The Twilight Saga

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This is my first fan fic so please let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. The story is about Bella who lives in Forks, WA keeps having very real dreams about a man who she has never met. And Edward who lives in West Haven, VT keeps having dreams about a girl he has never met. When Bella goes to the home town of her best friend what will she do when she is confronted with the man of her dreams.

Chapter 1-Moving Day

Its 1:30 when I walk into my well was my apartment in Pullman. This is the last time I will come home to this peaceful apartment that I have called home for the past three years. When I walk in the only noise is the sound of my footsteps echoing off the walls, the only thing that is left is my duffel bag with my travel clothes in it, the rest of my belongings sent to my childhood house in Forks via moving company. Even as empty as the apartment is it still feels more like home then that house would I haven’t been there since my parents died in the car crash three years ago. Though no matter how many awful emotions that house drags up I could never bear to sell it. It worked out still owning it since I just graduated from Washington State and I need a place to go before I make the big move to California to start graduate school at UCLA to get my master in English Lit. Standing there I know I should change and get on the road my best friend Angela has already called me 10 times to let me know that everyone was back and they were all excited to see me and were wondering when I would be there. By everyone I mean a grand total of five people well six if you count Jacobs new girlfriend. Jake was my ex we had been friends forever our dads were best friends so in high school we tried to date but both realized friendship was best for us. I haven’t dated since then really the less people you care about the less likely it is that you will get hurt. The other people there were my best friend Angela who is my favorite person in the entire world, her fiancé Ben they were high school sweethearts, I always knew that was going to work. My friend Mike he was a good guy when he wasn’t trying to hit on me, I let him know every time that one I don’t date and two Jessica would be heart broken. She is the other person that will be there though when I think of her close friend isn’t the word I would use to describe our relationship we just happen to hang out with the same people. Those group of people have always been there for me especially after my parents died, they don’t ask me constantly how I am doing they know I hate that but deep down I know they are worried about me. Not that I can blame them I have basically cut myself off from people the only time I really leave the apartment is to go to school and go to work at the bookstore. Now that the semester is done I won’t be going to class and I haven’t worked at the bookstore for a week since I will be moving at the end of summer anyway. Standing in the middle of the apartment staring at the duffel bag on the floor all I can think about is whether or not I made the right decision agreeing to spend the whole summer in Forks with my friends. Even with all of the memories flooding back to me I cant even cry there are no tears left for those memories, I wont let there be. My thoughts are interrupted by a ring tone I know all to well. I’ll show you mine if you show me your first lets compare scars I’ll tell you whose is worst I don’t even have to look at the caller ID
“Hey Jake” I knew he would be calling soon everyone was excited and surprised that I would be coming home for the summer. Especially Jake he wanted to introduce me to his new girl.

“Bells, I know that you are on your way here right now and not standing there debating on whether or not you should stay.” I could hear the smile in his voice, darn him for knowing me so well God was it frustrating.
“No Jake I was getting ready to walk out of the door.” I tried to hide the lie in my voice but I was a terrible liar and I knew it was useless.

“That is good Bells, I will see you first thing in the morning then we are all supposed to meet at the diner for breakfast.” I knew he knew I was lying but he didn’t call me on it.

“Yes Jake, now I have to go if you want me to make it there before midnight.” I said trying to pretend I was frustrated. Though I was glad he called he pulled me out of my thoughts and reminded me of why I had to go to Forks, I had to see my friends we were all moving pretty far away from each other next year and it was going to be harder to see each other. I owe it to my friends to be there and show them that I am okay, even if I am not.

“Okay love you Bella.”

“Love you too Jake” I hung up the phone and grabbed my duffel bag and made my way to the bathroom to head into my travel clothes. I have never been the person admired for her taste in fashion but then again I want trying to impress anyone, I just liked to be me and be comfortable. I changed into a pair of black sweat pants and a long sleeve white shirt with my white shoes, much better for an eight and half hour car ride then jeans and blouse I had on. I walked to the kitchen to leave my keys on the island where I told the landlord they would be. I took one last look around the apartment this place has been my safe haven for the past three years before my thoughts catch up to me I make my way to the front door only tripping once which is good for me. As I head out the door I pause to send Ang a text, I shouldn’t walk and text it would not end well. I am on my way now I should be home 11 at the latest call u when I get there. I walk carefully down the stairs and towards my parking space; I throw my bag in the backseat my phone in the passenger seat and plug in my zune. I turn up my radio trying to drown out my thoughts but I am unsuccessful. This was going to be a long car ride and I am not just talking about the time.


