The Twilight Saga

An All Human Story:

Bella is a 17yr old who lives with her twin sister Alice. Their mother lives in Pheniox with Phil and the girls moved to Forks after Charlie dies. They felt it was the only way way to feel close to him. Then they start Forks High School snd meet Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Rose is dating Emmett. Alice and Jasper hit it off straight away. Emmett has a brother called... yes thats right, its Edward. And Eddy boy is dating a girl called... no not Britney Spears, its Jessica. Bella thinks Edward is hot, Bella is friends with Jess and is torn between her feeling for Edweirdo (i mean Edward) and her friendship with Jess. Then to make it worse, No she does not get drunk and sleep with Mike (jeez guys,she has some standards)...Edward starts hittin on her!

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Chapter One
-Friendships are coming easy-

He pulled me into his arms and then moved one hand to tilt my chin to face him, his eyes locked onto mine. He moved his face closer to me…
Dam that was the best Orlando Bloom dream I’ve had in ages and I just had to wake up now. Dam
“Come on Bella, Wake up, First day of school and all that”
“Argh, Alice how can you sound so chipper in the morning?” I asked my twin as I rolled from my bed, before she got a bucket of water.
“Honey, I’m just excited about the first day of school.”
“So excited that you’re dressed and ready by 7?” Gosh, my sister is weird and energtic.
Once I had my shower and got dressed in the clothes Alice had laid out for me –she hates me embarrassing her with my sad choice of style- and headed downstairs to the smell of hot coffee.
“Well now that you are presentable, we can go” Alice said handing me my coffee in a to-go cup.

The drive to our new school wasn’t long, which was kind of good. I wanted to get this day over and done with.

We headed to our first class of English when Alice –not watching where she was going, obviously- ran into someone
“Alice, watch where you’re going’ I whispered, well more like hissed.
“No, it’s ok, we should both watch where we’re going. Hi, I’m Jasper.” Said this good looking blonde guy, holding Alice by her waist.
“Um…hi…I’m Alice” Wow my sister is flustered, ha.
“Well hello Alice, would you and your friend like to join me and my friends for lunch?” Wow, he’s still holding onto Alice
“Sure and I’m Bella” Gees, Alice got it bad
“OK, well I’ll see you later Alice.” Jasper said letting go of her to kiss her hand. And then he was gone.
“Hun, you got it bad.” I whispered as we entered the class
“I know.”

We ended up having to sit next to a girl called Jessica Stanley. She seems really cool, both me and Alice got on well with her. When she asked if we wanted to sit with her at lunch, we told her we were sitting with Jasper and then she said,
“Oh Jazz? We’re mates, so you’ll sit with both of us and our other friends.”
When the bell went for the next class we went our separate ways. Then the bell finally went for lunch, I was excited to make friends. But not as much as Alice, she was just bouncing in her seat. We both walked through the doors to the caf, to see all eyes on us. Great. Then we saw Jessica waving at us. There were a few people at her table. There was her, Jasper, a beautiful blonde girl that had a buff lad attached to her side and Jess had a boy –with amazing hair and a face like a god- by her side with his arm around her. Lucky. Jasper’s face lit up when he saw us, well more like when he saw Alice. It’s no just Al who has it bad.
“Guys, this is Alice and Bella.” He said Alice’s name with such respect
“Hi.” Alice said sitting next to Jasper, with me on her other side
“Bella, this is Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett and this is my man Edward.” Now Jess says Edwards name with love, so sweet.
“Me and Jazz are brother and sister” Rose said
“Oh yep, me and Alice are twins, not identical obviously” when I said that Rosalie laughed, her laugh was musical.
“Me and Eddie-boy are brothers.” Emmett added
For the rest of lunch we all got to know each other better. The whole time Edward (Jess’s boyfriend) kept looking at me. Unnerving much?
Lol, luv ur fanfic!!!
this is really good plz keep me updated
aw thanx guys, ill update later today...maybe. It all depends if i survive the horror of cleaning my room.

i know how that feels. my room is like a black hole. it sucks everything in and i barely make it out alive every time i leave.
Yea. Just b4 i relised i had creamy colord carpets lol. Its the first time in years ive seen them.

you just stopped there?
mean girl!
coninue pleasee!!
Chapter 2
-A perfect end to a perfect day-

I headed off for biology with Edward (he had biology too). Alice & jasper had the same class this period. They are so cute together, I hope he asks her out soon. In the end I had to sit next to Edward in class. Which wouldn’t be so bad if: a) I didn’t think he was cute b) if he wasn’t my new friend’s BF and c) if he wasn’t always looking at me. Life just got complicated.
“So why did you and your sister move to little old Forks?” Edward whispered as class got started. Wow, his voice is like velvet.
“Um, well our dad died a few weeks ago and left us his house. We moved here to feel closer to him.”
“Oh I’m sorry”
“Na, it’s ok” Well, it wasn’t really ok, I miss Charlie like crazy. The rest of class went by without another conversation between me and Edward. Although I got a few side glances at him, only to find him staring at me. And of course I blushed when he smiled at me when he caught me staring. The bell finally went for the next class. I let out a sigh of relief.
“What’s your next class?” Edward asked
“Um, gym” I had to check my time table to be sure
“Oh, well good luck with that” He actually sounded sad. Why?
I was about to say something but he was gone.

Well. Gym was hell! We played basketball and my team passed me the ball. –Big mistake- I tripped and took down with me a guy called Mike. I regret saying sorry. Coz now he won’t leave me alone! I don’t understand boy-shapes. At all. I walked out to my red Chevy to wait for Alice. When she finally came into view she had the biggest smile in her face.
"What’s up with you? Find a good shoe sale somewhere?” I joked as we got in.
“Um, Jasper asked me out.” She squeaked
“Good, I’m glad. In biology I was thinking that if he didn’t, I was gonna have to pressure him into asking you out”
“Ha-ha. Well we’re going out tomorrow night, but I don’t know where. He says it’s a surprise.”
“Well that’s cool, you like surprises” I reminded her
“Well yeah, But what do I dress for? God! How can I look good when I don’t know what I’m dressing for?” Alice huffed.
You want to know something, Alice kept on huffing until we got home. Then she marched upstairs and screamed and huffed some more. It was funny really.

A few hours later Alice came down stairs and was all mellow.
“Hay Bells, wanna know something?” Alice asked flopping onto the sofa next to me.
“What?” I asked, not really caring
“I think Edward likes you” She whispered, why whisper? We’re home alone
“What makes you think that, he’s got Jess anyways?” Now for the first time in ages, i actually cared about what she was saying.
“Well, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you” I so hope Jess didn’t see that,
“And he asked me about you” WHAT!!
“Yeah, he asked if you had a boyfriend, oh but he tried to cover it up by asking me if I had one, coz if I didn’t, I should go out with Jasper.” She chuckled
“But you’re right, he has Jessica” She paused
“But he’d be crazy to not want you.” I threw a pillow at her and we both laughed. We carried on cracking up for what seemed like ages, until the phone rang. I got up to answer it
“Hay Bella.” OMG it’s…

loved it new reader plz keep me updatede plz
kwl i will and thanx 4 reading

LoVe It =)
looking forward to more!


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