
"Hi." I finally spoke up, and she turned her head towards me. "I'm Edward..." Then her scent hit me again, but even stronger. It was choaking me, and I had to get out. She was still looking at me, and then I remembered what I was saying. "Sorry, I zoned out. I'm Edward Cullen." I mummbled through clenched teeth, and she looked confused. I shook my head, chastising myself, and then I turned back to her. "Let me do a few." I mummbled again, and she nodded.
"Okay. I got stumped on a few. He was talking to fast..." She gestured to a sheet of notes she had wrote, and I skimmed over it, I noted a few things she had missed.
"Mind if I fill in what you missed?" I gestured to her note page, and she smiled, and nodded. I reached over her (holding my breath) and quickly wrote three or four things that she had missed. She was pretty smart. For a human. She passed the question sheet over to me, and I quickly wrote down the rest of the answers, making us the first group done, by far. I glanced at the clock and saw that we had a half hour left of class, so I decided to follow Alice's mind....
"I'm Stella, by the way," Estella mummbled, and I pulled out of Alice's thoughts. It took me a second to regester what she said, but I quickly nodded.
"Why come to Forks?" I asked, curious. She blushed, and gazed into my eyes. I saw that hers were a startling blue-gray, and that the looked sad. It sort of twisted a knife in my chest, as many would say.
"My father and Mother divorced when I was three months old. I had never met my father until last year. My mother... Sara, told me that my dad, Alec, was dead. Then, I forced her to tell me, when she decided to get remarried, and I saw files, that she had to send in claiming that her divorce had gone through. I met Alec eight months ago, and when my mom's new husband, Jack, became a actor, she had to move all over the place. She wanted to go with him, to where-ever he needed to be, but she stayed with me. So, when it pained her, I called my dad and asked if I could move in with him," Stella shrugged, but I saw the shudder that raced through her frame. "I didn't have any friends in Yuma, Arizona, where I had grown up. I was the outcast, and offten got picked on, so it was not hard to move on. And as for the weather..." She grinned, and the corners of my mouth tugged upwards, happy to hear her get over her hard past. "I'll get over the rain!" She giggled, as a cloud of thunder rolled bye, and then the teacher spoke to the class, catching her attention quickly. As her long, blond, silky hair whirled back over her shoulder, I stiffined. Her scent was scoarching my throat. I felt like I was choaking. I glanced at the clock, and saw that time had flew bye, and in 3 minutes class would be over. I sighed, and watched the clock count down, and stood up, a second before the bell wrang, and finally took a breath when I was out of the classroom.
And away from her scent.

Chapter 2 left you with a thrill, eh? Wondering what will happen to our hot vampie, right? This next chapter was inspired by ' Aly & Aj's, Into the rush. Enjoy chapter 3!!!
Edwards POV.
Chapter 3: Buying Time with her
That night I sat across from Carlisle, and played a game of chess.
"I have a problem." I spoke up, while seeing his next move that he was going to make.
"How can I help you, son?" He asked without looking up, and he quickly moved a peice I was not expecting.
"I found another singer," I informed him, and he finally looked up.
"Who is it? Is it a child of Bella's? They would seem to be old enough to go to Forks high, if I am correct. How did you handle the situation?" His thoughts asked me, and I cringed at her name, again.
"Her name is Estella Burke. She couldn't be hers, anyway. Her mothers name is Sara. Her father is a professer in a college in Portland, or so I gathered from her friends minds. I can't read her thoughts either. Her blood sings for me. Worse then hers ever did. It was killing me. I... I don't think I can do this. I don't trust me anymore. What should I do, dad?" I croaked, and rested my head in my hands. I only ever called Carlisle 'dad' when I was scared, or nervous. I felt his hand ruffle my hair.
"Son, you do whatever you must. Just stay with us. We could not bear to loose you. If it means, your attracted to her blood, then okay. If it means you are attracted to the actual her, okay. You will do the best." He shrugged. "You deserve someone in your life. If a human is the one for you, then fine. This girl could be the one. She could be right whereas Isabella Swan was just a trial. If you have any more problems, don't hesitate to ask me." He smiled, and I lifted my head.
"Do you mind if I leave, and I'll be back sometime next week. I promise. I just want to sort this out. Make sure I'm doing the right thing. She might like me, might not. She seemed friendly enough, but if a friend is all I could be to her, then fine. I'll be the best friend. But, dad?" I started to get up, and I felt his hand resting on mine for a short second.
"When the time comes, I want to be able to be the one to tell her our secret. I don't want for her to find out like she did. Through false guesses. I will make the best decision possible." I muttered, and he nodded. I grabbed my car keys, shouted that I was leaving, and was gone.

