The Twilight Saga

This story takes place approx 8 years after BD. The usual disclamer's apply....all characters are property of Stephenie Meyer...etc
This is the FIRST time I have ever written anything. Please enjoy and give me your honest opinions.
Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1
I was sitting alone in what used to be my old room. I was listening to classical music and jotting things down in one of my hundreds of journals. Besides the music it was silent. There were no one else’s thoughts in my mind. Ten years ago I would have enjoyed this silence, but now it is just pure torture.

Everyone was out of the house. Alice, Bella and Rosalie had decided to take a trip to Paris for Renesmee’s eighth birthday. Of course this was Alice’s idea; now that Renesmee had reached “maturity” she felt she needed to expose her to true fashion. It was true, Renesmee looked as though she was 18 and it wasn’t just how she looked. You would think she was at least 100 years old by her maturity. This also meant that Jacob’s interests had changed. He was no longer Nessie’s own personal babysitter. He looked at her now the way I looked at Bella. It’s still a struggle for me to think of my little girl as a woman, but who wouldn’t. Most parents have the time to watch their child learn and grow slowly…where they would get years we had only gotten months. Although I knew this time would come it was still very hard for me. While these past years have flown by, this past week had seemed like an eternity. Each passing day grows harder and harder to be away from my love, my Bella. At least I found comfort that in two more days they would return, and I knew of plenty of ways to make up for the time we had been apart.

Carlisle and Esme were out at a hospital function. Through his generous donations they were able to build a state of the art Cardiac wing and were naming it in his honor. I’ve never seen my mother so proud of him before. Even though we are immortal it is nice to see that he will always be remembered in such a positive light. Of course we would be leaving Forks shortly, people were starting to talk. Esme would get questions on how she and Carlisle still looked so youthful and to would beg them to share their secret. Oh if they only knew. She would go on about this Egyptian skin care regime but even she knew that would only work for so long. We don’t want to say goodbye to Forks, but we have already been here too long. It will be the hardest on Bella. She has really grown so close to her father over the past few years. Who knew it would take some weird sci-fi type scenario’s to bring them so much closer. We also had all of our friends in La Push. To think werewolves and vampires were actually friends was still hard to believe, but they were all our family now as well. It’s also nice to not have to try and cover up our youthfulness. Just about the whole tribe knew what we were and though it did take time, and many uncomfortable situations, we were finally accepted.

Emmett and Jasper had decided to go into town to check out the new “Vampire” film that just came out. They love to go and laugh at the lore of it all.

I remember when the first vampire movie had come out, Nosferatu, how Carlisle and I chuckled of this vampire having to sleep all day and burning into nothing when he went into the sun. I was jealous though. I wished for sleep, for the ability to dream. How that would have helped me when I first met Bella or even now with her gone. I wish I could go and curl up in our bed and just dream of her perfect face, her perfect body, to be able to touch her even if only in a dream. My mind started to wonder back to that first night after Bella had changed. The first time I could let myself lose control…..well at least I could daydream.

There was a noise outside; the fluttering of a tiny heartbeat caught my attention. I looked out my window and saw a lone rabbit in the grass. Hmmm I guess I could hunt? Not a tiny rabbit though…there was absolutely no fun or taste in that. I put down my pen, turned off the music and headed outside.

It was a beautiful night. The moon was full with just the slightest breeze, a perfect night for hunting.
I took off into the forest trying to catch the scent of an Elk or Deer. I was also thinking about Bella and how I wished she was by my side. Suddenly I heard something…a scream. I came to a sudden halt and pointed myself in the direction it had come from. I picked up a scent, it was unfamiliar then I felt my jaw begin to tighten and my teeth clenched, vampire! But this scent was off somehow. It had almost a mustiness to it. It still smelled sweet and un alarming. I also tried to hear this creatures thoughts but was getting nothing. I took off in that direction and prepared myself because if I could pick up their scent they could pick up mine. Then suddenly my phone rang. I jumped slightly at the sound. I had been so deep into concentrating on that scent it was as if nothing else existed. I grabbed the phone from my pocket and saw it was Alice.

