The Twilight Saga

Yep, that's me! Isabella King, I'm 15 and i just moved to beautiful Miami, Florida. I miss my friends SO much. I am hoping to find a boyfriend when i get to school, i also heard a prom is going to start next month at my 'new' school! Hopefully my mom will earn enough money to help me find a dress... My dad is still in Georgia, we had to leave him behind so later his boss will promote him to Florida and he is a doctor. I know what you're thinking, why does my mom have to have a job if my dad is a doctor? Well my dad didn't get his paycheck until after me and my mom left so things have been tough... Anyways im an only child and i guess im pretty good at school, i want to become a lawyer when I get out of high school. Speaking of school, CRAP im late for my first day! Well i gotta run!

Isabella King

I shut my notebook and started curling my hair, i looked at my tall mirror that was surrounded with moving boxes, I was wearing my favorite purple sundress, my white flats, and my golden dangly earrings. I finished curling my hair and put on my white headband. I looked at my phone, " Oh great. 7;30 and im not even out of the house yet... MOM LET'S GOOO!!!"
"Ok sweetie get in the car!"
My makeup! Totally forgot! I'll just bring it with me in the car.
"Coming MOM!!!!"
i grabbed my threw my makeup bag in my backpack and ran in the car. Then my mom comes in.
" Mom, come on im late!"
"I'm sorry Bell i just needed forgot to grab my purse, calm down honey! Negative energy is bad for your skin!"
"Ok just drive!"

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