Out of Character note/pause or whatever... Now for those who read 'One Drop' here is the part you've been waiting for:
Stella POV.
Rayne was busy chatting with Melony, a former swim team member, and I was left out of the conversation, yet again. I didn't mind though. I kept stairing at the table of pale, beautiful people. The wierd thing was that I didn't even know them. It's been five days since I first came to Forks, Washington. I frankly, hated it at first, but then after three days of mist, and rain, I had enjoyed it. In Yuma, or at least the neighborhood I lived in, it rained twice every six months. It was so bad, we had artifical grass! Alec had me cooking for him, even though I sucked at it, I was enjoying learning from 'Cooking for dummies', and Alec didn't seem to mind my food, too. I felt kind of miserable, because I was new. My biology partner dissapeared after that first day. Edward. Edward Cullen. He was pale like the older students stairing at me. There was four of them. Two boys, er... Men, and two women. The older ones were made up of a beautiful blond, who was tall, proud, and hung on a strong, muscular, blackhaired boy. The other older one was a blond guy, with faint marks on his face that looked like old scratches, and a pained look on his face, while his eyes held another emotion, as he gazed at the short, blackhaired, girl beside him, between stairs at me. I leaned over to Melony, as Rayne had leaned over to her friend Layna, the prettiest person in the school if it wasn't for the pale people.
"Who are they?" I muttered, and she giggled.
"The Cullens. Rosalie is the tall blond, Emmett is the muscle man, Jasper is the one that looks like his in pain, oddly, and Alice is the small, pretty black haired one is Alice. They are all adopted. Well, Rosalie, and Jasper are Mrs. Esme Cullen's neice and nephew. Emmett, Edward, and Alice are just adopted." She shrugged, and something in my mind clicked.
"Edward Cullen?" I whispered more to myself then to her, and she smiled.
"You know him?" I shook my head, in wonder. All of his siblings were here, but he was not.... I glanced at the group again, and noted that they looked more like teachers then seniors.
As I turned away from them, one question lingered on my mind.
Who were these mysterious Cullens?
It has been eight days since I arrived in Forks. I had gotten used to having my biology table to myself, boys stairing at me, and girls surrounding me. Well, at least the ones that weren't glaring at me. My blushing made everyone laugh, and I giggled nervously. Being the new girl had it's ups and downs. Mostly downs. I hated attention, so this was hard for me. And a suprise. But, what was also a suprise was waiting in biology.
Edward Cullen came to class and occupied the seat next to me, now.
He smiled when I sat down next to me, and stiffined only slightly.
"Hello, Stella." He greated me, and as my sudden (out of nowhere) blush appeared, I smiled.
"Hey, Edward." I replied, and walked over to Melony's table, and talked with her like every morning. This guy who often tried to capture my attention leaned over from the next table, and interupted our conversation.
"Wow. Cullen actually speaks to people? How odd. All people can ever get out of any of them are a muffled 'hi'', or at the begining of the year, their name." This guy,,, His name was.... Brett? I think his name was Brett Newton.
"He seems pretty nice." I shrugged, and Rayne giggled, and suggestively put her hand on Brett's shoulder, and purred, barely loud enough for me to hear.
"He's too 'sexy' to talk to anyone apparently. He is damn good looking." She giggled, and Melony rolled her eyes.
"He is cute, but that's not the only thing. He's smart, nice, seems shy if you asked me." I argued back, and Rayne 'hurumphed'. I started to walk away, and the last thing I heard from them that class was from Brett:
"Cullen's a freak. You're gonna stand up for the freak? You are one." He whispered to Rayne, and she giggled, while Melony gasped, and I bit my lip. Critics.
Class started soon after I placed myself back in my seat. I avoided eye contact with Edward Cullen, and busied myself with the test infront of me. I should have slowed down durring the test, because afterwards, anyone who was done could talk quietly. I didn't think he was a freak. Or that he had heard our conversation in the back. Until he spoke up.