“Edward!” my sister Alice yelled from the bottom of the stairs “lets go already, Mom has already called to inform me that Emmett and Rosalie are already there.”

I tried to ignore her I wasn’t really in the mood for a summer at home. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and I love spending time with them but seeing all of them together with the person they love just reminds me of I how lonely I really am, though I would never admit that to anyone I would never live it down. Though I think that they could all tell especially Alice and my Mom Esme they knew me so well too well sometimes. My thoughts were stopped by the sound of my best friend Jasper tapping on my door. Jasper and his sister Rosalie have been friends of the family for as long as I can remember so it wasn’t very surprising when he and Alice and Emmett and Rose got together it just seemed so natural.

“Hey man I hate to bug you but if you keep sitting in here your sister is going to kill me.”

I chuckle a little “You’re right Jazz sorry I am coming.”

“That’s better now be a good boy and get your stuff.” Alice says walking over to stand by Jasper they fit so well together Jasper is 6’2 with shaggy blonde hair and light eyes. Alice is 5’ even with short spiky black hair and dark eyes.

“How can someone so small so me so hugely irritating.” I say as I pat her head, she hates that so I am not surprised when she kicks me as a walk by which wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t been wearing 3 inch heels.

“Lets just go Eddie” I hear Jasper stifle a laugh I hate that name and she knows I do, I guess that is what I get for patting her head.

I have already packed the majority of my things for the summer and had it loaded in my Volvo I would have the rest of my stuff flown to California when I start the semester there, I am starting medical school in the fall at UCLA. I can leave the furniture though Alice and Jasper would be returning to the house in the fall so Alice could finish her last year at NYU for fashion design Jasper even got an internship with one of the law firms in New York so he could stay with Alice. Though I was excited to be following in my father’s foot steps and going to medical school being 3000 miles away from my family was going to be hard. I was worried about my mom not only was I leaving but Emmett was going to Florida to play football. That is why this summer is so important. I throw my last bag in the passenger seat. We have to take two cars since mine is full and the most important thing next to Jasper in Alice’s life is fashion so even her Mercedes SUV is full with suit cases. As we pull onto the main road I plug in my zune and surround myself in the music of Debussy the best music for a car ride and I had a feeling that this was going to be a long car ride, I have never been nervous to go home but for some reason I had a feeling that this time was going to be different.

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LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Did I say how MUCH I love it??? keep going Chantel... GOOD WORK...

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Okay guys this is the last chapter I have already started witing the sequel which will have weddings and drama I dont know when it will be ready but the first chapter is alreay done...I want to get a couple written before I post though I will let you know when it is ready it is called Realistic Nightmares please let me know what you think....Thank you so much for reading especially Carly I love u girl

Chapter 32 New Beginnings and Life Long Love


Angela and Ben’s wedding was beautiful just like I knew it would be. I had to be at the church a little early to get ready there, also Alice and Rosalie offered to help with our hair and make-up so Angela didn’t have to pay someone she didn’t know.

Angela looked amazing, I had seen her in her wedding dress before but now she looked like a bride. Her shiny black hair was in big soft curls all down her back expect one side that was pinned up with an antique hair comb with rubies interlocked. She didn’t need a lot of make-up-she never did-but she had this glow about her it was the same glow Esme had every time she looked at Carlisle and it is the same glow Rosalie had the night I met them-when Emmett asked her to marry him-it was the undeniable glow of being in love and it looked great on her.

As pre-arranged I wouldn’t be walking down the aisle, I didn’t want to trip on my leg cast. Also there was a small stool set-up in case I got tired and I needed to sit. This is how I knew Angela was the best friend anyone could ask for, not many brides would do something like that especially if they thought it would make the wedding any less perfect.

When Angela came down the aisle I noticed Ben take a large in take of air and then he stopped breathing his eyes glistened with tears. He had the same glow.

