The Twilight Saga

An All Human Story:

Bella is a 17yr old who lives with her twin sister Alice. Their mother lives in Pheniox with Phil and the girls moved to Forks after Charlie dies. They felt it was the only way way to feel close to him. Then they start Forks High School snd meet Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Rose is dating Emmett. Alice and Jasper hit it off straight away. Emmett has a brother called... yes thats right, its Edward. And Eddy boy is dating a girl called... no not Britney Spears, its Jessica. Bella thinks Edward is hot, Bella is friends with Jess and is torn between her feeling for Edweirdo (i mean Edward) and her friendship with Jess. Then to make it worse, No she does not get drunk and sleep with Mike (jeez guys,she has some standards)...Edward starts hittin on her!

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ohmigosh thanks.That means so much to hear that i have talent.I think thats the first time someone (other than my mum) has said that.Thanks

yeah she is speaking the truth u have a talent!! plz keep me updated!
Hay sorry guys. Ive had some personal problems lately.
But its all good now.
So ill be posting more

Chapter 8
-Dream Date-

‘You have a date planned already?” I asked as we pulled out of the car park and Edward drove as he fiddled with the radio and heating.
“Yeah, I had all of last period to come up with something.” Then he smiled his heart stopping, crooked smile, I couldn’t help but smile back.
“So where is this ‘just planned date’?” I asked
“It’s a surprise” Darn, I hate surprises. Me and Alice were opposites when it came to surprises and most other things.

We seemed to be driving for what seemed like no time at all. And some how the scenery seemed familiar. Edward turned off the engine.
“We have to walk for a little bit now, sorry.”
“All good.” We got out of the car and walked into some woods, I swear I know this place. The whole walk Edward held my hand and I didn’t swat his away.

Suddenly we were in a clearing and I saw the most beautiful sight ever. The meadow that I was at yesterday which was beautiful on its own was even better now. There was a picnic all set up and candles around waiting to be lit.
“I come here to think, nobody knows about it. Well Alice and Jasper do now, they set it up last class. It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Edward whispered, towing me to where the picnic blanket lay.
“I’ve been here before.” Edward gave a confused look “I came here yesterday. To think after Jasper and Alice talked to me about us. It’s beyond beautiful.” For a few hours we ate food, drank drinks and talked about loads of stuff. His past, my past and our ambitions for the future. It started to get dark so Edward lit the candles.
“So, you know me and Em are inviting you guys tomorrow night ae?” He asked as he sat back down next to me.
“Yeah, Jasper mentioned it yesterday”
“Cool, and you better be there or I wont survive the weekend with the couples” He laughed, I couldn’t help but join in.

I gazed up at the sky and there was one lonely star shining.
“Make a wish” Edward whispered in my ear. So I closed my eyes and began to think of about my wish… -I wish that Jessica won’t kill me tomorrow- I mean, I don’t want to die and Jessica will be PISSED.
“I’ve made mine, have you?” I asked Edward, who still had his eyes shut.
“Yeah.” He opened his eyes and placed one of his hands on the side of my neck and slowly leaned in, closing his eyes once more. I also leaned in and our lips came together. The kiss was slow and passionate. And all too soon he pulled away.
“Well, my wish came true.” He said looking into my eyes. I smiled and looked at the sky, more stars had appeared now.
“It’s late, I’ll take you home.” Edward said getting up. We packed up the picnic and mozied on down to his flash Volvo. The ride to mine was silent. Except when I had to tell him where I lived. He parked on the driveway and as I struggled with my set belt, Edward came around and opened my door. Like a gentleman. He also held my hand as we walked to the front door.
“Well Bella, I guess this ends our date.” He whispered as we reached the porch. Our hands still entwined
“Yeah, I guess it does.” I said, sadness poured out of each word I spoke. Edward bent his head down to my level and captured my lips in another kiss. We broke the kiss when we heard an “Aww” from the other side of the door, we both laughed.
“Sweet dreams.” And he was gone. I watched as his car drove from my sights, and then walked through the door to see Alice standing in front of me, with a massive grin plastered on her little pixie face. Just waiting for all the gossip
“So…” She urged
“So… Thank you for setting it up, Edward said you did. Also we had a lovely time.”
“That’s It! That’s all you’re going to tell me!” She screamed
“Well, yeah, I’d tell you more. But I’m really tired form kissing him. So might.” And I bolted up the stairs to my room and shut my door
And I bet she is on the phone to Jasper or Rosalie telling them all she could. Which was not much. Phew. Since Edwards wish came true, maybe mine will too. I fell asleep dreading the next day.

Enjoy xxx
loved it
so adorable!!!
really looking forward to more =)
AWWW I loved it!!!
Whoa thanks guys,ill add more tomorrow

Thanks :-)
i loved it please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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