The Twilight Saga

Summary; Bella Swan is dating the actor William Moseley and they are a couple but then she meets his friend and a fellow actor Ben Barnes. They have a connection that she never had with Will and when Will is away filming a new film she and Ben grow close, she makes some mistakes as she finds her self in love with Ben. But when Will returns he finds out and now Bella has to chose between Will her long time boyfriend and Ben her Soulmate/Her Other Half, who will she pick when she finds her self Torn between both actors?


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Chapter 1~Meeting For The First Time

Bella's Pov:

1st December 2012

I was sitting on the plane staring out of the window and sighed wondering how I messed everything up. I felt tears ran down my cheeks. Will was mad with me because of a stupid, reckless mistake I made. I was in love with both of them and had no idea what to do, but in the end I knew I would lose them both or would have to make a choice between Ben and Will. Will and Ben. Who to chose? Anyways let's go back to how it all began. The day I first met Ben, the day that everything was going to change.


(Flashes back to 20th January 2012) 


I was still asleep as it was 7 in the morning. I groaned as I heard the alarm and tried to switch it off and knocked it off the table. I heard Will chuckle next to me "Mhh that's one way to turn it off" He said as he kissed my cheek and sat up. He wrapped his arms round me holding me to him "Tell me you can stay home today" he whispered kissing me

"Don't we argue about this every morning Will?" I giggled as I kissed him back getting up from the bed but he had his arms locked around my waist stopping me from moving. I giggled "Will, I have to go to work" I said looking at him

He groaned shaking his head "Just stay, please" he said giving me his rather cute puppy dog eyes.

I giggled "Oh William what am I going to do with you?" I asked as I bent down and kissed him and ruffled his blondish hair.

"I am not sure" he chuckled as he just kissed my arm and looked at me "Do you have to go?" he asked

I nodded "Yes, unless you want me to get fired for not showing up" I said as I walked over to the closet picking out what I am going to wear "Unlike you, I have to show up everyday, just because you're not filming does not mean you're not an Actor Will, something might come again" I said looking at him, he had not had a film offer in a while so he stayed home while I worked. I picked out the shirt with skirt and boots and a jumper. I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a bun pinning it so it did not fall down then I went to the bathroom and washed up.

I then got changed into my work clothes and sat on the bed putting on my boots and done them up then I got up straightening out my skirt.

"You're the most beautiful 4th grade teacher I ever seen" Will said as he kissed me hugging me to him. I giggled and kissed him back

"I'll see you in the afternoon handsome" I said and pressed my lips to his again for a brief moment teasing him he groaned when I pulled back and winked at him before I grabbed my bag and walked down to the kitchen and made my self a cup of coffee to take with me to work. 

When the coffee was made I put it the cup I take to work with me and closed the lid, it was a heat proof cup. I grabbed my car keys and some snack for breakfast then walked outside and closed the door behind me and got in my car driving off to work. I turned on the radio and they were playing Evanescence so I hummed along to the song singing softly. 

 I drove to work and I pulled outside the school and closed the car door once I got out.


20th January 2012, 4.50pm: 

I was on my way home, my neck hurt a little so I rubbed it with my hand when I was at a stop sign. I liked my job but the kids were just so noisy. I sighed and drove home, it took me about an hour as there was lots of traffic. I opened the door to the house "I am home" I called, there was silence, Maybe he's gone out. I told my self and picked up the mail that was on the floor and set it on the kitchen table then I went upstairs and changed into some home jeans and t-shirt.

I walked down the stairs and took a glass and poured my self some water and rubbed my neck as it still hurt. I heard the door and then some laughter. I wondered who Will was with, probably a friend. I leaned against the counter drinking the water and almost dropped the glass when Will walked in with the one and only Ben Barnes. I chocked a bit as he spoke to me "Hi there" he said with a bright smile, his eyes seemed to twinkle in the light. God he was gorgeous. Wait did I just think that? I thought to my self. Bad Bella, Bad Bella, you're with Will so stop acting like a teenager around Ben, you're 23 for god's sake. 

I smiled at Ben "Hi" I said and hugged Will who wrapped his arms round me kissing me softly on the lips.

"How was work hon?" He asked as he planted a kiss on my temple holding me close to him.

"Not bad, the kids are noisy as always, but my neck hurts" I giggled and smiled. "Oh I set the mail on the table" I said looking at Will, then looked at Ben "You staying for dinner?" I asked wondering if I should cook for 3 people or just 2.

Ben nodded "Yeah sure why not" he smiled "Lovely house you have" he said as he looked at me after he looked around the kitchen

Will chuckled and he sat down at the table and looked through the mail.  He looked through it then he jumped up hugging me. I giggled as I hugged him back "Anything good?" I asked as I ruffled his hair looking at him

"I got a movie part" He smiled beaming at me

"See, I told you something was gonna come this morning" I said and smiled.  I then looked in the fridge and got out some cooking ingredients. 

