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In a place known to those who live there as Threchan: three societies reside. These societies are permanent, once born into one; there is no escaping its deadly claws. You must abide by the rules or be executed. There is no sympathy for those who disobey the law. Any breach of the law is considered heinous and will not be taken lightly.  Those who obey will be reworded at the age of 82.

You are expected to obey.


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This preface was EXELENT and heartbreaking.

Hey guys! I'm sorry for not updating. It's taking me a while to spit out this part of the chapter. It'll be kind of long when I do eventually post it. I'm working on getting it the way I want it. Editing and changing and such. I still don't even have the whole part written out yet. I know which direction it's going, I'm just having a hard time getting it there, you know?

I hope you guys don't mind waiting so long! D=


Is okay. Claire. I have one question. Do you edited other authors stories?? Like a Beta??

Uhm, not usually. :3 No one has ever asked me to before. xD Why?

Oh! Bc I'm learning how to write a "proper" story but I need someone to go through my errors.

Chapter Three; Part Two

Jo pondered the thought as they walked to the restaurant. She would have to look at the letter for herself when they got home. She didn’t think that Anabel would hide something like that from her, but she wanted to see the letter for herself.

The walk to the restaurant was short. They walked in and quickly found a table to sit at. It wasn’t busy. It was never busy at Comida’s. They had good food, but it was just that no one could afford to come more than once every few weeks.

There were only about five other families inside, so it was rather quiet. Jo felt like if she were spoken to, or had to say something, that she would have to whisper so as not to disturb the quiet.

Anabel obviously did not feel the same way. She spoke in her regular high pitched, loud voice. It was quieter than usual, but not quite quiet enough.

They sat down in one of the booth towards the back of the restaurant. Jo was across from Henry and Anabel who sat so closely together they were practically in each other’s laps.

The waiter was at our table in no time. Jo hadn’t paid much attention to anything other than the wrinkles in her skirt until she heard a familiar deep, rumbly voice. She looked up to see Abbot handing menu’s to Anabel and Henry, handing Jo her’s last. He was saying something about their special of the night.

“You know what, I’ll take that.” Henry said, a smile on his face.

“I’ll have a mango ravioli.” Anabel said, hardly looking at the menu. Her hand reached across the table, laying Jo’s menu, “You want the soup I got you the other night dear?”

“Sure.” Jo said, letting Anabel take her menu from her.

“Great, I’ll be right back with your orders, would you like anything to drink?” Abbot asked, gently taking the menu’s form Anabel.

“Yes, I’ll have a coffee.” Henry replied.

“Do you want a water Jo? Her and I’ll have waters.” Anabel said next, smiling at Abbot.

“Alright, I’ll be back with those is just a second.” Abbot said, giving Jo one last look before walking off.

“I do believe that what I said last time is true Jo.” Henry said, a grin that reached each of his ears spread across his face.

“He’s probably just doing it to get a good tip out of us.” Anabel snipped.

“Oh I don’t know Annie, wouldn’t he try to flirt with you if he wanted a good tip?” Henry said, his fingers poking into Anabel’s side.

Anabel squirmed, an uncomfortable look on her face. “Of course not, I’m obviously older and with you.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well, that just means that he’s not into cougars.” Henry said, Jo could see the light in his eyes, he enjoyed toying with Anabel.

“I am not old enough to be a cougar!” Anabel almost yelled.

Despite everything that was going on, Jo had to hold in a laugh.

Abbot came back and handed Henry his coffee before giving Anabel and Jo their waters. “Your orders’ll be ready soon.” He paused, his eyes glancing from Jo to Henry. “Is there anything I can get you in the mean time?” He asked, his weight shifting from one foot to the other, not really in impatience or un-comfortableness, but an urge to be moving.

“No thanks,” Henry smiled, looking up at Abbot.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a few with your food.” He said and walked back the way he came.

The table fell silent as they waited for Abbot to bring back their food. Jo wondered if Henry had given up on teasing her or if he was just thinking of something else to say, to really make her blush and/or aggravate her.

“So, we never went to the fabric shop to get you material Jo. Would you like to try and do it tomorrow?” Anabel asked her.

“Sure.” Jo replied, remembering how everyone had been holding in tears on the walk back home from taking James to the train station. Thinking of James reminded Jo of the letter again. “Hey Anabel,” Jo started, “did James have anything to see to me in the letter?”

Anabel’s brow went together and she shook her head, “No, now that you say something, there wasn’t. He didn’t really say much other than what I told you. He didn’t even sign his name at the bottom with a “Love…” or “Sincerely…” or anything. Which is kind of strange in my opinion, but he’s probably too, uh, busy to think about endearing signatures and such.”

