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Summary; Bella Swan and the actor William Moseley used to date and they were the sweetest couple ever, so in love and things were going well for them. But then one day they broke up as William found that he was away too much with his job for the releanship to work. They remained friends but both are still in love with each other. William realized he should have not broken up with Bella 2 years ago and done anything to stay with her. He wants her back. What will Happen?

Inspired by these songs: Mostly the first one:

Other Characters: Georgie Henley (Bella/William's Friend/Ben's Girlriend)

Jacob Black (Bella's other ex before William)

Ben Barnes (Bella's Cousin/Georgie's Boyfriend/William's Friend)


William sat on his bed as he looked at the picture of him and his ex Bella. In the picture she was in his arms happy and content snuggled into him. He sighed deeply, he missed and loved her. He knew he was so stupid to let her go because of his job. "I should have fought for you harder" he muttered to him self. 

Bella was in her own room and sighed, her mind was on William "I miss you Will" she muttered to her self. even though they were still friends. Bella still had feelings for William and she wished she was his. She never loved anyone as much as she did Him. But she knew he was the one who broke it off so he would not feel anything more for her then friendship anymore.

Jacob was at Bella's door, he dated her before Will and he wanted her back, he was slightly crazy. He knocked on Bella's door and waited for her to answe.

Bella sighed and went to answer the door, she opened it and frowned seeing Jake there "Why are you here?"

"I want you back Bella" he said looking at her

"I don't love you Jake, how many times do I have to make that clear?" she frowned

"I don't buy it!" Jake said looking at her

"What don't you buy? that's how I feel" Bella said and looked at him "I love William and only him!"



Chapter 1~Fight

Chapter 2~Bella's Favorite Memory

Chapter 3~William's Favorite Memory

Chapter 4~I Wish I Could Forget

Chapter 5~Don't Go

Chapter 6~The Question

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Chapter 2~Bella's Favorite Memory

Ben heard it and he looked at Will "I know you do, Will, maybe you should speak to her" he said as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

Will sighed "And say what? she probably hates me for hurting her" he said and looked away

"Has she ever said to you that she hates you?" Georgie looked at Will as she asked him that, he just shakes his head at the question unable to speak "See, then she does not hate you Will" she said as they all sat down on the couch

Will buried his face in his hands "Why did I let her go?" he asked, his voice a whimper of sadness "I just regret hurting her like that, I was so stupid, I should have fought for her harder then I did and now I have to pay a price of never being with her again"

Ben looked at him "Will, remember what you told me once? like 5 weeks ago?" he said looking at him

Will looked at him "About me saying that if I was still with Bella, I'd propose to her?" he asked, he told Ben a lot of things alot of them where what ifs.

Ben nodded and Georgie just raised an eyebrow at Will, she thought about what he said, it was rather sweet and wait...perfect "You should" she said

"Should what?" Will said as he looked at Georgie

"Ask her" She said "I know it sounds a bit crazy, okay a lot crazy but if it feels right for you and if she still loves you then she'll take you back" she smiled at him softly

Ben looked at Will "Georgie is right, you'll never know unless you don't try" he said.

Will sighed and nodded "Maybe, I should ask Bella to meet me later" He said and got up and walked to the kitchen "Umm Bella can I talk to you?"

Bella looked at Will "Yeah su..." she got cut off with a knock at the door, "I'll go get that" she said and as she went to answer the door, she remembered her and Will's first date.


Bella smiled to her self as she looked at her self in the mirror. Will asked her out on a date and she was a bit nervous, because well he was just to perfect and he was an actor. She pulled her hair up neatly into a plat and put on her high heels. She looked at her self and took a deep breath "Okay you can do it Bells, just breath" she told her self under her breath, she had a nice shirt on with a skirt. It was in the middle of summer and it was very warm.

There was a knock on the door "Coming" Bella called and she went to open the door to see Will standing there, in nice jeans and t-shirt. Gosh he was so handsome, that just made her blush.

"Wow, you look so beautiful" Will said as he kissed her cheek and smiled as she blushed even redder

"Aww thank you, you look rather handsome as always" Bella said and felt her cheeks flush even more. Will just chuckled and smiled as Bella closed the door behind her.

Will smiled "I got a surpise"

Bella smiled "Awww, you're too sweet Will"she said and placed a soft kiss on his cheek and he wrapped his arm round her shoulder as they walked to his car.

Will smiled and they got in his car, he scrolled down the windows as he drove to a lake that was about an hour away. When they got out he covered her eyes.