I couldn’t see any of the Cullen’s from where I was standing and it would be rude to openly search for him in the middle of the ceremony, but just because I couldn’t see him doesn’t mean I didn’t feel him. I could feel him watching me, I had developed this sixth sense it you will whenever Edward was near even I could see him I knew he was around.

Angela and Ben decided to use traditional vows stating that they wanted it to be a reminder to all married couples what they promised to each other. This is when I had to look for Edward.

He looked like a super model like always he had on a black button down but with no tie and his top button was undone. The black against his skin made his green eyes pop. He smiled my favorite crooked smile and winked, I blushed and mouthed I love you he said it back and I turned my focus back to my best friend.

After they kissed they made their way out of the church, when everyone else followed after them to head towards the reception hall Edward came and got me. He kissed me lightly on the lips and we headed towards the exit him basically carrying me. We stayed quiet on the way out of the church, there was something different about our energy while we were in the church it was stronger-if that was possible- and the sparks between us were overwhelming.

We met the rest of our group at the Mercedes and I took in how beautiful they all were. Emmett had on black dress pants with a white button down with black tie that matched Rosalie’s black dress, her black dress came just past her knees where it flared out and her blonde hair was in a nice knot at the base of her neck.

Alice had on a pink wrap type dress that looked nice on her small frame. Her normally spiky hair was curled around her face and she had a clip in it the shape of lily. She looked amazing. Jasper had on tan dress pants with a pink dress shirt I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that he looked good in pink.

I suddenly felt very self conscious how was that I fit in with these five insanely beautiful people, as if reading my feelings Jasper spoke up.

“Bella, I have to say you look very nice all dolled up.” Yeah Okay

“Thanks Jazz” Jasper telling me I looked nice is the same thing as Johnny Depp telling Corbin Blue he is a good actor I mean really no one believes that.

After we made out way to the reception hall I joined the rest of the bridal party at the head table for dinner.

Jake and I made our speeches-which sucked-but I made my way through. Angela and Ben had their first dance as husband and wife which brought tears to my eyes. Thankfully I got out of dancing because of the cast.

I sat with Edward at his table while we watched Rose and Emm and Jasper and Alice twirl around the dance floor. I could have sworn they were floating. Watching them I was entranced until Edward leaned over.

“Are you okay Love”

‘”Yes I am just overwhelmed by all the love, your siblings look so happy.”

“I know, hey can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course you can, you know you can trust me.”

“Jasper is going to ask Ali to marry him.”

WHAT?” I whispered yelled

“Yeah he told Emmett and me yesterday he already asked dad for his blessing.”

“WOW” I was taken a back but not really surprised they were made for each other.

“I can’t wait until that is us” WHAT!

“Til what is us?”

He pointed towards Angela and Ben he had her in a dip and she was laughing.

“I am confused” Did he mean the dancing or the wedding? It couldn’t be the wedding

“Bella I am not saying I am going to propose tomorrow but I meant it when I said, your it for me. I hope one day you will let me ask you to be my wife.”

Queue the water works could I be anymore in love with this man than I am now.


All during the wedding all I could think about was Bella in a wedding dress or the pastor announcing Bella and I husband and wife. I was so worried after I confessed to Bella that I wanted to marry her one day that she would turn me down. When she started crying I panicked then she looked at me with those deep brown eyes I knew that things were good.

“Edward one day when you ask me I will say yes.” Those words made my heart swell to a dangerous size. She would say yes she wanted me forever.

The next day Bella and I went to breakfast with her friends and my siblings then we took them to the airport.

Jasper and Alice us know that they would be driving back to forks to drop off the Mercedes to Bella then fly back to New York before school starts. Bella tried to put up a fight but she lost. Horribly.

I was sad to say goodbye to my family but I would have Bella, who was also sad to see them good.

Bella and I decided to have dinner in Seattle. She directed me to a steak house that she said was amazing.

When we walked in there was a young girl working the front and I felt her eyes checking me out and then I felt Bella move closer to me.

“Hi I am Courtney welcome to Mountain Jacks”

I leaned down and kissed the top of Bella’s head when she responded.

“Yes thank you table for two.” That’s my girl

The waitress led us to a table surprisingly in a more secluded part of the restaurant. I was surprised that she was giving us privacy well until she spoke again

“Your waiter will be right with you” then she winked. Yuck much.

Our waiter came out he was a guy about our age with over gelled hair.

