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In a place known to those who live there as Threchan: three societies reside. These societies are permanent, once born into one; there is no escaping its deadly claws. You must abide by the rules or be executed. There is no sympathy for those who disobey the law. Any breach of the law is considered heinous and will not be taken lightly.  Those who obey will be reworded at the age of 82.

You are expected to obey.


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Chapter Four: Part One;

Jo slammed the front door closed as her tutor left, which sent disapproving looks from Anabel. Jo couldn’t help it though, the man was irritating and mean. She heard the sound of his car rev as he drove down their dirt road and away from her home.

She shook her head and walked out of the living room, going back to her bedroom to clean up her school supplies. When her desk was, for the most part, cleared off, she looked over by her bedside table. There was a note that she had been trying to write for James sitting there.

She wanted to tell him everything that had happened lately. She wanted him to write them again, she wanted to ask him how he was, how the camp was, how the people were, was it as bad as she was imagining, but she couldn’t bring herself to word everything properly. She wondered if he was expecting a letter from them.

They wanted more letters from him.

Jo sighed and sat on her bed, snatching the letter from her night stand and staring at it. It was sloppily written, the ink was old so it was fading quickly. The letter wasn’t acceptable at all. She wondered if she should quit trying.

She threw the letter onto the floor and turned over so that she was laying on the bed, her face towards the blankets. She breathed in the scent of her quilt. It was kind of musty, but she didn’t mind, it reminded her of her grandmother.

She sighed and sat on her elbows, looking down at the fabrics pieced together. There were several different blocks on her quilt, and on her brother’s and sister’s. She remembered Abbot’s quilt, it looked so similar to her family’s. She stood up and then walked over to the end of her bed and sat down in the same place that she had been sitting on Abbot’s and then looked back at the quilt, quickly noticing just how similar they were.

They were both gridded; nine blocks in all. In fact her brother’s and sister’s were both the same to that as well.

She often wondered if her grandmother had meant to give the certain quilts to a certain sibling. Certain blocks meant certain things. The embroidery on them usually had a meaning.

Jo didn’t know all the meanings. She only a few, like the one in the very middle of all the quilts. The block in center of her’s had golden wheat embroidery.

The wheat stood for Faiens.

But her sister’s had a crown in the middle, which usually stood for Bonitans.

And her brother’s had an axe on it, which was the symbol for Lavoratens.

Jo wished that she knew why her grandmother had put the symbols of the three societies in the middle of their quilts. It did make sense though, why Anabel got the crown. She loved Bonitans; always had. And James was always more of a worker than both her sister and herself, which is why he got the symbol for the working class.  

But then why did Jo get the wheat? And how did her grandmother know that James would be the worker? It was always obvious that Anabel was the princess, the girl born in the wrong class.

She couldn’t recall if Abbot’s had a symbol like that in the middle or not. She should have paid more attention.

Jo thought back to last night when they brought Abbot home. She wondered how he was doing. After he had asked her what Jo was short for Anabel had walked in and said it was time to leave.

Abbot’s grandmother sent them home with a box of cookies. Which was extremely kind of her, Faiens didn’t usually give anything of their own away because what they had was all they had.

Which Jo thought was stupid. You can always get new things.

“Jo, it’s time for lunch.” Anabel called up the stairs.

Jo sighed and walked down to the first floor, quickly smelling soup. She couldn’t help but let out another sigh. She was so sick of soup.

“Really, Anabel, I wish you wouldn’t make so much-“Jo froze mid-sentence at the sight in her kitchen, there was an officer from the H.O. was sitting at their table, a somber look on his face. Anabel’s face was pinched. Henry who was supposed to be at work, was sitting across from the officer. When had both Henry and the officer even got there? Jo never heard the door or anything.

“Have a seat.” Henry said; his voice clenched.

Jo took the only empty chair left at the table cautiously. Something was wrong.

After a long pause of silence the officer looked up from the table and at Henry. His eyes shifted from Henry to Anabel, to Jo, and then back to the table. “It pains me to have to tell you this.”

Jo felt her face pale; she could hear blood rushing through her ears.

“But, unfortunately your brother, James Andrews, has gone missing. We are doing all we can to find him. But you should know that we may not be able to.”

Anabel cried out and grabbed Henry’s hand. Jo felt her stomach fall through the chair and hit the kitchen floor.

“How did this happen?” Henry asked in a subdued voice.

“We aren’t exactly positive. The only thing we know is that he was in his tent one night, and then in the morning, he was gone. We are doing our best to find him.”

“Well, t-thank you for letting us know.” Henry never stumbled over his words.

“There’s one more thing.” The officer said, still not making eye contact.

Henry’s brows raised.

“We need,” The officer stopped and sighed, rubbing his hand over his face, “We are going to need some money to help the search go along.”

“M-money?” Anabel spoke up.

“Yes, if you want us to continue looking, we will need a good amount.”

“W-we don’t have any any extra money, I mean, well, we spent the money that James sent us. We paid off the house with it. We have some left.. but it’s not even enough to pay off the house again. How much would you need?” Anabel’s knuckles were white they were holding onto Henry so tight.

Jo couldn’t move. All she could do was sit there and listen in horror. James was missing. Her big brother, the one who was there for her for everything, the one who teased her, made fun of her, but was always there for her, was missing.

Finally she was able to force her legs to move. Once she found that they could, they didn’t stop.

She ran from the house and down the road. She coughed harshly on the dirt in the air but kept running. She was aware that she was in a skirt, she was aware that it was unladylike to be running like this.