Edward POV.
"He's too 'sexy' to talk to anyone apparently. He is damn good looking." Rayne Parkers sighed, and I rolled my eyes. I would never know why these humans were so attracted to me. Melony Hall, who I recognized to be the daughter of two students (Ben and Angela) I had gone to school with before.
"He is cute, but that's not the only thing. He's smart, nice, seems shy if you asked me." Stella Burke fought back, and a secret grin wandered its way to my lips. I had spent those eight days thinking about risks. And Stella Burke had won me over. She was absolutely beautiful to me. Her long blond hair, silver-blue eyes, outrageous blush, height, scent... I heard her start to walk back this way, and I heard Brett Newton (A old classmates brat) try to hide a whisper, but with my vampire hearing it didn't escape my notice.
"Cullen's a freak. You're gonna stand up for the freak? You are one." He whispered about Stella and it made me mad.
Class started just when I was about to turn to her and thank her. She had a test to take, so I told myelf to wait, and I listened to a few peoples thoughts.
When will Brett notice me? Rayne whined in her head, and she thrust her chest forward, trying to catch Brett's attention.
Estella Burke.... Here.... Erica Hallis... Here... Edward Cullen... Here. What a suprise. He decided not to skip? anywho.... Melony Hall.... Here. The teacher was going over his attendance chart. I ignored the comment about me being gone. Instead I focused on names, actually one. Estella. Stella. Stella Burke. I glanced at her, and saw that she was done her test, rather quickly, too.
"Stella?" I whispered, and she glanced up from a book she had quickly pulled out.
"Yes?" She mummbled, and nodded her head.
"I'm sorry that you had to stick up for me. Thank you, by the way." I smiled, and her eyes grew glassy looking.
"No problem," She mummbled trying to shake off the feeling. "In thanks though..." She mummbled, and her eyes narrowed, making them look green. "Would you answer a question of mine?" She asked, and smiled faintly, and her blood, which I could smell, was rushing into her face, telling me she was embarassed.
"It depends," I answered carefully, and her smile dissapeard, and became a frown, at my tone.
"Why were you gone for so long?" She asked, clutching the book closely to her chest, and stairing nervously at her test sheet.
"Oh," I sighed, releasing all but my clenched fist. "I was... Sick." I stated slowly, and her eyes narrowed, in suspician. Luckily, the teacher spoke up, and started to collect the papers.
"Sick?" Stella’s eyebrow shot up, but she also looked amused.
"I..." I started to stutter (Which I NEVER do...) but luckily, the bell sounded and within seconds I was safely out in the hall.
Her scent was all but forgoten. I shot across the hall, but glanced back to quickly see her duck out of the classroom, and to glance around for me. If only I could see into her head...
Edward... We have an issue. Alice called for me, and I hurried to where she was, and she explained.
"I see that a girl is going to die." Alice stated, and her look was blank. "Blood.... Everywhere." She whispered, and her head snapped to look at me, disbelief clear on her face.
"Is Jasper going to loose it?" I wondered allowed. As Jasper was our newest vegatarian to our diet, of only animal blood, Alice often caught him thinking about killing a human, and I often heard his thoughts being grusome.
"No?" It sounded like a question, coming from Alice. "You will." She whispered, and as my head snapped down to little Alice, I saw she was already across the hall.
"Who?" I whispered. and I could see her shake her head.
It’s so bloody, I can’t tell... Alice thought, and my eyes closed.
I didn’t need three guesses to know...
Who I’d loose my head over.
For her scent.