“Is everything alright?” “Yes just out hunting Alice. What’s the matter? Bella? Renesmee?”
“Everything is fine here Edward, I was calling to check on you. Something seems wrong.” “Did you have a vision?” “No, that’s the problem. I felt it coming and then I just saw this strange color. It was greenish-yellow. It was very strange Edward, I know it has something to do with you. Are you sure nothing is going on?” I took a second to decide if I should tell her about the scream I heard or the vampire scent I had just picked up. I didn’t want to worry her or Bella for that matter. It was probably nothing I couldn’t handle on my own. I had only picked up only one scent and I knew I could handle one vampire on my own. Hopefully it wouldn’t even have to come down to a fight, just an explanation that this territory is claimed. Even as far as monsters go, most vampires would not put up a fight on a place that was already taken. “Nothing unusual here everything is just fine I promise. Is Bella there? Can I talk to her?” There were some muffling sounds and then my body sank as soon as I heard her voice.

“Edward! “ She sounded as though we hadn’t talked in weeks instead of hours. “Are you ok?” I could hear the concern in her voice. Alice must have told her why she was calling me. “Yes my love I’m fine. I just wanted to hear your voice again” “I miss you too! Promise me we will never be apart for this long again.” “I promise……. and Bella?” “Yes” she said coyly. “Be safe.” She started chuckling at me. Even though she wasn’t that frail thing anymore I still felt this overwhelming urge to be her protector. I hung up the phone and felt the loneliness again. How I wish I could be near her right now. My hunger to be with her has never diminished in these years. I felt the same longing for her that I felt when I first realized I loved her.

I gathered myself, almost forgetting about the vampire. Then there was another scream. I quickly bolted in the direction it came from. What could be going on? I smelled the air again as I ran. There was no other scent for miles. Was the vampire just letting off steam? Or were they deranged. I felt my body tense as I ran; preparing for the fight that I felt was coming. The scent was getting stronger as I drew closer. I started to slow down to an almost human pace as a came into an open field. It was completely surrounded by trees and the moonlight was shining brightly in the center.

“NOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE!” I looked past the light and into the shadows and I saw it. There by the trees was a woman laying on her back, her hands out stretched in front of her face. Her breathing was heavy. I still heard nothing from her mind. Did she have the same gift as Bella? I ran over to her and knelt down next to her. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?” But she didn’t answer. Her eyes were closed as if she was dreaming, but she was a vampire she couldn’t be! She gasped and suddenly sat up with her back to me. All I could see was her long wavy dark brown hair. “Where--- where am I?” Her back was still turned to me.

“In the forest”, ok maybe she was deranged!

“I can see that’ there was definite sarcasm to her tone, “But WHERE am I?”
“You’re in Washington State” and then she turned to look at me. She was beautiful. She had a long oval face, a delicate but strong nose, slight cheekbones and a small mouth. She looked to be in her early twenties, 25 at the most. Then I noticed up her eyes. They were like nothing I had ever seen before. Almond shaped and they looked green but with yellow over them. It almost took my breath away and I couldn’t stop staring.

“Oh not again” sputtered from her tiny lips as she put her face in her hands and started rocking back and forth. I could tell there was no immediate danger from her. She seemed confused as was I. I wanted her to pick her head back up so I could look at her eyes again. “What’s your name?” She slowly raised her head, “Barbara and you?” Well at least she knew her name, which was a good sign.
“Edward….. Now let me help you up” I stood up and reached down to help her up. She seemed shaky on her feet. The long sun dress she was wearing was all crinkled up beneath her legs. She went to straighten it out and collapsed in my arms. Now what? Should I bring her back to the house? I’d been gone for at least an hour now so Carlisle and Esme should be home now if not soon. I really felt Carlisle should have a look at her. Maybe he had seen a vampire with eyes like these before. I scooped her up, holding her tightly against my chest and started back towards home.

Chapter 2
Barbara seemed to keep going in and out of consciousness. Once she looked up at me and waited to catch my gaze. She wrapped her arms securely around my neck and closed her eyes again. For some reason a sudden wave of comfort came over me as if I knew who she was. We came upon the house and ran up the front steps and opened the door. Carlisle was sitting with Esme at the dining room table. They both sprang up as I entered the house.

“Edward what happened” Carlisle asked. I explained everything that had transpired, catching her scent, the call from Alice….was this what she was talking about? The greenish-yellow color, the color of her eyes! I continued to fill him in and Carlisle seemed as confused as I was. “I’ve never heard or seen such a thing before. Any vampire I have ever seen has had red eyes or amber like ours, and losing consciousness? I don’t even know where to begin”
Carlisle looked her over to see if there was anything else that seemed unusual. I stood behind the couch as Carlisle looked her over.

