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Summary; Bella Swan and the actor William Moseley used to date and they were the sweetest couple ever, so in love and things were going well for them. But then one day they broke up as William found that he was away too much with his job for the releanship to work. They remained friends but both are still in love with each other. William realized he should have not broken up with Bella 2 years ago and done anything to stay with her. He wants her back. What will Happen?

Inspired by these songs: Mostly the first one:

Other Characters: Georgie Henley (Bella/William's Friend/Ben's Girlriend)

Jacob Black (Bella's other ex before William)

Ben Barnes (Bella's Cousin/Georgie's Boyfriend/William's Friend)


William sat on his bed as he looked at the picture of him and his ex Bella. In the picture she was in his arms happy and content snuggled into him. He sighed deeply, he missed and loved her. He knew he was so stupid to let her go because of his job. "I should have fought for you harder" he muttered to him self. 

Bella was in her own room and sighed, her mind was on William "I miss you Will" she muttered to her self. even though they were still friends. Bella still had feelings for William and she wished she was his. She never loved anyone as much as she did Him. But she knew he was the one who broke it off so he would not feel anything more for her then friendship anymore.

Jacob was at Bella's door, he dated her before Will and he wanted her back, he was slightly crazy. He knocked on Bella's door and waited for her to answe.

Bella sighed and went to answer the door, she opened it and frowned seeing Jake there "Why are you here?"

"I want you back Bella" he said looking at her

"I don't love you Jake, how many times do I have to make that clear?" she frowned

"I don't buy it!" Jake said looking at her

"What don't you buy? that's how I feel" Bella said and looked at him "I love William and only him!"



Chapter 1~Fight

Chapter 2~Bella's Favorite Memory

Chapter 3~William's Favorite Memory

Chapter 4~I Wish I Could Forget

Chapter 5~Don't Go

Chapter 6~The Question

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I know :) lol



Jeff watched as Will watched Bella with a smile on his face "Never let her go son"

That is a good father !!!!!


Still a big fan !!!!


Aww bless :) and yeah I know Jeff is a good father :)

great update!  Will needs to man up and tell her how he feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Tell that to him lol

Love this! Haha. Post more soon! :)

I will do :)

Chapter 4~I Wish I Could Forget

Later that day: in the evening:

Bella was in her room cleaning out some things and she stopped as she opened her jewelry box, she saw the locket Will gave her for their 1 month anniversary, she sighed as she opened the locket and inside was two pictures; One of them was Will kissing Bella's cheek and the other one was of them staring into each other's eyes. She sighed as it brought tears to her eyes and she remember the one memory she wished she could forget.


Things have been going well between Will and Bella, but Will was starting to think that his acting career was getting in the way, But Bella was okay with it. He sighed, he did not want to do this, but he had to. He did not want Bella to think like she was being ignored because he was away too much due to his job. He was at the park and he saw Bella walking to him and he sighed, and bit his lip.

Bella stopped as she saw Will's expression "Are you okay?" she asked looking worried, she never seen him like this and she had no idea why he was being rather strange like he was at the moment.  

Will looked at her "Bella, we need to talk" his said, his voice pretty mono-tone at the moment

"Is something wrong?" Bella said then it hit her "Will, if its about you being away...I..."

Will sighed "Bella, you deserve better then me, I can;t hurt you by being away from you like I am with my job. I am sorry, I think it's just better if we just go our separate ways" he said

Bella blinked as she felt tears in her eyes, she had no idea what to say 

"I am sorry" Will said and kissed her forehead then left

"I am sorry too" Bella just whispered as she let the tears spill down her cheeks.

End of Flashback.


Bella sighed as she snapped the locket shut. She sighed "I just want to forget, why can't I?" she whispered to her self

'Because you still love Will, you always have and that's not going to change. You should be mad at him, hate him for what's he's done but you can't, You won't let your self move on or even more mad at him, you can't let go of the past' a voice said in her head, mocking her

Bella groaned and hid her head under the pillow

Will was at home and he flipped through the album of him and Bella and he sighed as he remember what he said to her 'You deserve better then me' He shut the album shut and punched the wall in frustration. She deserve Better? How did he even think of telling her that, she was the best thing that ever happened to him and he let her go like she was just some piece of trash, rather worthless. Like she never meant anything to him. How could I be so stupid? He asked him self.

'You still love her and you know you do. You should have fought her more, you coward, You were just too busy with your acting career when you should have fought for her harder. Now look where it got you. NO WHERE!' a voice screamed in his mind, especially the last bit.

Will sighed and he layed back in his bed and closed his eyes but then he heard a knock on his door, he groaned and got up walking to the front door and opened it to his sister and Mom there. Lilly was glaring at him while his mother was looking at him, he could see sadness and disappointment in her eyes. He was about to speak but Lilly slapped him across the face.

He winced "Ouch" he said as he rubbed his cheek

Lilly frowned "You idiot" Lilly said, angry with him

"Yes I know I am an idiot Lills" He said as he let them in

"You let her....wait did you just agree with what I said?" she asked looking at her brother,

Will nodded "Yes I did, I know I was stupid for letting Bella go like that and I deserve to live with that, I know, But I still love her and I can't move on, I just can't" he said as he put a ice pack on his cheek as his cheek was throbbing from Lilly's rather hard slap.

Jenna looked at her son " should talk to Bella....maybe ask her..."

"Ben said I should propose" Will said

"Will, proposal isn't an answer" Jenna said

Will frowned "It's not about being an answer, its about wanting to be with Bella and no one else for the rest of my life!" Will snapped annoyed, he thought his mom would at least be bit more supportive but No.

Jenna sighed and nodded "Well, then you do what you think is right" she said as she looked at her Son.

Oh gosh! Love the chapter. Post more.

glad you liked it :) will post soon when I can

its amazing keep us updated

will do :) glad you like it


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