Even now, at four in the morning the question haunts me. Stella probably would die at school. Maybe a accident in the cafeteria? A major injury in gym? A slip up in biology? A gun in school?
But when?
I was afraid to know. I wanted to be there. To protect her. And if I can’t protect, then I want to hold her in my arms as she is dying. I wasn’t nessasarily in love. I was just drawn to her. Like Jacob to Bella.
But I was afraid.
Would I massacure her, in death? I didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.
Did I have to?
Did I chose to?
Yes. The moment I smelled her scent.
The question haunts me.

It has been an offical three weeks since Stella Burke moved to Forks, Washington. I had what a human calls a 'crush' on her, I believe.
But to me it seems idiotic.
But I'm just a crazy blood lusting vampire, right?
Today we have to go visit a college campus in Portland. To view one of the closer options. I knew that I could easily get into Harvard. Or dartmouth. Or anywhere I pleased. But, it was yesterday when I decided to come on this field trip...

***Yesteday at biology***
I know that Stella had realized already that there was something strange about my family, and I. I ignored her durring lunch. Though I didn't miss her glances at me, and Rayne's giggles to Layna Falls, about it. I would pass her in the halls, and not even glance at her. But in class, we never really said anything to eachother. I knew the questions were burning in her mind, and her glances asked them all. Mine answered, but she couldn't desipher. And then she approached me.
"Edward?" She sighed my name, her breath lashing at my throat. I slowly shifted my attention to her. Slowly. So the impact of her scent would not be butal.
"Good afternoon, Stella," I smiled, and her lips twitched up at the corners.
"I wanted to know... Are you going on the field trip tommorow, with your sister?" Her eyebrows furrowed, and I blinked. I had to make sure Stella was safe. I had to go on this trip.
"Yeah. I'm going." I wondered briefly if Alice would come if I asked her to. She would.
"Okay... But the project on the plants cross-breeding... I was wondering if you could help me." She was embarassed again, and she ducked her head.
"Yeah, what do you need help with..."