“I see nothing that could explain this” he said as he was hovering over her. Then suddenly she gasped and her eyes opened wide. Carlisle let out a sound of amazement once he saw the eyes I had spoken of. He was as mesmerized as I, squinting and concentrating to see if her eyes could actually give him an answer. The room was perfectly still. Esme was standing a few feet behind Carlisle her face showed the same wonder as his. Barbara began to lean closer to Carlisle and I saw in his face the intrigue he felt.

“Car-Carlisle! Is that you?” she sounded as if she had just ran into a long lost friend. “I thought for sure I was dying, how is this possible I feel fine” Barbara looked down at her hands and then back at Carlisle. “Wait where is he?” she asked

“Where is who?” Carlisle answered her.

“My SON WHERE IS MY SON! Please please please tell me you were able to save him too!” Carlisle just stood there blankly trying to figure out what was going on. Esme was clutching her chest and moved towards him. She gripped his shoulder just to let him know she was there. I just stood there staring at Carlisle and wondering if actually knew this girl. His mind was telling me he didn’t, but she seemed so sure.

“What is this strange place? And what is that?” she motioned her hand towards the television which was on but muted. “And who are you?” Barbara asked towards Esme. “I’ve never seen you before with Carlisle”

“My name is Esme. Barbara you seem to be in some sort of shock just try to relax while we figure things out” She started to walk towards her to comfort her. Then she screamed “WHO IS BARBARA! MY NAME IS ELIZABETH!” I could swear Carlisle’s face grew even paler then it already was. His jaw dropped and a soft “no” escaped.

“Do you know who this is?” I asked and suddenly Barbara turned around.

“Edward! O thank the lord you are ALIVE!” She bolted up from the couch and came at me. She held me as close as possible and sighed uncontrollably. What was going on? I looked over at Carlisle but his expression seemed to be frozen, his mind was empty as if he had put walls around his thoughts. I swear my mind reading must be slipping…fist Barbara and now Carlisle! At least I could still hear Esme, she was asking the same questions that I was.

If I hadn’t known it was impossible I would swear she was crying. Her body was trembling. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. I put my arms around her “Of course I’m alive vampires aren’t very easy to get rid of” I felt a little humor might at least snap Carlisle out of the zombie like state he seemed to be in.

Her head snapped up and looked into my eyes in horror. She released me and then turned towards Carlisle “So it WAS true! You ARE a vampire!” Carlisle was still frozen along with Esme. She then looked down and whispered “Thank you”
“Thank him for what!” I hissed. I had had enough of these games. “Will someone PLEASE tell me what is going on here!”

“Oh Edward, Edward I am so sorry” and she flew at me again to hold me. “Such a precious boy, what did I condemn you to? I never really believed…..if I had only truly known. My son will you ever forgive me?” Then Carlisle’s mind opened like the flood gates had been released. Thoughts came rushing through his mind of the day that I was changed. The conversation he had with my mother just before her death.

“You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward”

I growled “NOOOO” and threw her off of me. She flew through the air hitting the wall on the other side of the room. How could she even suggest? What kind of monster was she? I should have just left her there in the woods. She started to pick herself up and crouched down ready to spring at her again. “EDWARD ENOUGH!” Carlisle shouted at me. I didn’t listen all I could think of was tearing this women limb from limb. Then he stepped in front of me.

“Get out of my way Carlisle! I’ll go right through you if I have to!”My chest was heaving, and my focus was on Barbara or whoever she was. She was now standing against the wall. She turned slightly and caught her reflection in the window. She brought her hand to her face as the look of pure fear washed over her.
“That’s not me………” and she collapsed to the floor.

CHAPTER 2. Part 2

She laid there motionless on her side. Carlisle ran over to her and swooped her up into his arms and started towards the couch. “What is happening, what is this?” Esme thought. “That’s what I would like to know!” I blurted out. I wanted to rip this creature out of Carlisle’s arms and tear her to pieces. I was anxious for Jasper and Emmett to get home so they could start a fire out back and truly end this. Carlisle gently placed her lifeless body down on the couch and looked at me. Confusion ran through his mind. He was sorting through hundreds of legends and tales trying to think of some sort of explanation of what was transpiring. His thoughts came up empty.

