The Twilight Saga

Summary; Bella Swan is dating the actor William Moseley and they are a couple but then she meets his friend and a fellow actor Ben Barnes. They have a connection that she never had with Will and when Will is away filming a new film she and Ben grow close, she makes some mistakes as she finds her self in love with Ben. But when Will returns he finds out and now Bella has to chose between Will her long time boyfriend and Ben her Soulmate/Her Other Half, who will she pick when she finds her self Torn between both actors?


Based on this song:

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Chapter 1~Meeting For The First Time

Bella's Pov:

1st December 2012

I was sitting on the plane staring out of the window and sighed wondering how I messed everything up. I felt tears ran down my cheeks. Will was mad with me because of a stupid, reckless mistake I made. I was in love with both of them and had no idea what to do, but in the end I knew I would lose them both or would have to make a choice between Ben and Will. Will and Ben. Who to chose? Anyways let's go back to how it all began. The day I first met Ben, the day that everything was going to change.


(Flashes back to 20th January 2012) 


I was still asleep as it was 7 in the morning. I groaned as I heard the alarm and tried to switch it off and knocked it off the table. I heard Will chuckle next to me "Mhh that's one way to turn it off" He said as he kissed my cheek and sat up. He wrapped his arms round me holding me to him "Tell me you can stay home today" he whispered kissing me

"Don't we argue about this every morning Will?" I giggled as I kissed him back getting up from the bed but he had his arms locked around my waist stopping me from moving. I giggled "Will, I have to go to work" I said looking at him

He groaned shaking his head "Just stay, please" he said giving me his rather cute puppy dog eyes.

I giggled "Oh William what am I going to do with you?" I asked as I bent down and kissed him and ruffled his blondish hair.

"I am not sure" he chuckled as he just kissed my arm and looked at me "Do you have to go?" he asked

I nodded "Yes, unless you want me to get fired for not showing up" I said as I walked over to the closet picking out what I am going to wear "Unlike you, I have to show up everyday, just because you're not filming does not mean you're not an Actor Will, something might come again" I said looking at him, he had not had a film offer in a while so he stayed home while I worked. I picked out the shirt with skirt and boots and a jumper. I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a bun pinning it so it did not fall down then I went to the bathroom and washed up.

I then got changed into my work clothes and sat on the bed putting on my boots and done them up then I got up straightening out my skirt.

"You're the most beautiful 4th grade teacher I ever seen" Will said as he kissed me hugging me to him. I giggled and kissed him back

"I'll see you in the afternoon handsome" I said and pressed my lips to his again for a brief moment teasing him he groaned when I pulled back and winked at him before I grabbed my bag and walked down to the kitchen and made my self a cup of coffee to take with me to work. 

When the coffee was made I put it the cup I take to work with me and closed the lid, it was a heat proof cup. I grabbed my car keys and some snack for breakfast then walked outside and closed the door behind me and got in my car driving off to work. I turned on the radio and they were playing Evanescence so I hummed along to the song singing softly. 

 I drove to work and I pulled outside the school and closed the car door once I got out.


20th January 2012, 4.50pm: 

I was on my way home, my neck hurt a little so I rubbed it with my hand when I was at a stop sign. I liked my job but the kids were just so noisy. I sighed and drove home, it took me about an hour as there was lots of traffic. I opened the door to the house "I am home" I called, there was silence, Maybe he's gone out. I told my self and picked up the mail that was on the floor and set it on the kitchen table then I went upstairs and changed into some home jeans and t-shirt.

I walked down the stairs and took a glass and poured my self some water and rubbed my neck as it still hurt. I heard the door and then some laughter. I wondered who Will was with, probably a friend. I leaned against the counter drinking the water and almost dropped the glass when Will walked in with the one and only Ben Barnes. I chocked a bit as he spoke to me "Hi there" he said with a bright smile, his eyes seemed to twinkle in the light. God he was gorgeous. Wait did I just think that? I thought to my self. Bad Bella, Bad Bella, you're with Will so stop acting like a teenager around Ben, you're 23 for god's sake. 