Then I got home.
"Alice!" I yelled, and closed the front door.
"Yes, Edward?" She answered lazily from the couch, and I didn't even bother asking.
"You want me to go on a field trip?" She sounded sort of suprised.
"Edward, you're acting diffrent lately." Jasper disaproved, coming down the steps.
Esme and Rosalie flauntered down the steps and sat on the couch across from Alice and Jasper. I sighed and leaned against the back of it.
"Edward. Please explain." Esme spoke up in her motherly tone, and I took a deep breath before throwing myself in the conversation. I had just explained about Stella's past when Carlisle got home.
"Evening everyone," he greeted us, and with his speed within 1.1 milasecond he was on the couch, his arms wrapped around Esme. Emmett appeared from the garage, and we all gathered around to hear the tale.
I spilled my guts to a bunch of unsensitive vampires. God how I hate myself.
What the hell were you thinking, Edward? Rosalie screamed in her head, and I winced. Do you want to harm yourself again? What about the family? You're putting us at risk too! She glaired at me. It's all her fault! We were fine, and then she came along... Who is she anyway? What's her name? Rosalie glanced at me, and I sighed.
"Her name is Estella Burke. Stella. She's my real singer."
Esme gasped. Alice shook her head.
"Why didn't I see this coming?" She growled to herself, and I chuckled.
"Don't blame yourself, Alice. I kept all thoughts of her away, so that it wouldn't be important. You did see her though." I whispered, and Jasper's head snapped up.
"You can't mean..." He trailed off, and Alice groaned.
The blood... The girl... You loosing it... It's her, isn't it?
"She is going to die. I need to protect her." I moaned, and my head sunk into my hsnds. My shoulders also started to rapidly shake, and Esme silently floated to my side, and rubbed her hand soothingly over my shoulders. I looked up, and she drew in a startled gasp.
"You're crying." It sounded like a question more then a statement, and I shuddered before nodding.
"I found that I could after...." I trailed off, knowing they would understand. "It's not important. What is, is that Stella stays safe. If I can't be her one, I want to be her best friend. And protect her no-matter what. But, I can't do this alone. Anyone up to help me?" I blurted, and looked up again. Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle was infront of me.
"Edward... You know that I'd be there for you. No matter what, I'm here. And Jasper will follow." Alice unconsiously reached behind her, and squeezed his hand. I winced mentally, and nodded.
"You know that I will stand for you, Edward." Carlisle said gravely, and I put on a slight fake smile.
"I felt bad about you loosing Bella, and I've always wanted a little sister to torture, but Alice is no fun, knowing when I will attack..." Emmett punched me lightly in the shoulder and I looked at Esme, and Rosalie.
"You put all of us at risk, Edward! How could you do this again!" Rosalie shouted, making the glass vibrate, and Carlisle glaired at her.
"It's not something he can control, Rose." He growled, and she stuck up her chin arrogently.
"We could move again." She stated, and I moaned.
"No... Please. She's not like Bella. Her heart is pure gold. She's smart. She won't hurt me. Or harm the family.... I just don't want her to die." My voice broke, but I hear Esme's strong clear voice.
"Why?" I whispered, and she moved to stand next to her husband.
"Isabella was a daughter to us. She hurt all of us. Do you know how much it hurt me and Carlisle? I couldn't bear to let it happen with another girl. I had such hopes for Bella. And I loved her. She was unique. All of you are. She made the family feel complete. But with her gone, I can see the risk. Never again." Esme shook her head, and Carlisle stepped away from her.
"Esme, this isn't all about us. This is about Edward. He knows whats best. He thought about this from all angles. He also knows what is best for ALL of us." Carlisle shrugged, and I smiled. "We have to trust him. And don't you also want him to find the right one for him. I have confidence and believe that Stella is the one." Carlsile looked smug, and Esme looked like he was crazy.
"How do you know?" She whispered, and Carlisle smiled again.
"Edward told me the night he dissapeared what had been going on. I was the one who encuraged him to go, to clear his head and search for the answer." He turned back to me. "Did you find the answer?"
I smiled. "Yes." Alice relaxed and smiled.
"Good 'cause I need a new shopping partner." Jasper chuckled when she said this.
"I guess we are staying then?" Jasper asked, and Alice laughed.
"Yup." I answered.

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finished chapter one interesting take so far look forward to reading the rest
it's good over all.
But I hated the fact that Bella left Edward for the mut!!
Why in the world would she do that? Jacob isn't no Edward!
Arg!! I'm a bit aggravated, sorry, but I like the story.

Stella better not hurt Edward though. But I never thought that Rose would be so mad. I get it thoutgh, she's not as heartless as they make her seem.
Keep on going. I'll be waiting for more!
Thanks for reading it. Bella picked Jacob, because he was not overprotective, and wouldn't leave bella for anything. But, don't worry.... Stella is related to Isabella. She comes back.

Here is the beginning of chapter 4:

Chapter 4 is dedicated to Lydia Halt, a friend of mine, who is ill, and portrays a character in this chapter. This chapter was also inspired by Blue October's 'Into the Ocean'. I found it quite catchy.
Chapter 4: The question finally.

