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I had written this before but now with the help of Delilah I'm posting it back hope someone likes it...please let me know what you think i did try my best :p i thought a fresh start should be good...



                                                        Chapter 1: A new family...And love?





After almost being killed by the Volturi I saw life…Well it wasn’t much of a life, I would forever be 15... But everything changed for me, I was no longer scared…I was even happier than I’d ever been before…I had a new family, one who cared for me instantly… At first I didn’t understand why…I soon learned they were all kind and very generous…Alice was the best in the world. At times I would feel horribly sad, because I would have the most random flashbacks of my blood thirsty day’s and night’s…

Alice and I became really close, I loved going shopping with her; then again what girl doesn’t love to shop. “Bella, she hates it, but now I have you.” she’d say with a huge grin on her face.


Jasper was like a brother, he kept my mood under control during the first few months, every time Bella was around, I had the instinct to kill her right where she stood…Her arm around Edward’s. He would just look at me and give me a smile, as if to reassure me I would not harm her, I never found Bella interesting…I didn’t think she was pretty at all…The only thing I did love about her was her scent, how could the Cullen’s resist her?

I spent a lot of time with Esme. She was the mother I never had, I grew up with my dad then again he wasn’t much of a dad in the first place…

We would do a lot of volunteer work at the hospital, but I didn’t think I could handle it just yet, so we worked at the cafeteria. Carlisle would spend time teaching me about the vampire world, the rules, the Volturi, the leader’s and lastly the abilities some vampires had… “I don’t think I have any powers.” I said to Carlisle one night when the whole family was around sitting in the living room, the whole family minus Edward…He was spending the night with Bella…Watching her sleep seemed so boring….I wished I’d be able to sleep and dream,

“Bree you do have powers I’ve seen it, I just can’t make out what they are.” Alice mentioned while I was lost in a trance.

“Bree you just have to be patient and eventually it will come to you naturally.”

“Yea I guess, I’m in no hurry.” I said. It didn’t really matter to me…

“Honey you know that soon we will have to send you to school right?” Esme said looking at me a bit weary…


“Yes I know, I just don’t think I’m ready just yet I’m scared, and what if I can’t control myself?” I was indeed very nervous, I always loved school, but now I was not the normal girl I used to be not so long ago.


“Don’t worry I will speak to Edward, he knows how to help you…” Carlisle mentioned, he kept talking but I just kept thinking about Edward...Why? I didn’t understand why…His name sent shivers up and down my spine, or at least that’s what it felt like...I was not developing feelings for him or was I…? No I thought to myself. He’s great…But he is now my brother…Nothing more…

Later that night I was outside, sitting in a tree just looking up at the star’s…I then noticed Edward was back, he must have heard my thoughts, when I noticed him, because before that I was thinking nothing. It must be my talent that I could easily block my thoughts even as a human, the thought of my mother’s memory hurt me, so I was good at keeping my mind blank, and I knew I would do the same to Edward, he would not know, how he made me feel...

“Hey, what are you doing out here by yourself?”

“Umm nothing, just letting the time pass me by, I have nothing better to do.”

“Oh.” he said…He jumped up the tree and sat himself next to me…If my heart wasn’t frozen it would be beating erratically out of control.

“Why are you here?”

 “I live here remember.” he said laughing, while messing up my hair.

“No, I know that, but I thought you were going to stay at Bella's place, like you always do.”

“No not tonight, we had a bit of an argument.”  For some reason it made me happy…And I lost control of my mind,

“Why are you so happy we fought?” 

“Honestly?” I said…This time regaining control of my mind thinking nothing but the beautiful night sky.

“Yes, honestly…You don’t like Bella? For some reason I can’t seem to hear what you’re thinking.” he sounded annoyed…I guess it was working…

“Bella is not the only one that’s able to shut you out, unlike me though I have the option of letting you in.” My voice was low and soft, my hand on his face. He had a confused face, I knew I got him thinking but I would say no more. “Later Edward.” and in a swift movement I went towards the front door…

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Great chapter!  I really like the way Bree has become such a good and dependable member of the Cullen family and a friend to Bella.  She is really caught in a trap between two men and she tries to do the best she can in this impossible situation.  Seth is also great.  Bella and Edward seem to be very confused about their feelings in this story, and Jacob is all over the place.  This story is getting really interesting.  Please write more.