I smiled at Ben "Hi" I said and hugged Will who wrapped his arms round me kissing me softly on the lips.

"How was work hon?" He asked as he planted a kiss on my temple holding me close to him.

"Not bad, the kids are noisy as always, but my neck hurts" I giggled and smiled. "Oh I set the mail on the table" I said looking at Will, then looked at Ben "You staying for dinner?" I asked wondering if I should cook for 3 people or just 2.

Ben nodded "Yeah sure why not" he smiled "Lovely house you have" he said as he looked at me after he looked around the kitchen

Will chuckled and he sat down at the table and looked through the mail.  He looked through it then he jumped up hugging me. I giggled as I hugged him back "Anything good?" I asked as I ruffled his hair looking at him

"I got a movie part" He smiled beaming at me

"See, I told you something was gonna come this morning" I said and smiled.  I then looked in the fridge and got out some cooking ingredients. 

"Congratz" Ben said as he patted Will's back softly and then his eyes fell on me, his eyes were smiling, I hoped I was not blushing.

I washed my hands and then put on the apron and when I got everything prepared for dinner I started to chop up the onions

"So, what do you for a job?" Ben asked as he looked at me, a bright smile on his face. It was hard to believe he was 30, gosh he looked younger. But then again Will was 25 and he looked younger too.

"I teach fourth grade kids" I said and smiled softly. 

"Noisy lot them?" Ben chuckled softly

I nodded "Oh yeah, totally" I said and smiled "But they are great kids, despite sometimes getting on my last nerves"

Ben laughed "Yeah I guess that's with any little kids" he shrugged and leaned in his seat. I set some beer down for him and Will.

I looked in the cupboard and huffed. "What, you need something?" Will asked looking at me

I nodded "Yeah, some pasta, ketchup sauce, garlic and anything else you can think of, and rice" I said

Will nodded "Okay I'll get it" he said and kissed me then grabbed his car keys "Be back in a bit" he said then walked out of the kitchen and soon I hurt the front door close.

Ben looked at me "Need some help?" He asked me as he stood behind me, I could feel his breath on my neck. I nodded a bit and then I felt him tie back up my apron "Came undone" he said and smiled at me.

He then stood next to me as we chopped up the rest of the ingredients and I mixed in a bowl to make a salad. I reached for the salt at the same time he did and our hands touched. I bit my lip as he set his hand down. I felt strange, why was I feeling like this? I am with Will and now here I am standing beside Ben and I feel odd and like we have some kind of connection that amazed me, that was nothing I felt with Will. Why?

I bit my lip and put some oil with the salad as well as Ben put in some salt and pepper and mixed it up. I put the chicken into the oven which I prepared yesterday then Will walked in. He set the bags down on the table. He looked at Ben "You helping?" he asked

Ben nodded "Yeah, 4 hands make it a faster job" he said and saw Will raise his eyebrow "Don't worry I won't burn anything" he chuckled and Will shakes his head laughing. Me and Ben finished off the rice and then I set the salad on the table and some glasses for wine.

I pulled the chicken out of the oven when it was done which was around 7pm then everyone got what they wanted to eat and while we ate we laughed and talked and shared Stories.  After Ben left around 9pm I cleaned up.

Will wrapped his arms round my waist "I think you made a quite impression on him"

"Who Ben?" I asked looking at Will and he nods "Oh please" I said, but at the back of my thoughts was Ben.



Chapter 1~Meeting For The First Time (Above)

Chapter 2~Cup of Coffee

Chapter 3~Apology

Chapter 4~Birthday Dinner

Chapter 5~Talk

Chapter 6~Hurt

Chapter 7~Letters

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Chapter 2~Cup Of Coffee

Bella's Pov:


22nd January 2012 :

I was off work today as the kids had their holidays for a few months so I stayed home. Well I was not at home right this moment, I was in the shopping center buying food that was needed at home. 

I got everything I needed so started to walk over to the counter but the floor was slippery wet and I started to fall as my legs slipped but then I felt strong arms around me stopping me from hitting the wet floor. "You should be careful Bells" a familiar voice said and I looked up to see it was Ben. 

