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 Hey guys this is the sequal to Left for Dead if you haven't read it heres the link<3

                                                  Chapter 1: Before the Wedding


There was a scratching sound like nails on a chalk board that filled my room, I awoke. Startled I looked towards the window and gasped. There, on the birch tree, was a huge black mass. I stared in horror . What if it was Jordan? But then I remembered how truely dead Jordan was, so I opened the window and Seth jumped inside "Seth you scared the crap out of me!" I nearly screamed at him, "Chill Nessie!" I spun around "Embry why do you do that to me?" I asked him, His brown and green eyes shimmered, "What's up guys except it's 1 in the morning and my weddings in a few hours. Wait  Jake didn't get cold feet did he?" Seth chuckled, "Hell no, he didn't get cold feet, he's been waiting for you to say 'I do' since before you could even talk," Embry laughed too, "Good," I sighed, "We wanted to know who are wedding partners were sorry about the rehearsal we picked up a vampire scent near Canada," Embry explained, I nodded," Not a Denali?" I asked suspiciously,"No" They both said. I smiled," Good Seth you have Angie and Em you have Tara," The smiled,"Thanks Nessie!" they said kissing my cheek '' Be here early please my dad needs you guys!" They laughed "All under control Nessie," They said flipping out the window I sighed. I started to close the window when it flew back open and warm strong arms wrapped around me,"Your not suppost to be here," I whispered,"I hate tradition you know that," There was a smile in his voice, I smiled too," Do you Renesmee Carly Cullen take Jacob Thomas Black to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked I giggled at his impreson of a preist, it was pretty bad, "I do. Do you Jacob Thomas Black take Renesmee Carly Cullen to be your lawfully wedded wife," I asked quizically he smiled down at me, "Hell ya I do!" I giggled and then there was another giggle at the door. I put my index finger to my lips and crept to the door and flung it open fast. My mother,Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose and Grandma Esme all lay on the floor  in a heap,"Who's idea was this?" I hissed. They all pointed to Aunt Alice, "You're all vampires! You can hear from five miles away and your all right at the door," They all nodded,"That's what I said," My dad called from down stairs,"My point exactly!" I said, they all left grumbling something about  bridezilla, I retreateded back into my room into Jake's waiting arms. He played with my hair for a minute and then he started to kiss me. He went all the way to my collar bone and came back up resting his lips on my neck, "JAKE! You give her a hickey before her wedding day I'll kill you!" Alice screeched from the door, I laughed and he did too. He kissed me again only on my lips. He groaned I started to take off his shirt , but he stopped me,"That's not what I meant the guys are here," I groaned too."Where are you going?" I asked. He laughed,"Cliff Diving, no strip clubs." I heard a muffled "Ah man! " from Embry, I laughed at that,"You better bring him back in one peice," I said out the window,"And you," I said spinning around,"Be careful," I breathed into his chest,"Always am," He said smiling,"Shut up and get out of here!" I said he smiled and flipped out the window, I smiled. There goes my future husband, I thought,"Yeah all to near future," My dad said behind me, I jumped. He laughed, " You look so much like your mother when you do that," He looked at me with the eyes only a father could have,"I know kids grow up fast, but you grew up entirely to quickly,"He sighed ,"Sometimes I look at you and I want my little girl back, but then I see you and you are so grown up. Sometimes I'd like to strangle Jake because of some of his thoughts and I think about last year," I shuddered reaching down to the scars were from Jordan, "And I remember how sorry he was when He came back and I know how much he loves you, but why is it so hard for me to let you go?" He asked, He looked like he was about to cry,"Because you love me," I whispered, "I love you more than you know," He said kissing my forehead,"I love you too." I said.

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caught up on this now lol

the poor pack loosing a member like that :(

hope Eli can control her thirst!!

can't wait for more! :)  

So, Jude is the son of the character that is based off of me. Perci has allowed me to write an inside look into Jude's mind on his best friends death. So, here it is! Hope you enjoy this!

