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I had written this before but now with the help of Delilah I'm posting it back hope someone likes it...please let me know what you think i did try my best :p i thought a fresh start should be good...



                                                        Chapter 1: A new family...And love?





After almost being killed by the Volturi I saw life…Well it wasn’t much of a life, I would forever be 15... But everything changed for me, I was no longer scared…I was even happier than I’d ever been before…I had a new family, one who cared for me instantly… At first I didn’t understand why…I soon learned they were all kind and very generous…Alice was the best in the world. At times I would feel horribly sad, because I would have the most random flashbacks of my blood thirsty day’s and night’s…

Alice and I became really close, I loved going shopping with her; then again what girl doesn’t love to shop. “Bella, she hates it, but now I have you.” she’d say with a huge grin on her face.


Jasper was like a brother, he kept my mood under control during the first few months, every time Bella was around, I had the instinct to kill her right where she stood…Her arm around Edward’s. He would just look at me and give me a smile, as if to reassure me I would not harm her, I never found Bella interesting…I didn’t think she was pretty at all…The only thing I did love about her was her scent, how could the Cullen’s resist her?

I spent a lot of time with Esme. She was the mother I never had, I grew up with my dad then again he wasn’t much of a dad in the first place…

We would do a lot of volunteer work at the hospital, but I didn’t think I could handle it just yet, so we worked at the cafeteria. Carlisle would spend time teaching me about the vampire world, the rules, the Volturi, the leader’s and lastly the abilities some vampires had… “I don’t think I have any powers.” I said to Carlisle one night when the whole family was around sitting in the living room, the whole family minus Edward…He was spending the night with Bella…Watching her sleep seemed so boring….I wished I’d be able to sleep and dream,

“Bree you do have powers I’ve seen it, I just can’t make out what they are.” Alice mentioned while I was lost in a trance.

“Bree you just have to be patient and eventually it will come to you naturally.”

“Yea I guess, I’m in no hurry.” I said. It didn’t really matter to me…

“Honey you know that soon we will have to send you to school right?” Esme said looking at me a bit weary…


“Yes I know, I just don’t think I’m ready just yet I’m scared, and what if I can’t control myself?” I was indeed very nervous, I always loved school, but now I was not the normal girl I used to be not so long ago.


“Don’t worry I will speak to Edward, he knows how to help you…” Carlisle mentioned, he kept talking but I just kept thinking about Edward...Why? I didn’t understand why…His name sent shivers up and down my spine, or at least that’s what it felt like...I was not developing feelings for him or was I…? No I thought to myself. He’s great…But he is now my brother…Nothing more…

Later that night I was outside, sitting in a tree just looking up at the star’s…I then noticed Edward was back, he must have heard my thoughts, when I noticed him, because before that I was thinking nothing. It must be my talent that I could easily block my thoughts even as a human, the thought of my mother’s memory hurt me, so I was good at keeping my mind blank, and I knew I would do the same to Edward, he would not know, how he made me feel...

“Hey, what are you doing out here by yourself?”

“Umm nothing, just letting the time pass me by, I have nothing better to do.”

“Oh.” he said…He jumped up the tree and sat himself next to me…If my heart wasn’t frozen it would be beating erratically out of control.

“Why are you here?”

 “I live here remember.” he said laughing, while messing up my hair.

“No, I know that, but I thought you were going to stay at Bella's place, like you always do.”

“No not tonight, we had a bit of an argument.”  For some reason it made me happy…And I lost control of my mind,

“Why are you so happy we fought?” 

“Honestly?” I said…This time regaining control of my mind thinking nothing but the beautiful night sky.

“Yes, honestly…You don’t like Bella? For some reason I can’t seem to hear what you’re thinking.” he sounded annoyed…I guess it was working…

“Bella is not the only one that’s able to shut you out, unlike me though I have the option of letting you in.” My voice was low and soft, my hand on his face. He had a confused face, I knew I got him thinking but I would say no more. “Later Edward.” and in a swift movement I went towards the front door…

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Oh I was so hoping you posted, lol. I have to go to work soon though, so I hope it's up by  the time I get home.



Chapter 11


I walked in to the house, I didn’t want to eaves drop but I just needed to know what he would tell her, how she would react, I decided it was wrong so I made my way back to Bella’s side, I still cared for her but I also deeply cared for Bree… I walked into the room she was unconscious she honestly looked horrible in a sense that she looked so pale and drained of blood, her scent did not bother me anymore, I was standing by the door just looking at her condition and Alice by her side she looked up at me and smiled.

