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I had written this before but now with the help of Delilah I'm posting it back hope someone likes it...please let me know what you think i did try my best :p i thought a fresh start should be good...



                                                        Chapter 1: A new family...And love?





After almost being killed by the Volturi I saw life…Well it wasn’t much of a life, I would forever be 15... But everything changed for me, I was no longer scared…I was even happier than I’d ever been before…I had a new family, one who cared for me instantly… At first I didn’t understand why…I soon learned they were all kind and very generous…Alice was the best in the world. At times I would feel horribly sad, because I would have the most random flashbacks of my blood thirsty day’s and night’s…

Alice and I became really close, I loved going shopping with her; then again what girl doesn’t love to shop. “Bella, she hates it, but now I have you.” she’d say with a huge grin on her face.


Jasper was like a brother, he kept my mood under control during the first few months, every time Bella was around, I had the instinct to kill her right where she stood…Her arm around Edward’s. He would just look at me and give me a smile, as if to reassure me I would not harm her, I never found Bella interesting…I didn’t think she was pretty at all…The only thing I did love about her was her scent, how could the Cullen’s resist her?

I spent a lot of time with Esme. She was the mother I never had, I grew up with my dad then again he wasn’t much of a dad in the first place…

We would do a lot of volunteer work at the hospital, but I didn’t think I could handle it just yet, so we worked at the cafeteria. Carlisle would spend time teaching me about the vampire world, the rules, the Volturi, the leader’s and lastly the abilities some vampires had… “I don’t think I have any powers.” I said to Carlisle one night when the whole family was around sitting in the living room, the whole family minus Edward…He was spending the night with Bella…Watching her sleep seemed so boring….I wished I’d be able to sleep and dream,

“Bree you do have powers I’ve seen it, I just can’t make out what they are.” Alice mentioned while I was lost in a trance.

“Bree you just have to be patient and eventually it will come to you naturally.”

“Yea I guess, I’m in no hurry.” I said. It didn’t really matter to me…

“Honey you know that soon we will have to send you to school right?” Esme said looking at me a bit weary…


“Yes I know, I just don’t think I’m ready just yet I’m scared, and what if I can’t control myself?” I was indeed very nervous, I always loved school, but now I was not the normal girl I used to be not so long ago.


“Don’t worry I will speak to Edward, he knows how to help you…” Carlisle mentioned, he kept talking but I just kept thinking about Edward...Why? I didn’t understand why…His name sent shivers up and down my spine, or at least that’s what it felt like...I was not developing feelings for him or was I…? No I thought to myself. He’s great…But he is now my brother…Nothing more…

Later that night I was outside, sitting in a tree just looking up at the star’s…I then noticed Edward was back, he must have heard my thoughts, when I noticed him, because before that I was thinking nothing. It must be my talent that I could easily block my thoughts even as a human, the thought of my mother’s memory hurt me, so I was good at keeping my mind blank, and I knew I would do the same to Edward, he would not know, how he made me feel...

“Hey, what are you doing out here by yourself?”

“Umm nothing, just letting the time pass me by, I have nothing better to do.”

“Oh.” he said…He jumped up the tree and sat himself next to me…If my heart wasn’t frozen it would be beating erratically out of control.

“Why are you here?”

 “I live here remember.” he said laughing, while messing up my hair.

“No, I know that, but I thought you were going to stay at Bella's place, like you always do.”

“No not tonight, we had a bit of an argument.”  For some reason it made me happy…And I lost control of my mind,

“Why are you so happy we fought?” 

“Honestly?” I said…This time regaining control of my mind thinking nothing but the beautiful night sky.

“Yes, honestly…You don’t like Bella? For some reason I can’t seem to hear what you’re thinking.” he sounded annoyed…I guess it was working…

“Bella is not the only one that’s able to shut you out, unlike me though I have the option of letting you in.” My voice was low and soft, my hand on his face. He had a confused face, I knew I got him thinking but I would say no more. “Later Edward.” and in a swift movement I went towards the front door…

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Ooh, I have a feeling that this is going to be really, really good. I cannot wait to see where this goes. You're going to kill me here Nayely, lol. I really want to know what happens. Please tell me that you are planning writing more.



omg this is awesome!!!! I am soo glad that delilah sujeated it and I love it!!!!!!!! please update soon and keep me posted PLEASE!!!!!!

=) Vampiregirl (=

I told you Vimpiregirl, lol. She's better than she thinks, right?



oh yeah I just love it and my mind is going in circles right now lol.
Awesome loved it
Delilah thanks for telling about this story

wow thanks guys and delilah you're the best.... mae moon she is 15 and his 17 so i dont think thats much of a difference but will see what happens i guess....

