The Twilight Saga

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This is my first fan fic so please let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. The story is about Bella who lives in Forks, WA keeps having very real dreams about a man who she has never met. And Edward who lives in West Haven, VT keeps having dreams about a girl he has never met. When Bella goes to the home town of her best friend what will she do when she is confronted with the man of her dreams.

Chapter 1-Moving Day

Its 1:30 when I walk into my well was my apartment in Pullman. This is the last time I will come home to this peaceful apartment that I have called home for the past three years. When I walk in the only noise is the sound of my footsteps echoing off the walls, the only thing that is left is my duffel bag with my travel clothes in it, the rest of my belongings sent to my childhood house in Forks via moving company. Even as empty as the apartment is it still feels more like home then that house would I haven’t been there since my parents died in the car crash three years ago. Though no matter how many awful emotions that house drags up I could never bear to sell it. It worked out still owning it since I just graduated from Washington State and I need a place to go before I make the big move to California to start graduate school at UCLA to get my master in English Lit. Standing there I know I should change and get on the road my best friend Angela has already called me 10 times to let me know that everyone was back and they were all excited to see me and were wondering when I would be there. By everyone I mean a grand total of five people well six if you count Jacobs new girlfriend. Jake was my ex we had been friends forever our dads were best friends so in high school we tried to date but both realized friendship was best for us. I haven’t dated since then really the less people you care about the less likely it is that you will get hurt. The other people there were my best friend Angela who is my favorite person in the entire world, her fiancé Ben they were high school sweethearts, I always knew that was going to work. My friend Mike he was a good guy when he wasn’t trying to hit on me, I let him know every time that one I don’t date and two Jessica would be heart broken. She is the other person that will be there though when I think of her close friend isn’t the word I would use to describe our relationship we just happen to hang out with the same people. Those group of people have always been there for me especially after my parents died, they don’t ask me constantly how I am doing they know I hate that but deep down I know they are worried about me. Not that I can blame them I have basically cut myself off from people the only time I really leave the apartment is to go to school and go to work at the bookstore. Now that the semester is done I won’t be going to class and I haven’t worked at the bookstore for a week since I will be moving at the end of summer anyway. Standing in the middle of the apartment staring at the duffel bag on the floor all I can think about is whether or not I made the right decision agreeing to spend the whole summer in Forks with my friends. Even with all of the memories flooding back to me I cant even cry there are no tears left for those memories, I wont let there be. My thoughts are interrupted by a ring tone I know all to well. I’ll show you mine if you show me your first lets compare scars I’ll tell you whose is worst I don’t even have to look at the caller ID
“Hey Jake” I knew he would be calling soon everyone was excited and surprised that I would be coming home for the summer. Especially Jake he wanted to introduce me to his new girl.

“Bells, I know that you are on your way here right now and not standing there debating on whether or not you should stay.” I could hear the smile in his voice, darn him for knowing me so well God was it frustrating.
“No Jake I was getting ready to walk out of the door.” I tried to hide the lie in my voice but I was a terrible liar and I knew it was useless.

“That is good Bells, I will see you first thing in the morning then we are all supposed to meet at the diner for breakfast.” I knew he knew I was lying but he didn’t call me on it.

“Yes Jake, now I have to go if you want me to make it there before midnight.” I said trying to pretend I was frustrated. Though I was glad he called he pulled me out of my thoughts and reminded me of why I had to go to Forks, I had to see my friends we were all moving pretty far away from each other next year and it was going to be harder to see each other. I owe it to my friends to be there and show them that I am okay, even if I am not.

“Okay love you Bella.”