After a while she stopped running, slowing into a walk. She felt her boots begin to sink into the sand of the beach. It was still late afternoon, but there were only a few Bonitans occupying their part of the beach.

Jo sighed and sat down by the trunk of her tree. It wasn’t really her tree, but no one else seemed to pay attention to it but her.

She remembered the last time she came here. It was after James had gotten the letter that drafted him into the army. He had come to get her after she had been there a while. He couldn’t do that now. Not only was he in the army, but he was also M.I.A.

Jo couldn’t bring herself to cry or even teary eyed. She felt a lump as big as an apple grow in the back of her throat. She wanted to cry. She wanted to something. She just couldn’t believe that he was missing. How could they have let that happen?

Remembering that she was wearing a skirt she kept her knees down, but she couldn’t stop the feeling of wanting to curl into a ball and disappear.

After a while she heard footsteps nearing her. She sighed, expecting it to be Henry. There was no way that Anabel would come out here. She didn’t look up until she realized that the sound of the person’s footsteps didn’t match Henry’s. It only took her a millisecond to realize that the person was limping slightly. She looked up and was shocked to see Abbot.

*Crawls out from around a bush*

I am SO sorry for not updating until now.

I don't even think that my apologizing is enough. But I cannot tell you how sorry I am about not posting for over a month.

I've hit some sort of writing block. For all of June I tried and tried to write, but I would only get a few sentences down. 

Some how, earlier I got the urge to write. I wrote over half of this chapter part today within a few hours.

I sure hope that it's okay.

To be honest, I really didn't even have to think much while writing this. It all just sort of came out.

Please don't forget to leave me all your opinions, predictions, comments, and tips. 

I truly love hearing from all of you.

If it weren't for you guys, I would have dumped this story several weeks ago.

I'm so glad that I didn't.

Thanks so much!

-Claire Bear. <3


OMG. What? James missing?! NO. I feel so bad for Jo!

James was everthing for her; big brother, best friends, partner in crime. And boom hes not there anymore.

But I dont get it. He was there one night and the next morning he disapears? Hmm.. my mind is coming with a lot of conclusions. that I dont want to spill because I might be right or wrong. who knows.

What? Money? Are the officer serious, Naw, I think he just want money for himself. Grrr..

No, why she left alone. People might treat her wrong. But I guess she jsut upset.

ABBOT?! How the horse did he knew she was there??!!
Hmm... please updated soon. I love this STORY.

Hmm. Money for himself. Maybe.

You should share!

Who knows! I might not have any direction for the next chapter and you'll inspire me!

HAHA, but I do have direction. But you might change my direction. xD

Did Abbot really know that she was there though?

Maybe he just came across her.

I'll update as soon as I can girly! Thank you SO much for reading!

I'm SO glad that you love it! =D

Okay, I'll share! Lol

What I think in my opinion happend was that he didnt want be there anymore and ran away while everyone was at sleep. Or that he might be dead :/ Which I dont think so! Scracth that!

Hmm... or maybe he alive in the same place but like the army people, they just want money. So, they are asking them for money!

Maybe he did. you never know! About Abbott. But I think hes special in some way. *Magic*



You're totally onto something.

I won't tell you which little prediction is right.

But one of them are definitely like.. very near the hot spot.


You think Abbot's special in some way?

LOL do you think he's magic?



Hmmm... I am into something! Lol

OMG! I'm that closed! Wow. I cant believe it

I'm speechless. :)

Hmm...OMG. I'm going to be thinking all night now.

But in my heart. I think I know which one it is.

Hmmm.. ABBOT.

Hes something. Maybe he magic maybe not.

I guess. I'm going to wait a little bit more to answer that!



I'll try to update as soon as I can girly!

James went missing?  I wonder what happened to him...  Could he have found a way to escape the army, or is there some other form of foul play going on?  I'm glad Abbot could be there for Jo.  Also interesting with the symbols on the quilts.  I wonder what they mean?  I hope to find out more about it in the rest of the story.  It must have some significance in the story.  Glad you decided not to abandon the story, and can't wait to read more!

BTW, what happened to your other story, Masquerade?

Ooo. Maybe he did escape!

Or maybe it was foul play. 

Who knows?

Teehee I know. xD

We'll have to wait and see what the symbols mean huh?

I'm kind of curious to know what symbol was on Abbot's. 

I rarely abandoned stories up out of the blue girly. I'm just having a terrible time getting things out of my head and into a word document at the moment.

Do you mean Masked?

I haven't abandoned it! It's just on a sort indefinite hiatus... 

Sadly, when I was in the middle of writing it, my computer was having really awful issues and I had to restore it, I lost all my photos, stories, music, everything.

A few months ago I finally got all the story back but I haven't decided if I'm going to quite with it or not.

If I don't then I'll probably just restart it, like start posting from the beginning OR I'll have a big review thing before I post another chapter because it's been so long.

If I do decided to officially abandoned it I'll send out a message.

But thank you SO much for reading!

I'm so glad that my stories can keep your attention! 



James is gone =(.

I feel like maybe he was gone the whole time, Idk, you are the writer.

I see some sparks between Abbott and Jo.

I like it =)



Yes. James is gone. =(

Gone the whole time you say?

You may be on to something.


I'm glad that you like it!
And maybe, perhaps there are a few sparks between Jo and Abbot. =D


Thank you SO much for reading girly!

love it!! I'm not going anywhere!! :)

why is James missing?!?! :'( aah cliffie!!! post more soon!!!


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