“Get that thing OUT OF HERE!” I growled, my body firmly planted on the ground, using every ounce of strength I had to not play my feelings out. Then I heard the thought that entered his head . My eyes relaxed from the clenched stare they were in and faded into disbelief. “No Carlisle!” He reached his hand out towards me as to silence me. “Esme, I think it best you called Alice and have them extend their trip for a few days.” Esme nodded in agreement and then asked “But what should I tell her? You know she’ll be worried, especially since she couldn’t see anything.”

“Wait” I butted in. Then I heard Carlisle’s reasoning; “Do you really want to expose Renesmee or Bella to this? Let’s wait and see if we can figure this out before we subject any of them to this.” I shook my head slowly. I did agree but it was hard to not be selfish. It felt like an eternity since I had seen Bella and all I wanted was for her to be with me. I also knew she would have taken my side and let me destroy this woman. Now on top of everything that went on I had yet another reason to hate her, she was keeping me from Bella.

Carlisle told Esme to just let Alice know we needed time to assess the situation and didn’t want to expose Renesmee to this, at least not yet. Esme grabbed the phone and called Alice. I could hear Alice frantically talking and pleading to know what was going on. She was upset that she couldn’t help us at all with her visions. Then as though she could read my thoughts she said “I’ll keep this from Bella, don’t worry. There is a fashion show I had mentioned wanting to attend in 2 days, I’m sure I can convince her.” After a few more back and forth’s Esme hung up the phone and looked at me with consoling eyes.”Edward you know this is what’s best….especially for Renesmee” Then I saw what she meant, quick little thoughts going through her mind. Nessie was half human after all. Having a clearly disturbed vampire running around could be dangerous. Even with all of us to protect her something could still happen.


“Jasper and Emmett will be here shortly” I said. I could hear them and the conversation they were having.

“Can you believe that flick?” Emmett said laughing. “I know the whole mouth with razor like teeth…like that’s necessary!” Jasper laughed back. “Could you imagine the amount of Vamps running around if all you had to do was drain ALL of their blood to turn them?” Jasper chuckled, “Yeah there wouldn’t be a human left on this world.”

We heard the load roar of Emmett’s truck outside as it pulled into the garage. A moment later they came to the door still talking about the movie.

“And the whole thing about turning into a bat! Where do they even get that from? The teeth I can get but PLEASE could you see me turning into a BAT!” Emmett started flapping his arms and strutting around Jasper, quickly grabbing him and said “I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD”. He then exploded into laughter and punched Jasper in the shoulder. They were both in hysterics and then suddenly Jasper stopped and looked around. He felt the frustration in the air and then laid eyes upon the women on the couch. Emmett followed his gaze “Whoa….who is that?” He looked over at me and I saw what he was thinking “Yeah right Emmett like I would ever WANT anyone besides Bella.”

I then proceeded to fill them in on tonight’s events. Carlisle would jump in occasionally to share of his frustrations of not knowing what was happening.

“You can’t hear anything Edward? Do you think she’s like Bella?” Jasper asked. Emmett chimed in “Yo Bro…one Bella is enough.” I snarled at him and clenched my jaw, but I saw his intention was only to try to lighten the mood. “Hey Edward chill. You know how much I love Bella.” I knew this but with this situation teasing about Bella was the wrong idea.

Barbara, or whoever it was started to stir. She had been unconscious for a little over an hour now. She was moaning something that was too garbled to understand. She slowly started to sit up and started to rub her eyes. All of us were fixated on her. What was going to happen next? Was she going to run at me and start calling me her son again? God help her is she does, I won’t be able to control myself. Now that Jasper and Emmett were here I probably wouldn’t even need to.

Just as I finished my thought she opened her eyes and started to look around at the five faces focused on her. First she looked over at Carlisle then Esme. She turned her head continuing to sweep the room and saw Jasper and Emmett. Both of them let out a slight gasp when they saw her eyes. She was about to say something until her gaze met mine.

“Edward right?” Her voice was light and questioning. “Where am I? Did you bring me here?” Although I couldn’t read her mind I could tell she was sincere. Carlisle and Esme had the same questions I had running through their minds, while Jasper and Emmett were just trying to take everything in. Did this woman have Multiple Personality Disorder? If she did, how did she know about my mother? A made up personality wouldn’t know the details of my mother or specific things she had said to Carlisle.

“Barbara?” I questioned.

“Yes” she replied.