Alice sighed, and moved restlesly in the seat. I glanced at the seat next to ours, and saw that Stella, who was sitting with Lydia Halt, was also looking at me. She quickly glanced away, and I smiled.
Edward.... I think you should give her the gift you bought. Alice called softly, and I glanced sideways at her, and apon seeing her snug smile I unziped my backpack, and took out the small box inside. I hope she would like it. I would tell her it was a thank you present. Inside the box lay a tan leather book, filled with good sketch paper. I had noticed earlier this week that she liked to draw. I caught her more then once trying to capture the great weeping oak tree that stood next to the window I sat at in biology. The lined paper did it no good, though, and her talent was waisted.
"Stella?" I started, and she turned to me, a smile on her face like mine. I saw Lydia peak over the top of the seat. (She was not much taller then Alice...) I pulled out the box, and handed the box to Stella, seeing her mouth fall open in shock, I felt my heart leap, which suprised me. She turned to me, speachless, and I smiled.
"What the heck..." She began, but words failed her. I urged her to read the note that was I scribbled on the inside of the book cover. Thank you for sticking up for me the other day. You could also think of this a welcome to Forks gift. I noticed you like to draw. You have talent that can't be caught on lined paper. ~Edward Cullen
She looked up and her eyes were wide. She glanced over at Lydia and quickly shut the book, and I could hear the soft rush of the blood flowing into her face. She mouthed 'Thank you so much', and I winked. She looked away, and so did I.
Then I caught her stairing at me, and we didn't look away for the rest of the bus ride. It took me all the strength that I had to remember to blink three times a minute.

When we arrived at the university, I piled out of the bus with the 36 humans, and Alice. She rolled her eyes, and I chuckled. What did she think of the gift? Alice thought, and I rolled my eyes this time. Oh, I get it. You can't hear her mind... Okay. Alice finished her thought, and we walked onto the campous greens. I was watching Stella when I saw her eyes brighten and her stagger backwards.
"Dad!" She cried while flinging herself into the arms of a older man. I took in his features, and his love for his daughter suprised me. He loved her more then any other father could love their child, and it would not seem that they had just recently met. He put Stella down and they talked for a moment before he mussled her hair, and then dissapeared into a building. Stella glanced around, and seeing me look at her, she blushed before slowly approaching me.
"I want to thank you... But, words alone can't thank you enough!" She whispered embarassed and I chuckled. "So um.... Thanks. A lot. Really." She started walking backwards, as Rayne and Lydia started pulling on the sleave of her coat. I glanced at Alice who was standing with her arms crossed over her chest, and amused gaze fixed on me, and she sighed.
"What?" I asked, and she laughed, while skipping away.
"This Stella seems like a fun shopping person." She sang, and I rolled my eyes, as Alice saw a vision of Stella being dragged from department store to department store. I sighed and followed Alice, glancing over my shoulder and seeing Stella looking at me still.
ooooh I like your take on if Bella had not chosen Edward, but Jabod instead. It's heartbearking to for Edward to be left alone. I completely understand Esme's POV. I can't wait to see how you're going to link Stella with Bella!
Although I was upset when Bella chose Jacob over Edward, I found myself wanting to read more on what would happen next. It's also pretty interesting that Edward would end up finding another person that would "sing" to him and share very similar traits like Bella. But I guess that would only be logical since Stella is related to Bella...hmmm, nice rhyme :-) Looking forward to reading more...
I have been enjoying this. Of course, I will admit that it was painful to have Bella leave Edward, I too am intrigued as to what will happen next. At first, I was worried you might parallel the "Twilight" story too much, but you only did that for the meeting in the biology class. I am happy to see you going in your own new direction with the field trip to a university. Also with Edward giving a gift --- and it is so early yet in their relationship! Keep writing.
Yeah, Edward must like her more than he says he does.

But the whole, best friends deal sounds like jacob, but Anywho... I'm kind of wondering who her dad is, Stella's dad I mean.
Also, how is Bella relater to Stella?
A cousin maybe?
I'll be waitting!
Yeah the Bella issue is painful, but I like this, I am waiting for more, so write NOW ;P
It might be good, but it's TOOO PAINFULL to read...
Why would BELLA DO THET!
leave eddie:(
This is very hard for me to read as i am a extremely obsessed bella and edward fan but even though it crushes me to read that they are no longer together, i find myself being drawn in by the edward and stella story so i will try my hardest to keep reading even though it is KILLING me to read anything but ff about edward and bella.
BTW: it is and extremely good story
Hey readers, herrs an update!