An inside look into Jude's mind on his best friend's death:


        The vampire had his neck within its grip, pressing him into a tree. He struggled for each shallow breath he managed to force through his teeth, scratching at the leech's face. Nothing threw the cold creature off of him and only angered him, making him press into Jude's neck harder.

        Jude! Oscar roared. I'm coming, dude, hang on!

        Oscar had to dig himself out of some tree rubble. Once he was free, he flew through the air and crashed into the vampire, knocking him to the ground. Once Jude regained his breath, he went to help Oscar. The vampire must have heard him approach. The leech turned its upper body around, reaching out with its hand to hit Jude. He fell to the ground.

        The slight distraction gave Oscar the opportunity to strike. He used his hind legs to throw the vampire off. The leech landed on its legs, already in a defensive pose, ready for whatever the two young wolves had to offer. The three stood off for a while, watching and waiting for the other to make a move.

        The brash and unthinking Oscar acted first, flinging his body to the leech, trying to knock him off his feet. Unfortunately, the leech managed to get its arms around Oscar's midsection. The monster squeezed. The pain that Oscar felt was so intense that it made Jude cry out with the same amount of pain. He howled in pain and agony, both physical and emotional. After regaining his composure, Jude managed to act on instinct, out-thinking the vampire in front of him. In no time at all, he had the vampire dismembered and burning, the slow-arriving voices in his head slowly disappeared as he phased back.

        He ran to the now-human Oscar, trying to get him to wake up. Oscar's breaths were shallow and sounded like he had water rolling in his throat.

        "Oscar," Jude sobbed. "Please... wakeup. Don't leave me!" He shook his best friend's shoulder. No matter what he did, his friend was unreachable. "Please..." he whimpered.

        When Eli asked Jude what had happened, he explained each moment, not in excruciating detail, but enough. Jude could still feel the way that each rib cracked, as though it were an echo. Each breath he had was shuddering, from pain and worry. Was his friend going to make it? Oh, God, please let him make it! He can't handle this right now. Not at this time. Between his mother's illness, his sister changing and his best friend's life being flown in the wind, it was any wonder the Jude could still function.

        "Go get Carlisle, Jude," Eli said. The way she said it, Jude knew it wasn't good. Please, Eli. Don't make me leave his side. But Jude couldn't resist the alpha female voice that she had let slip through.

        He reluctantly got up and ran to the Cullen house as fast as he could. He burst through the door.

        "Carlisle!" he screamed. "Carlisle!" Before he had even finished saying his name, the Doctor was standing in front of him.

        "What is it, Jude? You seem worried, stressed." The doctor tilted his head to the side, questioning the sanity of the young wolf or what the problem was.

        "We need you, now," Jude said through his teeth.

        "Medically?" Carlisle asked, switching to doctor mode like a light switch.

        Jude nodded. Hurry up, you're wasting time, Cullen, he sneered. Before Carlisle even made it back with his doctor tools, Jude was already outside, running in his wolf. He knew the doctor would follow him. He was right. Soon, the doctor was running beside him, soundlessly pounding his feet into the ground.

        Jude focused on his steady footfalls, trying to keep himself sane. He's going to be okay, he'll live and we will joke about this later. Jude tried reassuring himself, but it was failing miserably. Stop it!

        They burst through the tree line, seeing Nigel standing next to one of the burning piles, his hands shoved into his hair, tears visible even from where Jude was standing next to the doctor. His eyes swept over the others in the clearing. They were all gathered around Oscar, some standing, others sitting with their heads hanging. Eli's face told everything: Oscar Jonathan Clearwater was dead.

        Jude couldn't hold back the howl of pain that built up in his chest. He howled for everything related to that moment. He howled for the pain he was experiencing, for the pain Oscar's parents would feel, for the pain Nigel was going through, for the loss of his best friend and pack member. It was in that moment, that moment of suffering that the whole pack felt, that it came into sharp clarity what Jude was losing.