“About time you came to her” she said in a playfully accusing tone

“Well I supposed she does need me” I said with no emotion

“she needs you Edward, you two love each other get over your issues, I mean over that mutt she almost got killed if it wasn’t for Bree she’d be dead now”  she said in a low whisper trying not to wake her

“I know, but things have changed Alice, I don’t think this is the time to talk about it” I whispered back

Just then she started mumbling something unclear, I walked closer to her side, there were sweat beads on her forehead now… I laid my hand over her skin and it was hot,

“She’s running a fever” I said looking at Alice

“She might have gotten an infection” she said looking at the wounds

I looked under the bandages Carlisle had on her, surely there was an infection developing, the wounds were getting a dark color and pus was coming bubbling out I pulled my phone out and called Carlisle.  No answer. A couple seconds later he walked in the door

“Carlisle Bella is running a fever her wounds are looking worst by the minute” Alice explained

“How can this be happening so fast?” I asked she had been attacked no more than an hour ago

“this is what I was afraid of, she was attacked by a supernatural creature when a human gets attacked by a wolf in this instance they don’t always survive, their claws are let’s say poisonous like the saliva of a vampire would be as well” Carlisle explained

“Is there any possibility we can save her?” I asked Carlisle of course my feelings had changed but I knew I would always care about Bella no matter what

“I have to call some people, old friends of mine, but for the mean time I will treat her as I would any other animal attack” he said

He pulled out blood bags and hooked them up ready for the blood transfusion, Alice excused herself and walked out, I backed up and leaned on the wall as I watched him he then cleaned Bella’s wounds again, as he removed the bandages it seemed to me like it was just getting worst.

“Edward this can’t be happening this is all too fast, her condition keeps worsening by the second” Carlisle said

“What can we do?” I asked worried

He looked up at me after he was done

“So I don’t know I must call a few people and get their opinions on the matter” I nodded as he walked out

I sighed I walked to her side once again taking the seat in which Alice had been seated before. I let my head fall on the bed then I felt her hot hand over my head I looked up and saw her slowly opening her eyes

“Edward I’m happy to see you I’m sorry” she whispered

I took her hand in mine and smiled

“Bella you know I will always be here for you” I said sincerely

“I know…” she said then she started breathing heavily

“Where is Jake? Is he ok did Bree did you do something is he ok?” she said in breaths now panicking

That caught me off guard, I couldn’t believe she still cared after what he did to her...I calmed myself down in a second before answering her

“Bella Jacob is fine he was not harmed nor will we seek retaliation if that is what you wish” I explained

She smiled at me “I just don’t want him to get hurt” was the last thing she said before dosing off in to sleep again

I let go of her hand and walked to the window I could still see Bree out there with Seth, it was obvious he was having trouble with this situation which brought a smile to my face for some reason out of all the wolfs I liked Seth, but at the moment I wasn’t very happy with him… I walked away from the window and blocked all the thoughts around the house….at this point I could really care less.



I smiled at Seth warmly he seemed tense about something, and he was the first wolf who was actually nice to me…

“Hey are you ok, you seem on edge” I said taking his hand in mine

“Y—yeah I’m fine well I came here to check on Bella. But also I wanted to talk to you” he said as he looked down at our hands I quickly dropped it not knowing if that bothered him

“Oh ok well talk to me about what?” I asked curiously

“Not here too many ears” he explained

“oh right” I said looking back at the house thinking Edward might be listening I had no idea what got into him the power I had over him was gone so why did he still interested in me I wondered just then I saw him at the window looking down at us but he quickly walked away I turned my attention back to Seth

“We can go somewhere more private” I said as I led him deep into the woods miles away from the house. Once there I turned to him and smiled

“So is this about Jacob..?” I asked knowing he was nervous about something I tried making him feel at ease

“Well no it’s about me actually, let me tell you about wolfs” he started I nodded as I sat on a tree trunk looking up at him intently

“So wolfs have a certain way of finding their soul mates…we imprint…. And when I first saw you tonight I’m sure I imprinted on you” he finally said

I furrowed my brows together and looked at him in confusion

“Are you saying I’m your soul mate?” I asked astonished

“yes I am…when I first saw you I was captivated it’s a feeling I can’t quite explain, I feel the need to be with you in any way I can,, this has never happened before, I mean for a wolf to imprint on a vampire it’s just crazy” he continued

I stood up and faced him moving the strands of hair from my face. Then leaned on the tree

“You’re saying that because were enemies right? Because this could never work” I said pointing out the obvious

“yes and no, I mean we are natural enemies but I’ve never hated vampires maybe that explains why, and I really believe it could work if you give it a chance, I don’t know what’s happening with you and Edward I must admit he is a good guy but—“ I stopped him

“No Seth there is nothing and there will never be anything with him, it’s not possible he belongs with Bella I see that” I frowned

