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The Denali Sisters' story by myself and mareesa cullen


This idea stemmed from my entry into Nina Rose's 3rd writing challenge; Three Coins in a Fountain. It was a one-shot about the Denali sisters - I was inspired to write a whole story. I also loved mareesa cullen's entry (Haunted), but I was left waiting for more; the confessions, the trial etc. but now she's co-writing this story so hopefully we will get Irina's haunted feeling…of course that comes later.

Mareesa and I hope you enjoy this story and this chance to learn the Denalis' story as interpreted by us. 

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It was a moonlit night, and the air in the mountains of Switzerland was cold. We ignored it; we were about to go for a hunt: all four of us were ravished, and we couldn't feel the cold anyway. What we could feel - what I will never forget - was the chill in my mother's voice as she stopped suddenly, only a few paces outside the door.

"Girls, get back inside," she ordered in a whisper. I looked to my younger sisters and, shocked, we all obeyed. Scrambling for positions at the living room window, kneeling so we were hidden from whatever threat was coming, we watched three tall figures approach our mother.

The middle one lowered the cowl of his cloak. At the window, all three of us stopped breathing.

"Caius," Kate whispered in horror, her eyes wide.

"Why are they here?" Irina wondered. Her eyes were narrowed into a glare.

"Girls, why don't you come and join us," Aro beckoned from outside. I leapt to my feet, but remained in a cautious crouch. The three elders watched us; Aro seemed the only one interested.

"Tanya, you look as lovely as ever," he said, his mouth stretching into a smile. I straightened slightly and crept to the doorway.

"Why are you here?" I demanded, my voice rasping as I tried to keep it under control.

"Your mother has a few things to answer to," Marcus answered hoarsely, sweeping his arm with its draping black sleeve so he was pointing at Mother. I raised my lips in a snarl.

"Like what?" Irina demanded, behind me now.

"Well, don't you know?" Caius asked. Mother's face was gaunt.

"No, no, please…" she begged, scrambling between him and us. "They know nothing of this. It was my doing entirely."

"Mother?" Kate wondered. None of us stepped over the threshold. I glanced over my shoulder, and Irina silently implored me to do something, but in all honesty I couldn't think of anything. This entire scene was too impossible to believe.

The elders were no longer paying attention to us: they left us in the doorway and continued discussing the fate of our mother amongst themselves.

"Is it true that you created an Immortal Child?" Caius snarled at last, wheeling around to face Mother.

"What?!" Irina gasped, stepping forward. I held my arm out, instinctively stopping her interference.

"It's folly," I told her. "Mother would never do that." But one look at my mother's face told me I was wrong.

"I'm sorry girls," she said, glancing at us with a desperate need to be forgiven. "It's true, I did. " She sniffed and then drew herself up. "This was my mistake, and I take full responsibility for it. Please, Aro, have mercy…the girls were not involved. I beg of you, let them go."

Marcus and Caius glanced towards their unspoken leader: Marcus rather blankly and Caius with an indignant sneer on his face.

"You're just going to let them go?" he whispered demandingly.

"No, dear brother, I cannot do that," Aro murmured back. His eyes scanned the scene, finally coming to rest on my face. He glanced at Kate and Irina, and then back to me.

"Girls, will you come forward?" he invited. His outstretched hand was inviting, but his smile sent a shiver down my spine.
"W-What's going to happen to Mother?" I choked. Pathetic - I sounded like a child.

"Come, Tanya," Mother whispered sadly. "You cannot help me now, dear girl, I have made a serious mistake and I accept the consequences. Show Aro that you were not involved, and he will let you go."

I stared at Aro's hand, and stepped over the threshold. He nodded encouragingly and waited as I haltingly made my way towards him. I took his hand, and he suddenly squeezed it very tightly.

"Hm…"Aro murmured to himself. "Your mother seems to be telling the truth. For you, at least."

"Kate, Irina, come down please." Mother waved her hand, and Kate and Irina joined us. Aro held each of their hands for a few seconds, and then he and his brothers - or so he called them - retreated a few steps to discuss in private.