“Love you too Jake” I hung up the phone and grabbed my duffel bag and made my way to the bathroom to head into my travel clothes. I have never been the person admired for her taste in fashion but then again I want trying to impress anyone, I just liked to be me and be comfortable. I changed into a pair of black sweat pants and a long sleeve white shirt with my white shoes, much better for an eight and half hour car ride then jeans and blouse I had on. I walked to the kitchen to leave my keys on the island where I told the landlord they would be. I took one last look around the apartment this place has been my safe haven for the past three years before my thoughts catch up to me I make my way to the front door only tripping once which is good for me. As I head out the door I pause to send Ang a text, I shouldn’t walk and text it would not end well. I am on my way now I should be home 11 at the latest call u when I get there. I walk carefully down the stairs and towards my parking space; I throw my bag in the backseat my phone in the passenger seat and plug in my zune. I turn up my radio trying to drown out my thoughts but I am unsuccessful. This was going to be a long car ride and I am not just talking about the time.


“Edward!” my sister Alice yelled from the bottom of the stairs “lets go already, Mom has already called to inform me that Emmett and Rosalie are already there.”

I tried to ignore her I wasn’t really in the mood for a summer at home. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and I love spending time with them but seeing all of them together with the person they love just reminds me of I how lonely I really am, though I would never admit that to anyone I would never live it down. Though I think that they could all tell especially Alice and my Mom Esme they knew me so well too well sometimes. My thoughts were stopped by the sound of my best friend Jasper tapping on my door. Jasper and his sister Rosalie have been friends of the family for as long as I can remember so it wasn’t very surprising when he and Alice and Emmett and Rose got together it just seemed so natural.

“Hey man I hate to bug you but if you keep sitting in here your sister is going to kill me.”

I chuckle a little “You’re right Jazz sorry I am coming.”

“That’s better now be a good boy and get your stuff.” Alice says walking over to stand by Jasper they fit so well together Jasper is 6’2 with shaggy blonde hair and light eyes. Alice is 5’ even with short spiky black hair and dark eyes.

“How can someone so small so me so hugely irritating.” I say as I pat her head, she hates that so I am not surprised when she kicks me as a walk by which wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t been wearing 3 inch heels.

“Lets just go Eddie” I hear Jasper stifle a laugh I hate that name and she knows I do, I guess that is what I get for patting her head.

I have already packed the majority of my things for the summer and had it loaded in my Volvo I would have the rest of my stuff flown to California when I start the semester there, I am starting medical school in the fall at UCLA. I can leave the furniture though Alice and Jasper would be returning to the house in the fall so Alice could finish her last year at NYU for fashion design Jasper even got an internship with one of the law firms in New York so he could stay with Alice. Though I was excited to be following in my father’s foot steps and going to medical school being 3000 miles away from my family was going to be hard. I was worried about my mom not only was I leaving but Emmett was going to Florida to play football. That is why this summer is so important. I throw my last bag in the passenger seat. We have to take two cars since mine is full and the most important thing next to Jasper in Alice’s life is fashion so even her Mercedes SUV is full with suit cases. As we pull onto the main road I plug in my zune and surround myself in the music of Debussy the best music for a car ride and I had a feeling that this was going to be a long car ride, I have never been nervous to go home but for some reason I had a feeling that this time was going to be different.

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I love it plzz updateee me

For sure I will keep you updated thanks for reading
ur welcome
Chapter 2-Sweet Dreams

The eight and half hour drive to Forks sucks especially by myself but after only three bathroom breaks I made it to the house, I can’t call it home it doesn’t feel that way anymore. I unlock the door with the key that is always kept under the mat. When I walk in it wasn’t what I was expecting, I guess I was it expecting it to be stuffy and smell like dust. What I hadn’t expected was for Angela to open up a couple of the windows and dust for me. I had asked her to meet the moving guys here to show them where to put stuff. She was always helping me that is one of the reasons I loved her so much she is so thoughtful. I sat my bag on the chair by the door and walked into the house. I started in the kitchen I figured if I had to face memories I would start with the room where most of them would be. I walked in and went to the island and found a note from Angela.

I know you are going to be upset with me but I did a little bit of shopping for you I knew that you would be hungry when you got here and I wanted you to have options I cant have you going to bed hungry now can I. See you in the morning.