“Oh, alright,” Jo replied. She still wanted to see the letter for herself, but it didn’t sound as if Anabel were keeping something from her, and why would she?

“Alrighty guys, here are your meals.” Abbot said, walking over to our booth, three plates balanced on a circular tray. He set down the plates in front of the person they belonged to and then tucked the round tray under his arm. “I hope everything will be to your liking.” He said, giving them an empty smile.

“I’m sure we will, thanks dear.” Anabel said, smiling right back at him. “If only James were here, he made dinner outings so much more interesting.” Anabel said. It seemed out of place to Jo, but then again, James was on everybody’s mind. This was their first time in a long time eating out without him.

Jo saw curiosity flicker in Abbot’s eyes. She dreaded what she knew he would be asking next.

“You’ll have to let him know that he was missed.” Abbot said, his smile turning slightly more genuine.

He probably had to smile a lot. Jo thought, she didn’t take it personally that his smiles weren’t too real.

“If only it was that easy.” Anabel said, putting a mango in her mouth.

To Abbot, the comment must’ve been strange, but he didn’t push it further.

“Well, when y’all are just wave or something and I’ll be right over.” He said, his smile coming back.

“Will do. Thanks.” Henry said to him, smiling right back up at him.

Dinner went by in a slow, dull, lapse of time. Jo’s strawberry soup didn’t seem to taste the same as it had before. Even Henry, who loved food, seemed to be distant and not attentive to his plate. It was easy to tell that they weren’t the same family that they had been a few weeks ago. The effect that the money had had on Anabel and Henry was clearly wearing off. Maybe they were starting to see what Jo had seen all along.

That much money was senseless. James is a smart boy. He wouldn’t ever send that much money and that little of an explanation.

Jo wondered how traumatizing being out in the war was for him. He could be suffering both physically and mentally. The thought tore at Jo’s chest.

After a while, when it seemed that no one was going to finish their plates, Henry waved Abbot back over to get their bill.

Abbot came back with a smile, handing Henry the bill and clearing the plates. “I hope everything was okay.” He said, although Jo could see the disappointment in his eyes how no one had finished their plates.

“It was all just fine.” Anabel said, giving him a smile.

Jo smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Everyone ready to go?” Henry asked setting the money, along with the tip, in the little tray designated for those things. He didn’t wait for answer because he knew that everyone was.

As they left Jo looked back, hoping to catch Abbot’s eye. She wasn’t sure why. Maybe he reminded her of James. But she felt as if she should trust him, if that made any sense, which it didn’t to her.

She wasn’t so lucky though. He wasn’t anywhere in sight. Jo’s heart sank just the tiniest bit before they went out the door. She bit down into her lip, trying to remember if the reason that he had looked familiar to her and James was really because they used to go to school with him or not.

But her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a loud clang and the loud slam of a door.

“I can’t believe you! You stupid Faiens don’t ever know what you’re doing!” Jo’s heart stopped for a second. She thought that her family was the ones being yelled at, but then realized that slamming of the door had been around back, and that the voice was too far away for the person to be yelling directly at them.

She looked over at Anabel whose eyes had a curious tone to them and then a horrified one as they all heard a loud smack. There was no cry of pain, just a grunt, but they could all tell that some poor Faien was getting punished by most likely a Bonitan.

Henry immediately went into action. Jo watched him run to the back and then heard a few long lines of profanity, spoken by both Henry and the Bonitan. Jo was positive now, that it was a Bonitan. She could hear their distinct accent in his voice.

After a few minutes Henry came walking back out from behind the building. It took a few seconds for Jo to realize that he had a limping man on his shoulder. Jo felt her heart freeze in her chest as they two guys walked into the light of the street lamp. The guy limping with a bloodied lip on Henry’s shoulder was Abbot.

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update!

I really am trying to write ad quickly and as best I can.

Can a banner make up for my taking so long to update?


A character banner of Abbot?

Well, here he is. =) So now you know that yes, it is him in main banner up top with Jo. =)

Please don't forget to leave me your opinions, predictions, tips, and comments!

-Claire Bear.


Well, well, well!

Very Interesting!


Haha, I had a whole jumble of emotions when reading, in a good way =)

Keep writing!


Thanks Nikki!

What happened to Abbot, and will Jo get to read James' letter?

Please keep on writing. I am intrigued.

I don't know! We'll have to see! =D Thanks, I will! =)))

Claire. OMG I Love it. I'm still kind of sad that we really dont have some news about James.

Awww ... Abbot. He should have made a move to Jo while in dinner. Lmao

OMG! Noo. Abbot. I cant believe that happend to him. Noooo.

I love it. Please Updated Soon.

XD I'll update as soon as I can Edith!

I'm glad you liked it!


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