He was losing everything,

                    Someone who hated imprinting as much as he did,

                                                                    A friend that he could laugh with,

                                                                                Memories that haven’t even happened yet.

                                                                                                                    He was losing his best friend.

        His legs gave out beneath him. How would he go on? How will he survive? Tears were streaming as he lay on the damp grass, tarnished with his friend’s death. He knew he phased back when he felt cool air breeze across his bum.

He glanced at Nigel again. The man was now sitting on the ground, shoulders slumped, looking blankly at the ground. Jude has never seen Nigel like this. He was normally positive and authoritative, in his own way. Jude snarled quietly. This was so messed up! How could this happen now, of all times?! It just wasn't fair!



        The burial was three days later, much too soon for Jude's comfort. He stood next to his sister, his hands shoved in his pockets, head hung low. He couldn't make eye contact with anyone. It took him three days, at this moment, in fact, for him to try to make his peace with his friend's death. It took two days for Jude to realize that his friend was actually dead, for him to reassure himself that he wasn't in some nightmare. One day to figure out what he was going to do about it. However, it only took him two hours to realize that it was his fault that Oscar was dead.

        The only solace he had through all his epiphanies was that he knew what he was going to do about it. He was going to take his revenge, with or without the pack. He was going to leave in the night, bypass the ones that would be on patrol, and run in the night. He would leave when he knew it was right; after all, that vampire had to come back at some point, right? He came back for a reason, and that wasn't only to kill Oscar; Jude knew that and so did everyone else. After he found the leech would he change. He would kill that leech or at least die trying.

        They were now covering up the coffin, allowing his parents to say their last goodbyes as the other people slowly shuffled away. Jude stayed, even when his sister tried to drag him away. His parents understood and told her to leave him behind. He stood there for a while, just watching as the hole was slowly filling with dirt, covering his friend and any possible future he had. It killed him to see this. He never imagined he would have to do this, that he would have to say goodbye.

        Jude took a deep breath. "I don't know what to do anymore, Oscar." He let the breath go, while scratching the back of his head. "I'm lost." He paused. He didn't really know what to say. He glanced across the field to see his parents walking away, Nigel following close behind. His mother was tucked underneath his father's arm, her face buried in her hands, shoulder shaking with tears. His father's face was stoic, a mask worn to hide a father who was hurt. "But I know what I'm going to do about it. You don't have to worry, I'm going to avenge you. You will not have died in vain."

        Then, he just walked away. He wasn't going to make himself suffer anymore.

        He saw the rest of the pack congregating in the woods. He sauntered over to them, looking at the ground the whole time.

        "We need to make sure this doesn't happen again. We need to find the rest of this coven and destroy them." Eli said, growling through her teeth.

          Jude nearly jumped for joy. He wouldn't be doing this alone in the decision to taking revenge! His pack was going to help. The whole group was silent and looked at her like she had three heads. What was wrong with them? How could they not want to do something about their pack member's death? Jude could barely contain himself with excitement.

        His eyes snagged on his sister's from across the gathering. She just shook her head and mouthed 'no'. Jude was confused. That was when he felt the smile on his face. So what? He was smiling after his friend's funeral, what was the big deal? They were going to kill his killer. That had to count for something.

        "What? What are you all staring at? A fellow wolf is dead!" She spat at them. Still, there was no reaction from the huge men that surrounded her. "Well?" She questioned.

        Saphira shrank back, from the tone in Eli's voice or the sadistic smile that was slowly making its way onto Jude's face, he wasn't sure.

        "Babe, calm down..." Jay soothed, placing his hands on her shoulders. No. She couldn't calm down now! Anger was what they needed! It was the only thing that would make them act rashly, without thinking things through. It was the only thing that would make revenge work, would make it so sweet to accomplish. Don't tell her to calm down now, we need to do this!