Amber; ey i love it : D and what bout Amber for a name? xD

lol thanks i will be adding it and selecting a random name keep your fingers crossed i do love that name btw

Amber's a good name but i like Toni-Ann/Toni better

awesome chapter cant wait to see what Jake does

Hey Seugnet

thanks for reading i had truble with this chapter but im really happy with the results, bree has grown alot from the beginning she is discovering new feelings and friendship something she never really had in her human life so im sure there will be many more interesting things happening will be updating soon

I added your story on my first page. :)

Caught up with the story after so long & its so Amazing but we are so use to Edward n bella that its so hard to see Edward do this to her & what's with her talking about Jake in sleep n is she gonna survive???
So much to wonder about just update soon.....

Chapter 12



After leaving the Cullen house I phased and made my way back to Jacob, as I got closer I phased back and ran in the house, he was sitting on the kitchen table. His head in his hands, his foot tapping against the floor beneath him rapidly.

“Jacob!” I yelled out of breath

He jumped up in a second maybe awaiting to hear good news, but as soon as he saw my expression his face dropped I knew then he knew I came baring bad news.

“What happened Seth is she ok?” he asked his hands were now shaking

“No Jake she’s dying Carlisle can’t save her not without you” I explained “she needs your blood to survive” I continued I quickly told him what happened

“Let’s go” he said coldly trying to hide his emotions I nodded

We both ran out the door and ran to the Cullen house, as we ran we both phased…as we got closer I stopped behind the bush nearby to phase back and dress before walking in, but Jacob just kept running without stopping and went straight in to the house…




My head was clouded as I ran in the house I didn’t even think about phasing back up until I heard Emmett and the blond one hissing at me, I stopped and phased back, Rosalie the blonde covered her mouth and giggled, and Emmett just grinned at me as he looked up and down that’s  when it hit me I was standing in front of vampires completely naked,

“Oh My” I heard from behind me followed by a small chuckle 

I turned to see Esme the mother now covering her eyes,

At this moment I didn’t care, all I wanted was to see Bella, “I’m sorry I have no clothes with me” I said as politely as I could she wasn’t as bad as the other Cullen’s

“It’s ok I’ll find you something” she said in a low tone with her hand still over her eyes

“No need I have something for him here” Alice said she walked up to me and handed me a full set of clothes “its ok hurry Carlisle needs you” she smiled and hopped away

I quickly changed the blonde and the big one walked away, leaving me in the main room by myself, Esme walked in to the room in which I assumed Bella was in. as I finished dressing Seth walked in. he looked at me and shook his head then grinned at me, I just shrugged he lead the way into the room, I prepared myself for what I was about to witness.

“Thank you for coming Jacob” Carlisle said

“Yeah well I kind of had to I’m the one who did this to her” I said pain in my voice

I looked at her and it just killed me, she looked horrible. Her skin was a pale color; she looked so weak, so breakable, I took a deep breath as I stepped closer to her in a second Bree was blocking my way

“That’s far enough” she said her face cold

“Look here you blood sucker you are not---“

Next thing I knew Edward was by her side looking me in the eyes

“Jacob back off you’re the reason Bella is dying, and you’re the only one who might be able to save her so put aside your pride for one minute” he said in a low tone as if not to wake Bella, I backed off ignoring them both turning to Carlisle.

“What can I do to help?” I asked

“I need to take some of your blood and see if Bella accepts it, if not well there isn’t much I can do for her” he said… a sad look in his eyes …I nodded as I sat in in the chair next to the needles he was preparing I extended my arm as he inserted the needle. 



I looked over at Bree and Seth, standing in the other corner of the room I was infuriated by the sight of them together.  I turned to Bella she was in and out of consciousness I didn’t want to leave her but I hated that Bree was in the same room with Seth. Carlisle was just finishing up with Jacob.

“Thank you Jacob” Carlisle said as he stood up with the bag of dog blood

“Now what?” Jacob asked

“I start the transfusion and hope for the best” Carlisle continued he walked over to Bella and hooked up the IV into her arm, as the blood entered her system her color started coming back. She slowly opened her eyes. Our eyes locked with each other we gazed deep into each other’s eyes,

“Bella?” Jacob whispered

Her eyes escaped my gaze and found Jacobs; I knew Jacob wouldn’t hurt her. Why he did in the first place was a mystery to me.  Her heart beat accelerated when she saw him I didn’t know if that was a good thing, was it because she was happy to see him unharmed or because she was afraid?...