I felt my cheeks flush slightly and I giggled nodding "Umm thanks for catching me there Ben" I said as I stood up, I held onto his arms for a while to regain my balance. 

Ben nodded as he smiled at me widely "You're welcome" he said then he was about to turn away to walk off but he stopped "Do you want to get a cup of coffee with me?" he asked looking at me. 

I nodded and smiled "Yeah sure, let me just pay for this" I said as I motioned with my free hands to the bags with groceries, He nodded and I went to pay for the food, after I payed me and Ben walked out of the center and found the nearest Coffee Place. We walked in and we sat down at the a table and I set the bags down on the empty seat next to me.

"What will it be?" a waiter asked as he walked over to me and Ben

"I'll have a black coffee and a muffin" Ben said

"I'll have a machacino and a panini" I said, I was bit hungry.

The waiter nodded then left to get our orders. Ben smiled at me "So, you work with kids?" he said "I mean Will only mentioned something about it, but I am not sure I got the whole story"

"I teach Fourth Grade Kids, they got their holidays now for a couple of months so I am off work" I said and smiled "I worked at the school for almost 4 years now, it will be 4 this July" I said and smiled.

Ben smiled "Oh, Is it the school by the metro station? Like few roads away?" He said

I nodded "Yeah that's the one, good things it's not noisy from the metro station but the kids make up for it" I giggled softly. Ben just chuckled, I could hear the smile in his chuckle as well his voice. The waiter came with our orders and we nodded as a thank you.

"So what got you working with little kids?" Ben asked me as he sipped his coffee then took a bit of his muffin.

"Oh probably because my older sister Rosaria has 3 little kids. Two girls aged 3 and 5 and then a boy aged 1. They are all just so adorable" I smiled "I love them to bits" I said as I sipped my machacino and then started to eat my panini, well tearing bits off which I ate, sort off. 

Ben nodded "Oh, big family she's got then" he chuckled and smiled "So I gather you and Will want kids then?" He asked as he raised his eyebrow slightly

"Oh I do. Will doesn't" I said and shrugged "I tried talking to him about this but he just either ignores the subject or just argues with me when it comes to that" I said and sighed "He's so stubborn" 

"What makes you think he doesn't?" Ben asked as he looked at me, I could see kindness in his eyes. I felt like I could open up to someone, about this. Finally. 

"The way he just dismisses it" I said and shake my head "What about you? got someone to settle down with?" I asked looking at him as I sipped on my coffee.

"No, I am single at the moment. I just can;t seem to the find 'the one' I would wanna marry and have kids with" He said as he finished his muffin.

I giggled as he had some chocolate on his mouth so I wiped it off with a tissue "Aww, well I hope you find her" I said and smiled at him. He was so sweet and perfect, I had no idea why I was thinking this but he seemed like he would make a good husband and father.

He smiled and nodded "I hope so too" he said, he gave me a rather mysterious smile. There was something behind that smile, something I wanted to find out and soon. Something that pulled me into finding out what it was. "Wait you said your sister was Rosaria?"He said

I nodded "Yes why?" I asked looking at him a bit confused as I continued to eat my Panini.  

"Isn't she that famous director in Venice?" He said looking at me

I nodded and smiled "Yes, she took of my father's business after his death a few years back, he died from Cancer. She lives in Venice with my mother and her family, I always go and visit for Christmas" 

Ben nodded "I heard it on the news, I am sorry for your loss" he said as he placed a hand over mine softly giving it a gentle squeeze.

I sighed and smiled sadly "It's okay, It was his time, that's what I am telling my self, some day everyone has to die, sometimes it's early sometimes it later, but that's life, not much we could have done, he was very ill" I said and Ben just nods.

Me and Ben talked for a while and even had a few laughs, before I knew it our cup of coffee turned into a lunch sort off. I looked at the watch. 2.00pm. Oh Boy, Will was going to be mad at me. I looked at Ben "I am sorry I have to go, Will's expecting me home" I said as I grabbed my bags "Thank you, it was nice bumping into you like that Ben and thanks for the lunch" I said kissing his cheek without thinking

Ben chuckled as he nodded "Any time" he smiled that smile again, that bright smile that made my heart melt "I am sure we will see more of each other maybe" He said and I nodded as I found my car again and drove off home.


