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Summary; Bella Swan and the actor William Moseley used to date and they were the sweetest couple ever, so in love and things were going well for them. But then one day they broke up as William found that he was away too much with his job for the releanship to work. They remained friends but both are still in love with each other. William realized he should have not broken up with Bella 2 years ago and done anything to stay with her. He wants her back. What will Happen?

Inspired by these songs: Mostly the first one:

Other Characters: Georgie Henley (Bella/William's Friend/Ben's Girlriend)

Jacob Black (Bella's other ex before William)

Ben Barnes (Bella's Cousin/Georgie's Boyfriend/William's Friend)


William sat on his bed as he looked at the picture of him and his ex Bella. In the picture she was in his arms happy and content snuggled into him. He sighed deeply, he missed and loved her. He knew he was so stupid to let her go because of his job. "I should have fought for you harder" he muttered to him self. 

Bella was in her own room and sighed, her mind was on William "I miss you Will" she muttered to her self. even though they were still friends. Bella still had feelings for William and she wished she was his. She never loved anyone as much as she did Him. But she knew he was the one who broke it off so he would not feel anything more for her then friendship anymore.

Jacob was at Bella's door, he dated her before Will and he wanted her back, he was slightly crazy. He knocked on Bella's door and waited for her to answe.

Bella sighed and went to answer the door, she opened it and frowned seeing Jake there "Why are you here?"

"I want you back Bella" he said looking at her

"I don't love you Jake, how many times do I have to make that clear?" she frowned

"I don't buy it!" Jake said looking at her

"What don't you buy? that's how I feel" Bella said and looked at him "I love William and only him!"



Chapter 1~Fight

Chapter 2~Bella's Favorite Memory

Chapter 3~William's Favorite Memory

Chapter 4~I Wish I Could Forget

Chapter 5~Don't Go

Chapter 6~The Question

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great start, sounds really good.  please continue!


Aww thanks :) I will do.

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Chapter 1~Fight

Jake looked at Bella "Oh you're still not hung up on him now are you?" he said and he ran a hand down her arm but she shoved his arm away he gripped her by the arms "Forget about him Bella, he's a worthless jerk"

"Don't say that about Will, you don't know him!" Bella snapped at Jake and pushed him away "And don't touch me Jacob, just leave me alone!"

Jake was right in her face now "No I won't" he said, his voice getting bit more menacing now

"We're over Jake" Bella said as she took a step back

"Nothing is over until I say so!" Jake growled as he grabbed her his hand to close around her neck but a fimilar voice stopped him.

"Get away from her!" William was right behind Jake, a glare on his face, he was glaring at Jake. William was visiting to see Bella to see how she is and was not expecting Jake to be there.

Jake turned around and he smirked "Make me!" he said and he shoved William back but William was stronger then he looked.

Bella looked at Will then Jake "Don...." she didn't finish saying what she wanted as William and Jake got into a fight right outside her house, they kicked and punched each other. Bella pulled Jake back from Will "Leave Will alone!" she said as she raised her voice at Jake

Jake spat the floor, bit of blood in his spit and he rolled his eyes "Believe me, this is not over!" he said and walked off.

Will had blood on his face and he winced as his side was hurting, he looked at Bella.

Bella looked at Will, she hated to see him hurt like this, especially by Jake's hands. She walked inside with him and got out a cloth and dipped it on warm water and gently cleaned Will's face off. Her hand soft on his face as she wiped the blood off.

Will closed his eyes at her soft touch and his hand touched hers when she finished and he pulled her hand from his face softly still holding her hand "Thanks" he said softly

Bella smiled a bit, she still had feelings for him even though they remained friends, it was hard on both of them to keep their feelings inside to themselves. "Welcome" she said as she stood up and put the cloth away after she washed it out.

Bella's cousin Ben walked in with his girlfriend Georgie. Ben and Georgie were both in the acting bussiness like William and they knew him as they worked on the Narnia films together, well the second and third one. Ben was the one who introduced Bella to Will. 


It was a rather sunny warm day, Bella was over at her cousin's house, she looked at Ben "Are you sure about this?" she asked rather nervous, she played with her hair, she always played with her hair if she was nervous, or she always tapped her fingers on the table

"I am sure, trust me" Ben said smiling at her

"Will's gonna love you" Georgie said as she smiled at Bella and hugged her softly

Bella smiled a bit and heard the door Bell, she stiffened a bit and Ben chuckled "Breathe Bells, breathe" he said and patted her back as he went to open the door

Bella looked at her self, her hair was slightly a mess, she pulled her hair up quickly just as Will and Ben walked in, she stopped as she could feel Will's eyes on her and her hair bandage snapped "Ow!" she winced

William chuckled "Easy there" he smiled softly at her, his smile a warm smile. It even reached his eyes.

Bella blushed softly and smiled back at him softly, he was even more handsome in real life, she was a fan of his, and Peter was by far her Favorite character in the Narnia series. 

"I am Will" He said holding out his hand

"I Kn...I mean I am Bella" Bella said stopping her saying she knows his name, she did not want to sound like a stalker. She shook his hand

William chuckled "It's lovely to meet you Bella" he said as he shook her hand softly. She's so beautiful and sweet, he thought to him self.

End of Flashback

Ben looked at Will as he walked into the kitchen "Why you covered in blood?" he asked curious and lifted up an eyebrow.

Will looked up at Ben and Georgie as they walked into the Kitchen "I got into a fight with Jacob" he said

Georgie looked at William suprised "Why?" she asked curious

"Because that devil was about to strangle M....Bella!" he said, stopping him from saying my Bella at the last minute. 

"Will, I am fine" Bella said looking at him, she looked at Georgie "Jake's just jealous and mad that I am over him" and not over Will, she thought the last bit to her self

"But, he could ha..." Will prosted

"I know,but he didn't" Bella said cutting in again

Georgie looked at Will "Could I speak to you, in the living room?" she asked, "Bella, you can stay here with Ben" she said

"Yeah sure, I'll make a cup of tea or something" she said as she got out a kettle and tea bags,
Will looked at Bella but Georgie pulled him to the living room "Do you still love her?" she whispered, she had a feeling Will was still hung up on Bella but what he said then and how he was worried about her, it was not just friendship.

"I..." Will swallowed and he sighed "Yes" he said looking at her "I still love her" 

LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Glad you liked it :)

Awww this is so sweet!!! Can't wait for more!!!

Yeah I tried to capture sweetness from the past and in the current day as well :)

great update!


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