Peanut Butter

I sent her a quick text thanking her for everything and reminding her that she didn’t have to do any of that. I stood in the kitchen looking around and the memories came flooding back I could see my mom and I at the stove finishing up dinner and my dad coming in still in his uniform, he was a cop. Before the emotions got the best of me I quickly shut the memories out. They were gone and no amount of memories or tears was going to change that. I went to the living, everything was the same as when I left three years ago after my meeting with the lawyers telling me that the house was paid off and it was mine. They also informed that my parents left me enough money that I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for college or about having to work, but I couldn’t do that I had to get a job it kept me busy. I grabbed my bag before I headed upstairs to the bathroom, I had to pass my parents room to get to the bathroom and my bedroom I walked as far away from their door as possible though I knew it was empty I would not go in that room. I started the shower and as I waited for the water to get warm I walked to my room to put my bag away. I pulled a pair of pjs out of the dresser, and then sat on my bed. It was the same as it always was the same purple comforter set my parents had bought me for my birthday the year before they died. Those pesky memories were trying to sneak up on me again but I could see the steam floating out of the bathroom so I quickly made my way there. I stood in the shower till the water got cold letting the hot water relax my muscles from the long car ride and I took in the sweet scent of my strawberry shampoo. I put on my pjs and made my way back to my room where I set the alarm for eight in the morning I was suppose to meet everyone at the diner at nine thirty. I crawled into my old bed and pulled the covers over my head trying to keep everything away. I finally let the exhaustion take over and sleep rushed over my body. I think I knew I was sleeping when the dream started mainly because I had no idea where I was. I was sitting on a bench at what looked to be a local park. I had my worn copy of Romeo and Juliet in my lap.
“Excuse me is this seat taken?” The question came from the most beautiful male voice I had ever heard it was soft in away. I turned to where the voice came from to tell him that he could sit but as soon as I seen his face my mind went blank. His face was strong with a strong jaw and full lips his eyes were the most beautiful shade of green like emeralds I could just get lost in. His hair was bronze and shiny in the sun and it looked like total planned disarray. It took me a minute to realize I was staring though he didn’t point it out.

“Um no, you can um sit here.” I stumbled on my words and sounded like a moron. I felt my face heat up with the blush that betrayed me every time. We sat there for a minute in the silence.

“My name is Edward by the way.” He held is hand out for me to shake again I had to gain my composure before I responded.

“I’m Bella.” I shook his had then looked back to my book.

“Well it is nice to meet you Bella” I went to respond but when I looked up he was gone. I felt a little disappointed.

The sound of my alarm betrayed me. I did not feel like getting up I wanted to go back to sleep and see if Edward would be there. ‘Don’t be ridiculous Bella it was just a dream’ I thought to myself. I walked down stairs to where I had left my phone I sent a mass text to Jake, Angela and Mike letting them know that I would be at the diner at 9:30 and I was excited to see them. It wasn’t really a lie I was kind of looking forward to it. I got a quick shower just enough to wake me up then I got dressed something simple perfect for Forks. As I was making my way back downstairs to head to my car I tripped and landed on my butt at the bottom of the stairs good thing I only had 4 more stairs to go. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door towards the diner, towards my friends and towards the stares. I could not think of that though I know everyone is just worried even people I barely knew my parents had been important to this town and that is what I had to keep in mind.

When I arrived at the diner I could already see my friends sitting at a booth waiting for me, as soon as I opened the door the bell chimed and they all looked up. Here we go I thought to myself. I started to head over to the table when I tripped on nothing and was heading right for the floor when I felt two familiar arms catch me.

“It has been a long time Bells but apparently some things never change.” Jake said as he helped me to my regain my upright position.

“Ha-ha very funny Jake and it hasn’t been that long only 9 months.”

“That is too long Bella I’ve missed you” Angela replied as she came up and hugged me.

“I missed you all too.” I hugged everyone else and even got a hug from Jessica though I could tell her heart was only half way there. As we made our way back to the table I noticed a girl who looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I had seen her before.

“Bells this is Leah, my girlfriend.”

That is where I knew her I had seen her around LaPush her house wasn’t far from Jake’s.

“It is nice to meet you Bella I have heard a lot about you.”

