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In a place known to those who live there as Threchan: three societies reside. These societies are permanent, once born into one; there is no escaping its deadly claws. You must abide by the rules or be executed. There is no sympathy for those who disobey the law. Any breach of the law is considered heinous and will not be taken lightly.  Those who obey will be reworded at the age of 82.

You are expected to obey.


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Love it! Plz keep me posted!

=) Vampiregirl (=

Will do girlie! =D

This sounds so good!! :)

=D Thanks! I'll try to have the first chapter up soon! =D

My best friend!! This is GREAT! xD I LOVEEE It!!!


Ohh and yes....I love Leighton Meester also..... *cough*



ooo. A Jack gif.

And thank you Jasey! =D


you wanna get into jack gifs now? OKAY! :D



He is truly a beautiful man..



I'm sorry...i couldn't help myself.. XD 

i'm sorry....i couldn't help myself... xD

I agree. A very attractive human being.

This is good , i love it write more soon !

Thanks! I will!


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