William's Pov:

I was pacing up and down the living room. It was almost 3 and Bella was not back yet. Why did that girl always have to do something that made me worry for her? I sighed as I kept pacing and then she walked in. "Where have you been?!" I almost snapped at her then hugged her to me tightly.

She sighed "I was just out, I bumped into Ben and we went out for a coffee which turned into a Lunch, sorry" she said. She went out to Lunch with Ben?

"Lunch? Coffee?" I said, I tried not to be angry about that.

Bella looked at me and she crossed her arms over her chest, she frowned slightly "Yes, We had Coffee, he had a muffin, while I had a Panini then later we had lunch, is that a crime?" she asked me "I thought you wanted me and Ben to get along" she said as she walked into the kitchen

"I do" I said following her

"Then why you acting all jealous then?" she asked as me as she raised her eyebrow at me.

"I...I am not" I said, I was a bit.

"Then don't act that way" she said as she ruffled my hair, she loved doing that, I did not mind, she was always so cute doing that to me.

I nodded "What did you talk about?" I asked wondering what Kept Bella with Ben so long.

"Oh just my job, kids, my family" she said as she looked at me. She talked about that with him? Bit personal. I nodded trying to stay calm.

"Why Kids?" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm

"He asked me what got me into my job so I told Ben about my sister and my love for little kids" she said "Look I know you d..."

I cut in "Bella, don't! I don't want to talk about this" I said raising my voice.

She sighed "Well you never want to talk about this" she snapped at me as her phone rung, she picked up and walked off to the garden talking on her phone


Wow!!! Will is jealous!!! lol

Why doesn't he want kids? Something to wonder about!!!
Can't wait for more!!!

WHAAAAAA I Loved it !!!! Will is just like Edward !!!

He loves Bella but he is jealous when she is with Jake xD

xxStill a big fan of your story’s !!! Safae

Yeah he is like Edward in this

Yeah Rach, Will is so jealous.

He just doesn't. 

I'll post soon

Chapter 3~Apology

William's Pov:


I sighed and looked down. Bella was right I did not want to talk about this, I never did. I just did not want kids. Was that a crime? I was just not ready to be tied down like that, Bella was, she always had a love for kids and I admired her for that and how she enjoyed her jobs working with them, but that did not mean that I wanted to start a family.

I shake my head as Bella walked in and she just gave me one of the coldest looks ever, she was angry with me. She had a right to, I was acting like a jerk. I mean yeah I was feeling jealous but that was only because I loved her so much and was protective over her when someone else just took her out to coffee or something. I never thought Ben would, I did want to them go along I just did not know that they would get along so well like this. I wondered what was up with Ben. I sighed and heard the door. Bella just looked at me as she walked off and went to the answer the door.

I sighed and bit my lip then followed Bella to the hall way to see who it was. I saw it was Ben at the door and I just frowned, great now what did he want? Another coffee date or lunch with my girl? I tried not to snap at him but my blood was boiling inside I was gonna have a go at him in a few seconds. .8..............7.......6............5...........4..............3....2..................................1 and out burst.

Bella's Pov:

I went to open the door and saw Ben was at the door, I was about to say something but behind me Will had an outburst making me wince "What do you want? Didn't you have enough of taking my girlfriend out?" he snapped at Ben.

I looked back at Will in disbelief "Will! Stop it!" I said and looked at Ben "I...I am sorry about that" I said and he looked just as shocked as me.

Ben swallowed as he looked at Will "Woah dude, would you calm down Will, It was just lunch and a coffee" he said looking at him "Really, I ran into her at the shop and we got coffee, is that a crime?"