only saw Estella agian durring a Litature Arts lecture. My tour guide sat me behind Stella, and I gently kicked the back of her chair. She turned to me slightly, and whispered an aswer.
"Hello." I whispered back, and saw her lips curl up in a smile.
"Hey." She greated me, and I chuckled. I leaned forward so she could hear me better, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice shift uncomfortably.
Be careful Edward. You don't want to be too forward. You wll rouse her suspicians. Alice thought in a sharp tone, and I rolled my eyes. I'm serious Edward! She was hissing now, and I nodded to calm her. I wished Jasper was here to send her waves. She acted like Esme somedays.
"Would you like to get a bite after this lecture?" I whispererd, and thought to myself 'wow edward nice choice of words...' I chuckled quietly, and saw Stella's tour gide send me a warning glance.
"Sure. Meet you in the cafeteria?" She mummbled, looking back at the speaker, and I nodded. Her seeing it from the corner of her eye, sent her mouth into a knowing twitch.
I honestly didn't listen to a word the old man who was now shouting, was saying.

I was waiting outside of the cafeteria on the school grounds when Stella came around the corner, and fumbled through her purse for her wallet.
"Crap!" She muttered, and almost tripped over her own two feet. I reached out and gripped her arms, to steady her, and I heard her sharp intake of breath as she felt my (to the human...) ice cold skin touch her warm one. I forgot she hadn't touched my hand before... That was Bella. I winced, and scholded myself in my head, as I let go of Stella's arms, and saw the whiteness of her skin, return to a healthier pale.
"Sorry." I whisperd, and she nodded, looking confused, and I held the door open for her, and we walked in together. I quickly scoped the room for seats, when I heard Alice in my head.
In a few seconds a couple in the back left corner will be moving. She whispered in my head, and I felt smug having a future telling sister. As I escorted Stella to the table, she remained silent. Then when we sat down and she continued to look for her wallet, she started asking a few questions; about my real parents, Forks, my siblings, my 'foster' parents...
Stella soon left to get her lunch, and I lent her a twenty. She stammered her thanks, and then all but ran away.
When she came back, she silently began to poke at her discusting looking salad.
"Why are you and your family so diffrent?" She asked, and I froze from my position which was faced towards the window.
"I can't tell you, yet..." I informed her, and she didn't say anything else.
I was in hell.
And she was miserable.
I hate my non-life.

Soon afterwards we loaded onto the bus again. Stella hadn't said a word to me.
How did your little lunch date go? Alice thought/asked sarcastic, and a low growl started to build in my throat.
I'm kidding! Kidding! Alice thought putting her hands up in defiance. It was a close one though. Don't you think so? She asking you about your REAL family, and then US, and then our 'Foster Parents...' How could you not see her question coming? Even I could! Alice laughed being sarcastic again. But then she was quiet. I glanced out the window and saw we were on the large bridge leading us home to Forks. Suddenly Alice's hand on my shoulder had me sit up straight,
I saw part of the future. Stella would crack her head, and fall unconsious, and blood would be everywhere. Then we would....

Quick as lightning, it all started to happen. The bus slammed on it's breaks, and I glanced at Stella. Then, the bus started to shift, and Stella glanced at me terrifed. Lydia slammed into her, and Stella's was forced back against the window. Where she would hit her head. I reached out, shoved Lydia Halt into the seat where Alice, who was looking startled, was sitting. I pulled Stella against my chest, but it was too late.
I had already heard the sickining 'thud' as her head crunched backwards into the window.
I held her tight against my chest, and braced my leg against the wall. With my one free hand, I easily pulled up the seat. I had matter of seconds. I could esaily see the bus was starting to tip onto two wheels. Stella was unconsious, and her breathing was slowing. And I quickly shifted my arm to make it more comftorable for her.
I saw.... Blood. It was seeping down her head, and it frightened me, with it's pace. The scent was agonizing, so I quickly cut my breathing.
I had about two whole seconds to kick out the bus wall or it would tip, and we all would die.
Could I really do this?
I wouldn't answer.
I kicked the window out first. The glass shattering in the road, drew the others attention to the road. Then, I easily braced the seat against the wall, and pushed. The wall for about two seats plunged into the road. We were inches from the edge of the side of the bridge. I stood up, Stella resting in my arms, and shouted to get everyones attention.
"HEY! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE COME WITH ME!!! YOU HAVE TO RISK SCRAPED ELBOWS, AND NOT YOUR LIFE! yOU HAVE TO JUMP TO THE SIDES. THE BUS IS GOING TO PLUNG INTO THE WATER, AND WE WILL DIE!" I shouted to scare the humans, and Stella moaned softly. It tore at my heart. I moved aside, and Alice and I pushed the humans forward quickly, and all at once they dove down.
But Alice, the bus-driver and I were all too late. And I was holding Stella.
The bus tilted onto its side.
And we were plunged into a cold, wet hell.

