The Twilight Saga

An All Human Story:

Bella is a 17yr old who lives with her twin sister Alice. Their mother lives in Pheniox with Phil and the girls moved to Forks after Charlie dies. They felt it was the only way way to feel close to him. Then they start Forks High School snd meet Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Rose is dating Emmett. Alice and Jasper hit it off straight away. Emmett has a brother called... yes thats right, its Edward. And Eddy boy is dating a girl called... no not Britney Spears, its Jessica. Bella thinks Edward is hot, Bella is friends with Jess and is torn between her feeling for Edweirdo (i mean Edward) and her friendship with Jess. Then to make it worse, No she does not get drunk and sleep with Mike (jeez guys,she has some standards)...Edward starts hittin on her!

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oh wow thanks,i will try to add more soon

Hello lovely readers,i have written another story.If you cant resist undying urge to read it,here is the link

thanks so much xxx
lol thanks a whole bunch


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