“You too Leah Jake speaks highly of you.” We ordered our breakfast and though I enjoyed the time with my friends and the wonderful stack of pancakes in front of me my mind couldn’t help but drift back to the boy in my dream.


It was dinner time when I arrived home and a soon as I stepped out of the car I could smell Esme cooking. It was good to be home, Jasper and Alice arrived just seconds after me. I started to walk towards the door I could get my bags after dinner, when all of sudden I am tackled by my massive grizzly bear of a brother Emmett.

“Its about time you get here Eddie, is your car in need of a tune up, Rose is here she could look at it.” He picks me up off the ground and grabs Alice around the waist and spins her.

“There is my pixie sis man I have missed you guys.”

“Em it has only been 6 months that isn’t so bad.” I didn’t think it was so bad anyway.

“Edward Anthony Cullen, six months is far too long especially since you can’t email your own mother anymore.” Esme yelled at me from the top of the stairs. I ran up the stairs and grabbed her into a big hug that would make things better, besides I really did miss my mom she is amazing.

“I missed you Mom.” I said as I put her down and kissed her cheek.

“Well that is better” she walked towards the house and I followed her ignoring Emmett and Jasper behind me chanting “mama’s boy” I would get them later I just had to think of away. When I walked into the house I seen Rosalie lying on the chair flipping through a magazine, when Alice walked in her and Rose went through a very emotional reunion. Those two were best friends and when Rose left NYU to go to Florida with Emmett it was hard on both of them. My father greeted me with a handshake and a hello on his way to the hospital for his shift.

“Sorry I can’t stay for dinner but you know the life of a doctor”

“It is okay Dad I understand”

“Wont be long and you will be just as busy Edward just keep in mind the rewards.” When he said it I could hear the pride in his voice he thought way to much of me.

“I know Dad have a good shift I will see you tomorrow.”

“Now that we are all here lets eat” Emmett could never wait for food I couldn’t blame him though Esme always made the best food. She had her own cook book it was written under a different name though being from a small town she didn’t want all of that attention. It was hard enough that Carlisle was the top surgeon at the local hospital and we had the largest house in the town. Given we had one of the largest families, regardless no one wanted the extra attention especially Esme. While we were eating dinner we got caught up on what was going on each others lives. Rose had only one year left before she got her masters in marriage and family therapy. She was always good with children so she wanted to help them as much as she could. When people looked at Rosalie they didn’t see that, they saw the blonde hair blue eyes and the extraordinary beauty. They judged her on that. Now don’t get me wrong Rose was pretty self-absorbed but she still loved to help children and Emmett though I guess that was the same thing. Emmett was 6’4 and built like a body builder, given he did play some pretty rough sports football and lacrosse but he was just one big kid, he liked to prank us and joke all the time. I couldn’t ask for a better family. Emmett was getting scouted from some pro teams and he was “pumped” about that. After dinner was done Emmett helped Jasper and I unload Alice’s car, then they helped me with my stuff. My room was on the third floor in-between the library and the piano. My two favorite rooms in the house that is why I had chose this location. I unpacked my things and then started my shower. While the water was heating up I dropped off my bag of music I had been writing off in the piano room. I noticed that Esme had restocked the room with blank music sheets, she was always eager for me to play. After my shower I climbed into my bed and let myself drowned in my dreams. I was walking around the park that wasn’t to far from our house when I seen a girl sitting on a bench by herself she seemed to be confused.

“Excuse me is this seat taken.”
When she looked up at me I took the time to admire how beautiful she was she had shoulder length thick brown hair with hints of red in it. Her face was pale and flawless and she had brown eyes that reminded me of melted chocolate they were deep I could have stared into them all day. My concentration was broken when she replied

“Um no, you can um sit here.” She sounded nervous then I noticed the most beautiful blush creep upon her face. We sat there in silence for a moment she picked up her book which I just noticed was Romeo and Juliet.

“My name is Edward by the way” I held out my hand for her to shake I really wanted to feel her skin on mine.

