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In a place known to those who live there as Threchan: three societies reside. These societies are permanent, once born into one; there is no escaping its deadly claws. You must abide by the rules or be executed. There is no sympathy for those who disobey the law. Any breach of the law is considered heinous and will not be taken lightly.  Those who obey will be reworded at the age of 82.

You are expected to obey.


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It's okay! I'm in my iPod too at the moment. :3 so no giffies for me either. :3 I'm so glad you liked it Minnie! =D And, how ever strange it sounds, I'm glad you almost cried. XDDD. It means I have accomplished my goal is displaying emotions! =D I was going through some rather annoyIng and bad writers block while trying to get this chapter out. :3 I got the idea for it after reading THG, but I'm trying to keep it away from being too similar, simply because those books are in such high demand right now. :3

I know this sounds strange and mean and awful, but I'm so glad that I got James off to the army because now I can get the action going! Lol! I'm SO excited to write for upcoming chapters! =D


I agree with the hunger game-sy feeling, amazing as usual Claire keep writing and update us all soon please :)

*New Reader*

This is so sad!  Jolene and James are so close, and now he must go away!

How did things come to be like this, and what is it really like out there?  Are things the way it is being portrayed by the authorities?  Will they (especially Jolene) break out of the mould they were put in?  Will Abbot play a bigger role later on, maybe a romantic interest for Jolene?

Just wondering!


AH! Yay! Thanks for reading my story! =D All of your questions will be answered in later chapters, I promise! I'd answer them now but I don't want to give anything away! XD


OMG! I seriously had maybe two tears fallin'. OMG, I feel soo bad for Jo' that her rock. Like the family rock that hold them all together. And now hes gone!

This chapter really broke my heart to piece "hopefully" James would back ASAP.

Great chapter.

Awe! Thanks! I'm glad you cried. LOL. I'll have another chapter up this weekend! =D


Chapter Three: Part One

The walk back home was silent, and they spent weeks checking the mail box for letters, for anything that might James might have sent.

They were beginning to lose hope that anything would be sent when they got small envelope in that mail. There was no return address, but their address was scrawled on the front in a loose, shaky version of James’ handwriting.

“Anabel!” Jo screamed at the top of her lungs, bolting into the house, her plain knee-length skirt flowing behind her like a fan was blowing on it.

“Anabel! There’s a letter!” Jo screamed again. “Anabel, Henry! I think it’s from-“She was cut short by colliding with Henry in the kitchen.

“A letter?” Henry asked incredulously, he had believed that the H.O. wouldn’t let them send anything, so while Jo and Anabel fawned over the mail box every day, he was in the house shaking his head at them.

“Yes! It doesn’t have a return address, but it looks like his handwriting.” Jo said, slightly out of breath.

“Let me see it!” Anabel said, her small feet running down the hall. She took it from Henry before he even had a chance to respond.

She tore open the flap and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Smaller pieces of paper began to fall out from the larger one. Anabel let the fold in the paper flatted out and even more smaller sized papers fell to the floor. Jo looked at the paper scattered on the ground with wide, shocked eyes. Anabel gasped and Henry hand flew to his mouth. They all froze, their eyes locked to the floor.

“Is that-“

“Of course it is Jo, what else would it be?” Anabel snapped.

Henry bent down and began to collect the money. “But how did he-“

“Do you think I know?” Anabel asked, her eyes snapping to Jo’s.

“How much?” Jo asked Henry.

“Enough to pay off the house, and extra,” Henry’s voice was dead pan.

Jo had never seen so much money in her life, “What does that say?” She asked Anabel, her finger pointing to the letter in her sister’s hand.

Anabel looked at it as if she had forgotten she was holding it. Her eyes began to dart across the page; her shoulders leaned forward as if she had just been released of some sort of restraint. “James sent it . . . It’s his earnings for contributing in the war.”

“So much?” Jo asked.

“James said that he asked for an advance from his leading officer.” Anabel looked down at Henry, who was still on the floor.

“What is it for?” Henry asked.

“He says that we can use it for whatever we need it for.”

Henry’s eyes lit up. “We can pay off the house!” He jumped up from the floor, setting the money down on the table and wrapping his arms around a still-shocked-Anabel. He lifted her into the air and spun her around, a smile broke on her own face and they laughed together, rambling on and on about what they would do with their new fortune.

Jo looked over at the pile of money that sat on the table. She walked over and picked a piece of it up, her fingers rubbing over the smooth surface of the paper. She didn’t understand how James had convinced the officer to give him an advance, or why he thought that they needed it now. . .

Why couldn’t they have just saved it up? Why did they need to have all of it now?

Jo wondered if it had something to do with Anabel and her obsession with the Bonitans. It was physically impossible the become one once you were born into another class, but maybe James thought that the large amount of money would at least make her feel as if she important for a while.