“what does this mean” he asked taking a step closer to me, I looked into his eyes and saw his kindness he was kind and good, he cared and I couldn’t keep my smile hidden for much longer, that encouraged him to walk closer to me before I knew it both his hands were wrapped around my waist, he pulled me closer to him

“Is that a yes?” he asked with that smile of his that I was beginning to love

I thought about it for a moment I was confused, I had deep feelings for Edward, but I knew this couldn’t be he really didn’t belong to me, now I had Seth a nice guy who said I was his soul mate, me personally never believed in such things, then again I didn’t believe in vampires, never the less wolfs. Maybe Seth can help me; he can help me forget Edward I mean were soul mates were meant to be together no matter what right? I thought about many things processing this in seconds, when I finally replied

“That’s a yes” I smiled trying to hold back a school girl giggle which I failed at. the giggle came out naturally and he loved it he picked me up in his arms effortlessly and spun me around, he finally stopped setting me down to my feet, and leaned in to kiss me, I thought about backing up but didn’t I kissed him back..It was different…not bad at all.




I was happy she took this well, I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel when I imprinted but I was sure it was like I was now, I was sure the rest of the wolfs would hate this specially Leah, but she is the one she is the one I want to be with, she accepted me and now were together nothing can come in the way… I pulled her close to me again lightly kissing her, her smell didn’t bother me, I had grown used to vampire smell already, her hands felt right against my skin, they weren’t as cold as I thought they would be at all.

“Would you like me to walk you back home?” I asked “I still need to see Bella or Jacob will kill me” I continued

She smiled at me then frowned when I said Jacobs name

“yea… i—I don’t know what’s going to happen with him I mean how could he do that to her?” she asked wide eyed  “what was he thinking” she continued

“I wasn’t thinking leech” I heard a voice from behind me I turned to see Jacob

“Jake you can’t be here please you know the rules” I said standing in front of her shielding her from him

She stepped to the side to get a better look at him crossing her arms

“Well seems you healed up nicely, come back for another beating” she said mocking him

Jacob just laughed “I’m done with you Bree if it wasn’t for Seth you’d be dead, but he is right the rules are the rules he imprinted on you, sadly I can’t touch you” he said with a grin

“What are you doing here” I interfered

He looked at me “well you took too long I need to see Bella” he exclaimed

“I haven’t seen her she’s at the Cullen house, I was on my way there now” I said with a frown

“Fine…don’t take long Seth I’ll wait for you back at the house” he said and took off the opposite direction

I took Bree’s hand she tightened her grip which made me feel good, and we walked back to the Cullen house… once outside she turned to me worry in her eyes “I’m afraid of how they will take this” she said referring to our new found relationship

“The Cullen’s are good people they will understand” I explained she nodded and we both walked in hand in hand



I was in my office calling many of my old friends, some had heard about wolfs legends myths all different yet I found one similarity, only one that might mean saving Bella’s life, it was a long shot but we had to try anything at this point…I had just gotten off the phone with an old friend of mine who studied werewolf’s and knew much about them…when I heard Alice scream I ran out of my office, on my way I saw Bree and Seth walk in holding hands I found it odd but no time for that, I made my way to the room

“What’s happening” I asked

In that moment we were all in the room, hovering over Bella

“her body was jumping up and down fast not humanly possible and her wounds started bleeding out again” I picked up the light blanket over her and saw a puddle of blood around her..

“Its spreading, her body is now rejecting the blood transfusion” I said as I checked her vitals “her vitals are low we need Jacob here as soon as possible” I said looking at Seth

“Jacob? Why him so he can finish her off” Edward exclaimed

“No son, I’ve talked to many people the blood of the wolf will save her” I said “it’s a myth a legend but this is the only lead I have” I continued

“I’ll go find him” Seth stepped in… I nodded… he turned to Bree and kissed her, it shocked everyone…the room filled with gasps… Edwards’s mouth hung open…  “I’ll be back soon” he whispered to her, she smiled “hurry back” and he was gone

Everyone looked at her, she turned to us wide eyed “what?” she asked as if nothing had happened I immediately turned my attention to Bella

“You’re dating a mutt?” Rosalie asked disgusted

“Way to go sis, getting on the inside to bring them down” Emmett joked

“Hey Bella is in a serious condition please take it outside” Esme intervened

“We can talk about my dating habits later..How can we help Bella?” Bree started

“Bree I need to speak to you” Edward said “Edward I can’t—“

I stopped them, I stood up and looked at them “everyone out Bree and Edward you stay I need help” I said everyone made their way to the living room in silence

“Carlisle cant you just turn her?” Bree asked

“No you can’t turn her, she can’t be a vampire she can’t be like us” Edward said raising his voice