“I’m Bella” her touch felt too real, way too real.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Bella.” Then I woke up she had seemed so real even her touch had left my hand warm. What an odd dream, it was still dark when I opened my eyes so I rolled back over hoping that she would be there. Instead I had a dreamless night.
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Chapter 3

Breakfast went well, I thought I was talking and I even laughed a few times. I was surprised by my own actions. After breakfast I said good bye to everyone expect for Jake and Leah I was following Jake back to LaPush to see his dad Billy. I haven’t seen Billy since the accident either he reminded me so much of my dad it hurt. Since I was in town I couldn’t really say no when he had told Jake he wanted to see me. When we pulled into Jakes driveway I realized how much it hasn’t changed. Jake stayed with his dad and helped take care of him, he never went off for college but he did get a degree in mechanics that is what he loved to do anyway. Billy was waiting for us on the front porch when we pulled in. It took everything I had to get out of the car and not bust into tears right there.

“Well, Isabella it is so good to see you honey. How have you been?” I winced as soon as he said it but I kept it together plus I am pretty sure I saw Jake give him a look. Nobody has called me Isabella since my parents died; it hurt to hear it out loud.

“I am good Billy, I’ve missed you, and how are you feeling.” I bent down and gave him a hug Billy has been in a wheelchair for the past five years he was in a motorcycle accident.

“Well Jake pretends that I can’t take care of myself but I will have you know that I have been good.”

“Yeah Dad, that’s right” Jake mumbled as he grabbed Leah by the hand and we headed into the house.
I sat on the couch and we visited for awhile. When I was getting ready to leave I noticed the picture of Billy and my Dad on a fishing boat with huge smiles on their faces. I couldn’t take it I had removed all of the pictures of my parents and placed them in a box so I wouldn’t have to look at them everyday and here was my dad staring me in the face. As much as I have been holding in tears and memories but there was no pushing away that picture. I felt the tears pushing there way to my eyes and I knew from the way Jake stood next to me that he knew I was about to break and he also realized that I had stopped breathing.

“Bells breathe”

I took a deep breathe “I am okay Jake I promise I am just going to head home and rest before I meet up with Ang and Ben for dinner.”

“Okay Bella if you are sure.” He said though it sounded like a question.

“Yep I will see you later or tomorrow.” I walked quickly out of the door and to my car and drove as fast as possible to the house. I was not surprised when I saw Angela’s car sitting in my driveway I knew I couldn’t lie to Jake he knew me too well. Angela wasn’t in her car so I assumed she was in my house my theory was confirmed when I walked toward the door and heard the sounds of Breaking Benjamin coming from my speakers and I could smell the barbeque chicken and fried potatoes. Those were the three things that cheered me up. I walked in the house and threw my stuff on the floor.

“Angela Weber, what are you doing?” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Well Ben had to cancel on dinner tonight and I didn’t want to sit home with his parents so I came here and I figured we would have dinner and watch Sex in the City.”

She was talking in what I refer to as ‘protect your best friend code’ thankfully I knew that code what she was really saying was ‘After Jake called I told Ben I had to be here with you to make sure you don’t runaway’ I felt bad instantly I knew coming to Forks was a good idea look what I was doing to my friends they should be enjoying their summer not be punished by having to look after me I made the decision then that no matter what stupid emotions this town or this house threw at me I was going to be strong and not break down I owed it to my friends. Angela and I danced around the house to BB a couple of times before the chicken was ready and let me tell you it felt good to bust out some lyrics to I will not Bow especially given my mood. After we ate dinner which was amazing by the way, I made Angela and I hot fudge brownie sundaes while we settled in to watch Sex in the City. That movie was mine and Angela’s movie; it got us through some tough times. After the movie Angela helped me clean up the kitchen then was kind of just staring at the floor by the island I knew she was in thought so I gave her a second

“Angela I will be okay I promise go home to Ben”

“No Bells if you need me to stay then I will I promise it will be fine” I could hear in her voice that she wanted to go home just as bad as I wanted her to go home.

“Angela get out of my house” I laughed as I pushed her out the door, “I love you peanut butter thank you for tonight and do me a favor call Jake and tell him I am okay.”