"Yes!" Will said

I looked at him "How is it a crime?" I asked feeling upset

"It just is" He snapped at me yelling. It made me wince, he never yelled at me like that. I slapped him across the cheek as I had enough it seemed to snap him out if that "What was that for?" he asked rubbing his cheek

"One for attacking Ben like that and two for yelling at both me and Ben, it was just a stupid coffee, does not mean you have to be angry with either of us for that"

Ben sighed "I...I am sorry, I just came to apologize, I should just go" he said and just walked off. I frowned at Will and ran after Ben.

"Ben wait" I said as I grabbed his arm stopping him.

Ben looked at me "Bella...I...I should just go"

"No Don't" I said as I looked at him "I am sorry about Will, he's just jealous, he was way out of line yelling at you like that Ben, I really am sorry" I said looking into his brown eyes. They were filled with sadness and confusion.

Ben just looked at me "Why is he jealous?" he asked as he looked at me, his eyes staring into mine, making me melt inside out. "It's not like I am trying to steal you away from him or anything"

"He just gets jealous" I sighed and nodded "I know Ben, but I am still sorry about how he treated you back there, he just doesn't get that you're someone I can talk to about things he does not want to talk about"

Ben nodded and wrapped his arms round me hugging me softly. I wrapped my arms round him hugging him back softly and I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as I sighed, I fitted into his arms so easily, it was like I was made for him. I did not know if I fit into Will as easily like I did into Ben. Odd.

WOW 0_0



I think Bella fits more with Ben then with Will ;)

Loved it and don’t forgot to keep me updated and you gave to write more !!!!


I know :) Lol

Will is just so way out of line as to how he is treating Ben, Ben has done nothing wrong he just took Bella out to coffee and lunch and they talked. And yeah Bella fits more with Ben in this. lol you will see how things will turn out pretty soon, I guess

Lol I will post more soon

Chapter 4~Birthday Dinner

Bella's Pov:


(Flashes Forward to Early March)

 Me and Will have been arguing more often we used to. It was just making me upset, but he has gone away now, to Canada to film his new film. He would be gone till later November. I sighed, it was rather quite without him which was good, I was back at work, but today I had off as It was my birthday. I turned 24.

I heard the door bell "Coming" I called out as I was in the living room and got up from the couch and walked to the door to see Ben "Oh hey Ben" I said and smiled softly at him.

Ben smiled at me as he wrapped his arms round me hugging me to him tightly "Happy Birthday Bella" he said with a bright smile on his face, and then he pulled out a little box

I looked at him "Ben you didn't have to get me anything, really, it's fine" I said, wow. He was just so sweet, could he get even more sweeter?

"I wanted to" he said as he handed me the box.

I looked at him and felt my self blush bright red, I hoped it was not that noticeable. I opened the box in my hand and inside was a bracelet, silver bracelet "Wow, Ben it's beautiful, I love it thank you" I said and smiled as I kissed his cheek.

Ben smiled "I am glad you like it, here let me put it on for you" he said as he took the bracelet and he softly put it around my wrist and done it up "There, it fits" he smiled and he hand my hand in his still, I smiled and nodded. I bit my lip as my hand was still in his, I did not mind.

Ben seemed to notice that and he let go of my hand softly "Umm are you doing anything later?" he asked, he seemed a bit nervous.

I shake my head "No, why?" I asked as I looked at him wondering what he was going to ask me. I bit my lip slightly and smiled at him warmly.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me?" He asked "For your birthday I mean" He added in quickly.

I smiled at him softly "Yeah sure I'd love to" I looked at him "Is 8 okay?" I said looking at him

He nods "Yeah 8 is perfect, I'll pick you up at 8" he said and kissed my cheek before he hugged me then smiled and left. I felt my cheeks flush and I smiled to my self unable to wipe that smile of my face for a long time.

I closed the door and leaned on the door for a while and looked at the bracelet on my wrist, I looked on the back of it and it had my name in scripted on the back. I smiled, he was just so sweet and charming. Any girl would be lucky to have someone like him. Seriously, I wished Will would be a little more like Ben sometimes. Me and Ben got on so great, Ben was just so easy going and easy to talk to. Will was just always arguing with me when it came to thinks he did not want to talk about. It was not my fault I found that annoying and it made me upset.