“Barbara what’s the last thing you remember?” I asked hesitantly. “You were helping me up in the forest. I remember standing up and trying to straighten my dress” she paused, trying to remember,”Then everything just went black”

Carlisle spoke up, his curiosity peaking. “Barbara can you read minds? Or do you have any type of special ability?” “Read minds?” she barked. “Are you mad?”

HA! Was she calling US mad! If she’d only seen what she did, what she had become! I suddenly looked over at Jasper as I saw his confusion. He couldn’t get anything from her either. I felt some relief that it wasn’t just me who couldn’t use their power on her. He was trying to keep her calm but it wasn’t working. Even I could feel her tension rising.

“Why do you have x-ray vision?” she was looking at Carlisle. She turned to Emmett “Can you fly?” Emmett chuckled revisiting the memory of him prancing around like a bat. Then she turned to me “Do YOU have superhuman strength?” I couldn’t help myself I walked over to the couch slowly, gently kneeling down at the edge. I slid my hand underneath the couch and raised it like a feather. Emmett let out a chuckle and her eyes widen so big I thought they were going to pop out. I slowly lowered the couch down and she stood up in a frenzy.
“What the HELL WAS THAT!!” Her voice was panicked and trembling. “Well you asked if I had superhuman strength” I said mockingly. I heard Esme scold me in her mind. Esme walked up behind Barbara and put her hand on her shoulder. “You’re alright dear; no one here is going to harm you” Barbara turned around pushing Esme’s hand off her. “Get away from me you FREAK!” She pushed Esme as hard as she could. Esme flew through the air until she smashed into the wall leaving an indent as she slid down. My brother’s and I crouched ready to attack. How DARE she lay a hand on our mother! I was going to put an end to her right here and now!

Carlisle stepped in our way. “STOP” he screamed. Barbara was frozen, her eyes darting up at down between the hole in the wall shaped like Esme and her body on the ground. Esme stood up and brushed herself off. She turned around and looked at the wall, “Well that’s going to have to get fixed.” She was actually amused.

“How the hell did I do that!?” Emmett piped up “Because YOU’RE a VAMPIRE moron” A look of terror washed over her face. It looked like a thousand memories flooded into her at once. Suddenly she raised her arms to shield her face “NOOOOOOO” she screamed. Her body started to sway and she crashed to the floor.

“Ugh not this again!” I pleaded. I don’t know what is pissing me off more….her craziness or her fainting spells. Carlisle repeated the same motions as before. Scooping her up in his arms and laying her on the couch. He knelt down in front of her stroking her hair. “We are going to get to the bottom of this, we will find a way to help you” he said in a soothing tone. How he was so calm and gentle with her was beyond me. If that had been Bella she threw like that, I felt every muscle in my body stiffen, there would be nothing left TO help.

Carlisle stood up. “I’m going to go to my study and pull every book and see if I can find anything to help us figure this out. Esme please come help me. Another pair of eyes might help.” She nodded in agreement and followed him up the stairs. My phone started to ring. I took it out of my pocket and looked to see who it was. “Damn” I said looking at Jasper and Emmett “It’s Bella.”

I was glad she didn’t call during all the hysterics. Not answering the phone would have sent her into a tailspin and answering it with all the yelling and screaming wouldn’t have been any better. I took a deep breath and collected myself.

“Hello my love” I heard her sigh at my words.”No, hello MY love” she answered. Her words made it as if nothing had happened. “Edward I have some bad news”
“Oh” I answered.

“Alice talked us into staying here a few more days for a fashion show. I put up a fight but you know Alice, I just couldn’t say no.” I tried to sound disappointed, not that I wasn’t, but Carlisle was right they shouldn’t be here to see this. “Awww Bella I wish you weren’t but I can’t be selfish, this is for Renesmee after all.”

“Edward I could come home alone. Renesmee would be fine if I left. I just miss you so much” I was searching for the right words to say. I needed her to stay in Paris even though I longed for her.

“No Bella this is important to Nessie, I’d hate for her to be disappointed. A few more days will just make your coming home that much better” I smiled at that thought. I could tell she did to. She let out a light groan. “Alright Edward you win. I’ll be sure to think of a way to make this up to you” That sent a shiver down my spine, imagining what she could do to me and loving every second of it. “I love you Bella” “I Love you too Edward” and with that I hung up the phone. It didn’t take long for my blissfulness to leave once I glanced over to the couch.