“No she can’t and she won’t, this poison… this infection was caused by a wolf if we give her our venom we don’t know what could happen if the two venoms cross” I explained

“Oh well couldn’t Seth just give you some of his blood I mean he is a wolf” Bree said

“Good I’m glad you realize what he is Bree! I mean you’re a vampire you can’t date him!” Edward started again “he can kill you” he was now aggravated

“Son please control yourself we need to focus on Bella now” I stopped him knowing he was confused he needed to understand Bella needed him at the moment

“And no Bree Seth’s blood wouldn’t work it has to be the blood of the wolf that attacked her” I continued

They both stood there in silence, glaring at each other… I ordered Edward to pick Bella up and Bree to help me clean her up and change the bed sheets. I had to clean her wounds again, as I was inspecting then I realized they were bigger… “Get me my bag” I said Bree ran out to get it in seconds she was back… I had to put stitches now

“These marks seems to be getting bigger and deeper, I need the stitches now he needs to get here fast or she won’t make it” I said in a low tone

“Seth will bring him” Bree said trying to be positive “if you say so” Edward muttered “Edward!” I said again he stopped and looked at me with a nod he went to Bella’s side… he started whispering in her ear telling her to be strong and to hold on, when she spoke up

“Jake? Jacob please” she moaned

Edward stood up and backed away from her…”I’m sorry son” I said he looked down and sat in the chair in the corner of the room…



Authors Note-- Hey Guys i hope you enjoyed this chapter... just to make something clear in this story, the wolfs are poisonous i know many will get confused because Emily was also hurt by SAM and she was fine, but this is different just wanted to point that out...Next shout out to D thank you so much you really helped me out!! And lastly i will be bringing in a new character a girl to be specific so i need help i need a name so if you have a name you would like to share with me please do I'd appreciate it very much and I'll randomly choose one i suppose leave comments and or opinions! let me know what you thought about this chapter

Omg that was sooooooooooo good update soon plz plz.plz (:

Yikes! I was so busy trying to post for Dreams that i didn't even know you posted. Woohoo, going to read now.



No, no, no, oh I was so hoping for Bree and Edward in this story, lol, but you knew that already. I love the aspect of the poison.


Why is there so much talk coming out of Bella about Jacob, LOL? He did this to her you would think she would be at least a little mad at him. Then again, it is Bella we're talking about here.


Poor Edward, he's getting kicked in the teeth both ways here. That makes me sad Nay...Just so you know, lol.


Oh and who is the new gal? I could throw some names out there for ya, but it would be better to know if she is a vampire, werewolf or human and if a vampire, how old would she be? I need some details to pick a good name.



Hey D! i know the poison was just a random though i guess im not sure how i will work with it just yet... and yea we know how bella is she might not even be mad at jacob...

and the new girl im thinking shes on the human side, 17 years old i suppose she will come with some surprises but human for the most part

Okay, I will think on the names then. That helps a great deal.


You could work the poison part of it in any way you want. You have so many outlets to choose from with that. Have fun deciding which one though, lol.


You know I noticed something; I am friends with some of the people that read your story and others and they leave great comments for you guys, but I've never seen them in my comment threads. It makes me wonder if they just haven't had the chance to read them or if my stories don't appeal to them. I wish I could find out and see why they may not like mine. That way, I could learn from my mistakes. Do you get what I mean? Or am I just crazy? LOL...It could be a little of both. Maybe it's just boring to them...Hopefully one of them might see this and possibly inbox me to let me know what they didn't like about my writing.


Hm, yeah I'm thinking I'm just crazy, lol.


Okay, I have one name so far. Nina...?



Glad you like it... i will start working on the new chapter soon

You know what really makes this story even more interesting? Because most of us think of Bella being in love with two guys, but never the other way around. It's so different seeing Edward in love with two women or should I say just one now???

i found that point interesting as well, well just have to see how this all plays out lol But you know of course :p


a really good chapter.

I like the use of poison, it evens up the wolves with the vampires a bit more and adds to the plot.

Bella is Bella she will worry about anyone even somone who has tried to kill her.

Her last words may just be her reliving her attack or asking to see Jake - I'm not sure which.

I wish Edward wouldn't take a couple of words said out of contxt to mean the loss of his loved one. - But he is Edward isn't he.

As I say a great chapter.

Best wishes


hi chris

thank you  the poison was a random idea i wasnt sure how well it would play out but im glad it was good, im sure i willwrk with it a bit more see what i can get out of it from that angle....

bella is bella so yeah she will most likely forgive anyone plus lets not forget her xdeep connection with him i dont think she could ever hate jacob, thanks so much for reading


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