Bella giggled "Why you covering my eyes?" she said

"Don't worry, just wait and see" he chuckled and walked with her making sure she did not bump into a tree or tripped over anything in the way. He stopped by the picnic which was set up and uncovered her eyes.

Bella blinked as she saw a beautiful lake in front of her, pure green trees, pure blue water, a picnic and a small bench "Aww, wow, its's so beautiful here" she said and smiled, she looked around and saw some mountains as well.

"Not as beautiful as you" Will said into her ear softly and smiled "No on ever goes here, it's a shame really" he said as he sat down with her on the blanket. He smiled at her looking deeply into her eyes.

Bella got lost in his eyes and she felt her self blush bright red. She bit her lip slightly nervous, she loved being around him and how she felt when she was with him. 

Will placed a hand on her cheek softly running the tips of his fingers down her cheek to her neck softly.  He moved closer to her and he slid his arms round her waist.

Bella blushed redder as she put her arms round his neck softly. She felt her heart beat faster against her chest, thudding as Will leaned into her. Will's lips brushed against her softly before he fully pressed his lips to hers kissing her softly. Bella blushed as she kissed him back softly, her fingers tangled in his hair as he kissed her more deeply and pulled her closer. He softly pulled back and placed a soft kiss on her lips before leaning his forehead on hers.

Bella blushed as she bit her lip softly and smiled at him, her heart was still beating faster.

Will smiled and he got lost in her eyes "Bella, be mine" he whispered

"Yes" Bella whispered back softly and he hugged her tightly and placed a kiss on her forehead, after they ate, he pulled out his pent knife and carved out something onto a tree nearest to them

William+ Isabella = Soulmates Forever

Bella blushed as she saw what he wrote and she smiled. 

End of Flashback

Bella sighed as she placed her hand on the door handle, she stood there for a few seconds trying to push the flash back of her first date with Will from her mind. They were just not meant to be, she told her self as she opened the door and saw Jake standing there again, she frowned "What?" she spat at him

"I am sorry Bella" He said

"I don't want to hear it Jacob, I am not in the mood" she said 

"But I..."

"Don't" Bella said as she shut the door right in his face.

Aaaah poore Jake :(

I smiled wide when i read this :

William+ Isabella = Soulmates Forever

So sweet !!

PS.I love the picture !!!!!

It’s so beautiful !!!


PPS.I promise i would read it and when we were talking trough mails i read it !!!



More Like Poor Bella and Will, Jake is a jerk lol

I know that made me smile too :) so sweet.

Thanks and Yeah I am suprised :))

keep me updated

I will do :)

Aww that was a sweet first date!!!

Wow what is the thing with her and Jake!!! lol

Love it!!!

Yeah :)

Umm Jake is just a jerk who gets in the way

Chapter 3~William's Favorite Memory

When Bella came back Will looked at her worried "Are you okay? he didn't hurt you did he?" Will asked, he was rather catious.

Bell shakes head and sighed "I am fine, Will, really"

"You don't seem fine" He said looking at her

Bella frowned "Just drop it, Will. Please. I don't want to talk about this, I really, really don't" she said and sighed.

"Sorry" He said and sighed "I'll...I'll just see you later" he said and he left. As he walked back to his he thought to him self. You idiot, first you let her go and then you forget to tell her you need to talk her. Fantastic. As he walked his favorite memory sprang into his mind.


Bella was standing in the mirror and sighed, she frowned at her self as she kept doing her hair all in different ways, but it just did not fit.
Will chuckled as he watched her "Bella, love you look fine" he said as he walked behind her wrapping his arms round her waist and kissed her cheek "Leave your hair wavey as it is" 

Bella looked at him "You sure?" she asked as she turned around in his arms, so she was pressed against his chest softly

William smiled and he kissed her soflty on her lips "i am positive, I know your nervous about meeting my parents and sister but don't worry, they'll love you like I do"

Bella raised an eyebrow at the last bit

"Okay maybe not exactly like me, but you get the point"  he said and chuckled and kissed her forehead. "Come on, we best bet going if we want to be there by 4" he said and put his arm round her shoulder.

Bella nodded and smiled, she walked outside out of the house shutting the door and locking it and they got into his car. Bella had her hair lose and wavey like he said to keep it, and she had a elegant dress.  Will drove to his parents house when Bella was got into the car. He had the air conditioning on as it was rather warm outside. It took them about an hour and a half to get there. they got there right at 4 on the dot.

