The Twilight Saga


Till Midnight


            There was something hauntingly familiar about this stranger, something that tugged on my heart strings but I couldn’t place it.


Chapter one: Surprise

When I woke up this morning I had no idea how many surprises the day would bring.

Bella’s POV

Edward and I had been back from our honeymoon for about a month now and married for about two months. Two months of heaven. I really can’t believe I was so hesitant about the idea of marriage.


“Good morning love” Edward said as he snaked his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek, then making his way down to kiss my neck and shoulders.


Of course, that is when my stomach chose to make its human needs known.


“I’ll go fix you breakfast while you freshen up” Edward gave me a kiss then proceeded into our own kitchen, as I made my way over to our own bathroom.  I absolutely loved the house Esme had made for us. It was absolutely perfect and solely ours. 


I started getting my bathroom things ready and noted something odd next to my box of tampons. It was a home pregnancy test with a note taped on it.



I thought you might need these.



Uh?  What could Alice be thinking, more importantly what has she seen?  I looked at the box of tampons,   the last time I had had my period was the last week of my honeymoon, I was due for one.  Could I be?


I slipped one of the pregnancy tests in with my toiletries and headed into the bathroom.


Two minutes later I was staring wide eyed at the pregnancy test, it was positive!


I was well… there weren’t really words for the happiness I was feeling at that moment. I couldn’t wait to tell Edward, but I didn’t know how to break it to him because knowing him he was going to be “Edward the worry wart” about it.  I finished getting ready quickly and headed into the kitchen carrying the pregnancy test behind my back.


Edward had breakfast laid out, one of my favorites, crêpes with strawberries and cream, eggs over easy, and orange juice.  In the middle of the table was a fresh bouquet of flowers from the garden, he picked a fresh one for me every morning.    Of course, he noticed my rather tense mood as I sat down at the table.


“What’s wrong love?”


“Umm Edward” how in the world do I tell him about this, I still don’t completely understand how it’s even possible.


“Yes Bella” I could hear the curiosity in his voice along with the usual frustration in not being able to just hear my thoughts.


“Edward, I don’t know how it’s even  possible but ….well…. I’m pregnant.” I finished swiftly and showed him the test.


His eyes went wide and he stared between me, my stomach, and the pregnancy test for what seemed like forever. Then he surprised me a huge smile broke out over his face and he pulled me into a tight embrace and began twirling me around, laughing.  When he finally set me down he kissed me so passionately. Slowly, he lowered himself to my stomach and started kissing it. Then went back to kissing me.     


Eventually I got to eat my breakfast while Edward and I talked about this wonderful surprise.  After his initial happiness, he started to worry a bit but as soon as Edward established that I was feeling fine, things were developing how they should be and I would have Carlisle check me over at the house, he was ecstatic. Alice called a couple minutes after I had finished eating demanding our presence at the main house before she told everyone for us.


When we got the house Alice practically barreled into me.


“Oh Bella, I thought I was right but, the vision was kind of fuzzy. I couldn’t be sure. And then you took the test and I saw the positive. I’m so excited for you!” She was bouncing up and down by that point, Edward actually had to hold her down a bit.


“Thanks Alice.”


The rest of the house had heard Alice’s speech and had joined the congratulations, except Rose she looked absolutely furious, though maybe extremely jealous was a better description.  She glared at me for a few seconds, then ran out the door.


Everyone else was congratulating me and Edward, though Carlisle wanted to examine me just to be sure there were no complications.   Once he and Edward had determined that everything was alright with me they went to check the baby we got another surprise, they detected not one, but three ….THREE… babies.  They were healthy and developing just like they should be. 


Now I was nervous, I thought I could handle one but three, how in the world could I handle that many babies?  Edward, looked as happy if not happier than when we got married.


Once mine and the babies health was settled the celebrations continued until I finally got them all out on a needed hunting trip.  Edward was the hardest to convince.  He was still incredibly protective about me. Victoria was still loose even if we hadn’t heard from her since she sent her little army after us.  I promised him I would go to my father’s and tell him the good news. He could even ask one of the wolves to go over and keep an eye on me if it would help. Finally he left, kissing me, the babies, then me again.