Until it ran out.

“Jo, go get ready!” Anabel said to her, her voice giddy and her face red from all the laughter and excitement.

“For what?” Jo asked, her eyes tearing from the money on the table and to her sister and Henry, they both looked as happy as clams.

“We’re going out to dinner,” Anabel said, her voice was slightly breathless, but calmer. She walked over and took the money from the table, shoving it into the front of her apron.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to use this money?” Jo asked, “I mean, now? So soon after we’ve received it. . .”

“We won’t be spending all of it, and besides, we have much to celebrate!” Henry said, pulling Anabel into her arms.

“That’s right! James is alive and doing well!” Anabel said, “And now we have enough money to pay off the house!” She grinned and giggled, sounding just like a Bonitan child in a candy store.

When Jo didn’t move her smile faded slightly, she unwrapped herself from Henry and walked over, placing her hands on Jo’s shoulders and guiding her in the direction of her room, “Go on, scoot,” Anabel said, her hand tapping Jo’s back. “We’re leaving in ten.” She said, pushing Jo completely into her room and closing the door behind her.

Jo was back out in a few minutes. She didn’t really change her clothes, just put her boots on.

“Jo what is wrong with you?” Anabel said, catching Jo off guard.

“What?” She asked.

“What’s wrong with you?” Anabel repeated, she shook her head and stood up off of the couch. She spun her finger in the air, signaling Jo to turn around. “Back to your room, come on let’s go.”

“Wh- But why?” Jo asked, they only answer she received was Anabel’s hands pushing her into her room and then sitting her down at the small wooden vanity.

“Look at yourself.” Anabel commanded.

Jo wasn’t sure what Anabel was doing, she usually never even came into Jo’s room and now she was ordering her around and forcing her to look in the mirror. It must be side effects from coming into all the money, Jo thought. She looked in the mirror as Anabel commanded.

“What do you see?” Anabel asked.

“Um, me?” Jo answered, unsure of what she was supposed to answer.

“No, you see a Faien.” Anabel said.

“Well of course I see a Faien!” Jo said, turning around to look at her sister.

Anabel’s hands gripped her shoulders and turned her back around. “If you were to just do something with this,” Anabel said, her hands floating around Jo’s long and wildly curly hair, “and add some make up, you would look just like a Bonitan.” Anabel concluded.

Jo’s eyebrows pulled together, “But I don’t want to look like a Bonitan Ana.” She said plainly and suddenly realized why her sister liked to use the clothes iron on her hair. All of Jo’s family was dark haired and light skinned, most, not all, but most Faiens had lighter hair and tanner skin. The heat from the iron, the constant need for being out in the sun, they were all things that Ana did. Now Jo understood them, they were part of her Bonitan obsession.

“Ana, I like being a Faien, I know you don’t, but I do.” She said.

Anabel sighed and made a frustrated gesture with her hands. She shook her head and left the room, leaving Jo and her reflection.

Jo watched her sister go in wonder. Some of the things she did just did not make sense to Jo.

She looked into the mirror at her own reflection and took it in, her curly hair, the fair skin, the freckles that sprinkled her nose and cheeks. She supposed that if she did flat iron her hair and cover her freckles, she would look like a Bonitan. Well, a Bonitan child, once Bonitans hit their twenties they tended to change their looks. Most of the them liked hair dyes and eye make-ups.

Jo pursed her lips and then left her room, her heavy boots clunking against the wooden floor. She came out of the hallway to an anxious Anabel and a giddy Henry.

“You ready,” Henry asked Jo. She nodded and they left the house, starting their walk to the only restaurant in the area that Faiens were allowed to go to. The last time they had been there, James had been with them.

That thought stuck with Jo. She let her mind wander over James. She wondered what he was doing right then, at that moment. Was he eating dinner or shooting guns? Tending to a wound or creating them.

Jo thought of the money and the letter again, suddenly wondering why James hadn’t sent her anything, no letter for her. There wasn’t any inkling from Anabel that there had been a part in the letter addressed to Jo specifically.

Jo felt her stomach knot up. For sure James would have, or will send her something to read too. He would let her know he was safe, after all she understood him much more than Anabel or Henry did. So why was there nothing in the letter specifically for her?

Hello everyone! So this chapter does not have a title yet... xD I don't know what to title the chapter. I probably won't know until I'm done with the chapter, but oh well! At least there is a chapter! Haha.

Please don't forget to leave me your opinions, predictions, tips and comments!




The whole chapter I'm thinking, ANABEL IS A BLEEPING CREEP!

XD Anyway, I think you should title the chapter "Suspicious Riches".

Hmm, if they are going out to dinner, maybe they will see Abbott again!


omg interesting... im VERY curious now. not that i wasnt curious before either!! post more soon!!

Thanks! I'm glad youre curious! Lol, I'll post more as soon as I can! =D


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