“Alright Jelly, night.”

After she left I headed to my bathroom to get a shower I didn’t get the best nights sleep before and even though I didn’t want to admit it I was anxious to dream. I was anxious in fact that it took me a while to finally fall asleep.

I was in the same park sitting on the bench when I heard the same voice behind me

“I didn’t think I would see you here again” I was distracted for a second when he came and sit next to me I could feel electricity pulsing between us.

“I thought the same thing you disappeared so fast the last time I thought I scared you off.” I tried to laugh but I was a little worried about that.

We sat on the bench talking for awhile about his family I wanted to know as much as possible about him. His family seemed amazing so close to each other. He told me about how he was getting ready to start medical school and I thought that, that was amazing.

“So Bella tell me about you?” I saw the genuine curiosity in his eyes and that is what I was afraid of. I told him about school and about my friends in the small town of Forks. As well as I tried I knew the question about my parents was coming up.

“So what about your family any embarrassing stories?” I tensed up a little.

“Well I don’t have any family I was an only child and my parents died about three years ago. I don’t really like to talk about it.” I was worried about what he would say.

He looked me in the eyes the electricity was too much as he was looking at me all I wanted to do was climb into his arms and have him hold me. I didn’t realize that I had stopped breathing until the lack of oxygen woke me up in a startle. What? it was just getting good. It was still early but I could not go back to sleep. I could still feel Edward around me he seemed so real like I could actually know him. I know girls always say the found the man of their dreams, but I could only hope that one day I would find him.

My night was restless after that dream where I met Bella. I lay in my bed and that is when I hit me, whether Bella was real or just my imagination she had inspired me. I haven’t felt the want or the need to write music in months but she had sparked something in me that I just had to get it out.

I quickly threw on a shirt and ran to the piano room. I am glad that Esme had supplied blank music sheets. I sat there and let my mind drift back to the dream and my fingers wander over the keys until I finally discovered what I was searching for. I was in there for I don’t know how long coming up with different combinations of notes and melodies. It started off sad because that is where I was in my life I was sad and lonely and though I would never express that to my family the piano was the best place to get that out. Then as I remembered Bella my notes took on a new life one that seemed curious and anxious. That is where I had to leave it I knew that I would come back but I had to know dream. ‘You are being ridiculous’ was all I could think to my self it was a dream. When I went to stand up from the computer I looked over at the door and seen my mother sitting in the chair closest to the door, I must have been absorbed I didn’t hear her come in. Her eyes were a little red and though she tried to wipe them away the evidence of her tears were on her cheeks. Before I could say anything she had me in a tight embrace.

“Oh Edward, I had no idea you were feeling that way.” She whispered to me.

“Its okay Mom I promise I just found some new inspiration and I had to get it out. It was good though right?” I tried to light the mood a little bit to be honest getting those feelings out made me a little happier.
“Edward it was beautiful I am so happy that you are composing again; though we will hide this from Emmett.” She chuckled at her joke though I was glad she mentioned that he always gave me grief for my music.

“Well Mom I am hungry can we eat” She laughed at me then kissed my cheek in that ‘I am your mother I will love you forever’ way and walked out of the room.
I walked back down the hall to my room to get ready for the day though judging by where the sun hung in the sky it was closer to noon. When I made it downstairs I found it unusually quite. That is when I discovered that everyone was in the dining room stuffing their faces.

“Mom said we had to wait until you got up to eat, so as soon as I heard your shower going I made my plate.” Emmett then followed that statement up with a huge bite of ham. Not that I can blame him the food smelt great.

“So what are we doing today?” As soon as the words left my mouth I felt all eyes on me “What can I not want to do stuff?”

“No Edward it is perfectly normal to want to do stuff” oh my Mom as much as I loved her she just set me up and didn’t even realize it.

“Right mom normal, since when has Edward been normal.” Emmett chuckled while he and Jazz touched fists. I rolled my eyes at their behavior didn’t I say Emmett was a big kid.

