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Prologue – Kristen Harris


I woke up blinded by the sun shining brightly through the single window in the room. I sat up slowly, not remembering where I was and looked around at the pink and blue walls of the bedroom I had woke up in. The dark wood dresser sat against the wall to my left and the digital clock on the nightstand read 10:00 AM. Glancing up at the ceiling, I noticed the Beyond Wonderland posters that cluttered the blue wall that stood perpendicular to the bed. Then the day before came rushing back to me.

My heart squeezed and a giant lump appeared in my throat making it hard to keep calm. Tears dripped out of my eyes, making my vision blurred. I tried to keep the sobs that broke through my chest quiet and partially succeeded. I stood up and took another look around Natalia’s bedroom and noticed that she wasn’t in the room.

                Then, as if by cue, the bedroom door slid open and Natalia peered in. “Hey,” She said, leaning against the doorframe. “You okay?” Her smile was sympathetic and it seeing it made me hurt even more.

                I shrugged and wiped away the tears that trickled down my face still.

                Natalia walked into the room and took a seat on the bed. I sat back down beside her and looked away from her melancholy gaze.

                “It’ll be alright, you’ll come back soon and you guys will see each other again. It’ll be okay.” Natalia put a hand on my shoulder but I still couldn’t look at her. Fresh tears streamed down my face and I tried to hide them from her.

                “Hey, come on, its okay.” She said. I shrugged not bothering to argue that it definitely was not okay.

                “It’s all my fault.” I whispered. “I was so mean to him and insisted we break up because I’m leaving tomorrow and…”

                “No, it’s not your fault. It’ll be alright, I know Spencer and you do too; he’s probably just as upset as you are.”

                “I doubt that.” I mumbled and sighed. “I wish I could fix this.” I said, loud enough so that Natalia could hear. “I miss him…so much.”

                “Then go. Go to his house or to the beach or wherever you think he is and talk to him. You do what you think is right. Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow your destiny. I know you love him and I know he loves you just as much.”

                “I will.” I smiled through my tears and gave her a hug before jumping up from the bed and hurrying to get dressed.

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Thanks guys! I'll write asap, first I have some hw to do. I'm only in middle school((:
post more soon!!
love it!!
I am almost done the chapters i ll read the rest tomorrow I gtg to sleep now c ya.
The rest of Chapter Four:

I looked back to the house and saw that our parents were still outside. That was a relief. I knew that my parents would freak out if they saw me hanging out with a boy. I’m not sure why, but they were just like that.
“So…where are you from?” Spencer asked.
“Arizona. How did you know I wasn’t from here?”
“You told me at the beach that you were visiting Natalia for two weeks.”
“What part of Arizona are you from?”
“Scottsdale. I moved there when I was almost five.”
“So then where were you born?”
“Really?” His said, surprised.
I nodded. I really hoped he wouldn’t make some lame racist joke and thankfully he didn’t.
“How old are you?”
“Fifteen. What about you?”
“Okay, now it’s my turn to play the 20 Questions game.”
He smiled. “Okay.”
“Where were you born?”
“Here…Laguna Beach, California.”
“Dude, you haven’t traveled at all.”
“Yes I have. I’ve been to New York City, Hawaii, Italy, France—“
“Okay, okay, I get it.”
He laughed and told me to continue.
“Umm…let’s see….you already told me how old you are….”
“How ‘bout what’s your favorite color? Or favorite movie? Or song?” He suggested.
“Alright, what’s your favorite color?”
“What’s your favorite movie?”
“Blind Side.”
“What your favorite song?”
“Umm…pretty much anything by Paramore.”
“No kidding? I love Paramore! I went to their concert in Phoenix two months ago.”
“You’re so lucky. My mom wouldn’t let me go because I was gonna go alone since none of my friends like Paramore.”
“None of my friends like it either. That’s so weird.”
Suddenly Josh called out from where he was standing and we both turned towards him. “Hey Spencer! What time do you have to go home?”
“Nine. That’s in like half an hour.”
Spencer and I turned back around and I sat down on the porch with my back against the railing. Spencer took a seat beside me.
“Why do you have to be home so early?” I asked.
“My mom doesn’t trust Josh or Cody so she wants me home at nine when I’m out with them. But when I’m out with Charlotte, I can get home by one in the morning and she’ll be fine with it as long as Charlotte was with me.”
“So I guess Charlotte’s very trustworthy?”
“To my mom she is.”
“What about your dad?”
“He’s almost always busy at work or away for on a business trip. Like right now, he’s in New York and won’t be back till the end of June.”
“Oh, that sucks. How often do you get to see him then?”
Spencer shrugged. “We’re not really close. I barely know him and he frequently forgets my birthdays and stuff but he’s closer to Charlotte. Charlotte’s five years older than me and before I was born, Dad didn’t travel so much and he was at home more often so he and Charlotte have a strong bond.”
I didn’t know what to say to that so I just stayed quiet.
“Are the 20 questions over?” He asked with a smile.
I shrugged. “I guess so.”
“Well I still have a few more questions for you.” I sensed his eyes on me but I didn’t look at him. I knew that if I did, I would stare at him and then my cheeks would turn bright red making me show my emotions.
After a few moments, I turned to look at him just as he was leaning closer to me. His eyes were closes and his mouth was coming closer. Just as his lips were about to touch mine, I turned my face so he kissed me on the cheek.
He opened his eyes and looked embarrassed. “Sorry,” He mumbled.
“It’s fine. It’s just…I’ve known you for less than a day, Spencer I’m not ready for you to kiss me.”
“I know, it was just stupid thing to do, sorry.”
I stayed silent and after a few minutes of silence, I absentmindedly laid my head on his shoulder. I felt him turn and glance at me but I didn’t look up at him. Shortly after, he hesitantly wrapped his arm around my shoulders, hugging me closer to him.
“Kristen…” He began to say. “You’re giving me mixed signals. First you said you didn’t want to kiss me and now you’re hugging me. I’m really confused.”
“First of all, I’m not hugging you. This would be hugging.” I threw my arms around him, locking them tightly around his torso and smiled to myself as I hugged him, he was so warm. I let go of him and sat back up. “And second, I never said I didn’t want to kiss you, I just said I wasn’t ready to kiss you. And I was leaning against your shoulder because I’m tired and you’re warm.”
“’re saying you do want to kiss me…eventually?”
I shrugged. “Maybe.”
He wrapped his arm around me again but gently this time. “What if I asked you out on a date?”
“I would ask you when.”
“Natalia said we’re going to Disneyland.”
His face fell but he tried to keep from showing his disappointment.
“But maybe afterwards, we could meet you at the beach or something.”
“Well it wouldn’t be a date if Natalia is there too.”
“Fine, Natalia can drop me off at the beach and I’ll hang out with you but she can hang out at the beach too.”
“Okay.” He smiled.
“So I’ll see you at the beach tomorrow?”
“Sure. What time?”
“Um…I’ll call you.” I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my cell phone. He took out his phone too and we exchanged numbers.
“Hey bro, it’s almost nine!” Cody called to us.
Spencer and I stood up and I gave him a hug. “See you tomorrow. I’ll text you in the morning.”
“Okay, bye.”
He smiled at me again before running down the porch steps to where his friends were waiting by their car.
I waved to him but he was already seated in the backseat. Natalia was speeding up the porch steps and together we entered the house after Spencer, Josh and Cody had left and right then, our parents were coming into the living room. Now that’s what I call great timing. <3
post more soon!!
This is like, reallyyy good!
I was kinda iffy on it bc it wasnt about twilight, and usually those arent very good, but this one is! Its very well written and i love the story!
Thank you so much everyone! Wow, I didn't know it was THAT good. I actually plan on finishing this and maybe writing a sequel. I get lots of ideas for stories and I start them but I really quickly get bored with them and never finish. I was writing a story on another site about whate happens to Nessie after BD and I went on till Chapter 110 or something but I didn't finish even though I was a chapter away. Whatever...that was a long time ago. I'll post more asap but I have hw to do(: Thanks again. ♥dee♥
love it update me. plz.
Okay, 1st - loved it!!!!!
2nd - are u really in middle school? U write so well! when u finish it, u should get it published.
plz keep me updated and I'm gonna send ur link to all my friends, everyone should read this.
Oh my god, thank you so much! That's so nice of you to compliment my writing like that, wow I never really thought I was that great of a writer but thank you so much! And same goes for sending this link to all your friend, I really appreciate it! ♥dee♥

I won't be able to update for a few days or so because yesterday I had a lot of drama going on w/ friendship problems and bullys and stuff so I got behind on my hw trying to fix today after school I'll have to do double work and I have a major soc. st. test coming up on Tues. so I have to finish the studyguide that's due on Tues. I'm really behind on that. Thank you for your compliments and your patience! ♥dee♥
i love it...plese update me!!
Good job! Can't wait to read what happens next.


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