“Bella love are you ok how do you feel?” I asked interrupting they’re gaze she turned her attention to me and smiled

“I feel better, it’s like this warmness is taking over my body comforting me” she said her eyes looking to Jacob again

“Bella you’ll be fine” Bree smiled now by her side taking her hand in hers Bella nodded and whispered

“Thank you Bree for everything”

Bree smiled “I’ll let you rest” she said kindly dropping her hand walking towards Seth, he took her hand in his and walked out of the room

“Bella tell me how you feel physically” Carlisle said as he checked her vitals

“I’m ok I feel fine actually no pain” she smiled

“I’m so sorry Bella” Jacob started …making his way to her as soon as he touched her I pushed him back

“Get your hands off of her!” I yelled at him with a loud growl in that second the big room was filled with the whole family including Seth.

Jacob looked me in the eyes and pushed me back “you told her you were done with her, you’re no one to tell me not to touch her” he said loudly

“Im not the one who almost killed… the one who attacked her!’ I yelled back I knew then I hit a nerve.



“Stop it” I managed to yell as loud as I could

“You can’t do this… not now” I said in a low whisper as I managed to sit up Edward was now by my side helping me. I looked at Jacob as he turned to the door, as he was about to walk out I called him back.

“Jake don’t leave I need you” I said with tears in my eyes, I didn’t know why I wanted him to stay. After what he did to me I should hate him. But I didn’t I felt somehow responsible, I didn’t blame him I blamed the whole wolf thing.

“Please don’t go” I begged

He walked back in the room “I’ll stay as long as you want me to” he said with a guilty smile on his face.

“Bella I don’t think it’s a good idea” Edward said as he stood over me worry in his eyes

“Edward please” I begged he nodded and walked out of the room

“I’ll stay here with you” Bree said with a smile taking the chair that Edward was in before

I smiled at her, “thanks” I whispered I was feeling exhausted but the pain was fading

“I’ll give you some time I’ll be outside” Seth said with a smile I hadn’t even notice he was still here, Bree nodded at him saying “I’ll be out soon” and with that he walked out

Jacob sat on the other side of the bed, he had his eyes glued to mine, Bree didn’t look away from him as if she was protecting me from him, Carlisle stood close by observing the monitors I was hooked up on.  I took a deep breath, for some reason it was getting harder for me to breath.  In seconds the room was yet again filled with the Cullen’s, Alice was the first to run in right besides Edward.

“Something is wrong” she said Carlisle turned to her

“What Bella is fine” he said “she won’t be” she said

As soon as she said that the machines around me started beeping uncontrollably. As the seconds rolled by my breath started slowing I couldn’t breathe, I was slowly suffocating, I closed my eyes slipping into the darkness. But I was still very aware I could hear everyone in the room panicking looking towards Carlisle for help.

“I don’t understand the blood should have worked” Carlisle stated with alarm

“Save her father please save her” I could hear Edward saying I felt his cold hands holding mine

“Do you need more blood take all you need I can’t lose her” Jacob yelled

“Everyone please get out, she needs some room” Carlisle said

The room got quiet I heard everyone walk out, as I struggled to take in small breaths to let some air in, the only people I could hear in the room now were Carlisle and Edward of course Jacob was there. I opened my eyes and saw Bree in the corner of the room with Seth comforting her.

“Change her” Bree said “it’s the only way look at her she’s dying” she yelled

“No! She will not be changed, she can’t live a life like this” Edward said of course he would say that. I expected him to say that… I wanted to be changed, but now I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t want to live forever without him.

“She won’t have a life if you don’t change her… just do it… whatever it takes for her to survive this” Jacob was now saying his voice breaking

“I don’t think that is the best solution remember she has Jacobs blood his venom is still there if we give her our venom we don’t know what will happen this has never been seen before” Carlisle said as if he was thinking it over

“Either she dies as she is now or she dies with some hope of survival with our venom” Bree countered

“Do it” Jacob begged 

“If she dies… if she dies---“Edward started

“Son if we don’t do anything she will die, our venom might give her a chance” Carlisle said as if he was certain but I knew better and everyone else did too.

