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            To be psychic- it can be a gift or a curse, depending on how you use the ability.  Choosing how to use the ability was easy for me, but controlling it is much harder.

            Sometimes I can control it; I can focus on something, and see what I need to do in order to make everything work out the way I need it to.  Sometimes I can make a “vision” come to me.

            Though most of the time, everything tends to come in a rush.  Appearing in my mind at random times of the day, often showing me things that didn’t matter much in my life.

            I had never been the superhero type, considering I was too short to wear a cape without tripping over the end of it.  But I had to admit; I did look pretty good in a pair of tights.  But over time, I had managed to play the superhero game thanks to the gifts I had been given. 

            Pulling people out of the way of a speeding car before they got hit, squishing a poisonous spider before it bit someone- these were all things I had done before.  I was no superman, not by any means, but the amount of gratitude that always came from the person I had supposedly saved was always enough to make me feel like there was at least a handful of people out there that actually needed me… even though half of them didn’t even know it themselves.

            Life flashes past you so fast you barley have time to watch it for yourself.  With one eye in the future, and one eye in the present walking down the street can be dangerous for me.  It made it hard to watch my own life, since half the time I was seeing it in fast-forward.  It was similar to recording a show on a video camera- you don’t really get to enjoy it, because you’re either watching it on the tiny screen of a camera, or not at all.

            When I wasn’t trying to control the visions, or ignore them, I got a constant stream of the futures of people’s lives.

            For example, sitting in a restaurant, I could clearly see the husbands who would be cheating on their wives at their “late night meeting” later that night.  The waiter who was serving the table next to mine would quit his job in two weeks to pursue a career in singing.  He would eventually make it big.  All this I knew just by turning around to ask for a glass of water.

            It was this same kind of situation that had gotten me into trouble in the first place.  I had been at a simple corner café, admiring the scenery.  I turn back around to take a bite of my apple fritter to see a man sitting in the seat across from me.  Blonde hair, brown eyes, tan, freckles across his nose- typical spoiled type.

            I rolled my eyes and picked up my fritter, taking a bite and hoping he didn’t notice how blank my eyes looked.

            “Do you mind?”

            “I was actually just going to ask you that.”

            “Wow, handsome and good with words.”

            “I try.” I saw him grin.  “Are you okay, you look like you’re having a stroke?”

            “I’m fine.” I murmured.  His future had flashed by so quickly, it was amazing I had seen any of it, but yet I had still caught it all.  His future was frightening, to say the least.  He definitely had a rude awakening coming for him within the next few weeks.  What he had done to deserve such a punishment, I had no idea.  But I had seen it nonetheless.  But I wanted to help him either way; I felt like I needed to. 

            “If you don’t want to look like an idiot I suggest you put a napkin in your lap.” I threw him a napkin, he stared at me as if I were crazy, and unfolded the napkin and placed it on his lap.  As soon as he brought his hands back up to the table, a ditzy redheaded waitress dropped a plate of strawberry pastries onto his lap.  The heavy cotton napkin prevented anything from getting on his pants.  I smiled wryly.  Right again.

            “That was amazing… how did you know that would happen?” he asked after the waitress had apologized a half-dozen times.

            “Maybe you should tell me your name.”

            “Cole.  Cole Escue.”

            “Well Mr. Cole Escue… you’re in for a pretty rude awakening in the next few weeks, maybe it would be best if you just stayed home.”

            “Maybe you should tell me your name.”

            “Gracelyn Fallows.”

            “That’s a pretty unforgettable name.”

            “Well, I’m a pretty unforgettable person.”



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Love it please continue!
Oh O. Love it
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I loved it!! You write the best stories!! You amaze me because I am a fail at writing(: GREAT story! Please continue soon!!(:


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