The Twilight Saga

 Leah imprints when the guy alredy has a girlfriend? who will he chose? What will he do?



                               Torn between two

                                   Leahs pov


    I was just walking in town.With Jake and my brother Seth. Just like a normal person. But the thing is I am not normal. And then I ran into a person with ........his ... girlfriend. I think I just imprinted. On Him? wow that is strang how that works. When I stared at him. I felt like  nothing was as importent as him. All my other enets were gone because nothing was more importent that him.

 But it looks like he already has a girlfriend. Well not anymore he wont! I want him! I scremed outlound.

Leah? Jake said.

 Is everything allright? Seth asked.

Well no? ! said Come over here.

They came over by Leah.

Well Guys ...I ...........Well..... I imprinted... On that ... guy over there ..and It looks like he alredy fell in love. The Wwords grushed my heart.

He already fell in.. love... Not with me..

I kept on saying the words over and over in my head and they made me want to fall to the ground and start crying. 

I started runing toward him in human speed. And I said Hi My Name is Leah Whats yours.

I know 3,4,5, year olds do that but I could not think of anythink.

 My name is Danny. And this is my girlfriend named... Stacy.

Danny and.. Leah I like that The sound of it. Dany and Leah!

Danny thats a nice name.

Danny and Stacy! Hehe! Stacy said.

I love your laugh! Danny said.

I love you! Stacy! Danny said.

Do you want to go to the fair tomarrow? I asked

Both of us? Stacy asked.

Yea. I said

Ok . danny said.


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I like it! And I really like its title. Write more soon! =)
Thank you for all of the commets! Everybody!
That asounds weird cause Leah just wants to forget about Stacy and Stacy just doesn't want her to leave her out. That was really funny

i like it


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks! =) should i contunie?


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