“Fine do it” Edward finally said

After that everything was quiet I didn’t hear anyone, after a couple minutes I felt this sharp pain on my chest, I must have been injected with the venom, my body burned, the warmness I felt was now a boiling fire.

I managed to open my eyes I looked around and saw them standing around the bed, I yelled out in pain

“It burns! Make it stop” I yelled as loud as I could I felt cold hands on my body they brought no relief, I felt another set of hands on me, it must have been Jacob because it burned worst.

“Is it working... is this suppose to happen?” I heard Jake ask

“So far yes” Carlisle said

Suddenly my body started having compulsions… I couldn’t control it…. “This is not supposed to happen” Edward said panic in his voice

“No it’s not maybe her body is too weak”  Carlisle said

“Help her” Jake yelled 

I fell in to the darkness, my body stopped moving, and fell back against the bed… everything was now quiet maybe this was death…I could no longer feel the burn, feel the pain…I felt absolutely nothing. I saw nothing but darkness ahead of me. I felt numb, no physical feeling was present. I was finally free… could it really be…was I really dead? …I let myself drift away from reality………..



We all stood around Bella in shock… she wasn’t moving anymore, her heart beat was low almost non-   existent.  We all looked at each other not knowing what to say even though I knew we were all thinking the same thing… we just didn’t dare say it out loud.  Jacob was in tears… how he had the nerve to sit here and cry after what he did to her was a mystery to me. Edward was now back in the other corner of the room, he buried his head in his hands, probably blocking us out, we were all filled with pain…

“Carlisle is she---“I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud

“She’s not dead, she still has a heartbeat it’s very faint, let’s just hope she can withstand the process” he said

“So that means she might survive?” Jacob asked with hope

“All we can do now is wait and hope for the best Jacob” Carlisle said patting him on the back

“Bree she’ll be fine” Seth said his arm over my shoulder

I looked up at him and smiled, he was my rock, he was comforting me and I really needed that. He brought me peace. I didn’t realize Edward was in my head as I thought of Seth’s great characteristics until he growled. Jacob turned to him and growled back.

“This is no time for that! Both of you stop” I yelled at them

Carlisle was now at Bella’s side, I walked over to her side it didn’t seem like she was breathing, but I could hear soft breaths coming from her, a human might have passed her off for dead.  She was drenched in sweat. I laid my hand on her forehead and quickly removed it,

“She’s burning” I said

Carlisle took her temperature “this can’t be… her temperature is 108.3°F it’s too high it should be lowering not rising” he said with concern

Jacob got up and walked towards Bella. In a second I was right there; I felt the need to protect her from him for some reason.

“Don’t worry Bree he doesn’t want to harm her, at least not now” Edward said

I backed off and stood at Seth’s side.

“Carlisle can it be possible that instead of turning into a vampire she’s turning into a wolf?” he asked… we all gasped

“anything is possible at the moment, like I said both our venoms are in her system…we don’t know what she will be or if she’ll survive” Carlisle said

 “Bella is turning in to a mutt?” Rosalie said as she walked in

“We don’t know that yet” Edward said coldly I knew he also hated the idea

“No she can’t she doesn’t have the tribes gene, she can’t turn in to a wolf” Jacob said almost yelling

“Calm down Jacob we should go talk to the elders” Seth said

“Yeah lets go, Carlisle I’ll be back please keep a close eye on her” he begged before leaving

Seth kissed me lightly and ran out after Jacob, Edwards eyes were burning on me.




I really cannot wait to see what all this means. I really feel for Edward in your story. I think Jacob and Bella are more connected than previously thought. If someone attacked me like that, I certainly wouldn't want them that close to me, lol. I can't wait to find out more.



Great cliffhanger.

I really liked this chapter its just so intense.

Bella has such strong feeling for so mnay of them. I'm guessing that Bree doesn't realise the depth of feeling Edward has for her.

Best wishes


I wonder what is happening to Bella?

There are so many strong feelings and clashing personalities in the room! Anything can happen!

Please update soon!

Omg that was awesome cant wait til u update ooo I wonder if shes gana b half wolf n half vamp u got me thinking really hard ummmmmmmm idk what's gana happen UPDATE SOON PLZS PLZS PLZS


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