“The only normal thing for Edward is to shove his nose in a book or play his piano that is so normal.” Jasper said he dragged out the so a little to long. He is supposed to be my best friend; see the love I get around this house.

“Yeah Eddie when was the last time you went out with a girl who wasn’t Alice.” Now Rose was starting in on me I couldn’t take it anymore I knew they were kidding but the things they were saying were really hitting home and I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up and stormed away from the table to sulk for a little while in my the library.

I knew I was being unfair to my siblings but I had to stay hidden they were right I hadn’t been anywhere lately not that it is entirely my fault I did have to take my MCATS, they would never understand. After about an hour of looking through my books I decided it was time to suck it up and face them. As soon as I was at the bottom of the stairs Alice was there to meet me.

“Yeah yeah we are sorry you forgive us, now let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front door “we are taking my Mercedes it is the only thing big enough for the five us”

“Okay would you like to tell me where we are going?” I felt Jaspers hand on my shoulder

“Dude you know your sister, we have no idea where we are going.” We piled in the SUV and drove towards downtown West Haven which if you have never been there, be careful not to blink it has a grand total of like two stops lights. When we all decided that there was nothing there we wanted to do we drove the half hour to Rutland to look around. So we have been there a thousand times but it is close.

After an exhausting day in Rutland we headed back home and I know that it sounds lame but I was looking forward to my bed I could wait to see if Bella would be waiting for me there. Thankful my family is blissfully unaware of my moods, I got to sneak away to my room. As soon as I closed my door I went to head to my shower when I got a tap on the door.

“Edward I know that you are in there and you better let me in before I have Jasper take down your door.” Evil perceptively annoying pixie. I open the door to find Alice leaning against the wall, “just so you know Edward I know something is going on with you, now you don’t have to tell me yet but I will be watching you.”

“Whatever you say Alice I won’t even bother fighting you on this I am to tired right now, but I can assure you there is nothing going on with me.” I lied so smoothly

“Ok good night Edward” she walked away just shaking her head.

After my shower I laid in my bed frustrated with myself for letting my emotions show like that I know that Alice would pick up on it, did I want her to pick up on it, was I wanting to share this feeling with someone else. No I quickly thought to myself even understanding Alice would think I was nuts. I fell asleep picturing Bella I hoped that she would be there in my dream.

I saw her brown hair from a distance and the way the sun was hitting I could see the red tint and my heart filled with joy

“I didn’t think I would see you here again” I went to sit next to her still awe struck by her beauty but wanting to badly to be next to her.

“I thought the same thing you disappeared so fast the last time I thought I scared you off.” She did a nervous chuckle and I could tell she was just as nervous about not seeing me again as I was with her.

We sat there and talked about my family and their craziness, I told her about medical school which she seemed really impressed by, most people when they look at me don’t see smart they see jock or snobby. After what seemed like forever of talking about me I wanted to know her.

“So Bella tell me about you?” I tried to show her how interested I really was in her there is nothing that I wanted more than to know her. She told me about everything expect her family she didn’t even mention parents; so I had to ask her about it.

“So what about your family any embarrassing stories?” I saw her tense up at the word family and I had a feeling that I just opened a can of worms for her; I was not expecting the answer she gave me.

“Well I don’t have any family I was an only child and my parents died about three years ago. I don’t really like to talk about it.” I instantly felt the sorrow coming off her and I felt awful for bringing it up. I looked her in the eyes and all of a sudden I felt what seemed to be electricity flowing between us, she seemed to have stopped breathing and as soon as I went to touch her she was gone. I woke up mad at myself I should have just left it alone.
nice :-)
love it
chap 4 tomorrow
Nice start to the story! Question - is this all human? Or is Edward a vampire? Is Jake a werewolf?

The only constructive comment I would give is to try to space out your paragraphs a bit. I find it harder to read when a paragraph is very long... when that happens I try to find a natural break and break it into two paragraphs.

Good luck!
Okay, clearly I commented too early! I see from ch 2 - this is all human... :-)
Thank you for the advice Erica I will try to space them out more


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