The Twilight Saga

Summary; Bella Swan and the actor William Moseley used to date and they were the sweetest couple ever, so in love and things were going well for them. But then one day they broke up as William found that he was away too much with his job for the releanship to work. They remained friends but both are still in love with each other. William realized he should have not broken up with Bella 2 years ago and done anything to stay with her. He wants her back. What will Happen?

Inspired by these songs: Mostly the first one:

Other Characters: Georgie Henley (Bella/William's Friend/Ben's Girlriend)

Jacob Black (Bella's other ex before William)

Ben Barnes (Bella's Cousin/Georgie's Boyfriend/William's Friend)


William sat on his bed as he looked at the picture of him and his ex Bella. In the picture she was in his arms happy and content snuggled into him. He sighed deeply, he missed and loved her. He knew he was so stupid to let her go because of his job. "I should have fought for you harder" he muttered to him self. 

Bella was in her own room and sighed, her mind was on William "I miss you Will" she muttered to her self. even though they were still friends. Bella still had feelings for William and she wished she was his. She never loved anyone as much as she did Him. But she knew he was the one who broke it off so he would not feel anything more for her then friendship anymore.

Jacob was at Bella's door, he dated her before Will and he wanted her back, he was slightly crazy. He knocked on Bella's door and waited for her to answe.

Bella sighed and went to answer the door, she opened it and frowned seeing Jake there "Why are you here?"

"I want you back Bella" he said looking at her

"I don't love you Jake, how many times do I have to make that clear?" she frowned

"I don't buy it!" Jake said looking at her

"What don't you buy? that's how I feel" Bella said and looked at him "I love William and only him!"



Chapter 1~Fight

Chapter 2~Bella's Favorite Memory

Chapter 3~William's Favorite Memory

Chapter 4~I Wish I Could Forget

Chapter 5~Don't Go

Chapter 6~The Question

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Oh gosh, I love it! I almost cried! It's so sweet.

Aww bless you :)


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