"Congratz" Ben said as he patted Will's back softly and then his eyes fell on me, his eyes were smiling, I hoped I was not blushing.

I washed my hands and then put on the apron and when I got everything prepared for dinner I started to chop up the onions

"So, what do you for a job?" Ben asked as he looked at me, a bright smile on his face. It was hard to believe he was 30, gosh he looked younger. But then again Will was 25 and he looked younger too.

"I teach fourth grade kids" I said and smiled softly. 

"Noisy lot them?" Ben chuckled softly

I nodded "Oh yeah, totally" I said and smiled "But they are great kids, despite sometimes getting on my last nerves"

Ben laughed "Yeah I guess that's with any little kids" he shrugged and leaned in his seat. I set some beer down for him and Will.

I looked in the cupboard and huffed. "What, you need something?" Will asked looking at me

I nodded "Yeah, some pasta, ketchup sauce, garlic and anything else you can think of, and rice" I said

Will nodded "Okay I'll get it" he said and kissed me then grabbed his car keys "Be back in a bit" he said then walked out of the kitchen and soon I hurt the front door close.

Ben looked at me "Need some help?" He asked me as he stood behind me, I could feel his breath on my neck. I nodded a bit and then I felt him tie back up my apron "Came undone" he said and smiled at me.

He then stood next to me as we chopped up the rest of the ingredients and I mixed in a bowl to make a salad. I reached for the salt at the same time he did and our hands touched. I bit my lip as he set his hand down. I felt strange, why was I feeling like this? I am with Will and now here I am standing beside Ben and I feel odd and like we have some kind of connection that amazed me, that was nothing I felt with Will. Why?

I bit my lip and put some oil with the salad as well as Ben put in some salt and pepper and mixed it up. I put the chicken into the oven which I prepared yesterday then Will walked in. He set the bags down on the table. He looked at Ben "You helping?" he asked

Ben nodded "Yeah, 4 hands make it a faster job" he said and saw Will raise his eyebrow "Don't worry I won't burn anything" he chuckled and Will shakes his head laughing. Me and Ben finished off the rice and then I set the salad on the table and some glasses for wine.

I pulled the chicken out of the oven when it was done which was around 7pm then everyone got what they wanted to eat and while we ate we laughed and talked and shared Stories.  After Ben left around 9pm I cleaned up.

Will wrapped his arms round my waist "I think you made a quite impression on him"

"Who Ben?" I asked looking at Will and he nods "Oh please" I said, but at the back of my thoughts was Ben.



Chapter 1~Meeting For The First Time (Above)

Chapter 2~Cup of Coffee

Chapter 3~Apology

Chapter 4~Birthday Dinner

Chapter 5~Talk

Chapter 6~Hurt

Chapter 7~Letters

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Chapter 6~Hurt


Few Months Later:

Bella's Pov:


I spend a lot of time with Ben over the past few months and over love for each kept growing as we got to know each other more but deep down, I knew it was a mistake. I was with Will and Will deserved better then me running off with his best friend. So this is how it felt like to be torn between two people huh?And to make things worse, Will would be back soon.  I sighed, I loved them both but somehow I felt that my love for Ben was more stronger. I needed to talk to Ben, I pulled outside his house and walked over and knocked on the door, I waited for a while for someone to answer, when the door finally opened, there was Ben, in his perfect shape and form, no shirt on, I felt my cheeks turn bright red and I swallowed. Why was he doing this to me? Did he like to torture me with his insanely good looks that were hard to resist. Before I could think let alone breathe or say anything Ben's lips crushed mine as he pulled me inside closing the door behind us.

I kissed him back forgetting why I wanted to even talk. His lips were so warm against mine. I slid my arms around his neck and pulled my self closer to him. He kissed me with so much love and passion, It left me almost breathless as each kiss became more intense with love and tenderness we felt for each other, he lifted me up so easily as if I was a feather of some sort and I wrapped my legs around his waist kissing him more with love.


The next morning I woke up beside Ben, his arms were wrapped around my waist while he was still asleep, snoring some what lightly. He looked so peaceful. I kissed his lips soflty not waking him up and slid out of his arms carefully and put a pillow in my place, I got changed and left. I knew I should have waited for him to wake up or at least leave a note but I was so confused. I drove home but before that I stopped for some coffee. When I got home there were two voices mails for me. I played them both and sighed both were from Ben.

Message 1: Hey Bella its me Ben, please call me, we need to talk.

