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This is my second fan fic i dont have a name for this yet sorry for any mispells

this is my second fan fic the first isn't done but hers the link to it
plz read and leave a comment
this is for my cousins
Ihave a heading : My life at age 13: btw i changed it up a bit

My name is Sam short for Samantha and i have four other cousins. The oldest is Matthew.I am the second oldest, the third oldest is Massie (we have alot in common except one thing shes not into twilight so much why you ask even i dont know but i will and soon.), The fourth oldest is Matthews little brother Chris,and my littlest cousin Lana (she is the funniest cousin you could have shes 4.) and this is my story.

Chapter 1:
"I read twilight." Matthew said.Matthews like me he reads alot but he likes texting more."Really did you like it?" I smiled."Yeah, it was awesome." "Who's your favorite character?" He smiled."Jacob. Who's yours?" I wasn't a big fan of Jacob."Edward." "Cool." Cool that was it? "Have you seen the movie?" "Yeah." Then Chris came running in. "Man I love this book. James is so cool." Then he ran to go tell Massie. I rolled my eyes."Whats your favorite song from the movie?" He thought for a second." 'Full Moon' by The Black Ghosts. Yours?" I thought for a second. "Bellas lullaby and 'Decode' by Paramore." Then I paused. "Let me guess Chris's is 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse." Chris and Matthew liked rock music i was a mix between rock and anything with piano.He smiled "Yep, how did you guess?" I laughed " I think anyone that knows him knows that he would like that song." Then Massie came in the room. "This kid is driving me nuts. He knows i don't like Twilight." Matt and I laughed.I whispered in Matts ear "Out of all the things she likes she hates Twilight." I laughed again. I looked at Mass that was her nickname from me."Mass have you even read the book or seen the movie?" She looked at me with a wicked grin "Maybe." I rolled my eyes at her. "Massie,Samantha,Matthew ,Chris!" I heard my mom yell."Help me with your cousin." We all rolled our eyes .Then i sighed and said "Coming mom." As i walked out of our game room.Mass,Matt and Chizz(my nicknames for them.) said "Coming Aunt Ana." In unison. we all laughed and made our way downstairs
Chapter 2:
After helping my mom we all went back up stairs to the game room and played video games. Massie turned to me."You know I have to go back to California next week." I frowned."Yeah .Hey maybe I can come to your house for the summer." She smiled wide."That would be cool I'll ask my dad when i go back."I smiled back.Spending the summer at Massies house would be great.

Chapter 3:emails
I woke up early the day after Mass left and went to check my email. My cousin Terri had emailed me. She married Massies dad so now Massie is my cousin in law but we feel like we've known each other forever. She and Massie were close.: "Sam." The email said. Massie asked if you could come. And of course why would i say no.She doesn't know yet because she went to visit her mom .Well see ya soon.
I emailed her back. OMG thank you so much.bye
It was 12:00 in cali so i decided to call Mass "Hello?" "Mass you'll never guess what happened." What?" I squeeled ." I'm coming to Cali for the summer." We scremed together. "Wow can't wait to see you." "Me niether." "I'll give you the details later,kay?"
She laughed "Kay." I couldn't wait. Later that day Mass messeged me "We are coming from Cali to your place after they pick me up from my grandpa's.Kay?" My eyes brightened "Kay." then she put a sad face "Whats wrong." Iwaited while she typed."Imiss my friend,Ty." Iwas confused "What happened?"She typed slowly she did this when she was sad or mad."He left went to another state.He went to Alabama.I don't know if he was mesing with me or not."She stopped and then started typing me again"And i won't know til i go back to school after the summer."There was more i could tell."Thers more about this boy isn't there.Iwaited for like ten minutes."Yea theres more i really like him."she put a crying smiley.she was sad and that mad me sad"yea i know then you wouldn't be friends."She paused then typed again."no I mean I like Him." I finally got "oh you mean like boyfriend girlfriend ?" "yea."I sighed then typed "Ok well when i get there we can talk." She typed "Ok ,see ya."She signed off. I felt bad for her you could tell she liked him . i never saw here cry over a boy that means she rlly liked him.I needed a break from realality I needed to get into Twilight world on twilight saga .com and see what my friends were up to and what stories they were writing my favorite were 'Unexpected :a story about Jacob and Leah'..and 'What if Edward was with someone before he met Bella' I liked the others don't get me wrong those were just my favorite favorites .


It was twelve in the morning, I hadn't gone to bed yet when I got an IM.
"Hey Sam."It was Massie."Hey ,whats up?" I asked"Nothin much.Just wanted to talk." She put a smiley face ":) Can't wait!!!!" I smiled ."Iknow me niether.!!!*squeel*"
"We got scary movies and we are probably gonna go to the beach." She put another smiley face."I know Terri told me .Iwent and bought a cute bathing suit yesterday." She put a sad face "Ok i have to go i'll talk tommarrow kay?" " Kay." She typed "Bye." she said "Bye." I went on Twilight saga and sent my early goodbyes to my friends I was gonna miss al of them dani :) was funny most of my friends were i was gonna miss them I told them I'd update my storys when i got back. When it was One in the morning i went to bed .

Chapter 5:

I'm gonna miss u twilight luvers .
this is true this is my story and how much i love the way the going to my cuzins is true so while i'm there i'll write things about what happend with me and massie and ty if he is gone and if he isn' will be a month starting late monday so i'll say my goodbyes to the twilight peoppls before i leave and when i get back there will be alot more for both stories i have......thx for staying with my stories for a month if u do..
btw here's the story Unexpected:A story about Jacob and Leah link:

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that is really good!!
thanks do have any suggetions for the tittle?
no sorry. i have huge writers block i cant really think of any ideas for anything
thats ok ..did u read my other fan fic?
plz read
write more and keep me updated
keep on writing! :)
i rely like it!!
thanks any ideas for the heading
and did you read my other one?
love it! keep writing
more i liked it
ok i'll update soon btw tell ur friends i rlly need more comments :(


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