“I love you Bella. Look out for yourself and our babies. See you tonight”


“I love you to Edward. Have fun”


After they had all finally left I headed over to my fathers. Sure enough, when I got to the house I saw Jacob outside, though he avoided eye contact with me (he hadn’t spoken to me since the wedding and I heard him howling in pain when I announced my pregnancy)  Charlie wasn’t so happy about the pregnancy at first, but after we talked for a while he warmed up to the idea. 


I was about to leave when I heard a howl coming from outside, quickly followed by a menacing growl, a loud smacking sound, and a soft whimper.


I froze, I knew who the growl come from, I just wished I was wrong.


I was panicking. Victoria was here and Jacob was hurt if not dead. Edward was most likely in Canada, he wouldn’t be able to make it in time.


I didn’t have much time to panic. Victoria stormed in a minute later. She looked terrifying.  Her eyes were huge, crazed.  She was already in a crouch teeth barred.  She looked so utterly vampire.


 My Dad grabbed his gun and stood in front of me.


“Well hello Bella. Aww I see you have Daddy here trying to protect you” He voice was its usual sticky, sweet and seductive.


She lunged and my Dad fired the gun, but the bullet just bounced off Victoria landing in the couch.   My Dad looked petrified, he started trying to push me up the stairs, he was breathing heavily.  He barely got out.


“I love you Bella, now run.” 


Then Victoria lunged again this time taking my father and hurling him into a wall.  When he tried to get up she sprinted and pushed him back down. He tried again, but she pushed him down even harder.  I ran over to try and distract her but she sent me flying into the other wall.   Edward please get here soon I begged in my head. Then I saw blood spray up the wall.  


Oh god, she can’t have killed him, I could feel the tears start to run down my checks. My dad couldn’t be dead he couldn’t.


Edward please get here, please.  He needed to get here.


Victoria moved over to me then, Her eyes were full of blood lust and she was actually licking my father’s blood on her hand. She knelt down till her face was right in front of mine, slowly moving the hair from my face with her bloody hand and speaking in her sticky sweet voice.


“Well now Bella, I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to” 


Edward I love you was all I had time to think. Something hard hit my head and everything went black.


Somewhere in the middle of Canada, a roar of rage and despair shook the trees.




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Thanks glad you liked it. As for Jacob he can't imprint since he allready imprinted on Angela but there are two other single members of the pack with him.................. It is pretty exciteing cuz I now have ideas about what to do with the Cullens a few years down the line. I'm thinking protective type dad Edward dealing with a teenage daughter ready to date could be pretty fun.
oh could u follow up with this??? i mean edward dealing with his teenage children. i mean i think i already saw edward being way too overprotective as a father to a daughter through renesmee, but how will he handle a teenage son who's as hard-headed as he was...yup i want to see that..=)
lol him dealing with teenage boys would definatly be funny. The boys will probably be more stuborn than Edward becuase they also have Bella's stubornes.
Sorry that have been so long that i been in but been in school and had not time and i all most done i cant wet for the next chapter.
no worries the same goes for me. I'm glad you liked the chapter unfortunatly because of school I may not be able to post till break in december but it will be good I promise
o0mg luv iht
I'm glad you liked it : )

Hi to all,

I know it has been forever since I have writen and unfoutunatly with my hectic scheduale I don't think I will be anytime soon, though I do still try to check in on other stories.  I was going through my old computer files and saw this Poem I had written for my husband and it seem like a good fit for Twilight so I wanted to share it and see what you all thought at my attemp at writing with out twilight characters.  Please let me know what you think and if I can ever add some extra scenes to Till Midnight I will try. 


Thank you,


Real Life Bella


Tittle : What is Love



What is love?

Many can not define it for they have not felt it.

But I have and still do

It permeates my body with every breath I take.

Love is so many things,

It is loyal

It is self less

It trusts

It endures

It is passionate

It is exhilarating

The passion fills your blood till it boils

Yet passion slowly dies as age and the redundancy of life takes hold of the youthful exuberance.

But love endures past all that because love is a union of souls

And the delight comes in another human being able to know your heart, mind and every fiber of your being.



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