                    To his utter horror, Eli nodded in agreement. "We shall trace this last ones trail. A lot of vampires travel in covens like my family, but some are nomads. According to my mother, they were a coven. If we find the trail we will probably find the rest of them." After that, she dismissed them.

        Was that really it? Was there going to be no preparation for a fight? No possible threat of war? That blows!Jude growled. This was just unacceptable!

It's time he took matters into his own hands...


Jay's POV:
Jay paced back and forth, he couldn't get Eli out of his head. Nigel sat rocking baby Ryder," if you keep
pacing you'll wear a hole in the floor." Nigel teased. Oscar had been dead for over two weeks and Nigel was slowly healing. No one expected him to heal quickly, he was doing remarkably well. Jay sat down next to him and put his head in his hands.
"Where is she?" He asked miserably. Nigel slapped him on the back, 
"she's an imprint remember? She's missing you just as much as you miss her." He said. Jay had traced her scent to Canada and lost it shortly after. She didn't want to be found. When she did, he would be there. 
"Eli, please just please don't be hurt or on a killing rampage." He whispered. They had been scanning the newspapers and tv for stories of mass murders or kidnappings. Kay sighed he needed to find her. Fast. 
Eli's POV:
Eli jumped from tree to tree. Stocking a hiker. Please got don't run a hand through your hair. Please God don't. She pleaded with her thoughts. She was only paying attention to the hiker not her feet and the tree. She stepped hard on a brittle branch and fell. She crashed to the Earth, the hiker flipped around but looked confused. She looked right at Eli but didn't look like she had any enlightening to seeing her. She stood and still it was like the girl was looking right through her. She walked closer to the girl, the girl didn't even bat and eye. The girl continued on but Eli stood dumbfounded. The girl obviously wasn't blind, why would she be walking around in the woods if she was blind? Eli shook her head not understanding. Why had the girl completely over looked her. There were animals and they were seeing her. Was she dead? Was she a ghost? She thought about it. If she was a ghost her fall wouldn't have hurt and her ankle was still a little hurt so that wasn't the case. She thought about it. There was a stag a half a mile off. She would see if it saw her, if it didn't then she'd panic. She ran at it and it ran away. She sighed in relief. She came upon a trail and after several miles she found herself listening to at least twenty second graders and a teacher. She sat in a tree listening. One of the children had a seeing eye dog with him. Sensing Eli and danger having to do with her he started to bark at the tree she was at. A small boy pointed at her. 
"Look it's a girl!" He said pointing directly at Eli. He smiled but looked away.A snicker arose from his classmates," crazy carter is seeing things! He's so weird!" One boy laughed. The other children laughed too and he hung his head in shame. The blind child patted him on the back, he seemed to be his only friend. Eli glared at the other children as the teacher shushed them. They couldn't see her. The little boy looked back up at the tree almost hoping to see her but he frowned and shook his head. He didn't see her either. She realized she was invisible to them she hopped down from the tree, this time gracefully. The children continued to walk and Eli got next to the child who was mean to the other boy and tripped him. He fell and everyone laughed, including Eli. She silently slipped away. She sat thinking of this new found skill and then it came to her in a rush. She had found her power. She wanted to tell people she didn't want to be alone. She wanted to tell Jay. She was almost home when she realized what she was doing. She stopped. She started to turn around when she heard him. He was in human form and clothes in seconds. His arms around her.
" I love you so much." He whispered. She felt wetness on her cheek. She reached up whipping the tears from her face. She layed her head back on his chest. 
" I missed you so much. I love you too." She said kissing Jay. She was a mess she knew. She had no makeup and she had been bathing in rivers and ponds for over two weeks. 
"I'm so glad to be home." She whispered. She looked up at him and grabbed his hand. She walked back to their house hand in hand. 
"The love of my life is home!" Jay shouted the wolves were all there and an uproarious cheer came from the room. Hugs were exchanged all over the room. I realized then, I was home. With my family. Even if they weren't all there in body,they were all there in spirit.

Interesting new power!  I hope she will now be okay!


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