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"What happens when things move too fast, Am I where I really wanna be? Or is the question, Am I who I really wanna be?"
I'm writing a fanfiction from the time edward left. What would happen if Sam didnt find bella in the woods, what if another vampire coven did? Will Bella stay with them, or will she join the Volturi, this story is like nothing you've ever read before. Bella has different powers, maybe a new love? I already have tons of chapters written tell me if you like it and i'll post chapter 1.

Shelby.Loves.Paul is my editor.

If you want to be updated just ask.


check out my other ff, Forbidden Love, its a story about Alec Volturi and Leah Clearwater.

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Wow...*speechless*..that was great!!!!
So is her and Edward officially over like for good?!?
Too Fast

Chapter 18

I was surprise to find a very placid Charlie when I walked through the door. He and Margret were sitting at the kitchen table when I walked in. “Where have you been, Elizabeth?”
“La Push, some kids from school and I went over after last bell. Ryan knew where I was. Didn’t he tell you?” I think my lying got better within my years.
“Yes, Yes he did. But I would have rather heard it from you. Now come sit here, we need to talk.” Margret finished and Charlie scratched his head.
I unwillingly went to the kitchen table and sat across from Margret and Charlie. Charlie spoke first this time. “We called the funeral service and your mothers body will be here tomorrow. We wanted to give you a heads up, it will be in the paper tomorrow.”
“Okay, can I go now?” I couldn’t sit here and listen about my own funeral arrangements.
“Of course honey.” Margret said sweetly.
I got up and went to my room, Ryan was still there.
“I’m sorry, for this morning.” I apologized.
“It was my fault completely, I should have dealt with the consequences and let you stay in your old life. I was warned about changing a vampire back into a human. I wish I didn’t have to tell you this but… I heard through the grape vine, that Edward is going to see the paper tomorrow morning and is going to be here for the service. As soon as he sees that your really dead, he’s going to go to the Volturi. Aro is going to read his mind. There’s only one way to stop him.”
I was on the verge of hysterics, “How?”
“You need to speak at the funeral, make him notice you as the real Bella, just don’t get too close, there are a few more things I’m not telling you but, for now, just be careful. The funeral is in 3 days. You wont see Edward until the wake. I don’t know if he’s going to talk to you then or after the funeral.”
“Okay…” I was in too much of a daze to say anything. I love Edward too much. Now that I think about it, Sam means nothing, he’s just replacing my lost love. “Ryan, can you call Sam? Tell him to go home, and not come back. Tell him as his imprint I demand for him to stay away.”
“Of course.” I walked up to him and gave him a hug.
“You’re a good little brother, you know that?” I whispered, on yet another verge of tears.
“Awww don’t make me blush big sis.” I laughed at that.
The next three days were very boring. As Amanda predicted, I’m popular. I never expected to ever be so. Charlie got a call my second day of school from my principle, he said he felt that with my knowledge I should be skip 2 grades, that way my mind could flourish more. So I’m a junior now.
Every time I see Jasper he stares at me, like he’s trying to figure me out. I know he’s going to find out sooner or later, I just hope he can keep it from Alice. I still haven’t seem Edward but Ryan said he would make an appearance today. The day of mine, no my mother’s funeral.
I was wearing a black knee length dress, with a black trench coat. and dark makeup on. Everyone in the house was in all black, and I saw that both Margret and Charlie were already crying and we haven’t even left the house yet.
“I’m going to drive myself, If that’s ok?” I said slash asked.
“Yeah, that’s ok sweetie.” Charlie answered.
On my way to the funeral home I put in the cd Edward made for me, I knew that would give me a few tears. It did, I listened to all of my lullaby and half of Esme’s favorite before I got to the home. I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were red and I looked very pale. Not as pale as a vampire, maybe it was only because of all this crying lately.
I was the first one there and made my way to the from of the room. Red roses were everywhere. And there were so many flowers near the coffin. The coffin. I hadn’t made my way there yet. I just couldn’t do it. Knowing that who or what was in that coffin was not me, was not Bella.
I heard the entrance of a few people, but I didn’t turn to look to see who it was. I sat in the very front and waited. Whoever was there went straight to the back of the room. It had been 10 minutes since anyone else came in, except the 3 people who were sitting in the back.
I wonder what’s taking Ryan and Charlie so long. I took out my cell phone and dialed Ryan’s number.
“We are almost there, I promise. We just needed to make a quick stop along the way.” Ryan answered as soon as he picked up.
“Just hurry, I don’t feel comfterable here.” I whispered into the phone.
“Have you looked yet?” he questioned me.
I whispered so low that I don’t even think a vampire could hear. “No Ryan, why would I look at some innocent thing. If you need me I will be in the back, make an excuse for Charlie, I will speak at the funeral, but I cant sit here all day.” I hung up the phone. I grabbed my purse and turned around.
To see…
Aaaaaahhhhhh! Is it Edward? Jasper? A Cullen? Update soon please! Cliffhangers always kill me! :)
why does it have to end in a cliffhanger?!
who is it?!?!?!
plz write the next chappy soon!!
enjoy and comment
Ur killing me here...eventhough it was a mean cliffy I LOVE IT!!!!
Too Fast