My main focus was making sure Stella remained above water. As the bus fell, she came to her sences, and as I threw ourselfs out of it, she had screamed. It was a blood-curling scream. As we landed deep in the water, and we started to surface, she was facing me, her eyes open with shock. It was torture, seeing her so scared.
"Alice!" I shouted, as me and Stella made it to the surface. The water around us was blood red, and I hoped Alice wasn't getting frisky.
Edward, I've got the busdriver. Is Stella okay?
When I heard Alice's thoughts, I relaxed. Then I heard the others shouts.
"Stella! Edward! Alice! Mr. McGee!"
I glanced up, and saw a bunch of the students on there hands and knees, and a few with cell-phones. I could hear sirens, about a quarter of a mile away, already. I glanced at Stella, and froze.
She was frozen, from shock, and not breathing.
I swam faster, despite the current, and I pulled her onto a rock bank. I pushed gently on her chest, knowing it was a strong enough force, and tried to dislodge any water in her lungs. She didn't move. Her large round, shock frozen, blue eyes were open and looking lifelessly at the air above us.
"Breathe, damn it." I muttered, and Alice pulled the bus-driver who was coughing, onto the rocks as well.
Edward... You'll have to use CPR. Alice thought, and I wondered if vampire's even could do it. It was a risk as well. My venom could easily transfer into her. I knew that CPR would be my only option. I gently forced her mouth to open, and took a large deep breath, then blew air into her. 'The kiss of life,' people often joked.
Would this be our first kiss among many?
I didn't get a response from Stella. Her heart at this rate had stopped beating. In death, she was lovely. She focused her eyes on me, it seemed, and she could take one more breath.
"Thank you, Edward." She uttered, and then gave up.
"No!" I whispered, and firecly pushed her chest, making her stutter, and cough. Good. I did the same, and pumped more air into her. She couldn't die. She wouldn't.Suddenly, her heartbeat picked up again. It was faint. And quick. Little a baby birds wing pattern. At least it was still going. I felt a warm hand land on my shoulder, and I glanced up to see a firefighter, and a EMT behind me.
"Thank you for saving her life. She wouldn't have made it up the hill, otherwise." The EMT stated, taking Stella's pulse. I felt weak with happiness.
"She will be fine?" I whispered, my voice thick, and hoarse. The EMT stood up, and smiled.
"Yeah, son. Doctor Cullen is on the bridge waiting for us. He wanted to come down, but we told him it was safer if he stayed up there." The man gestured to the bridge, and I saw my father looking concered, his brow furrowed. The EMT turned back to Stella. "She's a heavy load. Mind if you carry her to the lift?" The man asked me and I nodded. I easily picked her up, and carried her to the lift. I glanced down at her now closed eyes, her wet blond hair, which in this light looked black, and her blood, and water soaked clothes. Then I heard a soft, gentle, thought.

I can never make it up to Edward for saving my life. I feel almost guilty for thinking this, but.... Edward Cullen is not human. What is he? What are you Edward?
I heard... Stella's thoughts?
that was AWESOME plz write more


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