Message 2: Hey its me again. I know you might be mad at me for what happened between us last night, I totally get that because you're with Will and it's not fair on him, a part of me does regret being like that with you as he's my best friend but a bigger part of me can't regret this because It felt right, having you in my arms like that. If loving and being with you is a mistake, then it's the best mistake I ever made. Please talk to me Bells.

"You slept with him"? said a voice behind me, a broken and a hurt voice. Voice that belonged to Will. I stiffened, he was home and he found out like this. I turned around my face had guilt written all over it. I did not want Will to find out like this, I felt worse seeing him so broken "So you did." he said,

"I...I..." I could not even think let alone speak "I did not want you to find out like this, I swear." I said, tears in my eyes shining and soon they slid down my cheeks

"Oh, so you just decided sleeping with Ben would make it fine huh?" he yelled, like he totally ignored what I just said. I sighed then jumped back wincing as he send a vase from the table flying across the room, it hit the wall and shattered into pieces and he gripped my shoulders tightly making me wince "Do you love him?"

"I love you both." I said, it was true. I did love them both. I loved Will but Ben also. Gah. Why did things have to be so confusing for me?

"You can't love to people." he said releasing me "Okay you can. but who are you in love with?" he asked, his voice stern but some what broken as well.

"I....." I sighed "Ben." I muttered the last bit which made him angry, he looked like he was going to punch me for a while but then he just walked out and said.

"When I come back, I want you gone." I sighed and tears ran down my cheeks. I deserved that. I packed my things and left a note for Will and wrote one to Ben as well. It would be 1st of December tomorow, I stayed over at my friends house then in the morning  I was on a plane. But before that I left the letter for Ben tucked under his door way

Oh my gosh, I love this story so much and I feel so bad for poor Bella. Well pretty much everyone else, I really know how she feels, is it bad that I've been in that postion before? Well I didn't have a boyfriend but they were both my friends. Kinda confusing. Anyways, enough about me, onword with my commenting of your story, haha, I really love this story and I can't wait for more! Oh, and when I read "It would be 1st of December tomorrow.." I was like, woaaah because I'm listening to "Back To December"-Taylor Swift while I read that, haha. Well, can't wait for more! (:


No its not bad that you never been in that position, I never been like that either but I do kind of like someone so but he's just a friend so yeah lol. I know I feel so bad for Bella and the others as well in this story. I am glad you like this, I'll try and post soon and will keep you updated

Love itstay so sad!:(

yeah it is sad :(

Oh no!!! That's not good!! :(

Why would she leave?

Can't wait to find out!!

Yeah nothing good in the air and she needs time to think so she left

great update!  can't wait for your next one!

I am glad you liked it

Chapter 7~Letters

William's Pov:


I walked out of the house and sighed, I did not mean what I said to Bella. I did not want her to leave, I was just upset and hurt. but I loved her, even though we wanted different things in our relationship. She wanted a family, kids. I was not ready for that. Maybe she should be with someone like Ben, he seemed to want what she wanted and I could not exactly blame her for being with him, I wanted to blame her, but I couldn't. I always told my self that if me and Bella ever broke up, I would want her to end up with someone like Ben. Ben was a good guy and not someone that would hurt a girl in a million years. But it still hurt knowing Bella got with him behind my back. I had no idea, how one moment everything could be fine, the next you were arguing with the one you love and then you turn around and she's with your best friend. Maybe it was my fault, I should have not yelled at either of them that time they just had lunch. You're stupid William, Stupid! A voice in my head said and I sighed at my self. great, even I was thinking the obvious about about my self, I saw Ben walking towards me and he stopped.

"Dude I..." He trailed off as I stopped him, I did not punch him or anything as much as I wanted to, get my anger out on someone, he was my best friend and he deserved better then that.

"Ben, I know." I said, my voice had a heart broken tone. I sighed "As mad as I want to be, and punch you, get my anger out on you for being with the one I love, I can't. Bella loves you, a lot more then you know. She deserves to be with someone like you, you two want to the same things in life. Like a family, marriage. that sort of thing, the kind of commitment I am not ready to get my self into." 

Ben stared at me with his jaw dropped, I could see the shock in his eyes, he was just so surprised to hear me saying this to him, when he expected me to almost kill him on the spot, most likely. "I...Will...." He stumbled over his words "I am sorry, I mean for hurting you like that, I really am. I just love her and I must have not been thinking clearly because she's with you and...." He trailed off again as I stopped him

"Ben, I know. I am mad, upset, hurt, and many more feelings but I am not stupid to realize I done my mistakes as well, like yelling at you for the time you had lunch with Bella. From that moment on me and Bella went down hill and the truth is, Bella could not be with a better guy then you." I said looking at him "You deserve her more then me Ben. You go get her, and when you do. Don't let her go." I said looking at him and patted his arm softly.