Chapter 19

As soon as I saw his face my heart stopped. That smile, I could never forget. He was here for me. I looked up to the ceiling to stop the tears, “How long this time?” I whispered.
“For as long as you need me.” he simply stated.
I was awestruck. “Really?” I looked back into his blue eyes.
He started walking toward me, “Not forever, but as soon as you can let go of the past, as soon as your stable, they are making me go, but I’m here for now. Lets not think of bad things, not now.” by now he was right in front of me. I reached my hand up to touch his cheek. He was so warm.
I reached up to kiss him. A simple sweet, loving, soft, gently, and warm kiss. It lasted all of 2 seconds, but that’s all I needed. The look in his eyes were breathtaking. “Better then than kissing me as a vampire?” I questioned.
“Bella, I could kiss you from now till the end of the world. The temperature of your skin doesn’t change anything, I still love you.”
“Well, I cant say the same thing…” he had a confused look on his face and I laughed. “I would rather kiss you like this, and not fear to kill you again. I love you Matthew, nothing will change that.” I looked into his eyes as I said this.
A huge smile came across his face and he kissed me more passionately. I heard someone clear there throat and I looked to see Charlie looking at us.
I knew this wasn’t the best of situations, Matt’s hands were around my waist and mine in his hair. Not the best position for a wake ceremony.
“Charlie? Margret? Ryan? This is my boyfriend, Matthew. He’s going to be in town for a while.” I smiled up at him.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. Bella talked of you often.” Matt walked up to Charlie and shook his hand.
“It’s nice to meet you too, we will get to know each other later.” Charlie answered.
“Well, I have to go to the ladies room, Matt come with me? Give Charlie and the family some time?” I begged.
“Of course, I’m sorry for your lose Charlie. Bella was an amazing woman.” I blushed at that and started walking, towing matt behind me until he wrapped his arms around me. We sat on a couch next to the front door, holding hands. We watched person after person file in.
“I never understood the looking of someone who is dead. What’s the point of seeing someone you love, cold, pale, lifeless? I guess I will never understand the working of some human minds.” I spoke aloud for Matt to hear me. He laughed and ruffled my hair.
Just then my cell rang. “Elizabeth Swan, How may I help you?” Matt just smirked as he heard my greeting, I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Bella, Bella where are you? I cant feel my pull towards you anymore.” I heard Sam frantically ask. Wow, cut to the chase much?
Matt spoke up, “Can I get you anything honey?” he whispered as he went to stand up.
“Umm, can you run down the street and get me a milkshake?” I asked with my puppy dog eyes.
“Of course I can baby, be right back, I love you.” he said as he got up. I then remembered that Sam was on the phone and heard everything.
“Sam, my true imprint is here, my soul mate. I’m sorry, just leave me alone, please?” I begged.
“I understand, well I don’t but, I understand you don’t want to be with me. Goodbye Bells.” just then he hung up, I hope this doesn’t get complicated, but if the imprinting faded does that mean that matt is still a shape shifter?
Only about half of the town was here so far. Matt came back with my milkshake and he made a few jokes about me eating. Saying he never saw me eating something other than a live animal.
Soon enough people started leaving for the funeral. Matt said it would be best if I saw the body, my body. Before the funeral.
I was standing right next to the opening looking at a few people still in the room, fighting my legs to move me closer. I heard the funeral home manager come up behind me. “I don’t mean to rush you miss, but the cars cant leave without the body.”
“Of course, just give me two minutes?” I asked he nodded his head and everyone left the room except one man. He had on a black suit and a black hat and he was staring down at the coffin.
He had to work for the funeral home, maybe he didn’t hear my request. I walked the rest of the was to the casket. I couldn’t see Bella’s face because this man was in the way. I couldn’t see his face either.
“Excuse me, can I have a moment alone with my mother?” he stood ramrod straight once he heard me speak and he started to turn to look at me.
“Bella didn’t have any children.” by the time he was done with his sentence I could see his face, it was…

A/N you thought that was Edward in the beginning didn’t you? Well who is this then?
write as soon as possible i cant wait any longer im loving it so far
So id dat Edward??? Can't wait for more dat was great!!!!
new reader dis is soooooo wikd!plz keep me updatd!oh n is it jacob?.....plzzzz bella n edrwrd 4eva!! Sumhow plz mke it wrk between dem! Thnx
please write more soon you stopped writing at the best part i was just getting into it!!!!!
give me an update when you write more


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