“Hi I am Brian I will be your waiter can I get you something to drink” Okay that would have been okay expect he was only looking at Bella and lets just say he wasn’t looking at her face.

I spoke up my voice hard “Yes I will have whatever is on tap, honey do you want a coke?” she nodded and her face was beat red.

“Okay” he sound a little annoyed, Oh I don’t think so buddy.

“Hey Brian come here” I pulled his ear close to my mouth “Listen buddy that woman you are staring at is mine and if you don’t stop staring I am going to make sure you never work another shift again, got it?”

I kid of pushed him away me and his face said fear, my point was made. As he scurried away from the table I looked at Bella and her expression was amused and she arched an eyebrow at me.

“What?” I was going to play innocent

“You scared that poor guy, not that is matters but now you know how I feel.”

“What are you talking about?” this time I was really confused

“Oh please you get checked out where ever we go my own friend checks you out.”

“Oh love you know I belong to you.”

“And apparently I belong to you, what was the word you used oh yeah ‘mine’” she chuckled my face got hot.

“Oh you heard that?”

“Yeah I heard that and believe me I would love to be referred to as ‘yours’ for the rest of my life.”

“Good because one day you will be Mrs. Cullen and then you will be.”

We ate our dinner in peace with no interruptions from Brian. After we ate and I finished my beer Bella looked at me and grabbed my hand.

“Are you ready to go home?”

“Of course love, lets go” and that’s what we did we went to our home for the summer and I couldn’t wait to see what the summer had in store for us.
this is great...i love it... i cant wait to read the next one
its was great of course.... can't wait for the next one.
love it can't wait for the sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!
awwww....thanks so much! It was great reading this story! I can't wait to read the sequel! Always your number 1 fan! :)
I love it and i cant wait for the sequel
love it cant wait for the sequal
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally can't wait for the sequel!!! I bet its going to be awesome!!!
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This chapter is a set up fr the sequel which will be coming soon I would say give me at least two weeks


“Ms. White” the voice over the phone was business like and I didn’t recognize the number it wasn’t from Washington or Nevada.

“Yes, this is she”

“This is Sgt. Ritchey for the West Haven police department in Vermont.” Yep I knew where this was going.

“What did he do now?”

“Ms. White I am calling to inform you that James was being perused by our police department in the kidnapping of a young woman.” Of course you would think he would learn but oh no.

“What do you need me for I am sure you have found him?”

“Yes Ms. White that’s why I am calling we need you to come to Vermont unfortunley James passed away.” WHAT

I tuned him out after that I heard parts like fire and smoke inhalation but I really wasn’t listening.

The love of my life was gone because of some girl some insignificant girl.

Something he said caught my attention and that was self defense.

“Wait…I am sorry are you saying that someone caused his death?”

“Well sort of ma’am he was trying to defend the girl so we are not willing to press charges.” Of course they weren’t

“Alright why do I need to come there?’

“We need you to come gather his belongings.”

Okay I was trying to stay calm because I was about to lose it but I needed a plan and if I blew up now I could hurt my future plan.

“I am sorry but I can’t just fly to Vermont is there anyway you can mail me his belongings.”

“Of course ma’am we will also arrange the transport of his body.”
Breathe in breathe out

“Thank you so much Sgt. Ritchey”

As soon as I hung up the phone I lost it. I cried until there was nothing left.

Then I picked myself up and made his arrangements.

Two days later I got a package in the mail it was all of James’ belongings that he had with him in Vermont including a key to a safe deposit box here in Washington.

I drove to the bank and explained the situation to the manger. Once he left me alone with the box I opened it.

Inside were pictures and notes of a girl Ms. Isabella Swan the one he was following, so this was the girl responsible for his death, I decided then and there I would get to her someway and make her live the pain that I have to endure now that he is gone.

I picked up my phone and called the one person who could help me.


“Laurent I need you”

“Of course what can I do for you?”

“Can we meet at my place it is a long story.”

“Of course see you soon”

“Thank you so much Laurent”

“Don’t mention Victoria”

Step One Check
omg love it cant wait for more
"OH s**tch!!!! I love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wow who knew James had a girlfriend!!! well I know you mention it but wow!!! I thought she didn't care for him!!!! Wow More, More, More more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP


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