Chapter Two:



Ever since I saw Bella kissing Jacob, through his eyes...I was hurt. I didn't show it because I didn't want Bella to feel like she had betrayed me, even though I did feel that way. Ever since that day our relationship went rogue. I knew I loved her, but she was unsure, and that un-sureness was killing me…Our wedding date had to be delayed, Alice needed more time for preparations, plus we couldn't have Bree around humans just yet, even though now she was now doing much better.


At times I felt bad because I didn't spend as much time with her as the others. And I wanted to get to know her.  There was an innocence about her that seemed so familiar…I shook my head trying not to think, it was too much to bear…I decided to hum Bella’s lullaby instead, she was just falling asleep.  Another night I spent with her in her room, I loved watching her…Her sleep still amused me like it did the first night I crawled in through her window…

 “Jacob…Jacob…” Bella was talking in her sleep again, but this was the first time I heard her call someone else’s name instead of mine,

 “Bella, are you okay…?” I asked with concern, what might she be dreaming…? “I love you.” she whispered.

“I love you too love.” I replied.

 “Jacob…” my heart sunk, she was dreaming of him, she loved him…I fell in a daze, I was extremely hurt but I knew this could happen…I jumped out of her bed to my feet, with a jolt she woke up. “Edward...Is everything okay?”

 “No Bella, I must leave. We can talk tomorrow.” she got up and pulled my arm, and pulled me in for a kiss, I froze. No way would she be able to move me.

“Edward did I do something wrong?” I hated how she always asked the same thing,

“No Bella, everything is fine, but I have to go.’’

 “Why?” she looked shocked at my failed attempt to sneak out and with that I fled through the window, I was too hurt to talk to her about her new found love.

 I soon got home, as I was about to make my way to the front door I heard a small familiar thought. Why is Edward here?  It was Bree. She was sitting in a tree, all by herself.

 “Hey, what are you doing out here by yourself?” I asked as I jumped up to sit next to her.

 “Umm nothing, just letting the time pass me by, I have nothing better to do.” she said with a sad yet surprised look on her face.

 “Oh.” I answered.

 “Why are you here?” she questioned me.

 “I live here remember.” I said as I messed with her hair.

 “No I know that, but I thought you were going to stay at Bella’s place, like you always do.” she said with wonder in her eyes.

 “No not tonight, we had a bit of an argument” I said without thinking…Wow that’s a first. I heard a quick thought pass her mind. Why are you so happy we fought?” I asked.

 “Honestly…?” she asked.

“Yes honestly.” I was intrigued now.  I tried to see what she was thinking, but I was seeing nothing but the dark blue sky in her mind.

 “You don’t like Bella? For some reason I can’t seem to hear what you’re thinking.” I was quite annoyed by now.

 “Bella is not the only one that’s able to shut you out, unlike her though I have the option of letting you in.” I was amazed at her words, she placed her hand on my face, what was she doing? Why did I like her touch?

 “Later Edward.” she said in a low voice as she hopped off the tree branch and disappeared into the house. I followed her in, but was stopped by Carlisle at the end of the hall,

 “Edward I wanted to talk to you about Bree”

 “Yes what is it? I asked.  I had not been around much but from what I knew she was progressing greatly.

 “Well Bree will have to start school soon, and she’s afraid of losing control.” I could already see where he was going with this; he wanted me to help her, because there was a time in my life where I was at the edge of losing control.  Before he could finish explaining I answered, “No problem Carlisle, I'll be around more often from now on.”

 “Are you and Bella having problems?”

 “I'm sorry I'd rather not talk about that.”

 “I'm sorry” he said.

 “It’s OK, we’ll talk later.”

 “Of course son, I'll be here for you.”

 “Thank you, I'll go talk to Bree.” I said as I walked away.  How did everyone know we were having issues?  Now I was double thinking, if now was the right moment to speak with Bree, but I enjoyed her presence so I walked back down the hall and knocked on her door. Just as I was about to knock I heard,


I need to forget about him. Edward no, I can’t I just can’tHad Bree developed feelings for me? No, that can’t happen…can it? I‘d keep quiet for the mean time…I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings… (Knock knock)…

Authors note-- Because Delilah is so anxious to see what happens i mean what she hasn't read I'll be posting these chapters faster :) enjoy!!

I lovee it!! its soo good please keep me updated!!(:

lol yea she did

Ooh, if I was Edward that would have killed me inside hearing her annouce her love for Jacob in her sleep. I would have left like he did too. I so can't wait to get to where I left off. You're going to kill me here although you are rushing them out a bit faster, lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for re-posting this story.



thank you for making me lol

omg I love this!!! it is getting better and better! poor Edward he knew that she loved him! why is he letting this get to him? I really want to know how this turns out with the love triangle! now off to read chapter 3 lol


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