Quite a few hours had passed and I was pacing the room, just trying to make sense of all of this. Carlisle and Esme were finding nothing. Their frustrations were growing, going through book after book. Emmett was sitting in a chair watching TV and Jasper was next to him pretending to as well. Barbara was still laying there motionless on the couch and I was glad. I was not anxious to see what was going to happen next. I was recounting everything that was said, every move, and every action. Jasper was watching me. I could tell he was trying his best to calm me down. “Edward if you don’t relax you are going to wear a hole right through the floor. Carlisle will figure this out we just have to be patient.”

“Patient! You want me to be patient! This psycho-path said she was my MOTHER! She ATTACKED Esme! Then she doesn’t even stay conscious long enough to answer any questions!” My rage was filling me, I was about to lose it. “And now I have to wait even longer for Bella to come home!” As soon as I said it I heard both Jasper and Emmett’s reactions. “I know” I whispered.

“I miss Alice just as badly Edward.” Emmett had finally turned his attention away from the Baseball game he had recorded earlier. “Yeah and I miss Rose too. You seem to think you’re the only one that suffers when their love isn’t around!” He got up off his chair and came towards me. “You need to relax Bro. At least you know they are all safe and having a good time.” He punched my arm and I smiled. At least they could snap me out of my fury. I’ll never be able to tell them just how grateful I am for being their brother.

I turned my head towards the stairs,”They think they’ve found something”. The three of us gathered around the stairs waiting for them to exit the study. The door opened and Esme came out with Carlisle following. She looked at us and smiled, trying her best to reassure us everything would be fine. I could tell by what Carlisle was thinking that wasn’t entirely true. “So do we get to kill this chick or what?” Emmett said impatiently. “Emmett!” Esme replied. His eyes looked down and he lowered his head “Sorry”. I let out the quietest chuckle and Emmett glared at me. They came down the stairs and met us.

Carlisle started to speak, “So the best thing I can come up with is she’s a” “What is that?” I interrupted. “Not all of us can read minds!” Jasper interjected. “Sorry Carlisle please continue” waving my head in apology.

“So as I was saying, I think she’s a channeller. Think of it like a psychic medium.” Emmett spoke up “You mean she can talk to ghosts? How cool is that!” “Ghosts?” I asked completely unconvinced. “A mind reading vampire?” Carlisle spoke directly to me. “Ok I get your point” I had to give him that one. Vampires were legend enough and then to have special powers. I guess anything is plausible.

“There is a story of a vampire with this kind of power. He lived almost 700 years ago in Italy and in great torment. It appears before he was turned he had a gift of communicating with the dead. The Volturi took an interest in him and wanted to add him to their army.” How did I know somehow the Volturi would be intertwined in this….”They changed him and almost immediately his troubles began. It seemed anyone he would kill would haunt him. He would tell others great detail of the lives he had taken. Pleading with his overseers to let him seek out the living relatives and give them messages. Preaching to anyone who would listen that what they were doing was wrong. That there had to be a better way. When he refused to hunt the elders decided others would bring him food that had already been killed. He did accept reluctantly because his thirst grew too strong. It seemed to work for awhile but then even the already dead bodies began to talk. He was driven mad and eventually even the Volturi grew tiresome with him and killed him.” Carlisle shook his head “It is a shame there were no other covens like ours then that he could have turned to. Yet I doubt the Volturi would have let him go.” We all stood motionless waiting for more.

“However I can’t find anything to explain these other things. It seems Barbara becomes possessed by these spirits instead of just hearing them. Plus it doesn’t seem to be of spirits she killed. We know she didn’t kill Elizabeth, flu did. Unless….” He drifted in thought for a minute. She’s picking up on spirits that surround us. My face grimaced as I heard his thought. “What Carlisle?” Jasper asked. “He thinks she’s picking up spirits around us.”I answered. Jasper went blank. Then I saw his horror, remembering all the people’s lives he had taken. He didn’t want to confront those demons he had tried so hard to bury. His anxiety was filling the air. I was starting to feel the effects. I spoke up to break the silence and hopefully get Jasper’s attention off of what he was thinking.

“Did this other vampire have these eyes or pass out? I also take it he at least knew he was a vampire. This one seems oblivious to everything.” “No Edward and for that I have no explanation yet. I’m going to contact the Romanians. They were around during that time and might have more knowledge then what is written in the texts. I’m hoping they might have some answers. I really hate to get them involved as we know their motives, but there isn’t much choice here.”

