The Twilight Saga



Prologue – Kristen Harris


I woke up blinded by the sun shining brightly through the single window in the room. I sat up slowly, not remembering where I was and looked around at the pink and blue walls of the bedroom I had woke up in. The dark wood dresser sat against the wall to my left and the digital clock on the nightstand read 10:00 AM. Glancing up at the ceiling, I noticed the Beyond Wonderland posters that cluttered the blue wall that stood perpendicular to the bed. Then the day before came rushing back to me.

My heart squeezed and a giant lump appeared in my throat making it hard to keep calm. Tears dripped out of my eyes, making my vision blurred. I tried to keep the sobs that broke through my chest quiet and partially succeeded. I stood up and took another look around Natalia’s bedroom and noticed that she wasn’t in the room.

                Then, as if by cue, the bedroom door slid open and Natalia peered in. “Hey,” She said, leaning against the doorframe. “You okay?” Her smile was sympathetic and it seeing it made me hurt even more.

                I shrugged and wiped away the tears that trickled down my face still.

                Natalia walked into the room and took a seat on the bed. I sat back down beside her and looked away from her melancholy gaze.

                “It’ll be alright, you’ll come back soon and you guys will see each other again. It’ll be okay.” Natalia put a hand on my shoulder but I still couldn’t look at her. Fresh tears streamed down my face and I tried to hide them from her.

                “Hey, come on, its okay.” She said. I shrugged not bothering to argue that it definitely was not okay.

                “It’s all my fault.” I whispered. “I was so mean to him and insisted we break up because I’m leaving tomorrow and…”

                “No, it’s not your fault. It’ll be alright, I know Spencer and you do too; he’s probably just as upset as you are.”

                “I doubt that.” I mumbled and sighed. “I wish I could fix this.” I said, loud enough so that Natalia could hear. “I miss him…so much.”

                “Then go. Go to his house or to the beach or wherever you think he is and talk to him. You do what you think is right. Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow your destiny. I know you love him and I know he loves you just as much.”

                “I will.” I smiled through my tears and gave her a hug before jumping up from the bed and hurrying to get dressed.

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i love your story!
hey, i loved it
pleace keep me updated
thanks ♥
Thanks you Amanda, Kate and Micky! I usually update through messages to all my friends and/or to messages to everyone on Fan Fiction.(=
sounds good...keep me updated
It's awesome Dee! I <3 it!!! Can't wait to read more!


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