Ben looked at me "How can you say that I mean after me and Bella.," he said, he sounded guilty.

I looked at him "Because you're my best friend, even after everything Ben." I said and then walked off needing some time alone, when I got home, I called out "Bella?" I hoped she would have stayed, no answer, I looked around, her things were gone, on the table was a picture of her and Me and a note addressed to me, I read it;

Dear Will,

I am sorry about how you had to find out about me and Ben. It kills me to see you so hurt because of my stupid mistakes and that I fell in love with your best friend behind your back. I just wish that one day you'll find someone who will be worthy of you and that will want what you want. But we want different things and even though I still love you, it's not enough for us. I am truly sorry and I hope that one day you can forgive me. I am going to Venice to see my family and get some space and try to clear my head so I think of what to do and make a choice when I come back even though my choice might already been made up. Please don't try to get in touch, I think it will be best for us, to stay away from each for a while. We both need space and time to work things out or selves. I am sorry once again and I love you.


I sighed as I read the note and then looked at the picture of me and Bella, it was when we first met, her hair was messy as she dancing and having some fun with her sister when she pumped into me and we got talking and soon became friends, we were hugging in the picture. I sighed and ran my finger down her face and tears prickled my eyes and they slid down my cheeks and I leaned my head back not caring anymore that I was crying. Bella was right, even though she loved me, it was not enough. I could never give and be what she wanted me to.Only Ben could.

Ben's Pov:

I just watched after Will as he left, I was so shocked to hear him telling me all of that, after what I done. I sighed, I knew he was hurt, but he admitted his mistakes as well. I wanted to speak to Bella but she was avoiding me, I knew she was confused about everything that went on between us,but I was not going to let her slip away from me like that. I loved her more then I ever loved anyone else. I needed her to know that. I sighed and walked home, I sat on the sofa and fell asleep, in the morning. I saw a note tucked in the doorway, it was for me, I opened it up and started to read the note, well letter more like;

Dear Ben.

I know this is not how you wanted us to talk and work things out. It's just, I am so confused and seeing you right now would confuse me even more. I wanted to let you know that I truly and deeply love you and even though I hurt Will in the process, it hurt me as I love him too but I am not in love with him like I used to be, like I am with you. I want you to know that the other night meant a lot to me too. I am going to Venice to be with my family for a while so I can try and figure some things out as I am confused more then ever about us, what happened and about me and Will and you. If you want to get in touch, feel free to write letters, call me on my phone or on the home phone. I love you Ben, never forget that and I'll see you soon.

Love Bella.

At the bottom of the page was the address at which she was staying at and the two numbers I could reach her by.I looked at the clock, it was about 2 in the afternoon, she she would be there already I guess. I sighed and picked up the phone as the news was one and I dialed the home number and my eyes fell on the velvet box on my desk.I bit my lip and then waited for someone to pick up watching the news.

The reporter spoke "Breaking news, there has been an accident, a plane on the way to Venice crashed outside the Venice airport, 15 people are presumed dead, including young adults and 3 children, the rest are severely injured, more to come on this story later."

Horror crossed my eyes as I watched and felt like my whole body was paralyzed from the shock of the news. Someone picked up on the other line "Hello?"

I snapped out of the shock a bit "Bella?" I asked, my voice weak, I hoped she was alright, she had to be okay, she just had to be. Oh God. I panicked

"No this is Rosaria, Bella's sister." The other voice said

"Oh my god, Is Bella okay...I mean the accident..." I rumbled on and she tried to get me to stop but I was not listening

"Ben! Woah, Ben, calm down. Bella's fine, she's outside in the garden, there were 2 planes to Venice, it was the other one who crashed, not Bella's one. I know what happened between you two and in my opinion you seem a better choice for Bella." She said and I sighed in relief.

"Oh thank god, can I talk to her, please?" I said, trying to keep my voice even as I was panting for breath.

There was silence for a moment "Mhh, I got a better idea." she said

"And that is?" I asked wondering

"I know Bella said she needed time alone, but she misses you,I can tell, maybe you should come here and surprise her." She said and that thought lingered in my mind.

Will is amazing for being so accepting and not killing him. That was how Lizzie was with me, understanding people are great. (: When you said an airplane crashed I came to the same conclusion, so happy there were two planes and it wasn't hers. I definitely knew Ben was going to go to Bella, some time or another, I knew it, haha. Well I can't wait for more, good chapter and thanks for keeping me updated! (:


yeah I know, people can be accepting even if heart broken. I am glad you liked it and lol, great minds think alike and yeah Ben is not going to let Bella go so easily.


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