The Twilight Saga

this is my frist fan fic and i want to know what you guys think!
okay here a little summary:
three months after Breaking Dawn, the cullen are peacful living but what happens when Seth imprints on a girl who almost dead? Will the cullens save her? Seth wants to become a vamprie! after he found the girl. But after every seem to settle in again, a solar eclipse come and the cullens get turn back in humans, but thats the least of their problems, new members join the cullen family! How big will the family grow?


part one (its not alice this is a new person)
Marry Alice p.o.v
With my lucky charm I was going to the water with the sharks. I was not sure why I was doing to this. But I now remember: (flashback)

“If you want to be part of this club you have to jump with the sharks” Amy told when I wanted to join the swimming club.

“Yea, we have our own shark marked” Tammy told, me before we went to the lake. (end of flashback)

Now I was here seeing the sharks moving around, there was no was no phones, or house in about to miles. I told myself just poke the shark and swim away. Here we go one, two, and three. I fell in the water it’s very cold. But I had to go up for air, but I felt something past my legs.

Then I heard screaming and next thing I see red water all over the place. I started to feel a big pain by my stomach. I swam back up. But when I reach the top I saw no one there. I tried to get off the water but the pain in my stomach was killing me. I tried to get up fighting my pain and made it up on the land. I walked on my knees to a tree. I sat up on the tree. I was waiting to see if I was going to die. But then I thought I was dead. Because I started to feel like a dog stiffing me, maybe it was my lost dog, Cindy. Then I was picked up from the ground and then walked a few steps and everything was so fast I felt air past, me really fast. Then it stop I could not open my eyes but I felt that I was in some where like a house. All of a sudden the pain went away and I felt much tried and I fell asleep.

Bella p.o.v.

With playing with my little Nessie to eat her food but she would rather have blood. Its has been three months since the Volturi left.

“Mommy I want a nap I am tried” she said she talks very goo I reach out for her hand and she came to me. I control myself very well now. I turn on the T.V. Jacob was on the floor in his wolf form. Edward and I were listening to what Nessie was sleeping.

“Does he want Carlisle to go?”Edward said out of no where.

‘What” I asked.

He ignored me “Carlisle” he called instead.”Seth needs your help” then he paused for a second “Wait what? What you guys have is really strong and weird.” He went back to Carlisle and said “Can you help him he is over about a mile away I will go with you.”

I was confused then they all got up but I grab Edward’s hand before he got up right “what is going on?” I asked

“I will tell you later, but” he paused “Alice can you tell Bella when we are coming back?”

“Sure” she said

“Now Bella when Alice tells you that I am coming back I want you to go to Alice and Jasper’s room and stay there do not move I will come for you when it is clean ok?”

“Ok” he kissed me and ran out thought the window. Jacob and Carlisle had already left.

****okay so tell what you think****

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omg!!! plz keep writing
wow yay i love it <33
keep me updated!!!
Write More Plaese!
hey sorry i havn't posted. i had been out of it but i post today or tomorrow
my computer cash but since today is my birthday i will post today but later bc now im at skool
hey i be posting again


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