There was a stirring from the couch. Emmett tapped his hands together, “O goodie I wonder who we’ll meet this time!” “Shut up Emmett!” Jasper snapped. Jasper really didn’t want to be here now after hearing Carlisle’s explanation. His tension was mounting and mounting. He was no longer trying to keep me calm, he was to focused on himself. Carlisle made his way through us and towards the couch. Esme tapped my shoulder “Edward I’m going to call Jacob and let him know of Renesmee staying a few more days. The last thing we need is an angry werewolf right now.” I nodded and she headed up the stairs. She was also thinking about not wanting to be thrown around like a rag doll again.

“Barbara can you hear me? “ Carlisle asked. She jumped slightly and inched her way to sit up. “Barbara is that you?” he asked. “Yes who else would I be?” she answered. Well at least we knew who we were dealing with. “Barbara don’t be scared no one is going to harm you” she looked at him with untrusting eyes. “Let me introduce you to everyone. I’m Carlisle, this is Jasper, Emmett and you know Edward” We all gave a little wave as he introduced us. “And the women you threw earlier is Esme” I snipped. Please Edward not right now. I rolled my eyes, how I loved being scolded silently. “Carlisle come on you know this is pointless. She should be tied and locked up somewhere!”

“That’s enough out of you Edward! If you want to leave then leave. Throwing fits is not going to help anyone right now.” He glared at me and I just put my head down and let him continue. “Now Barbara can you tell us anything about what you remember before Edward found you in the woods?”

She was obviously in some sort of shock with everything going on. She closed her eyes searching for her last memory. I was feeling the same frustrations I used to feel with Bella. I wanted to see her thoughts and I wanted to know if she was being truthful. She opened her eyes and looked resolved to tell what she knew, I’m sure she was hoping for answers as well. “I honestly don’t remember much. I don’t even know how I got to Washington. I remember being in New York City for New Year’s Eve…watching the ball drop. I had made the trip with a few friends because it’s history making! You know the new millennia and all.” Everyone was thinking the same thing. “New millennia?” Carlisle asked it out loud first. “Yeah you know 2000…she rose her hands up by her face and shook them slightly…woohoo” She noticed everyone’s face looking at her in disbelief. “Whoa this chick is seriously wacked!” Emmett laughed.

“What’s that suppose to mean? Can’t be more whacked then you calling me a VAMPIRE!” Carlisle but his hand up before Emmett could reply. “Please Barbara go on with what you remember.”

“That’s about it really. The ball dropped everyone cheered. There was a guy standing next to me who grabbed me and said “Happy New Year!” and that’s all I remember.” She stopped and put her hand to her stomach. “Hey I hate to ask but do you have anything to eat? I’m so hungry.” I think everyone’s jaw dropped in unison. She’s not serious Jasper thought. This girl is crazier then I gave her credit for Emmett thought. Carlisle was going to humor her. “I think there are some crackers in the kitchen, Emmett if you can please.” We did keep some food in the house for Jacob and Nessie. This girl was going to be in for a surprise once she tried to eat. This was something I HAD to see. Emmett came back with a box of cheese crackers and handed them to Carlisle. He didn’t want to get close to psycho girl in case she decided to try to eat him. I didn’t blame him.
“Thanks” she said as Carlisle handed her the box. She opened it and dug in grabbing a handful of crackers. She stuffed about four in her mouth and swallowed them down. She popped a few more in her mouth, “How do they taste?” Carlisle asked. “Great I could eat the whole box. I can’t remember the last time I ate along with a lot of other things apparently.” “Very interesting” Carlisle muttered. Ok I had enough “Is someone going to comment on the fact that a vampire is eating Cheez-its! Or how about the fact it is WAY past the year 2000!” Barbara just looked at me and choked down what crackers where left in her mouth. “You know I think I should go. You all are freaking me the hell out!” She put her hand up and combed it through her hair. She looked to Carlisle, he seemed to her the most normal of the bunch and asked, “Could I just use the bathroom to fix myself up a bit first.” “Sure it’s just through there” as he pointed towards the restroom. “Thanks.” She stood up and quickly walked backwards toward the bathroom. It was quite comical that she didn’t want to turn her back to us.

“Carlisle you mustn’t let her leave” Jasper pleaded, “She could suddenly remember she’s a vampire once she’s around humans and kill dozens of people!” “Relax Jasper I’m not going to let her go anywhere, I’ll figure something out.” Suddenly there was a crash from the restroom. I laughed “Well I guess that takes care of that problem for now.”

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