Bella looked at the big house in front of her and she swallowed. Will looked at her and he kissed her softly and squeezed her hand then wrapped his arm round her waist as he knocked on the door.

Bella smiled softly at him and waited for someone to open the door. She heard a voices from inside;

"Can someone get the door? I am busy making a cake"

"They're here" the second voice sounded rather high pitched of excitement

"Lilly, calm down" a deep voice said, sounded like a man. Bella then heard footsteps and the door opened.

William smiled at his dad "Hey dad, this is my girlfriend Bella" he said beaming

Bella smiled softly "Hello, its lovely to meet you Mr Moseley" she held out her hand

Jeff looked at Bella and smiled "Call me Jeff" he said and he just hugged her.

Bella was surprised but she hugged him back "Umm okay" she smiled softly at him as they walked inside, she looked around "Lovely house" she smiled

Lilly poked her head from behind her dad's arm and she smiled wide beaming and she looked at Will "She's pretty" she said

Bella blushed "Aww, thank you, you're pretty too" she smiled as she looked at an adorable 6 year old standing in front of her, Lilly had long blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes. 

Lilly smiled at her and hugged Will then she hugged Bella.

William's mom Jenna came out and smiled, she had a towel in her hands "You must be Bella" she said "I am Jenna" she held out her hand

Bella shook her hand "It's lovely to meet you" she smiled. She smiled down at Lilly who was beaming up at her.

Will chuckled "Come on Lills" he said as he nudged his sister to go into the living room. Lilly giggled as she ran to the living room and Bella, Will and Will's parents walked into the living room.

Jenna sat down smiling "So, how did you two meet?" she smiled

Will had his arm round Bella as he held her close and he smiled "Bella is Ben's cousin, he was the one that introduced us" he said

"Ben? as in Ben Barnes?" Lilly piped in, her voice all squeaky with excitement.

Bella nodded and giggled "Yep, that's the one" she said and smiled

"Oh my gosh, he's so cute" Lilly giggled.

Bella giggled and smiled "Aww Bless" she smiled at Lilly, Will just chuckled shaking his head at his sister.

Jenna looked at Lilly and shakes her head giggling, she smiled at Bella and Will "You both look so sweet together" she said and smiled "And you Bella, you seem like a really lovely girl, our William is lucky to have you"

Bella blushed bright red "Thank you, that's so sweet of you to say" she said and smiled at Will's mom.

Jenna smiled and looked at the clock "I'll go check on lunch and the cake" she said and walked to the kitchen.

Lilly smiled at Bella as she saw the locket around her neck "That's a pretty necklace" she said

"Oh" Bella smiled and she took it off then knelled down by Lilly and put it around her neck "You can have it" she smiled 

Lilly hugged her and smiled "Thank you"

Bella hugged her back and smiled "Welcome" she said and stroked her hair softly and smiled. Will watched Bella with his sister, he smiled. Bella was just a natural with little kids. 

They all talked and laughed, after Lunch Jenna was tydying up, "I'll help" Bella said as she walked over 

"No its fine really" Jenna said

"No, please it's the least I can do, after you made such a lovely lunch and a tasty cake" Bella said smiling as she grabbed the towel to dry off the plates, glasses, and cutlery with.

Jenna smiled and nodded "Okay then" she said and kept washing up while Bella wiped everything off clean and put it away.

Jeff watched as Will watched Bella with a smile on his face "Never let her go son"

End of Flashback.

Will sighed, he felt tears in his eyes and he blinked them away. He felt even more worse and he felt like he let everyone down now; Bella, Ben, Georgie, His baby sister Lilly and his parents. He sighed and he leaned against his door and he sank down and buried his face in his hands.

Bella was in the shops, she had to buy some food as there was nothing left. She heard a fimilar voice behind her "Bella?"

Bella turned back to look at who spoke to her, she saw William's sister Lilly, she was like 9 now. "Oh hey Lilly" she smiled softly at her

Jenna smiled at Bella "How are you dear?" she asked looking at Bella, clear sadness in her eyes

Bella shrugged "Mhh, Okay I guess, I have some good days and some bad days" she said and looked down then back up "You know how it is"

Lilly frowned "My Brother is stupid for letting you go" she frowned

Jenna sighed and looked at Bella and just nodded at what Lilly said

"What's done is done" Bella said sadly

Aww poor Bella and Will!!! They're both miserable!! :(

Love the new chapter!!! :)

Yeah both hurting and still in love with each other :(

I am glad you liked it

Poor Bella so sad with no reason to be if they could just...

Best wishes



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