It was around almost 8 when I got finished ready, my hair was wavey and pinned back some strands were lose. I had on a nice shirt and skirt and high heel boots. I looked at my self "Okay you look fine Bells" I told my self, I smiled as I played with the bracelet and at 8 sharp there was a knock on the door.

Ben was there, he smiled "Wow, you look amazing"

I blushed and smiled "Aww, you look amazing your self Ben" I said and closed the door behind me and we walked to his car and got in. As he started the car a song I liked was playing on the radio.

"I could put it on another Chanel" Ben said as he was about to switch it

"No, No, don't. I like this song" I said as I pulled his hand down away from the switch and smiled at him softly as he squeezed my hand softly before he set it back on the stirring wheel and pulled out onto the road. I listened to the song. I always loved this song, i It was a beautiful and epic song.

I looked at Ben at occasions as he drove and smiled to my self. It took us 30 minutes to get to where Ben was taking me for Dinner, when he parked we got out of the car and we walked inside the restaurant, it was a rather small, romantic Italian one. We walked in and a waiter walked over to us.

"Table for 2 please" Ben said as he smiled warmly

"Right this way sir" The waiter said and led us outside to the best seat, it was on the patio and there was a private dance floor there as well.  I looked around, very romantic. I felt my cheeks blush as well. Oh boy.

Ben nodded and smiled "Thank you" he said as we sat down in our chairs

"Welcome" The waiter said "And If I may say so, you two make a rather adorable couple, she's one lucky girl" he said then left so we could decide on what we were going to eat.

Now that just made me blush more

"Do you always blush this much?" Ben chuckled softly.

I giggled softly "I am not sure, but I think I've been blushing a lot more since January"

Ben chuckled and smiled "Well It's cute, I mean...umm...I..." He stumbled over his words 

I smiled "Ben, it's okay really" I said looking at him and then I looked at the menu.  We ordered an Italian Pizza, with a salad and some wine and bread sticks. We talked and laughed and even danced and had fun. After dinner and the dancing we took a walk by the sea side, as the Italian Restaurant was by the water.

I walked beside him as we talked, I saw a tree in front of him "Ben watch...." I winced as it was too late and Ben walked right into t he tree

"Ow" he said as rubbed his head

I giggled "Oh you silly boy" I said and pulled him away from the tree.

"I know I am silly" Ben chuckled as he wrapped his arm round me hugging me to him. He spins me around and I giggled as I held onto him and leaned my hands on his shoulders as he held me up. Gosh he was strong.

"And I thought I was the clumsy one" I said as he set me down. He just chuckled his hands still around my waist as he looked into my eyes and I just got lost in them.

Ben did not let go of me this time like at the house, I felt my heart beat faster and I kept staring into his eyes as he stared at mine and I felt him start to lean in softly but then his phone buzzed making both of us jump back.

I bit my lip softly as he talked on his phone, either was his agent or someone from family. I did not ask. Was he just about to kiss me? Well this was rather strange moment for me now. Strange but nice.

Later after he finished we got back and we stood outside the door "Thanks, I had a really lovely time today" I said as I looked at him

"You're welcome" he said as he smiled at me and placed a kiss on my cheek softly, lingering close to my lips.

I felt my self blush and pressed my lips to his cheek but Ben turned around a little so I got his lips instead, which made me blush, but I was surprised when he kissed me back softly, His hands cupped my face as he kissed me, his lips soft and tender against mine.

I had my arms round his neck slightly as my body melted into his and into the kiss, he pulled back after a while and kissed my forehead softly and then pecked my lips before he left and I bit my lip in shock as I walked into the house. Wow. I felt my knees go all wobbly.


What did just happend ?

O YEAH THERE FIRST KIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m so happy !!!!

There ar a cute couple !!!

Really !!!

I LOVED IT !!!!!!

xxStill a big fan of your story’s !! Safae

Lol what do you mean what just happened?

Oh yeah kissing hehe :)

I know they are so cute together actually

great update!  I can't wait to read your next update!


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