"What's its name?" I demanded of my mother. Rage and sadness were making my voice bitterer than I intended; part of me still refused to believe Mother could commit such an atrocity, and the other part couldn't believe she'd added a member to the family without telling any of us.

"Her name is Sasha," Mother replied wistfully, her eyes glowing with admiration. "You would have loved to meet her…she's gone now too, I'm afraid."

"How could you do this?" Irina asked desperately.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Kate choked.

"Hush, girls, I'm afraid our time has run out." Mother's voice held no fear; only determination and acceptance. I bowed my head.

"You are all beautiful girls. I love you all," Mother continued. "Try and uphold our pledge against murder; make good citizens of yourselves. I'm sorry my selfishness led to this: always remember it was not your fault."

She hugged each of us, one by one, and when she got to me, whispered:

"Take care of your sisters."

I promised I would.

With that, my mother strode towards the Volturi elders with her head held high.

"Vasilii my dear, I'm afraid you've overstepped the line rather seriously," Aro said. "But I understand your daughters were not involved, and they are to be left alone." He glanced around us at the trees; I could see more cloaked figures waiting in the darkness.

"Thank you," Mother whispered.

"The child, Sasha, has already been dealt with. As damage was minimal and - once we tracked you down - you cooperated well, a quick death will be granted."

"Thank you," Mother whispered again.

I lifted my head and watched - it was so surreal! - as Caius pulled out a small silver gadget. Flames spewed from one end, devouring Mother, and in seconds she was gone. Caius stepped away from the burning rubble, but I couldn't take my eyes off it even as the elders continued to speak.

"We are sorry innocents suffered this day," Marcus groaned. "But our business is not always a happy one."

"Yes, indeed, it is unfortunate," Aro murmured sympathetically. "I am sorry-"

A vicious snarl ripped out of Irina's chest, cutting off the ancient.

"You're sorry?!" she roared, charging towards him.

"Stop her!" Aro snapped. Instantly, two figures from the forest appeared at his side.

"No!" Kate gasped, grabbing Irina.

Irina's eyes rolled back in her head. Her body shuddered and then her knees gave out, sending her crashing to the floor. Kate wailed and fell to her knees by Irina's side. Caius snarled. Aro burst into applause.

"What an amazing ability!" he cried.

"Get out of here." My voice was flat and low. I glared at Aro, and his smile faded.

"Perhaps that would be for the best," he decided with a nod. "Come, brothers, we have caused these three enough trouble for one night."

The Volturi seemed to fade away. When all traces had disappeared, I turned my attention back to my sisters.

"Irina!" Kate wailed.

"What did you do?" I tried to be controlled - and failed.

"I-I- I don't know!" Kate stammered. "I just knew I had to stop her…this seemed the fastest way! I didn't know what would happen…not that she would be down for this long…Oh, Irina, I'm sorry!"
Beside us, there was a groan.

"Oh, Kate," Irina moaned drowsily, rolling over so she could sit herself up. "Ever do that to me again and I swear I'll…well I'm not sure yet, but it'll hurt!"

"You're okay!" Kate cheered, throwing her arms around Irina. Her cheer became a choked sob as this action drew her eyes to the smoldering remains of our mother. Irina shifted around and so did I, watching the smoke rise into the night.

As clouds hid the moon's light, I huddled closer to my sisters. I had never realised just how huge and daunting the darkness was.

"We're alone now," Irina whispered. "Completely alone. What are we going to do?"

"We have each other," I corrected her gently. "That has to be enough."

It just has to be.

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OMG!! Tanya & Carlisle!?! That's just wrong!!! Kinda funny though if you think about it cuz she tries to go for Edward after...since she can't have Carlisle cuz Esme would take her out in a blink of an eye she goes after the son...DRAAAMMMAAA!! Great story!! =)
oooooh, this is very interesting. :D
I love it...
Interesting twist...
Can't wait to see what happens :)
thanks everyone! (i have decided i will respond to your comments more because I LOVE THEM!!)
lol...good one...please let me know when you update.


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