The Twilight Saga

"What happens when things move too fast, Am I where I really wanna be? Or is the question, Am I who I really wanna be?"
I'm writing a fanfiction from the time edward left. What would happen if Sam didnt find bella in the woods, what if another vampire coven did? Will Bella stay with them, or will she join the Volturi, this story is like nothing you've ever read before. Bella has different powers, maybe a new love? I already have tons of chapters written tell me if you like it and i'll post chapter 1.

Shelby.Loves.Paul is my editor.

If you want to be updated just ask.


check out my other ff, Forbidden Love, its a story about Alec Volturi and Leah Clearwater.

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write write this it sound awsome

-alena (sexy emo) :(
thanx i need a few more thumbs up's b4 hand
this sounds really good. you should post it :)
i will post soon, i need 10 comments
not gonna work, i know that nor so many people can help with what info i have now, im hopeing that once the first chapter is out someone can help me
hi i like it and i'll make you a banner

title suggestions:
a lifeless life
my new but different life
helpless addiction
someone help me, i need my life back
twisted life

if you like them you could twist them up to make them fit the story.

i hope you get 10 comments soon.
peace lol
i dont know if it will work yet, if u wanna make me a banner lets just say put in some with the volturi, the cullens, the denalis, and of course bella wink wink
hey this is so awesome please keep me updated its sounds so so so so so so so aw aw aw aw awe awe awe awes awes awes awes awes aweso aweso aweso aweso awesom awesom awesom awesome awesome
omg lol i love your comment, i will so post soon
it sounds really good!
the story could be called 'change' but that is just a idea
please tell me if you post more! :)
thanx i think i may like that title
i want to know what happens


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